Soldiers of Pearl 7: Guardians of Angels (MFMMM)

Soldiers of Pearl 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,928
34 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M, HEA]
Georgia Fay has got a crush on four American soldiers. She can't accept the attraction she feels for a multitude of reasons. She's been hurt before and the violence and pain she sustained has had its lasting effects. Plus the four men don't seem to know she exists, which would be fine if she weren't around them so much.
She's been hurt before back home in Austin, a place she refuses to return to. But when she attends a fundraising event for the Guardians of Angels things get messy and dangerous. Her family has plans for her future, but Georgia has some of her own. She's being pulled in too many different directions and needs some space to breath. That's when she lands in a heap of trouble that will take her four American soldiers to save her.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.
Soldiers of Pearl 7: Guardians of Angels (MFMMM)
34 Ratings (4.7)

Soldiers of Pearl 7: Guardians of Angels (MFMMM)

Soldiers of Pearl 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,928
34 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Wow! I can't get enough. Absolutely loved this book.
An excellent book




As she was tucking the sheets in, she once again needed to climb up onto the bed. The solid wood frame was thick and custom-made and didn’t give her enough arm reach to make the bed. She laughed to herself, feeling so petite even to the bed, not to mention the man who slept in it. That thought had her imagining what it would be like to be Portland’s lover, or even Luke’s, Ryan’s or Shiloh’s.

“Need some help?” She gasped and swung around to find Luke standing there watching her. He walked closer, and she didn’t even realize that her skirt was lifted mid thigh as he pressed between her legs on the mattress.

“I’m okay. It was just a little high.”

She tried scooting toward the edge, but he gripped her hips and pressed closer. Her thighs widened in this position, and her heart raced double time.

He eyed her over as he held onto her waist and stared into her eyes. She felt her core tighten, and the scent of his cologne infused through her nostrils.

“It seems just about right to me,” he said, and she knew what he meant.

His thighs were pressed between her thighs, and she suddenly was flush and overheated. She felt his erection, and he squeezed her hips, rubbed his thumbs against her hipbones while he pressed closer.

“I wouldn’t mind helping you with the bed, Georgia.”

She knew he was flirting and had an idea about his intentions, but she’d made a promise to herself to not jump into anything because of her fears. But as he slowly massaged her hips and stared down into her eyes, she was finding it hard to remember just why she was denying this attraction after all.

His muscular build, those sexy brown eyes, and even the tattoos and the fact that he was Special Forces aroused her body.

“Did I tell you how pretty you look tonight?”

She shook her head.

“I like this skirt. I like having you here in our home. You make it seem like a fantasy come true.”

“Come on, Luke, really?” she asked him, feeling like a fool to think that he could have real feelings for her instead of just being after a fling.

“I’m telling you the truth.”

“That’s interesting, but I’m here to help out with Portland, to cook and clean a little until he’s up and moving on his own again.”

“Don’t you believe me, Georgia? You don’t think we’ve fantasized about having you here in our home? In our beds?”

Her mouth dropped. She couldn’t help it. She should jump down off the bed, push him away, and demand that he never tell her such lies again, but she was frozen in place, especially as he reached up and clutched her chin and cheek. He tilted it up a little and then began to lower his mouth to hers.

“I don’t want to wait any longer. You’ve got me just so damn curious I can’t resist.” He pressed his lips to hers.

In an instant, Georgia knew she was in trouble. Luke was an expert kisser, and she didn’t even care how much practice he must have had to get to be this damn good.

She got lost in that kiss and the way he manipulated her mouth while he played her body like an expert. She slowly pulled back, and he hesitated in letting her go. It scared her momentarily. Made her wonder if she told him to stop, would he? She remembered telling Frankie to stop, and he hadn’t.

She turned her face, and he slowly released her lips.

“Damn, Georgia.” He hugged her to him.

She, of course, couldn’t believe she’d let Luke kiss her and that it felt like that.

“Why did you do that?” she whispered. She could feel his heart racing and heard his erratic breathing.

“Why not?” he said and slowly pulled back to look down into her eyes. Luke, with his firm jaw, muscles galore, and deep dark eyes.

“You shouldn’t have,” she whispered and started sliding off the mattress, but he wouldn’t let her.

“You liked it, didn’t you?”

She was shocked to hear Portland’s voice coming from behind Luke. Since Luke didn’t move a muscle or even flinch, he must have known Portland was there and watching. She had been too caught up in the kiss to notice.




Georgia’s heart was racing. She was doing this. She was going to make love to two men, one after the next, and when Ryan and Shiloh returned, she would make love to them too. The thought not only scared her but also aroused her as she lifted up and eased her pussy over Portland’s cock. He cringed, and she paused as she held on to his shoulders.

“Are you okay? Oh God, your leg. Should we stop?” She lifted up, and he gripped her hips tightly.

“Are you out of your mind? I’m not in pain, honey. You just feel so fucking tight you’re squeezing my cock.”

She didn’t move. “Is that a bad thing?”

Luke chuckled as he joined them, wiping his cock with a washcloth from the bathroom. He tossed the towel down.

“Fuck no,” Portland said as he reached up and pulled her down for a kiss. At the same time he thrust his hips upward, making her nearly rock off of him, and she held on tight.

That kiss grew deeper and deeper, and soon she was countering his thrusts and trying to take from him all that he would give her. It was so erotic and natural. The feel of his control, his large hands, and his dominant nature consumed her senses. When he released her lips, he lifted her slightly higher as she rocked her hips and rode him. He suckled her breast then pulled hard on her nipple, making her cream herself.

“Oh God. Oh!” she exclaimed and rocked faster.

“Fuck that feels so good. Georgia, you have one hell of a body. Holy fuck,” Portland told her as her breasts bobbed and swayed, and she thrust her hips downward, trying to satisfy her need, as well as make Portland wild.

“Wait until you see her ass like this,” Luke said, and she felt his hands gliding along each ass cheek, squeezing, kneading her flesh, and making her cream some more.

He looked at her, and she was shocked at the expression of pure hunger in his eyes. He looked carnal. Then he licked his finger and trailed it over her anus as he used his other hand to press her shoulder down.

“Fuck him good and hard while I explore this sexy ass.”

His deep, sexy voice did a number on her. The way he told her he was going to explore her ass aroused something inside of her.

“Oh God. I don’t know if I—”

His wet finger pressed against her anus, and she gasped and rocked harder. Portland gripped her hips and shoved upward.

“Let him in. Let him get that ass ready for the four of us. When we make love together, Georgia, there’ll be a cock in your mouth, one in your sweet, wet pussy, and one in that sexy, tight ass. Ride me harder, faster. Fuck me good and make me yours.”

Portland egged her on, and as she lifted and thrust harder and faster, her mind determined to succeed in making him come, she felt Luke’s finger press into her ass, and she cried out as she came. Her pussy wept so much that Luke pulled his finger from her ass and swiped it into her own cream then back over her anus. She shivered and shook, and her body was so oversensitive she continued to leak like a faucet.

She felt almost embarrassed until Portland gripped her hair and head and brought her down for a deep, sensual kiss.

“Oh yeah, our woman was made for us, Portland. She’s going to be one hell of a lover. I can’t wait for Shiloh and Ryan to see her like this. She’ll be tied to our bed. Her body’s so damn addicting.” His words and Portland’s control had her teetering on another orgasm.

Portland released her lips. “Move, Luke, I’m fucking about to come.”

Luke pulled his finger from her ass, and Georgia gasped. She felt so weak she could hardly remain above Portland. He must have sensed it or his own carnal desire took over completely. He gripped her tightly, rolled her to her back, and then stood up, pulling her to the edge of the bed, the tip of his cock still in her needy pussy, and then he slammed into her. With each stroke of his cock, he pulled her closer and farther off the bed until he was in a comfortable position with his leg. He thrust, and her breasts bounced, her pussy ached, and her ass felt as if it vibrated with need.

“Come with me. Give me another orgasm, baby. Come now!” Portland grunted.

Luke leaned over and pinched her nipple, and she cried out her release.

“Oh hell. Georgia, holy fucking shit, Georgia!” Portland exclaimed and then thrust so hard that her body shook and quaked as he came and held his cock deeply in her cunt as he released his seed.

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