Warriorville 1: Their Soldier Girl (LoveXtreme)

Warriorville 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,501
11 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Contemporary Menage Romantic Suspense Romance, MFMMM, light spanking, HEA]

A survivor at fifteen, Lilly found her calling in the Army where she can help protect and empower women in danger.

After nearly dying a second time, she is forced to retire but still wants to make a difference and save women's lives.

Lilly is a social worker, therapist, and martial arts instructor, still keeping her skills sharp and her mind on work. She's had relationships before, but they failed because she can't commit and always has that fear of being abandoned.

When Lilly meets four soldiers she is attracted to, it seems not worth the risk, but their kisses are too hard to resist and their bodies make her lust for more. She takes a chance but still holds back out of fear that it won't last. She's caught in the middle of an abduction case and it hits home and brings that wall up a bit higher.

As the danger intensifies, so do the feelings and love for the four men. Lilly is a soldier through and through, even risking her own life to ensure this current victim doesn't wind up dead. She risks her life a third time, but this time she isn't alone, she has her men as backup.


Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

Warriorville 1: Their Soldier Girl (LoveXtreme)
11 Ratings (4.6)

Warriorville 1: Their Soldier Girl (LoveXtreme)

Warriorville 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,501
11 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley



Deputy Brian Vega was the first officer on the scene of a pretty bad accident. As he approached, he saw the smoke and the large box truck with the front scrunched up like an accordion, half on top of a black beat-up van. Two other vehicles, smaller cars, were damaged and stuck hood-first in ditches on the side of the road. Those people sustained some injuries and needed assistance. Once he helped them, his next concern was for the drivers of the box truck and the van. From here, it didn’t look good at all. As more sirens blared and other police vehicles joined in the rescue along with fire trucks and paramedics, Brian was already on the other side of the van. The driver wasn’t moving, nor was the passenger, who wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and currently laid half through the windshield and on the hood of the van. It was a horrific sight as he called to back up and everyone began to pitch in. He moved out of the way as paramedics confirmed the death of both driver and passenger, and Deputy Marcus Sperr called out that the driver of the truck was dead.

Sheriff Tatum Lantern joined Brian as they tried pulling open the back doors to the van. With the firefighters’ assistance and a halligan tool, they were able to pry it open. The smell of fuel, smoke, burnt rubber, and then suddenly death encased them all. Brian blinked his eyes, for a moment thinking he was having a flashback of some sort as multiple bodies appeared in the van. Four, five, no, six women were in the back, mouths taped closed, their bodies bloody.

“What the fuck?” Sheriff Tatum Lantern said, and they climbed up into the van to see if any of the women were alive.

“Nothing. Shit,” Brian said and felt his heart racing.

“Nothing here, either. Jesus, she’s a baby,” Deputy Oliver Fey said as he stared down at the face of a woman who looked no older than sixteen.

“I got one. I got one,” Sheriff Lantern called out.

“Oh God. Paramedics, now,” Brian yelled to the opening, and they got out of the way and let paramedics tend to the one woman who had a weak pulse and a head injury that looked pretty bad.

They gathered around the scene, state police arriving, along with Caden McCarthy, a Texas Ranger who lived in Warriorville.

“What do you think, Caden?” the sheriff asked a while later as the paramedics took away those they could save and the coroner arrived on scene.

“I can tell you this much—this situation, the van, women tied up like that and making their way along the highway through rural towns like ours, is an MO for human trafficking.”

“Around here? Never before. We haven’t had anyone stupid enough to even come close to here, because the military residents alone.”

“Could be any reason for this, Tatum. They took the wrong turn, or they got spooked on the highway, or they were looking to add to the van,” Caden said, and Brian felt both sick and pissed off.

“Let’s make sure we do a thorough investigation. This is crazy shit. Shit, I haven’t seen since my military days,” Brian said to them.

“You’re not kidding. Once this gets out, we’ll have Feds involved. You know that, Tatum, right?” Caden asked.

“Yeah, I know, but at least we have friends who are involved with the government, as well, if needed,” Tatum said, and Brian thought of his own team, his brothers in arms who currently still did work for the government through intel, communications, and computers.

Brian looked back at that van, the images making him both sick and angry just thinking about those poor women. He hoped that the drivers of the van could be identified and could lead them to an arrest, but more likely they were just delivery men, kept out of the loop and paid to strictly transport and nothing more. The idea of this in their town affected him in so many ways. His mind instantly went back to one of their last missions before retiring, when he and his team found not only weapons, but women imprisoned, raped, and killed simply to occupy soldiers’ time and nothing more.

A terrible feeling filled his gut.


* * * *


Colt, Simo, and Jordo pulled into the parking lot of Lou’s dojo. It looked like a big old barn, and not just anyone could join this club. Colt was grateful for that, because the last thing he wanted was to be working out and have women drooling as they stood by watching and waiting for him to flirt with them. They didn’t take training seriously, and that bothered him. He was quiet and serious. The things he experienced in the military affected him for the rest of his life, and he just couldn’t engage in conversation with just anyone. At least not a woman who didn’t remotely understand the violence and its effect, or who solely focused on some fantasy she created in her mind of fucking a soldier. They’d seen all kinds.

Just as he thought that and they got out of the truck, he spotted a woman standing by a black Mustang talking to two guys. They were all drinking water, looking like they finished a class. At first, he was annoyed and thought maybe Lou did let women come work out and train here, maybe do a self-defense class or something, but then he recognized Meteo, Lou’s cousin, and Cord, another guy from their team. They were serious badass martial arts dudes.

Then his eyes went to the woman’s body. It was hard not to stare and take in the sight of her. She wore short, tight spandex pants that hugged a shapely ass. It looked firm, muscular if her defined thighs were any indication. Her back was toward them, her brown hair in a ponytail, a black t-back tank top showing off her defined, muscular back muscles. She didn’t have an ounce of fat on her.

As they headed to the door, which was nowhere near her, both Meteo and Cord gave them a wave hello. The brunette turned, and holy Jesus, she was absolutely gorgeous. The top she wore wasn’t like what most women wore to go to the gym, it didn’t expose the deep cleavage she would definitely have considering she was big up top. The shirt clung tight to her belly, revealed just a little bit of skin and what looked to be super defined abs. The logo on the front had an American flag in the center, and he could read “warrior fundraiser suicide prevention.” He was hoping for an introduction, but just as quickly as he thought it, she was saying goodbye and getting into her cool black Mustang as Meteo and Cord headed toward them, shaking their hands and welcoming them.

“This is awesome that you guys are here. You’re gonna like the classes. It’s badass, man. Lou runs it like you’re still in the fucking service,” Cord said, and Colt looked at Jordo and Simo, who glanced at the Mustang as the loud sound of the supped up engine and muffler echoed as she pulled out of the parking lot.

They headed inside, and Colt was shocked at his reaction to just laying eyes on some hot woman. If Lou ran the classes military style, then did that mean the woman was military? He couldn’t think any more about it as Lou greeted them and they saw a bunch of other guys they knew. Maybe this wouldn’t be bad after all.




“Hello, Lilly,” Simo said. She smiled and met him halfway to kiss his cheek as he leaned down to kiss hers. The feel of his large, warm hand sliding along her waist aroused her just as much as when Brian or Jordo did that to her.

“She has a headache and needs something,” Brian said as he pulled out a bottle of water. Colt grabbed the pills and then took the bottle from Brian and brought it over to Lilly. She reached for the water bottle.

“Thank you, Colt,” she said to him, holding his deep brown gaze. She took the pills, absorbed the way the man stood as tall as Brian, had a light beard, as well, and seemed serious as usual.

When she put down the bottle, he snagged her around the waist and pulled her close. “You look beautiful,” he said and kissed her neck. She tightened up a moment, and felt him slide his hand along her ass then pulled her a little snugger. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and placed her head against one, loving how it felt. When a second set of hands landed on her shoulders from behind she exhaled, knowing it was Brian. When she lifted up and turned to look, Brian cupped her cheeks and pressed his lips to hers. Very quickly, that kiss grew wild, and soon Colt was joining in, sucking against her neck and then kissing her as Brian released her lips. As Colt deepened the kiss, she felt someone’s hand slid up under her skirt to her ass, exposing it.

“Sweet mother, look at that ass. God damn,” Jordo said, and Simo squeezed it. Simo leaned in and kissed her neck as Jordo slid a finger under her panties and right to her cunt from behind.

She pulled from Colt’s mouth. “Oh God, I thought we were supposed to be talking,” she said and began to pant as all four men held her in position and were kissing her skin, stroking her cunt, pinching her breasts. “Oh God.” She rocked her hips and then Simo kissed her on the mouth.

They were relentless, and then Simo was giving orders. They set her onto the kitchen table, lowered her down, and removed her panties as they pushed up her skirt. Colt and Jordo raised her arms above her head, and Simo moved between her thighs. He slid his palms to her hips, gripped her tight, and pulled her to the edge. His gaze fell upon her, and that dark, serious expression quieted her.

“You feel that?” Simo asked her. Her lips parted, and she debated about lying, but then he gave her hips a shake. The sight of him, all those muscles, his dark brown eyes, chiseled jaw, seasoned expression, drove her insane with desire.

“Don’t fucking lie,” Colt stated firmly as he leaned over, caressed her hair back, and made her body react.

She lifted her hips. “Yes, Simo. Yes, I feel it.”

He nodded. “Trust us,” he said and lowered down and began to feast on her pussy. One stroke of his tongue, and she lifted her torso.

“Oh!” She panted, a second stroke, a swirl, then suckle and she tightened up, feeling like she could come but fighting it. God, she didn’t want to come across as a woman whose pussy was dormant for more than two years. She didn’t want to think about the past, about the fears or the violence and pain, she just wanted to let go with them. Get lost in this attraction and the desire that was building and building. She didn’t even care where she wound up. “Oh God, Simo. Simo.” She panted as he slid two fingers up into her pussy as Jordo and Colt undid her top, spread her blouse, then raised her arms above her head.

“Holy fuck, your body is incredible. Come all over his face. Give us your orgasms, baby,” Jordo commanded, and she rocked her hips against Simo’s finger thrusts, and she came.

“Me. I need to taste her. To make her cry out my name, too,” Brian said, and Simo slid his fingers from her pussy, but before he moved out of the way he licked her from cunt to asshole back and forth before he suckled her clit hard and tugged.

“Simo.” She tried lifting upward, but Colt and Jordo held her down. She looked at them, at the desire and hunger in their dark eyes. Those expressions only soldiers who experienced so much in the military had. It was a hard, seasoned, capable look. Men who killed, who avoided being killed, and it made her feel a closeness to them she couldn’t quite explain.

“God damn, I fantasized about this body, Lilly. I won’t lie,” Brian confessed as he took Simo’s place and traced along her inner thigh then over her pussy. She locked onto his brown eyes that were sparkling and looking so different than when the man was in uniform and all business.

Colt cupped her breast as Jordo leaned down and licked into the cup of her bra and the deep cleavage of her breasts. “I fantasized about these breasts, and seeing them without any barriers,” Colt said.

“I think it’s safe to say we’ve all fantasized about Lilly and this sexy, fit body of hers. Maybe even about this tattoo, and these scars,” Brian said and lowered down to kiss the old gunshot wound on her side and then the one on her arm. He licked along her skin to her neck and suckled hard as he slid a finger up into her cunt. When he reached her lips with his mouth they began to kiss, to explore more deeply, and she moaned into his mouth. He released her lips and stroked a little faster. He eased his mouth along her breasts then to her ribs and down to her pussy. He slid his fingers out and began to feast on her and make her beg for mercy.

“Oh my God, I’m coming again.”

“Stay with us. Stay here and make love,” Jordo asked her.

Brian stopped feasting on her, and Colt pinched her nipple, making her moan. She looked at them.

“We all want you. Want to feel more. It’s been a while for us,” Simo added.

“It’s been a while for me, too,” she admitted.

“Do we need condoms?” Jordo asked.

“No,” she said and then raised her arms up and pulled Brian down to kiss him. Before she could talk herself out of doing this, Brian picked her up, and she straddled his waist as he carried her out of the kitchen and upstairs to the bedroom. They were all following, pulling off their shirts, getting ready to have sex with her. That was exactly what this was. She never engaged in a ménage before. Only had a few lovers over the years, and none compared to this attraction and desire. She was ready and willing.

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