All of Me (MFM)

Liberty, Wyoming 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 27,943
4 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Publishing Menage Amour: Erotic Romance, Menage, Multiple Partners, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, Small Town, MFM, HEA]

Brenna was a prisoner in her own home. She thought she had no future until strangers came and saved her. All she had to do was get the courage to leave the only place she’d ever lived.

Brody took his job as the family monarch seriously. The family was everything to him. After months of waiting, he finally had them all with him, and life was smoothing out. Until they found a broken woman. His protective instincts rose at the sight of her. All he had to do was keep her safe, and his world was whole again. That was harder said than done.

Tony was enthralled with the woman he’d seen through the fence. His life had finally started to settle after finding his family, and then he found her. His emotions deepened as he got to know her, and he pledged to do anything he needed to keep her safe even if it went against her wishes.

All of Me (MFM)
4 Ratings (4.3)

All of Me (MFM)

Liberty, Wyoming 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 27,943
4 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Tony walked into the building the next day to find his brother. He wanted to go to the place he’d seen the woman. He was sick of waiting for the officials to check on her and it was driving him crazy.

“Hey, Brody.”

Brody looked up. “What’s up?”

“I want to go to the salvage yard. I can’t take it another second.”

“I get that. I’ve been thinking the same thing. We can do it this morning. We’ll need Ava.”

Tony’s brows puckered. “Why?”

“The woman might be terrified to come with two men she doesn’t know, don’t you think?”

“You’re right.” Tony swallowed back his anger. “We will find her today. I’m not leaving until I see and talk to her.”

Brody nodded. “Yes, brother, we will.” He stood. “Let’s see if Ava can go with us now.”

The two walked into the house.

“Ava?” Tony called out by the front door.

She strolled out of the kitchen. “Right here.”

“Can you come with us to the junkyard?” Tony asked.

She nodded. “Sure. What are we looking for?”

Tony swallowed. “A woman.”

Ava’s mouth dropped open. “Really?”

Tony saw the hopeful look in her eyes. "Yes. I’m tired of waiting for other people to check on her.”

“I can’t stop thinking about her either. The last time I was there, I saw her. She told me her name was Brenna. She looked terrified and ran off before I could ask her more questions.”

Tony nodded. “Yeah, she did that to me, too.”

Brody broke in. “Do you know who she is? Are we sure she’s not the junkyard owner’s wife? No one will give us any information on her because of some privacy law.”

Ava shook her head. “Not wife. She’s the owner’s sister.”

Brody and Tony glanced at each other.

“Yeah. I was so concerned about her. I went to Mora’s place and talked with her husbands about it. They knew who I was talking about. They had sent cops out to perform welfare checks on the woman, but each time they asked if she wanted to leave, she said no.”

“Why would she do that?”

Ava turned to Tony. “If she’s abused, she might be too afraid to leave, or she’s been in the yard so long she’s afraid of the outside world.” She shrugged. “There are a lot of explanations.”

“I still need to go see her.”

Ava nodded. “Let’s go. I’ve wanted to go see her, too.”

The three people’s anxiety grew as they drove to the junkyard. When they arrived they parked outside the fence and walked in.

“What are you looking for today?” Jerald asked when he saw them.

Brody pushed Ava behind him when he remembered what his brothers told him about the way the bastard had looked at her.

Tony stepped forward. “We’re looking for more metal. Can you tell us where to search?”

“Oh, yeah,” the guy said. “The little lady behind Hulk knows where all the good stuff is.”

Tony tried to smile but knew he failed. “Thanks.” He watched the guy walk off before he turned to Ava and Brody. “Now what?”

Ava started walking off. “Let’s just casually walk around. Maybe she’ll talk to me again.”

They walked around for an hour, pretending to look at stuff and actually carried some around while they looked for the woman.

Tony was getting frustrated. He needed to see her with his own eyes.

Ava stopped suddenly. “Did you hear that?”

Tony came up beside her. “What?”

“I heard a woman cry out.”

“Which way.”

Ava pointed, and they rushed toward the sound.

The three were appalled when they came upon the junkyard man kicking a woman lying on the ground in the side.

“What did I fucking tell you, whore? You stay in the house when people are here.”

Brody took two steps, grabbed the back of the man’s neck, lifted him off the ground, and backed up a few feet so he couldn’t reach the woman anymore.

The man squealed. “What the fuck are you doing?” He twisted frantically and tried to grab onto the hand that held him and prevented him from running. “Let me the fuck go.”

Brody shook him like he was a rag doll. “Shut up,” he snapped.

Tony and Ava ran to the girl.

“Oh, my God,” Ava cried. “Are you alright?”

Brenna looked back and forth between the two and then nodded and tried to sit up. “Yes, I’m okay.” She looked fearfully toward her brother.

Brody growled. “Why don’t the two of you help her get what she wants to take.”

Brenna gasped. “Wait. What?”

Ava grasped her hands and got her full attention. “Honey, I’m not sure what’s going on with you, but what we just saw is no way to live. This is your chance, maybe your only chance to leave him and the abuse.”

“I don’t know…”

Ava nodded. “I know it’s scary for you. It’s something new. But I can guarantee you that it’s a thousand times better than this, and I’ll be there for you. The only reason we came today was to check on you.”

“Really?” Brenna bit down on her lip.

Tony cupped her chin and ignored her slight flinch. “Baby, we promise to take care of you. You don’t have to worry about a home, food… anything. Ava’s always around, so you have a woman’s support, and Brody, the guy behind you, and I would swear on a bible that we will protect you to our last breath.”

Tony got nervous when Brenna just stood and stared at him.

Ava squeezed her hands and got her full attention.

“Please let us help you.”

Brenna nodded, turned, and walked into the house. She started piling things on the bed.

“I’ll be right back,” Tony said. He ran into the kitchen and grabbed all the bags he saw. The three of them packed everything that she set on the bed and then set the bags on the floor by the door.

“Are you ready, baby?”

Brenna nodded but then stopped. His heart plummeted, thinking she was going to bulk again. He watched her run into the closet and come out a minute later with a book and a few pictures.

Tony smiled gently at her. “Now, are you ready?”

Brenna nodded and clutched the book like a lifeline.




She felt Tony move away for a moment.

An involuntary jolt shuddered through her when she felt Tony lie back down on her other side completely naked. The heat from his body seared her skin. She didn’t have a chance to move when he leaned over her and started kissing her lips softly, rubbing gently back and forth, giving her time to adjust.

She moaned into his mouth, already drowning in their arousal, and lifted her hands to his head to hold him in place, trying to deepen the kiss. Tony raised his head, breaking contact with her mouth and smiled down at her.

She tilted her head away from him to give him better access, her eyes closed, and a desperate whimper escaped.

“Oh, my God,” she moaned when he bit down gently on the sensitive spot between her neck and shoulder. Her stomach clenched in fierce need. She started whimpering, her body twisting out of control already, and they had barely touched her. “Please,” she begged.

Tony grunted while Brody murmured against her breast, nuzzling her. “Oh, love, we’ve only begun.”

Their hands started roaming over her, learning her body and what aroused her. What made her hot and wet and what made her whimper and groan, and she felt like she was slowly losing her mind

She thrashed on the mattress the closer they got to her pussy and the part of her body that ached and cried out for them the most. She couldn’t stay still. Her breasts felt heavy, and her nipples ached so badly she wanted to scream.

She felt a large hand, she didn’t know whose, press down on her stomach to keep her in place.

The heat from their bodies seeped into her exposed skin. Her breaths were coming rapidly, and sensations engulfed her body and her senses.

A big, rough hand cupped her cunt. Long fingers slid through the soft, springy hair covering her mound and then separated her wet folds, circling her pebbled clit and making it pulse. She threw her head back and arched off the bed as much as they would let her.

“Oh, my God,” she moaned when the fingers pinched her clit. It shot sparks through her whole body.

Tony pushed one of his large, blunt fingers deep into her tight cunt, slowly moving in and out until his finger was in to the knuckle. She moaned and clamped down on the digit, making Tony hiss harshly against her ear.

“You’re so fucking tight, baby.”

He continued to push his finger in and out of her tight sheath, stretching her, sometimes slow and easy and sometimes hard and fast, making her tremble with a need so strong, driving her closer and closer to an orgasm.

Brenna exploded with a shrill cry when Brody bit down on a nipple at the same time Tony plunged his finger as far as he could go in her while simultaneously pressing down on her clit with his thumb. She felt a wave of sensation take over her body. Lights flashed behind her eyelids. Her breath stalled in her lungs, and her body shuddered violently. She arched off the bed, digging her heels into the mattress, fighting against the hold they had on her.

Finally, the feeling that gripped her released, making her body collapse on the mattress as she drew large breaths into her lungs.

The men crooned softly to her, slowing their touches, gently bringing her down.

She couldn’t move, her muscles like noodles, her breathing still heavy and deep. She opened her eyes to see the men staring down at her, different degrees of heat, and smiles on their faces.

Her eyes widened as a fresh wave of moist heat slid from her cunt onto the blanket beneath her. How could she be aroused again so soon after climaxing from just the looks they gave her?

Brody chuckled. “Our woman’s shocked, Tony.”

Tony smiled. “We just got started, baby. I’m going to have a taste of her.” He slid slowly down the bed and then between her thighs. He widened her farther apart and wedged his broad shoulders in between, using his fingers to spread her folds. He lowered his head and stuck his hot tongue out, swiping it through her sopping wet folds.

Brenna closed her eyes and moaned at the sensations whipping through her.

“Open your eyes, baby,” Tony growled, then nipped at her clit, delicately sinking his teeth into her. This sent a huge swell of part pleasure, part pain through her already sensitized body. A scream tore from her throat the same time her body bowed off the mattress.

She couldn’t seem to grasp that Tony had just given her another orgasm again until she opened her eyes and took a breath. How could she have another orgasm so soon after the first one?

Brenna’s heart rate hadn’t calmed when she saw Brody was kneeling between her legs.

“Oh, God, I don’t think I can handle anymore.”

“You’ll take everything we give you, love. We know by watching you how far to take you, but if you get scared or something hurts, say yellow, and we’ll stop and talk.”

Brenna wiped a hand down her sweaty stomach and nodded.

He rolled on a condom. “We’re making you ours tonight. Do you know what that means, love?”

She shook her head.

“It means you’ll belong to us. I’m not just talking tonight, but forever. Are you ready for that?”

“Yes. I’ve been ready since you held me that first night you both laid beside me and kept me safe. I’ve never felt that before.”

Tony groaned, bent, and took a nipple into his mouth.

Brody clenched his teeth and pushed his cockhead into her sopping wet cunt, keeping it just inside her, not going further, just enough to drive her crazy, but no deeper.

“Please, Brody.”

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