For the Love of Payne

An Ike Payne Adventure 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 69,000
14 Ratings (4.1)

[Ménage and More: Erotic Sci-Fi Multiple Partner Romance]

Sergeant Ike Payne: Cop, aspiring author, Marine. She has power, respect, friendship, and the only career she's ever wanted. She also has a locked room murder attempt and 24,000 suspects.

Tensions mount to solve the crime, and Ike is thrown together with Devon Henson, a young lieutenant, to find the killers and protect the crew and civilians aboard His Majesty's Starship Boone.

Ike and Devon's passions rise as shadowy terrorists take over the computers controlling the ship and begin a rampage of death and destruction that pulls Ike and Devon, alone and out-gunned, into a deadly confrontation with the leader of the terrorist group.

No matter the technology, battle always comes down to a woman and a gun. Their survival, and that of everyone on Boone, depends on the Love of Payne.

A Siren Erotic Romance

For the Love of Payne
14 Ratings (4.1)

For the Love of Payne

An Ike Payne Adventure 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 69,000
14 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Professional Reviews

4 STARS/Orgasmic: "Marine Sergeant Ike Payne worked hard to earn her stripes. Now she will have to work even harder to keep them. Someone attempted murder on her ship and Ike must find the culprit out of 24,000 suspects. A partner might help her solve the case, and that was what she got in the form of Lieutenant Devon Henson. Whom was Ike kidding? Devon was so much more than a sounding board for her many hypothesis. He was candy for her eyes and temptation to her body. Devon never expected his new partner was a gorgeous example of womanhood. They had a terrorist to find, not a comfortable bed. Devon did not know if he was up for the search; he was too busy looking at Ike. There is nothing like an adventurous, action-packed story told from a woman's point of view. An Ike Payne Adventure: For the Love of Payne is filled with wonderful characters, but Ike is the one who had me enthralled and kept me turning the pages. Ike is perfect. She has a sense of duty, but is not hard nosed, as one might assume. There is a sensitive side to her that caused me to relate to her position as a marine sergeant and her desire to be a sensual woman. Ike is very aware of her sexuality. That made the sex in this novel outrageous and a turn on. Devon is interesting enough with his often clumsy behavior. That characteristic endeared him to me and made me wait on Ike to help him put everything back to right. When I first thought of a hero for Ike, Devon did not come to mind, but that is what makes him so special. He is different and therefore appealing. Overall, I believe An Ike Payne Adventure: For the Love of Payne is a good read that will leave anyone wanting more." Suni Farrar, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 HEARTS: "Fun! Fast! Futuristic and fun!! Melodee Aaron wows audiences with her excitingly detailed character development and steamy sex scenes. Aaron delivers punch after punch of delicious, erotic yet sensitive moments between her two main characters. Lose yourself in the luscious goodness of fabulous sex and seductive romance. But don't be discouraged if you enjoy things a little raw and uncut. This novel has that as well. Pounding hard and fast with growing intensity, you will find the interpersonal duets both stimulating and exciting. The characters let their inhibitions run wild as they explore themselves and push their bodies to their sexual limits. You will fall in love with Payne, as I did, by the first tantalizing chapter. This hard nosed detective is yearning for the love of a good man. Even though she rides the straight and narrow with increasing vigor, she lusts for something more than a quick romp in her bunk. Take a moment and journey with her, as she travels through space in this futuristic 'who done it' escapade. The novel is a quick, easy read that will have you flying through chapter after chapter. You will find yourself yearning, thirsting for answers as you attempt to unlock the secrets behind the unusual set of events upon Payne's ship. I was surprised at how involved I became in each of the character's lives, wondering what would happen next! Heart pounding! Heated! Lustfully page turning! Slip into a hot bath, light some candles and settle in for a wild ride, but do it, For the Love of Payne!" ARS, The Romance Studio

4 ANGELS: "For the Love of Payne is a good beginning to what already appears to be an intriguing series. I really liked the character Ike and the more I read of her the more I wanted to be her. She has a position of power, she isn't afraid to embrace her sexuality, and best of all she doesn't feel the need to shave her legs or pluck her eyebrows to get what she wants when she wants it. Devon was so totally not what I pictured for a match for Ike that it made him that much more intriguing. Melodee Aaron went against the grain with that one and that shook things up and added another twist to an already twisting plot. The adventure was there and so was the mystery. I enjoyed the side characters and kept wondering why this world seemed so familiar. That was when I realized that I'd been here before. I have read The Polyamorous Princess, also by Ms. Aaron, also a good book, and it is set in the same universe as the Ike Payne Adventures series. This book was a solid 4 Angels for me and I can't wait to get my hands on the other books in the series." Hayley, Fallen Angel Reviews

"As the MP in charge of security on His Majesty's Starship, Warren E. Boone, Marine Sergeant Ikira "Ike" Payne commands respect and authority. A typical Marine, Ike is a dedicated, strong killing machine willing to die to protect those she serves. Yet as a woman, Ike is also lonely and looking for companionship and although she has sex, what she wants is a relationship. When a terrorist attempts to kill the Wengley Ambassador to Palea on the Boone, an intelligence officer is called in to help solve the crime and catch the shooter. Many might have been upset that an outsider was called in to help but not Ike. She wants all the help she can get, especially if it involves Lieutenant Devon Henson. Something about the young officer attracts her and if they can catch the terrorists, they might just get the opportunity to explore that attraction. For the Love of Payne is a fast paced futuristic tale with fantastic characters and a twisting plot. From the Emperor and his four wives to the strange and unusual alien creatures, Ms. Aaron manages to bring to life a whole new world aboard the Starship Boone. Especially interesting was Ike. At the beginning of the story, she's all bad-ass Marine but as the story unfolds and her attraction and interest in Devon grows, her feminine side begins to emerge. She is a woman at the top in a masculine field and has never felt the urge or need to be feminine. Although Devon is just as attracted to Ike as she is to him, once she allows her "Ikira" side to emerge, things just get better and better. Their sexual escapades are unbelievably hot, so be prepared! In addition to all of that, there's a little mystery about the terrorists and the shooting that will keep you guessing until the end." Georgia, Joyfully Reviewed

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When Ike got back to her office, a Lieutenant waited to see her. She felt a quick jolt that startled her and stared at him for a second too long. She waved at him. He followed her into her office. She sat, looking at him for a moment. She was not easily flustered and found her voice a little more brusque than necessary. "Who are you, and what do you want?"

"I'm Lieutenant Devon Henson from Intelligence. Admiral Reeves placed me at your service."

As Ike looked him up and down a time or two, she thought service might just be the operative word. Henson stood a little taller than she, and he had good muscles, though not like a bodybuilder. He looked to be maybe thirty or so and had sandy brown hair, just a little on the long side. His pale blue eyes were sharp and clear.

They stared at each other for a moment too long before Ike dragged her gaze away deliberately. "Have a seat." She reached across the desk and shook his hand. "Officially, I'm Sergeant Ikira Payne, head of Security. Everybody calls me Ike." Ike felt a chill run through her as their hands touched.

"All right, Ike. I'm Devon, then." He seemed to hesitate for a moment. "I'm kind of new at all this security stuff, though. My main training is in cryptography." He looked a lot more confident than he sounded.

"That's all right. I need someone who can sort through the mess you Intelligence types call files. I need the information faster than I can get it learning your system as I go along."

He smiled a very nice smile. She glanced away for a second to stop staring at his mouth. "That I can do for you, Ike." She looked back and smiled in response.

"Good. Are you certified for a sidearm?"

"Me? Hell, no! The things scare me!"

Ike just stared. This was great. "We'll take care of that. You may need one."

He looked puzzled. "I understood you found the killer's body today."

"Attempted killer, and it wasn't him."

"How do you know?"

"Call it feminine intuition."

He smiled again. "I don't think I've ever known a woman security director before."

She laughed. "Probably not. There are only six of us in the Fleet."

"That's neat. So, what do we do first?"

She glanced at her watch. It was 1135. "We do lunch first. After that, we'll start rattling the cage in sickbay so we can talk to the Ambassador."

* * * *

As they walked to the mess hall for lunch, Devon occasionally studied the interesting woman next to him. She looked and acted like a Marine. Her walk steady, with measured steps, her eyes moved constantly, watching the people around her. She wore the fatigue uniform of a noncommissioned officer and a formidable blaster on her right hip. Her pockets bulged with things he couldn't see. A large knife rested in a sheath on her right leg at the level of her calf.

Everything about Ike's appearance said she was all business, but Devon sensed something else about her. In her remarkable steel-blue eyes, he saw tenderness down inside. He felt no surprise at that. He thought anyone who made a career of being a cop must have a certain amount of empathy and caring for people.

Ike was a beautiful woman. Her body was trim and firm, no doubt from Marine exercises. When they shook hands, he found her grip strong, and he saw the muscles in her arm working. Her face was pretty, with a cute little nose. Devon always liked long hair on a woman, but somehow, Ike's short auburn hair looked great.

He glanced at her and his gaze moved down her body. Her breasts, waist, and hips were well proportioned. He watched her hips move as she walked.

She turned and caught him staring at her. "What are you looking at?"

The last thing he wanted to do was to get this woman angry. "Sorry. I was just wondering what you have in your pockets."

A small smile flitted across her face. "Right. Just Marine toys." She reached into her left pants pocket and pulled out a small grenade with a radiation hazard symbol on the side. "See?"

The woman had nuclear devices in her pants. "I'll bet you're a fun date."

She chuckled as she dropped the grenade back in her pocket. "You have no idea."


As Ike removed his shirt, it occurred to her that they'd not even seen each other nude. On the Observation Deck today, she'd simply pulled up her skirt and his pants were around his ankles. Other than having their shirts open, they hadn't seen each other yet.

She ran her fingers across his chest and he shivered. "Are you cold?"

"No, not at all."

"Good." She knelt and slipped his shoes and socks off. She then reached up to undo his belt and pants and let them slip to the floor, leaving him naked. She stood and kissed him. "You look like I've dreamed you would."

"I hope that's a good thing."

"Very good. Would you like me to show you what I'm wearing under this robe now?" Before he could answer, she turned her back and let the robe fall to the floor. Despite the sleepwear she had from the mall, she'd worn nothing at all under the robe.

As she turned to him, Devon gasped. "Ikira, you're amazing." His gaze moved over her body. He also had a growing erection.

"Let me help." She eased him to the bed and helped him lie back on the pillows. His eyes never once left her body. Ike knelt on the bed next to him. "I hope you like what you see."

He opened and closed his mouth several times. "I do like what I see. Very much."

She smiled at him. "I wish there was a word I could apply to you. Handsome doesn't do the trick." She felt a shiver shoot through her. "Delicious." She licked his chest.

He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her face to his. His tongue slid into her mouth as his arms slipped to her back.

As they kissed, she moved her hand down his stomach and touched his cock for the first time. She smiled as she felt the hardness her simply being nude and kissing him created. As they kissed, Ike again could smell his aroma, masculine with a spicy overtone. It made her desire rise higher than it already was.

Pulling her lips from his, Ike licked his lips and up the bridge of his nose, tasting the salty perspiration on his skin. Ike pressed her lips to his again as she felt the hardness of his dick press firmly against her. Ike also felt her own spreading wetness.

He rolled her to her back and quickly moved on top of her. His tongue flicked around her neck and up to her ears as he kissed her. As he rubbed his hips against her, she felt his hard cock sliding across her thighs, moistened by his pre-cum. Devon's hands moved up and down her sides, brushing along her ribs.

He slid down slightly, and his lips sucked at her nipples. His dick rested between her legs, and he thrust slightly, pumping it between her knees. As he sucked and kissed her breasts, his hands massaged them firmly, his fingers rolling her nipples.

She shivered as the muscles of his chest rubbed her stomach when he moved his head to give his mouth access to first one breast then the other. Her hands moved through his hair, gripping the sandy brown waves in her fingers. Ike felt the sweat of their bodies mixing to make their skin slippery as she wiggled beneath him.

She smelled the delicious scent of his sweat as he kneaded and licked her breasts. Slightly acrid, with a musky undertone that seemed to speak directly to her passions, the smell made her want to taste his body.

As he sucked her nipple deep into his mouth, his hands moved up to caress her face. His fingers brushed lightly over her forehead and cheeks, moving down to stroke her lips. The image of a blind man studying a statue came to her mind, and Ike wondered what his fingertips told him.

As his hands moved over her lips, she licked his fingers and tasted the flavor of his perspiration there. The taste made her twitch as it played over her tongue.

His hands slipped back to her breasts as he kissed down across her stomach. He slowly licked her thighs, and she quivered. His tongue pressed against her labia for a moment before slipping between the lips to dart into her pussy. She jerked with the intense pleasure, and he licked upwards, his tongue flicking around her clit over and over again.

Ike moaned as he sucked her clit between his lips and swirled his tongue around the tip. She wiggled when he gently nibbled at her clit, his tongue continuing to flit across the head.

His hands moved down, caressing her stomach and sides, until they reached her pussy. He gripped her clit between his thumbs, rubbing and rolling, as he slowly eased two fingers into her cunt. Licking the very tip of her clit where it protruded between his thumbs, his fingers explored every corner inside her pussy, stroking over her G-spot and across her cervix.

Her body shook and writhed as she screamed nonsense when her orgasm rolled over her. As she jerked on the bed, his thumbs, tongue, and fingers kept up their flickering motions, causing wave after wave of pleasure to sweep over her.

After many minutes, he slowed the movements of his hands and slipped his fingers from her pussy. He made one final slow lick of her cunt before sliding up to lie beside her. He put his arms around her, and she shivered in his arms.

Devon kissed her cheek softly. "I need to do that more often."

She managed a small laugh through her panting breath. "I’d die from the pleasure.” She felt motion on the bed as she lay with her eyes closed and tried to control her breathing. She opened her eyes and saw him slowly pumping his dick with his hand. Reaching down, she placed her fist around his cock. "Let me do that."

She pressed her lips to his and moved to straddle his hips. His hard cock slipped easily into her pussy, and he moaned softly.

She wanted to make this last for him, but her desires pushed her forward faster than she wished. In minutes, Ike neared climax and bounced her hips to his, never pulling her lips away. Her orgasm thundered across her, and she removed her lips from Devon's from fear she'd bite him as her body convulsed.

Ike collapsed forward onto his chest with his stiff dick still buried in her pussy to the base. Her voice quivered when she spoke. "Damn it."

Devon kissed her ear. "Yeah." He rolled her and was suddenly on top, thrusting slowly into her pussy as his cock made smacking noises in her wetness with each slow stroke.

As on the Observation Deck, she felt herself fixated on his eyes. Ike tried to hold herself from climaxing again and she soon felt Devon tense and his thrusts become faster and harder. As he made a final powerful thrust into her, they climaxed together, their screams and moans blending in passion.

Devon removed his now semi-rigid cock from her and lay beside her. "Now it's my turn to say damn it."

"Yeah." Ike turned to face him and touched his face with her fingertips. They lay together, staring at each other until Ike felt his dick stiffening against her again. "I'd like to do something for you that you may like. However, you may not like it. Tell me if you don't like it or if I hurt you."

He looked puzzled. "I will."

She positioned his hips on a pillow and knelt between his spread legs. Retrieving a lubricant from the nightstand, she applied it to her fingers and made slow, gentle circles around his anus, applying the lubricant and relaxing him. "I want to massage your prostate gland, and I'll put my fingers in your ass to do that. If it hurts, tell me."

He nodded at her as she smiled and continued to press ever harder on his opening. She gently slipped her index finger in him just a little and he twitched. "Is this hurting you?"

"No. It was just a bit of a shock."

"All right, but tell me if it hurts." She smiled. "Or if it feels good." She resumed working her finger slowly and gently in his ass and she could feel him relaxing. She could see his cock, stiff as steel and pointed at the overhead.

After several minutes of working her finger in him, she slowly inserted her middle finger, as well. She moved her hand back and forth, penetrating deeper into his ass. When she had both her fingers to the second knuckles in his ass, she curled her fingers upward toward the base of his cock and felt his soft, spongy prostate.

As Ike watched his face, Devon's eyes slowly closed as she gently rubbed his gland, massaging the two lobes and tracing the cleft between them. "Are you all right?"

"That feels amazing."

"Good." She continued to rub inside him, applying more pressure and watching his reaction. "Most men can cum from having this done. Would you like that?"

"Yeah." The rise and fall of his chest was quick and shallow. She slowly but firmly moved her fingers back and forth on his prostate, increasing her speed. He moaned softly. Ike listened and watched to make sure they were moans of pleasure and not pain. "God, that feels so good!"

"Can you open your eyes?" He slowly opened his eyes and his gaze locked to hers. "I'm glad you like this."

"It's fantastic."

"Tell me if I hurt you." She rubbed harder and faster. His ass clenched her fingers and he shook all over.

Devon's voice sounded shaky, trembling as much as his body. "Yes, Ikira, yes! Faster!" Ike smiled at him and moved her fingers faster and pressed harder. "Yes! God!"

When he climaxed, the cum shot from the end of his cock and splattered against his chest and stomach. Ike slowed her movements and eased the pressure as he shook like an earthquake. As she slowly removed her fingers from his ass, he trembled and moaned, no longer able to hold his eyes open. Ike leaned over him. She slowly licked his seed from his body. When she kissed the head of his dick, he jerked like he'd been shocked.

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