Fulfilling the Omega's Needs (LoveXtreme)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 51,482
2 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever ManLove: Alternative Contemporary Menage Paranormal Romance, MMMMM, HEA] 

During an omega's quarterly heat, his or her body temperature will decrease by several degrees. The alpha, whose rut is triggered by the omega's heat pheromones, will have a spike in his or her body temperature. Kai Wood is an omega who's mated to Grant McCarthy, but his alpha can't form a knot. According to several doctors, everything is fine. Grant will be able to knot sooner or later. However, he can't bear to watch Kai suffer through his heat.

Randall Perry, Damian Sears, and Brock Hoffman are mated alphas who yearn for an omega, but there simply aren't enough single omegas for all alphas and betas, especially in the small town they live in.

The four alphas confide in one another about their respective problems. Then Grant comes up with what he feels is quite a brilliant idea that will benefit all five of them.

Will Grant's idea lead to a happy ending for everybody?

Fulfilling the Omega's Needs (LoveXtreme)
2 Ratings (5.0)

Fulfilling the Omega's Needs (LoveXtreme)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 51,482
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Randall studied Grant’s expression in silence. He, Grant, Damian, and Brock were seated in a secluded corner of the coffee shop far away from the other customers. Grant had yet to utter a single word over the past five minutes since they entered the coffee shop, except to order the beverage he wanted. He, Damian, and Brock were obviously on the same wavelength, choosing to allow Grant some time to gather his thoughts. He didn’t mind the quietness. Grant might be behaving rather different than he normally did, but Randall was all right with that. He liked Grant, and in all honesty, he was more than a little envious of the younger alpha’s relationship with Kai. An omega was difficult to come by, especially in the small town they lived in. That was one of the reasons why he, Damian, and Brock had zero luck with an omega. The omegas in town were either underage or mated. The three of them could have moved to a bigger city, but they liked the town they were living in.

“This is going to be kept a secret among us. Right?”

Grant’s voice caused Randall to jump in surprise, but he nodded in a hurry. “Of course.”

Damian and Brock followed Randall’s lead. Grant seemed to hesitate for a few seconds longer before speaking up.

“I…I can’t form a knot.”

Grant’s voice was barely audible, but in the silence of the coffee shop, Randall could hear the words loud and clear. “What? Really? How? I mean…”

Randall trailed off in shock while Grant blushed redder than a tomato. He knew some male alphas had troubles maintaining their erections, but he had never heard of one who couldn’t knot an omega. Not that he doubted the truth in Grant’s words at all. As a fellow alpha, he knew how Grant must be feeling now. Alphas were biologically programmed to take care of omegas, especially when those omegas were in heat. Randall couldn’t empathize with Grant’s feelings, but he could imagine how he would feel if he were in the younger alpha’s position. Damian and Brock appeared to be just as astounded as he was.

“Like at all?”

Grant scoffed at Damian. “What do you think?”

Damian shot Grant an apologetic look. “Sorry, man. I’m just…uh, in shock. I’ve never heard of anything like that.”

Grant’s cheeks reddened even further. “It’s cool.”

Brock leaned in closer over the table toward Grant. “Have you consulted with a doctor?”

“Yes! Many of them. Kai and I are both healthy. There’s no medical reason why I can’t knot him during his heat and my rut, but I just can’t.”

“And?” Randall prodded, feeling very curious now.

“The doctors all said the same thing. My knot will happen sooner or later, but I’m already fucking thirty years old, and I’m failing my omega mate.”

Damian slung one arm over Grant’s shoulders before gently patting the younger alpha’s arm. “So, you’ve never knotted any omegas before?”

Grant heaved out a loud sigh. “No. I’ve never knotted. Period. You’re an alpha, too. You know how it is with our biology. A male alpha can only knot when he’s in a rut, and his rut will only be triggered by an omega in heat. Aside from my scent, which identifies me as an alpha, my fucking dick can’t knot my omega mate to relieve him during his heat. I’m a fucking disgrace as Kai’s mate.”

Randall observed Grant’s clenching fists. He felt bad for the younger alpha, but he had no advice to dispense of. He’d thought it was a simple problem that Grant was dealing with. He certainly hadn’t expected something like this.

“Kai appeared to be doing well after every heat, though.”

Grant gazed into Randall’s eyes. “He did, and he’s fine this time around, as well.”


Grant turned his attention toward Brock. “It’s getting harder for me to watch my omega mate suffering through his heat and shivering from the coldness within his body for three days in a row.”

“I see,” Randall said. “I don’t have a solution for you, though.”

Grant nodded. “I expected as much. I’m still thankful you three are willing to listen to me, though. Kai is understanding and compassionate, but he can’t fully understand how humiliating it is for me as his alpha mate to fail him over and over again. What little cum I can give him during our combined heat and rut is barely enough to warm him up from the inside. There’s nothing left to impregnate my omega, and we want a kid or two of our own so damn fucking bad.”

Brock smiled at Grant. “You can always talk to us, man. We’re friends and neighbors. Stop by anytime.”




After that, all five of them rushed toward the front door. Grant’s hands trembled as he tried to unlock the door. He missed the keyhole several times, but he succeeded after multiple attempts. He felt on edge all the way up to the bedroom, but the fire of arousal that burned deep within him overpowered everything else. Once they were inside the bedroom, he stripped his clothes off as fast as he could while watching and drooling over the other four men who were all in various states of undressing themselves. Then he made his way toward Kai, but Brock blocked his path. He stared at Brock in confusion. Brock simply smiled at him in return.

“The four of us alphas have to mate with one another first.”

The haze of lust cleared a little from within Grant’s mind. Brock was right. It would be much safer for the alphas to mate first before proceeding with the omega in their midst. At the moment, Kai was still Grant’s omega mate. Any other alphas who dared to mount Kai and mate with the omega would be considered as Grant’s challenger and enemy. A fight would break out among the alphas. It was inevitable. The consequence would be bloody for sure. Hence, it would be better for the alphas to initiate the bonding process among themselves before they could all make love to Kai. With the solid bonds among the four of them, Grant wouldn’t attack Brock, Damian, and Randall because they were already his mates. The alpha in him would view the situation as the four of them sharing Kai, their omega.

Grant grinned sheepishly at Brock. “You’re right.”

However, it was easier said than done. Grant had kissed Brock, Damian, and Randall many times before, but he was always surprised at how different it felt in comparison to his kisses with Kai. As an alpha, he would always be highly aware of his strength whenever he was in bed with Kai. Not that Kai wasn’t an aggressive lover, but biologically speaking, the omega simply didn’t have Grant’s strength. Grant could easily crush Kai. Not that he would ever do anything like that. The alpha in him would never allow any harm to befall on Kai. With Brock, Damian, and Randall, he didn’t have to hold anything back. Their kisses were filled with an unbridled lust, extremely rough, passionate, and heated. They could grapple and roll around on the floor, on the bed, or even bang one another against the wall without worrying about the bruises. They knew the score. Two alphas together would always be a lot more primal and violent.

Simultaneously, Grant noted how different Brock, Damian, and Randall were to one another. Kissing Damian somehow reminded Grant of his kisses with Kai. Damian was a much gentler alpha than him, Brock, and Randall, but he would never mistake the man as anything other than an alpha. The coarse and thick growth of reddish hair all over Damian’s upper body, forearms, underarms, legs, and crotch would ascertain that no one could think of him as anything but an alpha. A beta could never sprout that much body hair while an omega was blessedly smooth almost everywhere. There were two more things that ensured Grant could never forget Damian’s status as an alpha, and those would be Damian’s alpha musk and the size of his cock and balls. As the two of them kissed and ran their hands all over each other, he could feel Damian’s leaking cock rubbing the precum all over him, and he returned the favor in kind.

Brock wasn’t a shy alpha, but Grant was always amazed at how tender and sweet it felt as their lips were pressed together. Brock had the least amount of body hair in comparison to Grant, Damian, and Randall, but he produced the most excessive volume of precum among the four of them. If Grant didn’t know any better, he would have thought that Brock was already coming and shooting cum while they were kissing each other. In truth, Brock simply released an incredible quantity of precum, greasing his cock up and getting it ready for penetration.

Randall was Grant’s equal in many things. Both of them were the hairiest alphas out of the four of them, and their cocks and balls were massive. They kissed each other in such a brutal manner as they clashed and clutched at each other like two horny beasts yearning to force the other into submission, it was as if they were fighting and determined to kill each other instead of merely ravaging each other’s lips and tongues.

Grant was even more aroused when he smelled Kai’s slick in the air. His omega mate must be turned on at the sight of four alphas kissing one another. He could see Damian and Brock kissing each other through his left peripheral vision, but he was more focused on Kai, who was lying in bed, stroking his dick, and fingering his MO-tunnel at the same time. He noticed the shiny sheen of slick all over Kai’s MO-tunnel and fingers, and he let out a loud moan. He broke away from Randall and panted breathlessly as he stared at Kai’s exposed holes. He knew how tight they were. He had fucked them both many times before, and Kai was always such a responsive lover. He wished he could climb onto the bed and make love to Kai, but he knew he had to mate with Brock, Randall, and Damian first. Otherwise, he would never permit the other three alphas to get close enough to Kai’s holes. The alpha in him would be on high alert constantly.

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