Forgiveness and Reconciliation (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 34,538
1 Ratings (4.0)

Jonas Knight is one of the most successful actors in Chestan. He keeps himself busy with multiple projects, including movies and advertisements, but someone wants him dead. He needs someone capable of protecting him, someone who is better trained than all of his current bodyguards. He certainly doesn’t imagine that someone to be Carson Brooks, his ex-boyfriend. He definitely doesn’t expect to still have feelings for Carson.

Carson is newly retired from the army and the ghost team, which is a special group that is made up of the best members of the military. He’s the best candidate to protect Jonas. He’s uncertain about his reception, though. After all, he dumped Jonas eighteen years ago because he was more worried about advancing his career in the military. He doesn’t think it’s a good idea for him to appear in front of Jonas now. However, he still cares for Jonas. He also discovers he has lingering feelings for Jonas after all these years.

Can the two men work through their differences and find a way to get back together?

Forgiveness and Reconciliation (MM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Forgiveness and Reconciliation (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 34,538
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Jonas almost lost his composure when Carson offered him a hand and cursed silently. He couldn’t believe Carson still managed to affect him in such a manner. Then again, he shouldn’t have been surprised. Carson had a magnetic charm about him, and he had always been a damn attractive man.

“Nice to meet you,” Carson said.

Jonas shook Carson’s hand. He could feel the strength in Carson’s hand, but the man’s touch was simultaneously tender and gentle. He was no longer furious at Carson, but his heart still ached a little even after so many years of separation.

“Thank you for coming, Mr. Brooks.”

Carson seemed stunned by the formality in Jonas’s tone of voice, but he covered it up quickly. However, Jonas had already noticed it. He smirked internally. If Carson wanted to pretend there was nothing between them, two could play at that same game. After that, the three of them sat around the table.

“I believe you’re fully aware as to the purpose for our visit today.”

Jonas nodded at Anthony. “Indeed, but you know I have plenty of spare guards to choose from. Besides, I never expected someone from the military to offer protection to a civilian like me.”

Anthony grinned. “Oh, the additional guard I mentioned over the phone to your personal assistant isn’t me. It’s Carson.”

Jonas was taken aback upon hearing that, but he quickly regained his control of his composure. “I’m sure I don’t need to trouble Mr. Brooks at all. As a valuable member of the military, I have no doubt Mr. Brooks’s expertise and skills can be better utilized in some other areas. I may have made a name for myself in the entertainment industry, but I’m not arrogant enough to demand for an important member of the military to come and work for me.”

It was a low-key jab toward Carson, and Jonas could admit to himself that he was petty enough to be quietly elated at the sight of his ex-boyfriend’s reddening cheeks. He really didn’t want Carson to be anywhere near him at all. He had approved of the meeting with Anthony and Carson for a purely selfish reason. After years of not seeing each other, he was curious to know what Carson looked like these days. Unfortunately, Carson became so much sexier and better-looking with age, and Jonas was weirdly furious about that.

“That won’t be the case at all.”

Jonas was instantly irritated upon hearing Anthony’s statement, but he succeeded in remaining calm on the surface. He was also wondering what Anthony was getting at.

“Enlighten me, please.”

Anthony leaned in closer to Jonas. “Carson won’t be joining your team as a member of the military branches.”

Once again, Jonas was surprised. “What do you mean?”

“I’d already resigned,” Carson spoke up, and Jonas turned toward his ex-boyfriend in surprise.

He never thought the day would come when Carson would actually quit doing what he loved so much, and that was being an army officer. After all, Carson had even kicked him to the curb for the sake of his career in the army. In Carson’s mind, nobody and nothing in this world could be important than being a part of the army, and Jonas was still bitter about that. He had once been deeply in love with Carson. He had invested everything he was and had toward the relationship. Apparently, he was the fucking fool who thought that Carson had felt the same way about their relationship as he did once upon a time. After that heart-wrenching experience with Carson, Jonas had learned his lesson. He would never be idiotic enough to give his heart away to anyone else. Nobody was worth it.

“Then maybe you should stay at home and enjoy the rest of your life in peace, Mr. Brooks,” Jonas said pointedly. “I don’t want you to have to go out of your way and waste your precious life, whatever is left of it, protecting me out of a misplaced sense of obligation and honor. Ever since the incident at the fashion show, I have many more guards in place all over this mansion or when I happen to be out and about. I’ll hate to trouble you. After all, I’m sure you have many other plans that you’ve been putting on hold. Don’t do that on my account. You may end up regretting it someday.”

Jonas had sort of quoted the last three statements from Carson himself back when his ex-boyfriend had cast him aside for the sake of a career in the army. Carson’s face reddened once again, and Jonas had no idea if his ex-boyfriend was angered or ashamed after hearing those familiar words out of his mouth. He frankly couldn’t care less.

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