Finding Home (MM)

Maple Grove 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,023
26 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romantic Suspense Romance, MM, shape-shifter, HEA]

Life can throw curve balls, and Kenny knew all about them when he met Cyril’s handyman, Russell Hughes. The guy was what wet dreams were made of, until Kenny finds out Russell is a shifter. He doesn’t do furry. Not now. Not ever. Too bad Kenny is unable to stand by his convictions. With the dark Italian stud saying all the right words, Kenny is putty in the man’s calloused hands.

Russell is determined to make Kenny his. The little human plays hard to get, but Russell isn’t giving up on his only chance at happiness, even if Kenny has a killer after him and a “special” brother to look out for. But their mating isn’t easy, especially when Brad is after Kenny with a vengeance for ratting him out to the cops. It’s up to Russell to keep Kenny safe and to show the human that loving a shifter can be worth his while.


Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.


Finding Home  (MM)
26 Ratings (4.7)

Finding Home (MM)

Maple Grove 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,023
26 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole




“You guys are slow,” Kenny complained as he waited by the front door with Cyril’s golden labs, Samson and Davidson, at his side. Kenny had been living with Cyril and Jeremy for the past two weeks, and now he worked for Cyril as a waiter at The Diner Train.

“I can’t help if you get up before the alarm,” Jeremy complained as he looked around the living room for his shoes. “We don’t have to leave for another ten minutes.”

“Oh my god,” Kenny moaned. “Fine, then I’m waiting outside. Ten minutes is an eternity.”

He flung the door open, and the dogs followed him out. Kenny wasn’t worried about them taking off. They were well behaved, and for some reason, they’d made Kenny their official best friend.

Kenny spotted a tennis ball in the grass and tossed it, watching as Davidson raced after the green and white ball just as a work truck pulled into the driveway. It was a white pickup truck with a toolbox in the back and some kind of framing over the bed that held bigger tools.

Samson rolled over in the grass as Davidson reversed course and ran toward the white truck. He stood next to Kenny and gave a low growl.

“Is he someone I should worry about?” Kenny whispered to Davidson, as though the dog could answer him. Davidson might not be able to answer, but Kenny knew to trust a dog’s instincts.

Well, except for Samson who was currently chewing on the tennis ball.

The stranger, who, by the way, was fine as fuck from what Kenny could see, rolled his window down and gave him a sexy grin. “Can you go get Cyril? Davidson isn’t my biggest fan.”

“And you are?” Kenny tucked his hands into his back pockets and rocked on his heels, falling in lust with this Italian-looking man with sinful dark gray eyes and a shadow of a beard on his jaw and upper lip.

“I’m Russell Hughes, Cyril’s handyman.”

Why hadn’t he seen Russell around town before? Kenny had grown up in Maple Grove and couldn’t recall seeing this stud anywhere. He would have remembered someone who looked as hot as Russell did.

“Hang on a second.” Kenny stared at Davidson for a split second. “Keep an eye on him. If he does anything suspicious, eat him.”

As if he understood Kenny, Davidson gave a slight growl.

Kenny smirked and headed inside, finding Cyril in the kitchen, bleary-eyed, with a cup of coffee in his hand. He yawned and stretched.

Kenny was grateful that Cyril and Jeremy had taken him in, and he’d never betray Jeremy’s trust, but damn, Cyril was all…and Kenny was all…yummy.

“There’s a dude in your driveway that Davidson wants to chomp on.”

Cyril glanced at his watch. “Russell is always on time.”

He set his cup on the counter and walked to the front door. Damn right Kenny followed. He wanted another eyeful of that sexy handyman. It had been a while since he’d drooled over someone.

Cyril didn’t count. He was off-limits. Raven, Kenny’s ex-boss, didn’t count either. He was a douche. Not technically a douche since he was nice, but he’d worked Kenny to death while paying him minimum wage, so that automatically made him one.

Kenny stepped outside, and Davidson joined him at his side. Samson was at Russell’s truck, his bushy tail wagging like he was waiting for Russell to pet him.

If that were the case, Kenny’s imaginary tail should have been wagging, too, because he wouldn’t mind a few strokes from the guy.

Cyril eyed Davidson. “Go in the house, buddy.”

Davidson looked up at Kenny with such sad eyes, as though Kenny could overrule Cyril. “Sorry, fella. He’s the boss.”

Davidson padded toward the front door but paused to look over his shoulder. One finger snap from Cyril and the dog trotted inside.

That was when Russell got out of his truck. Kenny’s gaze slid from his head to his…not his toes.

To his crotch. Yep, his mind had gone there.

Fuck, the guy was tall and lean, and if Kenny had really had a tail, it would have wagged right off. The guy was wearing a soft black T-shirt that showed off his tattooed forearms. His biceps bulged as he grabbed a tool belt from the seat before closing the door.

A small whimper escaped Kenny, and Russell looked his way, one brow hiked and the side of his gorgeous mouth tilted upward.

How had he heard that? Clearly Cyril had heard the noise, too, because he was looking at Kenny strangely. He knew why Cyril had heard it.

He was a black panther shifter. Kenny had recently learned Cyril’s kind existed, and he tried his best not to think about that fact.

But if Russell had heard him, did that mean he was nonhuman, too?

With that thought, Kenny spun on his heels and rushed inside, grabbing Jeremy’s upper arm. “Is the handyman a shifter?”

Please say no.

Jeremy looked as though he could lie on the couch and fall back to sleep. He had bags under his eyes and couldn’t stop yawning. “Cheetah shifter, why?”

Well, there went Kenny’s fantasy of hot, sweaty sex. He didn’t discriminate when it came to men. He’d screwed around with short, tall, slim, a bit on the heavy side, and different nationalities. But he drew the line at furry.

A small smile played at Jeremy’s lips. “He is hot, isn’t he?” He elbowed Kenny’s arm playfully. “But don’t tell Cyril I said that.”

Meh, he’s okay.” Kenny played it off, disappointed that the hot Italian stud wasn’t even human.

Russell walked inside, and even though Kenny knew the stud wasn’t human, his dick didn’t care. It perked right up as Kenny hurried to the kitchen to pour himself some coffee.

Furry. Goddamn it. Why was Kenny’s luck always so shitty? He had been in the kitchen all of five seconds before Russell entered and set his tool belt on the table.




“Who the fuck put Davidson in the sunroom?” Cyril bellowed the following morning. He knocked on Kenny’s door. It sounded like the damn police was trying to break it down. “Was it you?”

Kenny jackknifed, brushing the hair from his face and so tired that he felt drunk. He weaved as he sat there trying to wake up. Kenny blinked at the clock. It read 4:47. The room was still bathed in darkness, lulling Kenny with the urge to go back to sleep.

An arm pulled him back down, and that was when Kenny remembered he’d invited Russell over last night. He might have freaked out that Russell was in bed with him, but Kenny was just too damn tired to care.

“Kenny?” Cyril opened the door and stepped into his room. He looked at Kenny then Russell. With a roll of his eyes, he said, “Now I see why Davidson is out there.”

“Morning,” Russell grumbled as he pulled Kenny closer. “Mind yelling somewhere else?”

Kenny thought Cyril would hit the roof about Russell being there. But his eyes softened as he nodded. “You take the day off, Kenny.”

Before Kenny could protest, Cyril walked out, closing the door behind him. Russell snuggled closer, and Kenny closed his eyes.

When he opened them again, the sun was shining and Russell wasn’t in the bed. Kenny tossed the covers aside and padded from his room. He heard the shower going across the hall.

Russell was in there…naked…lathering his nude body. Kenny felt like a pervert standing in the hallway listening to Russell shower. He started to walk away but couldn’t make his feet move as images of Russell’s naked, wet body plagued him.

Great, now Kenny was sporting a boner.

The bathroom door swung open, and steam billowed out. An arm reached out and grabbed Kenny’s wrist and yanked him inside. Russell stood there completely naked. “Take a shower with me.”

Kenny couldn’t summon a reply. He was too busy staring at Russell’s hard dick that jutted from between his legs.

Fuck. The guy had a beautiful cock. It was long, thick, and Kenny’s mouth watered as he watched rivulets of water snake down Russell’s washboard abs.

Kenny wanted to lick every single drop from the guy’s gorgeous body. He no longer cared that Russell was a shifter. Kenny wanted a piece of the hot stud.

“Like what you see?” Russell smirked when Kenny tore his gaze from the guy’s body and stared into his pretty dark gray eyes.

Like an idiot, all Kenny did was nod.

Russell lowered himself to his knees and slid Kenny’s shorts off. He hadn’t been wearing any underwear, and his cock sprang free as he stood there frozen, staring down at the Italian god.

Kenny didn’t normally freeze up when it came to sex. But there he stood, staring wide-eyed as Russell took Kenny’s cock into his warm mouth. Kenny rested his back against the door, hissing as he tilted his head back. He closed his eyes while enjoying Russell’s talented tongue on his…oh fuck. Kenny’s balls drew tight as his legs shook.

It had been so long. A full year since he’d had sex, and Kenny’s body roared to life as he clamped his hands down on Russell’s soft hair. The sound of the shower running faded into the background. Kenny punched his hips forward, fucking Russell’s mouth as loud moans escaped his throat.

Somewhere in the distant Kenny heard his phone ringing but ignored the sound as Russell worked his tongue up one side of Kenny’s dick and then down the other while his massaged Kenny’s balls.

Russell’s day’s growth of beard scraped along Kenny’s shaft, and Kenny nearly lost it. He gripped Russell’s hair tighter, panting, sucking in the steam from the hot water as beads of sweat dotted his brows.

His hole quivered, feeling neglected, as Kenny drove his dick in and out of Russell’s mouth.

Kenny hadn’t expected a blowjob but wouldn’t stop Russell as he sucked Kenny’s cock down his throat.

“Oh fuck!” Kenny came so hard his vision blurred. Russell worked his cock until every drop of cum was gone.

He collapsed against the door, boneless, and ready to go back to bed. But Russell had other plans. He rose to his full height, which was much taller than Kenny, and smiled down at him. The twist of his lips was seductive as he cupped Kenny’s face and kissed him until Kenny’s cock tried to jerk back to life.

“Shower.” Russell grabbed Kenny’s hand and coaxed him into the stall. The wash of water over his heated skin felt good as Kenny groaned and stuck his head under the spray.

Russell started to wash his back with his soapy cloth, and all Kenny could do was stand there and fight not to tip over. But the water helped wake him up, and Kenny’s emotions were all over the place. He prayed Russell wasn’t done with him yet, because even though Kenny had just come, he was still horny as fuck.

His cock was already half-hard again.

“You taste fucking fantastic,” Russell groaned into his ear. Kenny felt the man’s hard cock poking into his back. He was dying to feel it poking into his ass.

As if reading his mind, Russell turned Kenny to face the wall and reached for a bottle of lube that had been sitting on the shelf. Kenny hissed and pressed his palms into the tiles as Russell lubed his fingers and slid them inside him.

Fuck. Kenny was losing his mind. Sensations lashed through him, making his body buzz and tingle as Russell worked his hole. He moved Kenny again, helping him to step onto the jutting shelf at the lower end of the shower.

The step lifted Kenny higher, and he knew why Russell had moved him there. For a better angle. And Kenny was right. Russell spread his cheeks and inched his cock inside Kenny’s ass.

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