Planet Glecerus (MMM)

Alien Lovers 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,464
45 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting ManLove: Erotic Alternative Ménage a Trois Sci-fi Romance, M/M/M, voyeurism, public exhibition, HEA]
The year is 2327. Earth, once strong, is now trying to recover from the devastation of the Great War. During the battle, millions of lives were lost and cities were destroyed. Needing to rebuild, the government turned to other planets. One day, a starship arrived from the planet of Glecerus. The aliens traded technology and medicine for willing humans to become mates to their people. 
Sebastian Cain is struggling to survive. His only option for a better life is to leave Earth. He volunteers to go to Glecerus. He’s looking for a fresh start and the only family he has left, an older brother. But life on Glecerus takes some getting used to, and Sebastian must learn the customs before becoming a mate to a Glecerian male.
High King Auden Q'Tal and Captain Regin Priq'aq are both interested in becoming Sebastian’s mate. Instead of bidding on the human at auction, the aliens battle it out, and the winner gets to mark and claim Sebastian.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Olivia Black is a Siren-exclusive author.
Planet Glecerus (MMM)
45 Ratings (4.5)

Planet Glecerus (MMM)

Alien Lovers 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,464
45 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffett
I'm always fascinated by science fiction stories particularly involving other worlds and alien species. It's always remarkable to me how the authors can create such interesting worlds. I wanted to read 'Planet Glecerus' the instant I read a friend's review and I have previously enjoyed this author's work.

Sebastian has no one on Earth left. His brother Jason went with the Glecerians ten years prior which enabled Sebastian and his family to be taken care of. Now both his parents are dead, so he volunteered to go to Glecerus to mate with an alien. He didn't bother reading the thousand page manual he'd been given when he volunteered but, seriously, what were these people thinking? Men don't read manuals!! Needless to say, it caused some difficulties in the beginning.

Stepping onto the spaceship Sebastian is dumbfounded when he gets his first glimpse of a Glecerian. Seemingly without fear Sebastian walks right up to him and gets lost within his eyes. Unbeknownst to Sebastian this is Captain Regin Priq'aq and the alien has already decided to bid upon him at auction and take him for his mate. Regin has never seen anyone as beautiful as Sebastian and he wants him, wants to mark him, and mate him.

Sebastian is stunned to discover, once he reaches Glecerus, that because his brother Jason is mated to a member of the royal family, Sebastian is now considered royalty and can not be bid on. The males who wish to mate with Sebastian will have to compete for him. The problem is that Sebastian is drawn to both Regin and Auden, the High King. I'm not so sure I liked the way the competition was done. I'd have been just as scared as Sebastien was.

Oh there were some twists and turns, a pregnancy, and a baby. What more could I ask for? A very good beginning to a series I'm definitely looking forward to more of.
Christy Duke
Loved this book. I thoroughly enjoyed the world set up, the characters. Poly romances are my favorite, more so when there is a balance and equality of emotion between all characters. I look forward to the next one in the series.




A heavy knock on the door woke Sebastian Cain from a sound sleep. He threw his legs over the edge of the bed and stood up. Dragging his feet against the threadbare carpet, he walked toward the front door. Sebastian looked through the peephole and sighed. It was time. Closing his eyes, he leaned his forehead against the cool, metal door and took a deep breath.

He wasn’t scared, but Sebastian had to admit that he was a little nervous. He wasn’t sure what to expect, but he’d heard enough stories to believe that he’d be treated well.

Sebastian had volunteered when the announcement was made that the Glecerian ship would be returning. He was hoping that his application would be accepted so that he could find his older brother. Jason had volunteered ten years ago. With his sacrifice, their family had been taken care of. Since their parents were now both deceased, Sebastian was alone. And being lonely was a curse worse than death in his opinion.

After a moment, Sebastian stepped back and opened the door. “Hello,” he said as he took in the two muscular guards standing in his doorway.

“Sebastian Cain?” one of the guards asked.

“Yes.” He nodded.

“Your application has been accepted. Please get dressed and come with us.”

“Of course,” Sebastian easily agreed. “Just give me a couple of minutes to get ready.”

Both guards turned and took up positions in front of the door. Sebastian stared at their backs for a moment, unsure of what to do. After a minute, he decided to close the door. He turned on his heel and hurried back into his bedroom. Sebastian moved quickly. He didn’t want to keep the guards waiting too long.

He looked around his bedroom, making a complete circle. He wished there was a way for him to bring some personal items, but it was forbidden. The aliens provided for their chosen mate. All the pertinent information had been provided when Sebastian volunteered. He’d been given a manual titled, What to Expect from Your New Home World: Rules, Customs, Policies, Expectations, and Information. He’d thumbed through the giant book a few times but couldn’t seem to find the time to actually sit down to read the damn thing.

He strode into the adjoining bathroom, stripped down, and climbed into the tub. He turned the knob and a light stream of cool water drizzled from the tap. Sebastian did the best he could to get cleaned up. He scrubbed his body with a bar of soap and rinsed. When he was done, Sebastian dried himself off and walked back into the bedroom. He grabbed a clean pair of jeans and a long-sleeve gray T-shirt and got dressed.

Sebastian ran his fingers through his damp hair, combing out the dark strands as he headed for the front door. Pulling it open, he stepped outside. “I’m ready to go.”

The guards took the lead, walking in front of him, and Sebastian trailed behind them. The men were both wearing black uniforms and holding ancient-looking weapons since Earth’s technology was still way behind the times.

He was escorted to a horse-drawn wagon. Sebastian climbed onto the back and took a seat on one of the wooden benches. Sebastian grabbed hold of the edge, careful not to get a splinter as the wagon started to move. He didn’t speak, and the guards didn’t bother making idle conversation to fill the silence.

Every time one of the large, spoked wheels hit a patch of uneven road, it jostled Sebastian. He swayed side to side as the horse picked up its pace, trotting toward the Justice Building at the other side of town. The sun slowly rose above the horizon, the soft rose-pink light of dawn scattering across the land. Sebastian took a deep breath, pulling the cool morning air into his lungs.

Looking around, Sebastian wondered if things would ever truly change. The renovations moved slowly. The city where he’d been born and raised consisted of both old crumbled-down buildings and brand new architecture. Remnants of the old mixed with the new. Most of the new buildings had been constructed after a group of young men and women were taken away by a Glecerian starship.

The Justice Building slowly emerged from the fog as they got closer. It was a huge building made of glass and metal, rising high in the sky. It stood out like a sore thumb, bright and clean, unlike the surrounding area. There was a statue in front of the building, a steel face of a woman, lonely and sad, that had once been called The Statue of Liberty. Most of the civilians stayed far away from the Justice Building. It was a symbol of punishment. If someone didn’t follow the rules set by the council, they were taken to the building, and only a few emerged. The only reason Sebastian had been inside was because he’d volunteered to become a mate to one of the Glecerian males.

He’d gone through extensive medical and psychological tests. He also took a sexual personality test. The questions were quite intimate. When he handed the packet in, Sebastian felt his face flush in embarrassment, especially since he wasn’t sure how many people would have access to his deepest, darkest, kinkiest desires. With everything he’d been through so far, it seemed that he wasn’t finished yet.

The wagon came to a stop in front of the Justice Building. Sebastian stood up and jumped off the back, landing on his feet. He started walking up the steps and realized the guards weren’t escorting him. Sebastian looked over his shoulder at the guards, and they gave him a subtle nod before pulling away. After he walked through the open doors and stepped inside the building, Sebastian immediately stopped.

He stood ramrod straight, pushing his shoulders back and keeping his head high. He wouldn’t be afraid. He wouldn’t tremble in fear.




Regin held his arms out and spread his legs in offering. Sebastian chuckled. He got to work, massaging the soap into Regin’s skin. Having Sebastian’s hands on his body reminded him of their night together, and his cock stiffened, begging for attention. Sebastian wrapped his palm around Regin’s dick, pumping his hand up and down.

“I’ll give you more attention later,” Sebastian murmured, staring down at Regin’s erection. When Sebastian glanced up, he winked. “Will you go down to your knees so that I can wash your hair?”

Regin nodded. He slowly lowered himself back down to the ground. Sebastian moved, standing in front of Regin, placing his cock right at the perfect level to Regin’s mouth. Regin prided himself on his self-control, but in this situation, he had none. Regin reached out and grabbed hold of Sebastian’s hips. He opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around Sebastian’s shaft.

“Fuck!” Sebastian shouted.

Regin’s tongue danced over Sebastian’s cock, licking and stroking his length. Regin rolled his tongue around the crown of Sebastian’s shaft before swallowing it whole, taking Sebastian’s dick down to the root. Sebastian’s hips bucked as a series of nonsensical words spilled from his lips. Regin held him tighter, holding Sebastian in place as he took control. He sucked harder, trying to pull Sebastian’s release out of his cock. He desperately wanted to taste his mate.

“Oh God…” Sebastian groaned. He grabbed hold of Regin’s head, fisting his hair. “I’m gonna…”

Regin sucked on the head of Sebastian’s cock until warm jets of spunk landed on his tongue, and he swallowed down each drop.

Regin stood up. He pushed Sebastian back, pressing him against the stone wall. He leaned into his mate, connecting their bodies and their mouths. His hard cock rubbed against Sebastian, and the young man whimpered. He disconnected their mouths and spun Sebastian around, placing the man’s hands against the wall.

When Sebastian tried to remove his hands, Regin gave his ass a light smack. “Don’t move, baby. I’m going to fuck you.”

Sebastian whimpered but instantly obeyed, pushing out his ass and arching his back.

Regin rubbed his hands down Sebastian’s back. He gripped Sebastian’s shoulder with his left hand, and with his right, he lined his shaft up against Sebastian’s hole. The head of Regin’s cock slowly pressed inside, and Sebastian’s hole stretched around his girth, welcoming him inside. His cock pushed past the tight ring of muscle, and Sebastian groaned. Once Regin was buried deep inside his mate, he dropped his hands down to Sebastian’s hips.

“You feel so good inside me.”

“Oh, baby, your ass was made for me.” Regin leaned over his mate, covering his back.

Regin had planned to move slowly, wanting to draw out his pleasure, but the tight warmth surrounding his shaft was too much to bear. He slammed into Sebastian, fucking his mate in hard, deep strokes. He set a punishing rhythm and a fast pace. Regin swiveled his hips, pegging Sebastian’s gland over and over, making him groan. Sebastian took everything Regin had to give and begged for more. The sounds of skin slapping skin, moans, and whimpers filled the shower stall, echoing off the stone walls.

“I’m not going to last,” Regin warned.

Regin’s release slammed into him, blindsiding him and stealing his breath. His body convulsed, and his cock swelled, pulsing. His seed shot out the head of his shaft, sending thick bursts of semen deep inside of Sebastian’s body. Regin wrapped his arms around Sebastian’s waist, holding him tight as he continued to shudder from the overwhelming pleasure.

Once he was able to breathe a little easier, Regin cupped Sebastian’s cheek and turned his face. He lowered his head and captured Sebastian’s lips in a passionate kiss. The kiss was soft and gentle as their lips moved in a slow rhythm. It went on and on, long and drawn out. When Sebastian’s stomach growled, demanding food, Regin disconnected their lips. He eased his hips back, removing his cock from the warmth of Sebastian’s ass. Regin stepped under the heavy spray of water and rinsed himself off before shutting off the water.

“Wow,” Sebastian said with a little chuckle.

Regin smiled. From the look on Sebastian’s face, he knew that was a compliment.

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