Forbidden Love (MFM)

Leon Valley 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,664
2 Ratings (4.5)

Siren Publishing Menage Amour: Erotic Romance, Multiple Partners, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, MFM, HEA]

Ren Phillips was out to prove she was a grown woman capable of making adult decisions but did she bite off more than she could chew with the Sanchez brothers? She's wanted Enzo and Alex for a long time. She was sure once they took a chance on her they would like her and change their playboy ways. Was she asking for a broken heart?

Enzo and Alex noticed their friend’s little sister grew into a beautiful woman. They tried resisting her for as long as they could until it became unbearable. Desire was a safe emotion and one they understood but love? Love was not something they felt ready for. Can Ren convince them their hearts are safe with her.

Forbidden Love (MFM)
2 Ratings (4.5)

Forbidden Love (MFM)

Leon Valley 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,664
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“I admit it, you were right, Ren. Those were the best burgers I’ve had.” Adelle rubbed her stomach happily. “I am so full. I need a nap.”

Ren laughed, feeling better after a few hours of girl talk and laughter. Ren turned her head to the right after hearing familiar voices. No, it couldn’t be, could it? Surely she was seeing things?

Enzo and Alex sat at a table with a thin pretty blonde and a cute redhead. The table had a few beer bottles as if they’d been there awhile. The blonde was leaning in toward Enzo, kissing him on the lips. Alex was busy smiling with the cute red-headed girl. It hurt a lot more than she expected, but it wasn’t a shock. This was who they were. Men who wanted variety in life. Men who wanted no responsibilities.

Ren gasped, catching Adelle’s attention.

“What?” Adelle looked confused at first until she followed Ren’s eyes. Then she growled. “Those assholes. How dare they?”

Ren was so humiliated. It was clear to see they would never have real deep feelings for her.

“Let’s just go,” she whispered, wanting to avoid a scene. Her dinner might come back up at any moment. Adelle grabbed her hand, marching over to the table, taking a different, direct approach.

“Hey, Enzo, Alex, fancy seeing you two here,” Adelle said loudly.

Enzo pushed the blonde away, looking at Ren with shock and guilt in his brown eyes.

“Ren.” Alex stood, looking guilty too. He tried to smile as if greeting a friend and not a lover. “Hey, what a surprise.”

“So it seems,” Ren snapped, folding her arms across her chest. “Adelle and I had dinner here. And who are your dates?”

The blonde fluffed her hair. She narrowed her eyes, looking between Ren and Adelle with jealousy. “I’m Sammie. Run along, darling. You’re interrupting our romantic night.”

That burned a hole in Ren’s heart. She blinked back her tears. “I see that. Goodbye, boys.”

She turned, walking out into the night with tears falling down her cheeks. She heard Adelle calling her, but she practically ran for her car. Her hands were too shaky to put the key in the lock to unlock the driver side door.

Adelle reached her just as Enzo and Alex did too. Adelle grabbed the keys, opening the car door for her.

“Sammie is an old friend.” Enzo spoke first. “We were just hanging out with her.”

“And kissing,” Ren stated, glaring at them both. They hadn’t made any verbal commitments, but it still broke her heart. Maybe having sex with them was not her brightest idea. She couldn’t keep her heart out of it, and now she was flooded with a mix of emotions. Disappointment. Hurt. Jealousy.

“She kissed me. I was ready to push her away when you walked up,” Enzo explained, grabbing her arm.

She pulled away, giving him a look of disbelief. “It doesn’t matter does it? We’re not committed. Go back to your date.”

“Don’t be childish, Ren,” Alex said angrily. “We never told you we were exclusive.”

She heard Adelle gasp and stand in front of her. Adelle was quiet but also a loyal friend.

She poked her finger into Alex’s chest. “Ren deserves better than two aging playboys who can’t keep their dick in their pants. Get lost and go back to your sluts.”

Ren smiled, putting her hand on Adelle’s shoulders. She looked at Enzo and Alex enjoying their speechless look. “I was wrong thinking I could keep my feelings out of this. Don’t call me or come by ever again. Enjoy your romantic night out.”

“Come on, Ren.” Enzo gave her his most charming smile that usually hit her in the heart. She imagined he used that same smile on all women, making them feel special when they weren’t. “Sammie means nothing.”

“No woman means anything to you or your brother,” she said sadly. “I guess that is why you fuck your way through town huh?”

With those words she got in her car, slamming the door shut. Ending the argument and her dream that they’d care for her one day.




“Damn, girl. I knew you were hot, but holy hell.” Alex unbuttoned his flannel slowly, throwing it on the floor. His eyes wandered down to her belly piercing she got with a friend when she moved out of her brother’s house. His chest was tanned and smooth. Her mouth watered and she took a step closer. She ran her hands slowly over his muscles. “You and your brother are the hot ones here.”

Enzo came up behind her, letting his hands fall to her shoulder. She leaned back, feeling his heat. He had also taken off his shirt. They were really doing this. She was having sex for the first time with two men she lusted after and dreamed about. Enzo unclipped her bra, cupping her bare breasts. Her knees felt like jelly.

“Let’s take this to your room, sweetness,” Enzo whispered in her ear, caressing her breasts with his big hands. “I need to taste these beautiful breasts.”

She led them down the dark hallway to her room. The small lamp on her nightstand added a soft glow to her small bedroom. Their presence made her room feel smaller. Seeing them shirtless made her feel wet and excited. If this was a one-time experience, she wanted it all. She wanted a memory to last forever. Doubts were not going to stand in her way. She felt the heat of their glances as she unbuttoned her jeans slowly, sliding them down her thighs. Her thong was white and lacy, matching the bra lying on the living room floor.

“Sexy,” Enzo whispered, taking off his own jeans and boxers in one swift move. His long cock sprung free. She stared at him and licked her lips. She’d seen plenty of videos and pictures with her girlfriends, but this was Enzo, a man she’d lusted after for so long. Her eyes were glued to his cock like a school girl. He grinned widely. “Like what you see?”

She nodded, not sure she could speak right now. No wonder they were popular with the women, although she didn’t want to think of them this way with other women. Tonight it was just the three of them. She’d make it so good they would want more.

Alex stepped closer to cup her breasts with his big hands. He was totally nude too like Enzo and just as sexy. “My brother is right, Ren. You are a sensual woman. I have wanted you for months now.” His thumb swiped her nipple.

She felt Enzo position himself behind her, letting his arms slip around her waist. He slipped her white thongs down her thighs, leaving her totally naked. She tried to stand with confidence and not shyness, but this was her first time naked with anyone besides herself. His hand caressed her mound softly. Now she was glad she waxed often. His hand felt amazing.

“Are you already wet for us Ren?” Enzo’s hard cock was against her ass.

Her hands slid up Alex’s chest. His brown eyes glittered with desire. “Oh I’m ready,” she assured them both. Ready to take her first lovers. She was scared but excited. She’d focus on the excitement. She was still having a hard time believing this moment was real and not just another dream.

Alex laid her on the bed, and they stood in front of her naked and obviously excited. Enzo fisted his cock, knowing she was watching every movement. A drop of pre-cum dripped from the tip. Alex too. She licked her lips. “Oh my. I have to be dreaming this. You two are so perfect.”

Alex leaned over her, pushing her thighs apart so he could see her glistening pussy. “No dreaming tonight. This is as real as it gets, baby. I’ve been wanting to taste you for so long. I bet you taste as sweet as sugar.” He knelt on her carpeted floor, and before she knew it his face was buried between her legs. She almost jumped off the bed when she felt his tongue at her pussy. Thank goodness her room was dim or he’d see her cheeks turning red.

Enzo laid horizontally next to her, moving her hair aside so his lips could trail down her neck, shoulder, and to her breasts. She ended with her back on the bed and her feet on Alex’s shoulders. Alex was going wild feasting on her pussy while Enzo’s tongue explored her mouth, making the hunger increase. His hands tugged on her nipples. It was a double sensation that made her feel like she was on fire. She moaned into his mouth. He finally let her come up for air.

“So good,” she swore, looking into Enzo’s brown eyes.

“It’s just beginning,” Enzo whispered with a wicked grin that made her return it. She closed her eyes for a second, just wanting to absorb these feelings, emotional and physical, running through her.

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