[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M elements]

Undercover agent Alayna Wilson agrees to genetic manipulation in order to infiltrate the chemical company believed to be providing the ingredients to manufacture patrile—the most addictive drug in the galaxy. However, she soon discovers that becoming Fraiquan is more than having blue skin and long, curly hair. It brings on the comchi, a fiery mating between her and fellow agents Will Rowe and Tanner O’Brien.

As they assume the life of Fraiquan mates, she must deal with her growing feelings for Will and Tanner and the inherent dangers of uncovering a plot against the Fraiquan government. Though their love seems real, she fears it will not survive their return to human form.

Can she keep her mind on the mission while losing her heart?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Elizabeth Raines is a Siren-exclusive author.

Covert (MMF)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
So good. I am so loving this series
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4 STARS: "COVERT is a solid MMF romance with a decent mystery plot. I especially like that the heroine is in the driver's seat of the romantic ménage. Alayna is willing to go undercover as a blue-skinned Fraiquan to bust a conspiracy ring. Will and Tanner will also be genetically altered to appear Fraiquan and the three will pose as a traditional Fraiquan trio. But while playing at a three-way marriage, Will, Tanner and the independent Alayna want to believe their marriage is real, even when their mission turns sour. This is another well-written erotic romance by this author but what makes it stand out is that the heroine is the ménage's protector and decision maker. I really liked this unusual role for a heroine, especially in a non-BDSM erotic romance. Alayna is a well-written character who is strong when necessary but also lets her men fulfill her emotionally. I do wish the romance between Will and Tanner was a little more developed but given that Alayna was the lynchpin for the ménage, even this wasn't terrible. The sex is scorching hot for readers who enjoy erotic romance like I do. The mystery plot of the Fraiquan was very interesting. I like the set up of the Fraiquan and their enemies and one of the other undercover spies, Luka, makes me curious about his story. COVERT is a good erotic romance but the best thing is the unusual heroine who I thought was very compelling." -- J9, The Romance Reviews

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The elaborate quarantine doors swished open—first one set, then the other. In walked two men dressed only in the same kind of sterile hospital gown she now wore that barely covered her ass. Despite the pale blue material covering them from shoulders to lower thighs, she got a good, long look at both of them. Her heart pounded harder.

The first was taller. She’d guess he stood a full two meters. His hair was the color of sand and had been buzzed into a military cut. Not that it would matter after his transformation. Fraiquan men had the same wavy black hair as the women, although theirs usually reached their shoulders rather than tumbling down their backs. His beard stubble would be gone as well since Fraiquan men didn’t grow facial hair.

When his gaze captured hers, Alayna’s breath caught in her throat. The blue of his eyes was the same color as the water over the Great Barrier Reef near her homeland. The intelligence reflected there only made the man more attractive. When he smiled at her, a dimple creased his right cheek.

This one was a charmer.

Her lips fell to a frown. She usually hated charmers because they were so damned phony.

Shifting her gaze to the second man, Alayna had to shake her head in disbelief. Two men that handsome couldn’t possibly be agreeing to be genetically altered. Surely they’d have egos the size of Jupiter and wouldn’t want anyone fucking with their handsome appearances or well-toned bodies. Specimen number two had hair the color of a sunset—a pleasant mixture of red and blond—and wavy enough that it had to frizz in humid weather. Those gentle waves of hair curled around his ears, and damn it all if even those weren’t cute. His eyes were green, but they weren’t meeting hers. No, those emerald orbs were fixed on her breasts. For some odd reason, she wanted to run her fingertips over the cleft in his chin before she slapped his face for his audacity.

“Well, well,” the tall blond said. “You must be our new wife.” His smile made something inside her melt, and she liked the way he stressed the word wife. “I’m Will Rowe.”

The second man smiled as well. “I’m Tanner O’Brien.” His voice was a baritone as smooth as velvet. He held out his hand. The calluses spoke of someone who wasn’t afraid of hard work.

“Alayna Wilson.” She shook Tanner’s hand then repeated the action with Will. Both had grips as firm as a vise.

The men stared at her, making her cheeks heat as she dragged her bare toe across the cold tile floor to try to distract herself from the awkward silence. Instead of chattering away as some people did to fill the void, she always used it to size people up.

Tanner was obviously the most impatient since he spoke first. “So what made you volunteer for this assignment?”

“I didn’t,” she replied.

He blinked a couple of times. “I.D.E.A. can’t force you to do something this…this…”

“Dangerous,” Will interjected.

Sure they can. “Let’s just say I decided it was in my best interests to accept this mission.” These men didn’t need to know her reasoning, and she sure wasn’t going to start discussing her work issues with two guys who were going to have to pretend to be her husbands. Make-believe would be bad enough. She wasn’t about to open up her real world to two strangers.




Will had a body to drool over, not an ounce of fat on the man. His muscles rolled under his skin every time he moved, making him look like some sleek jungle cat. Rising from a nest of black hair, his cock was thick and handsomely decorated with prominent veins. A drop of clear fluid leaked from the tip, and Tanner reached out to brush it away with his thumb, loving how Will groaned in response.

Alayna took charge. “In bed. Now.” The men scrambled to obey. “This time, I want you both…at the same time.” She reached into a cubby by the bed and grabbed a bottle. Tossing it to Tanner, she said, “You’ve got a longer cock, but Will’s is too wide for my first time.”

He blinked a couple of times, hardly believing he was hearing her correctly. In his experience, some men had no problem with getting a dick up their ass. Hell, they loved it, judging from the talk he’d heard over the years. He’d only had one affair with a man, and it hadn’t been a good experience because at the tender age of twenty, he’d been a bit confused about his own sexuality. And while he’d slept with quite a few women, they didn’t even seem to consider anal intercourse a possibility. Yet here Alayna was, asking for both men to penetrate her at the same time. His balls pulled up tight against his body, and he realized how close he was to coming already at the mere thought of being inside her tight ass while Will’s dick rubbed his cock through the thin tissue of her body. “Alayna...are you sure that’s what you really want?”

“You heard me,” she added with a wink. “Lube up, hubby.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Will knelt in front of her, pressing a kiss to her intimate curls. She tugged at his hair and spread her legs a little wider. Simply watching the two of them made Tanner’s heart start to slam in his chest. “Damn, that’s hot.”

With a chuckle, Will stood back up, cupped his hand around her neck, and pulled her hard against him. His mouth claimed hers.

Without breaking away from the tongue-dueling kiss, she crooked her finger at Tanner. He joined them, wrapping his arms around both of them while she stroked his erection. Nothing had ever felt as right as being with these two.

Lifting Alayna off her feet and away from Will, Tanner carried her to their bed. She scrambled to the middle and smiled in clear invitation. Will made it to her first and kissed her again while Tanner fitted his front to her back, grinding his cock against that gorgeous ass.

Alayna didn’t want to stop kissing Will, but as Tanner combed his fingers through her hair and pressed his erection between her ass cheeks, she easily let him divert her attention. Turning to look at him over her shoulder, she wasn’t surprised when his mouth covered hers. His tongue slipped past her lips, sliding across hers as he growled deep in his chest, sending heat racing straight to her pussy. Her cunt tightened, needing to be filled by Will’s broad cock, and the anticipation of Tanner claiming her body at the same time had her squirming in need.

Will dropped down to pull one of her nipples deep into his mouth to drive her mad with suction and the soothing licks of his velvet tongue. Tanner released her mouth and pulled his arms away to lean around her and tease her other nipple. By the time they were done lavishing her with attention, she was panting. Her head lolled back, so she didn’t know Will’s intent until his hand was between her thighs, his fingers caressing and separating her folds until he found her clitoris. She whimpered, which only seemed to make him more eager to rub her closer and closer to orgasm.

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