Heaven Sent (MFM)

Merricks, Montana 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 43,799
4 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Menage Amour: Menage, BDSM, Contemporary, Western, MFM, HEA]

When Sophia Jamison is fired from her job as head chef in a fancy New York restaurant, she is unsure what do with her life. After over hearing a conversation about the unusual town of Merricks, and the ménage relationships that are welcomed there, Sophia decides to move and start her own restaurant in town.

Cole and Trace Jackson are horse breeders and own the Whispering Jack Horse Stud, but something is missing from their lives. A sub to love and share between them. Once they meet Sophia, they know that she is the woman they have been looking for.

Navigating her career and dating is hard, but Cole and Trace are determined to show her how good it can be between them. Submitting to her men just might lead to adventures she had only imagined, but will their love survive when her past follows her to Merricks?

Heaven Sent (MFM)
4 Ratings (4.8)

Heaven Sent (MFM)

Merricks, Montana 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 43,799
4 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Following Sam and her men over towards Wolf, Sophia couldn’t help but let her eyes wander around the club. Sam had explained that Wolf and Hawk had divided Silk Ties into two different parts.

The front of the club where she currently was contained the bar that Wolf was waiting at. In front of the bar sat a dance floor and the stage. Sam had told her of the two lounges on for the Dominants in one corner and an unattached submissives’ lounge in the other. It was easy to tell the difference from the two. The Dominants’ lounge was filled with leather-clad people while the submissives’ lounge was filled with mostly naked people. There was still leather, just less of it.

Booths lined the back wall for people to eat, and Sam had also told her of female and male change rooms that sat either side of the reception. She had used the cloak room at the entrance when she had arrived.

A dark heavy intimidating door sat at the back next to the Dominants’ lounge and led to the playrooms of the club. She hadn’t seen the area, but Sam had described it in vivid detail. The playroom or main hall consisted of spanking benches, Saint Andrew’s crosses, chains, torture devices, and rope pulleys that were scattered strategically around the room.

Private rooms were at the back of the second half of the club, as well as the theme rooms and a dungeon. They had wet areas and a harem room, surgical suites, as well as a puppy playroom.

Some of the things that Sam had described to her had intrigued her, while others made her cringe and shake her head. She wasn’t into fire play, or cupping. She could never see herself trying cutting or knife play, but bondage was definitely something that she wanted to try. She also wanted to try their newly renovated steampunk room. It was a Victorian style with a touch of a post-apocalyptic air about it. She loved reading steampunk books. It was one of her favorite genres.

Sophia walked to stop at Sam’s side and smiled at Wolf who had his arms wrapped around Emily. Hawk stood close behind them. Her smile fell when she noticed the two men standing with the trio. She had no idea that Cole and Trace Jackson would be members of the club. It wasn’t surprising, but she didn’t expect to see them so soon after she had rebuffed them last night.

“Hi, Sophia,” Wolf said. “Welcome to our club.”

“Thank you,” she replied, dragging her eyes away from Cole and Trace. “It’s beautiful.”

Wolf inclined his head in acknowledgement and his mouth curved in a small smile.

“What are your plans while you are here tonight?” Hawk asked her.

“I just wanted to watch and see what goes on,” she replied. “See what interests me and what makes me want to run screaming from the place.”

“Fair enough,” Hawk said.

“We would advise you to do just that if you hadn’t planned it already,” Wolf added. “We know that you are new to the scene and don’t want you jumping straight into the deep end right away. Tread lightly at first and see where it takes you.”

Sophia couldn’t have heard better advice. It was exactly what she wanted. Start off slow and then move forward when it felt right. It made her feel relaxed that they were on the same page. Wolf’s next words weren’t as settling.

“We have arranged for Cole and Trace to show you around,” he said. “I understand that you are acquainted with them both.”

Sophia didn’t know how to reply. She didn’t want them showing her anything. Why on earth would he have chosen them to show her around?

“I thought I would be spending the evening shadowing Sam?”

“Not tonight,” Wolf said. “I have two very reliable Doms eager to familiarize you with the lifestyle, and Sam has a scene planned with Troy at the swing set in half an hour. It is unfair for her to worry about you while in such an intense situation.”

Sophia felt would feel guilty if Sam, Cody, and Troy’s scene was ruined because she was trying to avoid these men. She didn’t like to have people pressed upon her, but she was a visitor in Wolf’s club and he had the final word whether or not she could be here. She would go along with it for now, and make sure next time she came, it was with someone else.

“Is that okay with you, Sophia?” Sam asked. “We can cancel our scene if it makes you uncomfortable.”

“Gosh no,” she replied. “I wouldn’t want you to do that. I will be fine. I’m a big girl.”

Sophia waved goodbye to her friends and took a deep breath before turning back to Cole and Trace. She was still stunned by their good looks. They made her heart quicken and butterflies flutter in her stomach. They unsettled her more than any man had in a long, long time.

“You aren’t playing tonight,” Trace said. “Shall we get a drink?”

“No thank you,” she replied. “I don’t drink.”

Sophia almost laughed at the stunned looks on their faces.

“Not at all?” Cole asked.

“No,” she told them.

She had never really liked alcohol, and with the long hours and stressful job she did, it wasn’t unusual for a chef to get a drinking problem. She didn’t want to fall into that trap, so she just never touched the stuff. She didn’t have some dark past or abusive alcoholic parents or old boyfriend. She just didn’t want to.

“Okay,” Trace said. “What would you like to see first then?”




“Onto the bench, babe,” Cole told her. “Head at this end.”

Cole helped her into position, and the brothers made quick work of unclipping her wrist and clipping them to the bench legs. They then moved down to secure her ankles as well. Once they were satisfied that she was comfortable and secure, Cole moved to his bag and took out a large leather paddle.

The paddle was one of Cole’s favorites. Long and flat, with smooth leather on either side, the paddle delivered a solid thump. The submissive on the receiving end usually walked away with a nice red butt and upper thighs. Cole intended for Sophia to enjoy her first experience with a paddle, so he’d carefully chosen this one, making sure it wasn’t too extreme, but wasn’t too lax either.

Cole looked at Sophia on the bench. Her curves and silky thighs were all on display, and with her butt tipped up the way it was, her skirt rode up just enough to glimpse her sweet pussy lips. Cole was already hard in his Viking leather pants, but the sight of her dewy pink lips made him hard enough to pound nails.

He flipped up her skirt and heard her suck in a sharp breath. Running his hands across her bottom and down her thighs, Cole felt her quiver and smiled. She wasn’t as immune to him as she liked to think.

“Are you ready, little wench?” he asked.

“Yes, Master,” she replied quietly.

Cole looked over at Trace who stood near her head. Trace gave Cole a small nod, letting Cole know that he was watching her closely and everything was good.

Cole lifted his arm and brought the paddle down onto her ass with the loud thump. Sophia made a small squeak, but otherwise remained quiet. He gave her two more swats, before pausing and taking in the sight of her reddening bottom. Only a slight pinking that let Cole know that he was using the right pressure and that she wasn’t overly sensitive.

“How does that feel?” Trace asked her, running his fingers through her hair. Cole knew that Trace needed to feel the connection from their scene just as much as Cole did, and since he wasn’t actively participating at this stage, Trace talked and asked questions. He also petted and touched, ensuring that Sophia could feel his presence, but not distracting from what Cole was doing.

“It feels different,” Sophia replied, “but not bad. It feels good, I think.”

“We better give you more, then,” Cole said.

“Just to make sure it feels good,” Trace added.

Cole started to deliver a few more well-placed swats, concentrating on her fleshy ass and the tops of her thighs. Her gentle moans soon turned to louder groans, and her chest rose and fell as she started to pant.

“I’d say it feels good,” Trace told Cole.

Cole didn’t need to be told. He could tell by the way her ass came up to meet each blow and the way her pussy was getting wetter and wetter.

He delivered a few more swats and knew that she was close to the edge. He didn’t want to push her over with the paddle, and with one well-placed thump he probably could.

“Are you close to coming?” he asked, running his fingers along the lips of her wet pussy. “Don’t come without our permission, little slave.”

“Yes please, Master,” Sophia replied, panting. “So close. I need…”

“Not yet, baby,” Cole told her.

Cole dropped the paddle onto his bag and continued to play with the folds of her pussy. He gently pushed a finger into her tight channel and heard her moan. He watched as Trace knelt down in front of her and lifted her chin, before capturing her mouth in a searing kiss.

Cole used his fingers to drive her closer and closer to orgasm, but didn’t let her tip over. He wanted to feel her around his aching shaft, not while he toyed with her.

Trace ended the kiss and stood. Opening the front of his leathers, Trace’s hard cock sprang free. Cole soon followed and opened the front of his pants to free his erection from the tight confines.

“Take Trace in your mouth, little wench,” Cole told her. “You can’t come until he does.”

“Yes, Master,” she replied sweetly.

Trace wasted no time in placing his erection near her mouth. Cole watched as his brother’s hard length slipped into her mouth and she set a rhythm intended to drive his brother as crazy as she felt.

Cole placed a condom on his cock before running it through her wet folds and then gently pushing inside. She was every bit as tight as he remembered, squeezing his rod like a fist. He pumped his hips, moving his length inside her until he matched the rhythm she had set with her mouth.

Cole clenched his jaw and tried to hold back, but the feeling of being inside her was almost too much to bear.

“God, brother,” he said, moaning. “Hurry up. I can’t keep this up much longer.”

“Don’t fret,” Trace replied. “Her mouth is incredible. I’m so fucking close.”

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