The Triple S Bride (MFMM)

Tasty Treats 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 30,661
186 Ratings (4.2)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Sci-Fi Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M]

Mail order bride Sabina Volt wants a husband like she wants a hole in the head. She escapes the cruelty of her fiancé on Earth by running to the remote planet C8282 and a marriage contract with a stranger. When she seals the contract in a bout of wildly fulfilling sex, she thinks Walt Sheridan is the one man she might be able to trust.

Walt Sheridan has low expectations when he orders a bride for himself and his two brothers, but when Sabina steps off the shuttle he knows she is the woman for him- for all of them. His only reservation to offering his heart and soul to the sexy woman with the long legs and high-heeled boots is the secret she keeps from him. One thing is certain, the Sheridans will use any means to protect her from whatever put the fear in her eyes.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Triple S Bride (MFMM)
186 Ratings (4.2)

The Triple S Bride (MFMM)

Tasty Treats 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 30,661
186 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
A fantastic read with very endearing characters
it had possibilities, but seams to flopped
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5 CHERRIES: "The love scenes are scorching and I couldn't turn away. There is a wonderful happy ever after for the unconventional family, and I recommend this one for those who like a mix of suspense, science fiction and smoking hot cowboys (in space)." -- Holly, Whipped Cream Erotic Reviews

5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "What’s better than hot cowboys who set out to protect the damsel in distress? Why, hot cowboys in space! Ms. Knight did a superb job weaving together two very different genres. From the moment I picked up this book I couldn’t put it down. Not only did it have sizzling sex scenes, it also had the dangerous villain to add just an extra edge of excitement to this fast paced tale. I loved the way that Ms Knight created such a diverse yet yummy cast of characters. The three brothers in this story, Walt , Dan and Charlie, made this reviewer sweat. All in all this is a book I would recommend to any sci-fi aficionado or western lover." -- Dakota, Dark Diva Reviews

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The lights in the terminal stung her eyes, and after the quiet of the shuttle the noise struck her like a living thing. Comm sets dotted the walls every fifty feet or so, all sending out the latest news from Earth at top decibels. Dozens of people, mostly men and shuttle crews, stood around watching the sets or holding shouted conversations over the din. She blinked and stood a moment, adjusting to the new environment.

Then she saw him. Or at least, the cowboy with crossed arms who leaned insolently against the check-in desk sure looked like Walter Sheridan. She stared at his hologram often enough to have his features memorized, yet the man watching her wasn't exactly what she expected.

His face looked sculpted from stone, with a squared chin and sharp cheekbones. Wives' tales claimed smiling caused wrinkles, but no tell-tale lines marred this man's face. He had the coloring of someone with brown hair, but a sweat-stained, dusty cowboy hat hid everything north of his brows. When their gazes met, his eyes gave her pause. Green as late spring fields depicted in laser paintings, they were also penetrating and unforgiving. This man wouldn't trust easily or give any quarter.

Like Kevin.

Oh, God. She couldn't breathe. For a panicky moment, she thought she might pass out.

Turn around! Get back on that shuttle. Make them pry you out if need be.

She swung back toward the door only to find it locked. Fanning her face with her hand, she fought nausea and the dots swimming in her vision. Coming here had been a mistake, a horrible mistake.

Run! Anywhere would be better than—

"Are you okay?"

She didn't look but knew instinctively who stood beside her and took her elbow. He firmly guided her to a chair. When she sat, he forced her head between her knees.

"Breathe," he ordered.

"I'm fine," Sabina said at last, and she did feel better, though a little silly. Millions of miles separated her from Kevin. It took months of beatings, but she finally found the courage to yank back her life. Her method of escape might prove strange and impulsive, but she didn't care. As long as coming here didn't mean jumping from the solar roaster into the core generator.

Please don't let Walter be like Kevin.

With her head down, she couldn't help but notice the dust covering his boots and the hems of his worn jeans. This was the way he came to meet his new bride? The lack of care on his part didn't bode well. She chose this planet for its distance from Earth and Kevin, thinking her former fiancé would never find her here or think it not worth the trouble and expense to come for her. She had to stay, shehad to. Yet if Walter took so little care when coming to meet his potential wife, what did it say about his wanting a wife?

"I'm fine," she repeated, then added, "Thanks." Reluctantly, she looked up. And up. Warm pools of emerald colored eyes stared back with a hint of worry.

His shirt wasn't in much better shape than his jeans and boots. A threadbare collar topped a dull khaki-colored shirt, almost completely faded. Spots of rust-red plaid marked the fabric here and there. He’d rolled up his sleeves, showing muscled, tanned forearms sprinkled with light-colored hair.

"Are you Sabina Volt?"

She nodded.

He stared a moment longer, examining her face. He must have agreed that she was better because he said, "I'd about given up on you bein' on the transport. Everyone else who got off is long gone." He scooped up her bags and took a few steps away before stopping to turn around and look. His gaze softened. "You comin', or do you need another minute?"

In that instant, she knew this man was nothing like Kevin. Kevin wouldn't have given her a moment's thought. Sabina's stomach stopped its loop-de-loops, and her head quit spinning. Standing, she said, "Before we go, I'd just like to be sure of who you are."

He took in a breath and huffed it out. "We don't have time to waste pullin' out papers. You have my hologram. You should know I'm Walt Sheridan. Your future husband." He stared and waited, as though letting that sink in. "Now my truck's parked outside, and the sooner we get going the better."

"Well, I'm sorry," she said as she rushed to try to match his long strides. "I didn't know you'd be in such a big hurry." The terminal was huge, but at this pace Sabina expected they’d be wherever he parked in seconds. "Can you slow down?"

"If I have to." He cast a quick look down at her. "The thing is, the law being what it is on this planet, if you leave anything unattended for too long folks tend to think it's theirs."

His stride lengthened again, leaving Sabina with the idea he always moved this fast. She sighed.

Speed. Not a great trait in a lover.

Well, there were worse things than not being satisfied during sex. Much worse.





"I thought you were dead," she blurted, betraying a hint of the fear she showed when he climbed back in the truck. Unfortunately, at that moment he lacked the strength to tamp down his libido and comfort her in a gentle, platonic way. He only hoped sharing his heat and passion would ease her concerns.

Her hand roamed over him, alternately rubbing and caressing. Which pleased him more he couldn't say, the almost innocent brushing of her fingers on his shoulder or her bold grip as she traveled up and down his length. His close call with the versa didn't rank even in the top ten things on his mind.

"Versa," he managed to say. "Dead." God, her breast felt good, small but plump in his hand. He stroked her nipple with his thumb. She arched her back, pressing into him. More than anything, he wanted to lose himself in her. He pushed her away far enough to pull her blouse over her head, still buttoned. "Get you out of those clothes," he mumbled, seeing her breasts in the dim light at last. He cupped them, testing their weight, admiring their softness, softer than a grenett's coat. She trembled at his touch, and he about lost it.

"What's a versa?"

Her fingers furrowed through his hair, sending shivers down his back. He lifted her, fitting his mouth over her nipple and sucking. A fragrance struck his nostrils. Lilacs. She must have dabbed perfume in the deep dip between her breasts. For me? He liked the possibility.

The scent knocked him off kilter, throwing him into memories of Earth. Sweet God, making love to Sabina would be like—

He almost thought heaven on Earth, but long ago he left the notion of both places behind. A sense of rightness, of wholeness settled over him.

"What's a versa?" she repeated.

"What?" Walt fought the haze of lust to focus on her question. "Oh. They roam wild here. Mostly at night." He dropped kisses along her jaw line. "Very dangerous. But don't worry, I'll keep you safe."

"I believe you."

She said the words softly, but her tone showed she meant it. A place deep inside warmed with something other than lust, other than want and need. C8282 was dangerous in a way Earth wasn't. He knew a stranger to the planet would need his care, expertise, and experience, and he'd been prepared to provide it to Sabina as he would to any newcomer. This was far greater. His overwhelming desire to protect her surprised him.

He had pulled the versa carcass to the side of the road, and others would be coming to investigate, following the scent of blood. Instead of fucking, he should be keeping watch and making sure Sabina stayed safe inside the truck.

Too bad about that. Making her truly his sealed his role, made her part of his family. He wanted that more than he imagined he would.

"Don't worry," he said, "nothing will hurt you."

"I wasn't worried." She ran her thumb across his bottom lip. "Not now."

He took her thumb inside his mouth and sucked, all the while fumbling to unzip her slacks.

Staring at his mouth she licked her lips. "Let me," she said, eyes glazed. She slipped off his lap.

Walt heard a zipper and the rustle of clothes while he ripped off his T-shirt and pushed his jeans to his knees. His rod pulsed, aching for relief.

Seconds later, Sabina straddled him again. Immediately, she guided his throbbing cock to her pussy and sank onto it.

When she would have risen to her knees, Walt gripped her hips. It was keep her from moving or shoot off like an inexperienced kid with his first girl. Instead, he took a moment to appreciate what he held. Her blue eyes shone with desire. Back arched, her firm, round tits offered themselves to him and he took a sweet lick. Her body was perfect, absolutely perfect.

"It's a little late, but are you sure? This binds us, you know. If you've changed your mind, I’ll put this moment aside." He had to say it just in case, but he hoped like hell she wanted this as much as he did.

She didn't speak with words. She rolled her hips over his, seating his cock and scraping her sex across his thatch of hair.

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