Billionaire Playboy (MM)

Silver Spoons Inc. 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,482
22 Ratings (4.9)

[Siren Publishing: The Stormy Glenn ManLove Collection: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, MM, HEA]

I needed a job. I never expected to end up married.

Working as an executive assistant at Silver Spoons Inc. was a dream come true. It was a place where all of my considerable business management skills could be of use, although, I wasn't sure I could put something like waking up naked in bed with my boss on my resume. 

With blackmailers and killers around every corner, finding out I'm married to the sexy billionaire seems like the least of my worries. Staying alive long enough to find out who set us up is the bigger problem. And if I enjoy the fringe benefit of being married to the sexiest man I've ever seen in my life, who's to know?

With more questions than answers, getting a divorce seems like the worst possible thing we could do, but what happens after the dust settles and my heart tells me Crosby holds more than my next promotion? What happens when he starts talking about staying married?

Stormy Glenn is a Siren-exclusive author.

Billionaire Playboy (MM)
22 Ratings (4.9)

Billionaire Playboy (MM)

Silver Spoons Inc. 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,482
22 Ratings (4.9)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffett


"Bloody hell!" I stared down at the hot coffee spreading quickly across my suit. It was quickly soaking my shirt and the front of my pants, making look like I'd peed my pants. And it was hot coffee.

This was not how I planned to start my day.

"Oh, sir, I am so sorry. It's totally my fault. I didn't see you."

I narrowed in on the top of someone's head as they patted at my clothes, trying to soak up the coffee. I knew most of the people who worked for Silver Spoons Inc., but I didn't remember anyone who had sandy brown hair with blond highlights.

I'm pretty sure I would have remembered.

"I'm really sorry, Mr. Crosby."

"Its fine," I found myself saying, which was pretty much my against my nature. I didn't think I was outright rude to people, but I'd been told I was somewhat brisk. 

I simply could not stand incompetence, and being the Chief Risk Officer of Silver Spoons Inc., I ran into a lot of it. It was kind of in the job description. It was my responsibility to go in when there was trouble with our acquisitions and find solutions so those troubles went away. I could be quite creative when the need called for it.

I'm not sure that was what was called for at the moment.

"It's fine," I said again.

"I really am sorry, sir." The man's head lifted until I could see his face.

I caught my breath. 

Eyes as blue as the waters off the Bahamas stared up at me through thick-rimmed glasses that rested on a straight aquiline nose. He had a square chin and wide mouth with lips that were just a little too full. Wispy bangs of sandy blond hair fell across his forehead.

My gaze was riveted on his face and then moved over his body slowly. I paused briefly when I saw the bowtie before moving over his thin tie, white dress shirt, and dark blue suit jacket. I looked down his crisp dark blue slacks to his black dress shoes.

And then it went back to the bowtie.

There was a tingling in the pit of my stomach.

My eyes narrowed suspiciously. "Who are you?"

The man's mouth curved into an appealing smile. "My name is Jefferson, sir. Jefferson Davis. I'm the executive assistant for Mr. Burke."

"What happened to Nina?"

I hadn't been gone that long.

"I am not privy to that information, sir, but I can ask Mr. Burke."

"No, I'll ask him." I started down the hallway toward Burke's door.

"Sir, sir, Mr. Burke isn't in his office."

I stopped before I reached Burke's door and turned to look at the man. "Where is he?"

"He hasn't come into the office yet."

My eyebrows lifted in surprise. "Burke isn't in the office yet?"

He was always in the office. The only one who usually got to the office before him was Newt and Knox. I was just glad my actual work hours were so fluid. Granted, I put in as many hours as they did, but they were almost all out of the office and different time zones.

"No, sir. He said he'd be late to the office today."


I turned without another word and started for the elevator that would take me back up to my penthouse. Not only did I need to change my clothes, but I wanted to find out what the hell was going on. I had really expected Burke to be in his office.

I rode up the elevator to the floor I shared with my best friends from college, Alexander Burke and Colton Knox. Way back in college, we'd gotten this crazy idea to open our own business without the help of our families. It had taken a few loans, some hard planning, and a whole lot of luck, but we'd pulled it off and now we were all richer than Midas.

We also shared the top floor of our business building. It was divided into four parts. One lobby where the elevator was located and three penthouses. Mine was on the far right, Burke's penthouse was in the middles, and Knox had the penthouse on the far left. There were walls between each penthouse that recessed into support walls to open all three penthouses up to each other. It was helpful for when we had joint parties.

Although, it had been ages since we'd done that.

Knox had recently come out as gay and married his executive assistant. Burke had recently found the man he'd fallen in love with several months earlier. I knew he'd found him, but I hadn't had a chance to talk to him about what had happened after that. I didn't even know if the guy was still around.

I had been called home a couple of weeks ago to attend their engagement party, but I'd been delayed with yet another problem at the clothing manufacturing plant we'd purchased in Northern England. I'd pretty much spent the last few months there trying to iron problems out. I still wasn't sure they were all solved.

After getting off the elevator, I let myself into my penthouse and headed straight to my bedroom. I had actually come straight from the airport and gone to Burke's office because he had been the one to call me home and I wanted to make sure everything was okay, so I hadn't had a chance to come up and shower and change.

Maybe Burke's new assistant had helped me out.

I glanced down at the bulge in my slacks. Maybe I could get him to help me out some more. I snorted as I shook my head and peeled my wet clothes off. I had a hard rule about not messing around with people we employed. Kept me from having headaches when I was home.

Besides, I had a steady string of guys in and out of my bed spread across several continents. I did not need to be dipping into the office ink, no matter how sexy that stupid bowtie looked.

I took a quick shower before pulling on a clean suit. As much as I was suffering from jet lag, it actually made me feel a whole lot better.

Sexy little bowtie had done me a solid.

I dropped my dirty clothes and the towel in the clothes hamper then made my way out to the living room where I stopped and looked around. Something felt off, but I couldn't put my finger on what it was. Nothing looked out of place, but I couldn't help feeling that it was.

I shook my head. Jet leg was seriously getting to me.

I went to the small digital consul on the wall and hit the button and then waited for the wall between my place and Burke's to slide into the wall. I spotted Burke as soon as the wall slid away.

"Hey, man," Burke said as he turned. "Good to have you home."

"Good god, man, what is that attached to your chest."




The kiss was hot, a savoring caress as Crosby kissed my breath away. Crosby's kisses grew more demanding, more savage. I reveled in his passion, my breath catching as the sexy man kissed me even deeper.

I wiggled against Crosby when I felt the man pulling at my robe, an animalistic sound rumbling deep in my throat. I was desperate to feel Crosby's large, thick cock pounding into my ass. 

I swallowed around the dry lump in my throat as I tilted my head back and allowed Crosby to nibble down the arch of my neck. Crosby was branding me, making his own claim, and I was so turned on that I was about to explode. My head rolled as Crosby kissed and nipped his way around to the other side of my neck. 

I gasped when Crosby's finger rim around my asshole. A slight pressure applied, and then Crosby's finger sank in deep. My head rolled back, my lips parted, and breathing became nearly impossible. 

I panted heavily, wanting to feel more, but needing a minute to adjust. I wasn't sure whether to scream time-out or push back on the invasion. Crosby's hand stayed on my neck as he kissed a trail down my chest, giving me the time I needed. 

After a moment, a second finger joined the first. Crosby licked and nipped over my skin before taking the head of my' cock into his mouth. I cried out, my chest constricting. My skin caught fire as Crosby unleashed the most powerful feelings inside of me. 

My hips gyrated as a third finger pushed inside of me. I pulled my legs back to my chest, pushing down on the fullness stretching me. Crosby twisted his wrist, grazing over my sweet spot. My cock shot a spurt of pre-cum as I cried louder. The fingers in my ass moved in a rhythm that had me swiveling my hips, trying to make them go deeper.

"P–please," I begged, but Crosby acted as though he hadn't heard me. 

It was maddening. 

I shivered at Crosby's touch, his kiss, and his very presence. Crosby swirled his tongue around 'my cock, pushing his fingers deeper. The hand on my neck flexed, the fingers digging into my skin. 

"Crosby!" I ground my teeth together, staving off my orgasm.

"Soon, baby," Crosby crooned. 

I took in deep and ragged breaths, biting hard into my bottom lip as I whimpered. The building sensations were sweeping through me, buzzing through my mind, my senses exploding with lust until I thought I would go mad.

I arched up, every inch of me hypersensitive and greedy for Crosby's touch. I couldn't get close enough, couldn't hold Crosby tight enough. I was desperate, a coil of need tightening inside of me.

My brain scattered to the four corners as Crosby released my cock, pulling his fingers free. I shuddered as Crosby grabbed my bottom and lifted me up, separating my ass cheeks before lining his dick up. 

I inhaled sharply when I felt Crosby's large cock enter me. I wailed Crosby's name as the sexy man pushed past the clenching muscles, stretching me as his cock began to pick up a rhythm. I writhed under Crosby, fighting to accept the ample width of male flesh impaling me. 

Crosby was giving me exactly what I'd been begging for. The only thing was, I had no idea what he had unleashed. But I didn't try to resist as Crosby stared down at me, his eyes the color of dark chocolate.

My voice elevated to a cry as shivers broke out all over my body when Crosby's hand snaked up my neck and over my scalp. Crosby grabbed a fistful of my hair and gave a light tug. I lifted my ass higher as I shouted out my pleasure.

"Mine." Crosby locked eyes with me. His hands skated up my arms that were still gripping the sheets and grabbed my wrists. His thighs pushed my legs up, snapping his hips seductively as his cock made love to my body. 

"Damn, you are so responsive," Crosby whispered as he began to move, pounding into me. I felt as if I was losing my mind with each thrust, each curl of Crosby's hips, seating himself continuously in my ass.

I screamed as my mind splintered and my climax exploded through me, pleasure bursting inside me. Desperate, hard, my hips bucked and I felt myself dying. My climax was like a tidal wave, tearing through me, heaving my body, shaking it, shuddering through it. 

Crosby growled as his cock hammered into my ass. I couldn't remember ever being with such a skilled and expert lover before. The man was very thorough when it came to fucking. He knew just where to thrust and how fast to heighten my pleasure. 

He was driving me crazy.

Crosby's hands tightened on my wrists. I barely had time to draw in a deep breath before Crosby slammed hard and deep inside me. He didn't start out slow, instead going straight to pounding into me as fast and as hard as he could.

Crosby's eyes closed as he stroked my back marginally, caressing the sensitive nerve endings of my ass before he stilled again. Crosby's fingers ghosted over my face, his lips slowly capturing mine. I opened, tasting man and desire as Crosby's tongue swept through my mouth. 

We began to move together in a rhythm so familiar and yet so new. Burying his head in my damp hair, Crosby moved a little faster, his thrusts becoming a little more desperate. 

I gasped when one of Crosby's hands grabbed my hips and lifted me higher and then drove his cock back into my swollen hole. Crosby snarled as his hips moved faster, his cock grazing over the sensitive nerve endings. I had never felt anything like this as I thrashed against Crosby. 

Sweat trickled down Crosby's body as he thrust into me and then stiffened, his head falling back as he roared. I could feel Crosby's cock pulse with his release as I lay there desperately trying to catch my breath. Hot shots of cum warmed me from the inside out, marking me for the entire world as taken.

Crosby fell forward, pressing me into the mattress as he pounded my ass a few more times. "So perfect," Crosby murmured into my hair, his arms like bands of steel around my back.

I smiled even as my eyelids started to droop.

I'd never been perfect before.

I could get used to it.

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