[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Menage, Suspense, Cowboys/Western, MFM, HEA]

Bridget’s content with being in control of her life—until she meets two Benedicts from Montana.

Gary and George Benedict know they are heading to Lusty and kin. They’re not ready, however, for an attempted shootout along the way. And they’re sure as hell not ready for one very alluring Ms. Bridget Carmichael.

Bridget did her duty, got those Benedicts settled, then skedaddled. She plans to avoid them but finds herself sitting between the two at a community cookout. Perhaps a new approach is in order.

Everything about Gary and George hits every right note with her. They’re beside her when she discovers something important about her own history. And she promises to be there for them when karma comes knocking. Because sometimes, good deeds come back to haunt the doer.

Can Gary, George and Bridget survive the onslaught of a determined assailant? Or will fate stop their happy ending before it even has a chance to begin?

Cara Covington is a Siren-exclusive author.

Love Under Two Rebels (MFM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing

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Bridget laid the file folder and keys on the table—there was a lease to be signed—and then headed to the front door, stepping out onto the porch in time to see a white Ford F-150, trailer in tow, slow down at the top of the driveway.

She put on her best business smile as she watched that truck turn in and proceed slowly toward her.

The vehicle stopped, and she mentally saluted Mr. Benedict when he positioned it so that he didn’t block her car.

Then her smile froze as she saw something unexpected. Gary Benedict wasn’t alone. There was another man with him in the truck. Both truck doors opened, and two tall, too damn good-looking, and totally buff men stepped out. Yes, they’re definitely Benedicts.

Standing on the solid porch, she felt her stomach execute  a rollercoaster-like drop, and she could have sworn her inner imp was rolling on the floor, laughing hysterically.

The driver didn’t seem at all surprised to see her and not Jake. A fact that he confirmed when he touched the rim of his cap as he nodded.

“I’m Gary Benedict, and this here’s my cousin and best friend, George Benedict. You’d be Miss Bridget. Jake texted that he’d sent you for us.” And damned if his eyes didn’t sparkle with mirth as his beautiful, kissable lips tugged up to one side in a boyish smile.

Instead of outrage at words she knew he’d chosen to yank her chain, she felt an inner melting, a kind of seeping away of strength from every muscle in her body, forming a gooey something that began to pool in her lady bits.

Oh. Hell. No.

There was no way in hell that she was going to go down that road, the same one her bff, Jessica, had traveled so recently. She would have fled right there and then if not for one, small but important detail. Bridget was a professional, and running scared was not how she rolled. That’s two things.

Bridget told her inner imp to shut up, then found a smidgen of her starch and nodded back. “There’s a shovel in the barn to help you clean up the manure.” And she held her serious expression as she looked to the trailer, where, as if on cue, a horse whinnied. Against her will, her gaze found George, whose equally serious regard was locked on her tighter than any chastity belt ever could be. Then she met Gary’s gaze once more and knew that instead of annoying the damn man, he looked at her as if she was as cute as a button. Bridget sighed and just barely remembered her duty.

“Welcome to Lusty, gentlemen.”




Bridget did just that—crawled up until she reached the pillows then turned over and took the moment to simply look at the men who would be her lovers. They both waited until she’d taken in her fill. Then she raised her eyes and met Gary’s gaze.

“Did you check out the supplies in here before we arrived?” he asked.

Bridget felt her cheeks heating. “I did make sure that there were linens for the bathroom and the bed, which I had also done for both of the other bedrooms.”

“And did you check the bedside table?”

She shook her head then shrugged. “I’d heard stories, and…. well, I didn’t want to embarrass myself by snooping. As it was, I couldn’t understand why Samantha Kendall insisted on furnishing this room in the first place.”

Gary’s smile turned into a wide grin. “I think because she is a very wise woman and believes in being prepared for anything.” He reached forward and opened the top drawer. “There are condoms, a large box, brand new and unopened, and we’re glad to see them, especially since we haven’t had that discussion with you, yet. And the lube is a nice touch. But we didn’t know what to make of the rest of the supplies—blindfold, handcuffs, and a couple of paddles.”


“Oh, now, that Christmas-morning-and-Santa-has-come look on your face, darlin’, is about the best gift ever,” George said.

“It really is,” Gary agreed.

Bridget heaved a mental sigh of relief when they didn’t press her further. Instead, Gary opened the box of condoms and grabbed one, leaving the box on the table. He wasted no time tearing open the small packet and rolling that piece of latex into place.

My, my, that is a very sexy sight. Bridget knew beyond doubt that what she personally knew about sexual intimacy before today would turn out to have been not really very much at all.

Gary smirked, and she knew he’d read her thoughts. In that moment Bridget let go of her modesty. There could only be positive connotations to her lovers reading her so very well, and since she could read them too, well, that was only fair.

So she held his gaze as he stalked toward her—down the side of the bed to the end of it. Then, like the buff and determined predator he surely was, he moved up the bed on his hands and knees, his gaze locked on hers and his progress slow and inexorable, toward her.

Supporting her torso on her forearms, she spread her legs—and lost all strength and every thought when he buried his face in her pussy and began to drive her mad.

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