Game Over (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,233
3 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense, Reverse Harem, Contemporary, MMF, HEA]

Everly Cook is thinking about finding a job with another gaming company because her heart is breaking in two. 

Watching her best friends and the loves of her life so happy together is just too much to bear and she can’t deal with anymore.

Tyren Mayer and Willis Pierce have stood by her side since she met Ty in college and Will through Ty, but she can’t have either of them.

Even though all three of them started Game Over together, Eve can feel herself withering little by little each day.

Just as she’s made up her mind to move on with her life without her best friends, she gets sick.

Will and Ty nurse her back to health from a bout of pneumonia and then bad stuff starts happening at work.

After their offices are broken into, Eve’s totally wrecked, Will and Ty band together and vow to protect her from whoever’s threatening her.

But she still ends up going missing.

Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.

Game Over (MMF)
3 Ratings (4.7)

Game Over (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,233
3 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I cannot read this and I’m miffed. Bookstrand has “mobi” as their default file and when I push the green a it sends a mobi document to my email stating mobi is no longer supported by Kindle. I’ve sent three messages to Bookstrand requesting my books be sent in epub format and they won’t respond.

I’ve no doubt though that given this is a Becca Van novel it will be an A+. She is one of my favorite writers!


Everly was one of the nicest people he’d ever met. She wasn’t judgmental, hadn’t blinked or balked when she’d found out he and Ty were together. She was smart and kind and so fucking sexy.

When he and Ty had become lovers, Will hadn’t imagined that he’d want anyone else but he’d slowly fallen in love with Everly and wanted to bring her into their relationship too. However, he also didn’t want to lose Tyren. Ty was a piece of his heart and if he lost him…

Will shook his head and blinked Ty’s handsome face back into focus.

Tyren was six feet three inches of sexy muscles. He had short dark brown hair, a ripped six pack and a big, toned body. He was a couple of inches taller than Will and he was pounds heavier. Most people took one look at Ty and avoided him because of his manly physique and his intimidating height, but he didn’t have a mean bone in his body.

Will was more authoritative than Ty even if he was smaller and slimmer, but Ty loved it when Will dominated him in bed. Tyren wasn’t a total submissive but he preferred it when Will took control while they were having sex.

Everly was a total submissive and oblivious to her proclivities. She was a born people pleaser and would go out of her way to do something nice for someone else. She was always bringing them coffee and buying them pastries or something nice to snack on.

What worried Will was that even though she had enough money to buy herself a nice home, she was still leasing the shitty studio apartment she’d been living in when she’d been going to college.

Numerous times he and Ty had tried talking her into staying with them after they’d bought their home once the money had started rolling in, but she’d refused. The house he and Ty had bought had six bedrooms, all with their own en-suite. It was open concept but the basement had been decked out as a movie room. They had a large office, two living areas, one they hardly ever stepped foot in and they had an inground pool with a spa.

Will had always known, had seen that Eve was in love with Ty, had realized she’d refused to move in with them for that reason. If Ty was on board with them having a relationship with Everly too, if they could convince her they were right for her, maybe he and Ty could talk her into moving in with them after all.

He wasn’t sure how Everly was going to react when she found out that he was sexually attracted to her, but he was putting the cart before the horse.

Will breathed out and inhaled deeply again, trying to keep his jittery nerves from taking over while praying he hadn’t just destroyed his life, his relationship with Tyren.

He loved Ty and wanted to be with him for the rest of his life, but he also wanted Everly and not just sexually. He was in love with her too and didn’t want to hide his feelings for her any longer.

Will looked at Ty when his lover sucked in a deep ragged breath while tried to ignore the pressure of anxiety against his chest.

“We need to make sure Everly’s all right,” Ty stated, surging to his feet.

Will stood too, opened his mouth to ask if Ty had made any decisions but quickly closed it again. He hated feeling so uncertain. He’d always been confident and comfortable with who he was and he didn’t give a shit about what anyone else thought, but right now, he was feeling as if his whole life was spinning out of control.

Willis had always prided himself on his control. Ty was more emotionally reactive than Will was, was hurt more easily because he was so empathetic. Now that the shoe was on the other foot, he didn’t know how to handle it.

The only way he could deal with his tumultuous emotions was to close them off, to shut himself down, but if he did that he could end up hurting Tyren and that was the last thing he wanted to do.

“Why are you so worried?” Ty asked after he gripped Will’s hand.

“Do you really need me to answer that?” Will quirked a brow.

Ty shook his head then glanced toward the closed office door. “No.”

“Are you going to put me out of my misery and tell me if you’ve come to any conclusions?” Will asked.

Ty stared into his eyes and though Will kept his gaze on Ty’s too, it was a difficult thing to do. He felt exposed and a bit raw after finally telling Ty he wanted Everly and right now his self-confidence was taking a nose dive.

“I just did a lot of remembering and soul searching,” Ty said, licking his lips. “Did I tell you about the first day I met Everly?”

Will nodded. “You did. You talked to me about her every day.”

“I was lying to myself, Will, and that means I was lying to you.”

“What about?” Will asked, frowning.

“I was, am attracted to Everly but because we were already together, I shoved that attraction to the back of my mind, convinced myself I only loved her as a friend and I locked my desire for her away where it stayed until today.”

“And?” Will held his breath again and when Ty smiled at him, he sighed with utter unadulterated relief. He could see the answer in his lover’s gaze but he waited for Tyren to say what he wanted to hear because he really needed to hear the words.

“I want her too. I love her as much as I love you, Willis.”

“Then we need to go and get her,” Will stated emphatically.




“You’re stunning, Eve. I love you and I don’t care about any flaws you may have. None of us are perfect.” He stepped back, clutched the back of his shirt, yanked it up over his head and dropped it onto the floor.

Ty kissed and licked at her neck, while rubbing his free hand up and down her side.

Will hated that she was shy and hoped her bashfulness didn’t take over because if it did, she might end up changing her mind and that was the last thing he wanted.

Will decided that maybe if he got naked first, she’d be too caught up in staring at his body to worry about her own. He undid his jeans, hooked his thumbs into the waistband and shoved his pants and underwear down before kicking them away.

When he was naked, he moved closer to her and stood still as she eyed his body over. Her breathing escalated, her chest rising and falling rapidly as she panted and then she gaped when she stared at his hard cock. Willis wasn’t as tall or as bulky as Ty but he wasn’t small. His dick wasn’t ridiculously huge, but it was thick. He hoped that Everly wasn’t intimidated by him.

He held his breath when she moved her hands away from her breasts, placed her palms on his chest and caressed them over his body. Her touch was so soft and light, but it was as equally arousing to him as Ty’s firmer caresses.

When her hands moved lower, over his abs and toward his throbbing cock, his heart skipped a beat then pounded against his ribs.

Will wanted to go slow with her but having her hands on him had his lust for her blazing higher and hotter than ever before. The whole time she’d been touching him, he’d been staring at her breasts, at the hard pink nipples he wanted to draw into his mouth and suckle.

Ty must have been thinking the same thing because his lover shoved the straps of her bra down over her shoulders, catching in the crook of her elbows. Ty wrapped both arms around her waist, smoothed his hands up over her belly, her rib cage then he cupped and kneaded her breasts with his hands.

Eve moaned, closed her eyes, bumped her head against Ty’s chest and leaned into him. Though her hands were still on his body, she’d stopped caressing him and Will decided it was time he took control of their loving.

“Take her clothes off, Ty,” he ordered.

Ty met his gaze, nodded and licked his lips. He released her breasts, slid a hand down her belly, tugged the button on her jeans open then lowered the zipper.

Will watched as Ty shoved her jeans and panties down over her hips and lower, but his eyes were locked on her bare, sexy cunt. He’d never seen a more carnally appealing sight in his life. He could see drops of honey clinging to the lips of her pussy and all he could think about was lapping them up.

Deciding to suit actions to his thoughts, he sank to his knees and after helping her get her jeans and panties off over her feet, he gripped one of her hips then looked up at her as he caressed a finger up through her drenched folds.

She gasped and moaned.

Will circled the tip of his wet finger over her clit and she canted her hips toward him, silently begging for more.

She groaned when Ty covered her breasts with his hands again, then he rolled and plucked her nipples between his fingers and thumbs.

Will used a finger and thumb to spread her folds and he grunted with hunger when he saw how swollen her clit was. Not wasting another second, he moved his head toward her cunt and licked up through her folds.

“Oh!” she cried out, gasped in a breath and moaned as she exhaled.

Will lapped, licked and sucked her distended clit into his mouth before he lashed the tip of his tongue over the sensitive knot of nerves. Her thighs trembled and when he penetrated her tight cunt with a finger, she stopped breathing.

She was so fucking tight, he groaned as he thought about how amazing it was going to feel to have her soaked cunt enveloping his hard dick.

Will pumped his finger deeper and deeper into her pussy, growling when the walls gripped then rippled around his digit.

He added another finger to her cunt, spreading them out to stretch her while he thrust them into and out of her slick snugness.

Her trembling thighs began to quake and he could feel her clit pulsing under his tongue and he realized that she was close.

Increasing the speed of his shunting fingers, he lashed her clit faster and more firmly. Twisting his fingers inside of her, he stroked them back in and rubbed over her G-spot. She jolted and cried out again. “Oh god. Oh! Oh, oh, oh.”

Her breaths were fast and choppy and when he felt the walls of her pussy begin to squeeze around his fingers as they gathered closer and closer together, he knew she was about to climax.

Opening his eyes, he looked up her body, watching her intently as he crooked his fingers and set about pushing her over the edge.

He finger fucked her harder and faster, the pads of his fingers stroking over her G-spot while Ty continued to pinch and pluck at her nipples.

Her lips were parted as she panted, her upper chest, neck and cheeks were flushed with her passion and her lips were swollen from his kisses. He pistoned his fingers faster, sucked her clit into his mouth and gently raked his teeth over the nub.

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