Wicked Desire (MFM)

Pirates Cove 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,960
1 Ratings (2.0)

[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Small Town, Light BDSM, Double Penetration, MFM, HEA]

Jennifer lived a simple life that she enjoyed until she made one little mistake, and then her whole life changed. What haunted her the most was her error might have disrupted not only her life but the lives of her friends and the two men helping her to stay safe.

Rowan and Ben had tried for years to find the woman that fit them, and she fell into their laps. Literally. Now it’s their job to not only keep Jennifer alive but teach her how to be their submissive in their triad relationship.

Wicked Desire (MFM)
1 Ratings (2.0)

Wicked Desire (MFM)

Pirates Cove 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,960
1 Ratings (2.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
So, I’m 15% into this book and realized I had read it before. So I investigated and found out this book is almost word for word like Pirates Cove 3. That’s the story about Malik and Jesse. Seems like only the names were changed. Disappointed.


“You were staring at me.” Jennifer grimaced.

Rowan’s mouth twitched. He inclined his head. “I was.”


He couldn’t tell her that she caught his attention when she stepped or rather tripped through the front door. He was amazed he’d been able to see her amid all the sweaty, moving bodies, but the light from the outside streetlamp had made a halo effect on her that stood out to him.

He watched her for a long time and saw how feminine and shy she was. His body had instantly hardened just from how she moved and her expressions.

 The fact he wanted to howl at every man that tried to touch her shocked him because he’d never been a possessive man before. The only men he wanted touching her were himself and Ben, the third person in the triad relationship he wanted.

He and Ben had grown up together, always shared everything, and hoped to find a woman to share between the two.

They’d planned to be in a menage relationship since they were in high school. That’s when they learned they were dominants and needed a submissive woman to be content. The chances were slim that they would have the same reaction to the same woman, but it didn’t keep them from hoping. The fact that some of their friends had found their own women gave him hope.

Finding the woman that appealed to both of them long-term was next to impossible. They’d about given up and thought they’d be stuck with taking on a woman for one night or short-term.

At first, the deep emotions when he first laid eyes on her had caught him off guard because no one else had ever affected him that way before, and he hadn’t even talked to her yet.

He was sure he wanted the little woman sitting in front of him. Now, she and Ben would have to meet.

His gaze slid over her. It started at her head and ran slowly down her feminine, long-sleeved, light blue, button-down shirt that was a bit big, and he guessed that she was trying to hide her breasts, past her jeans to the tip of her black boots. She was a little bitty thing, but she had the curves that made his mouth water. Her wheat-colored hair was thick and fell past her shoulders to the middle of her back. Long enough for him to grip as he fucked her from behind.

Seeing her up close, her delicate features made his attraction grow. Her eyes were unusual. He’d never seen this color very close to the copper before, and they were beautiful.

“It makes me happy to look at you. You’re beautiful…” He paused when she shook her head. Rowan took a step toward her. He closed the small gap, invading her space until his legs pressed against her stool, grazing her outer thigh. He nodded. “Yes. We’ll deal with that later. I’ve been watching you with your friends. All of you seem to be really out of place here. It makes me wonder why you’re here.”

Her breath hitched in her throat.


“Look at me, darlin,” he said when her gaze slid away as she nervously looked for her friends. Her eyes jerked back to his. “Good girl.” He leaned an arm on the tall bar table and successfully blocked her view of everything except him. “I’ve never seen you here before. Why did the three of you decide on this bar?” He really wanted to know because even though he was thankful he’d found her, this was the last place they should be.

Her tongue slid out to moisten her dry lips, and his eyes followed, his attention locked on her. “We’re celebrating Mora’s and Sarah’s first year of their new business.”

He could tell and actually see her heartbeat accelerate on her neck. He was charmed when she placed her small hand over her heart as if trying to stop the crazy rhythm, and she was having difficulty catching her breath.

He nodded slowly, his mouth lifting into a small smile at the picture of her undeniable attraction and desire.

“I get that. But tell me this. You don’t look like the type of woman comfortable with being in bars, period, especially one like this.”

Biting her bottom lip, she shook her head. “You’re right. We never go to bars. But we wanted to do something different, get out and experience new things.”

He was silent, watching her intently. “What do you think so far?”

She looked around the bar. “If I’m being honest. A little scary. It’s a lot of people and a lot of noise.”

“Do you like men’s attention?” He already knew the answer, watching man after man ask her to dance and her turning them down every time.

She sighed and looked him in the eyes. “No. It makes me uncomfortable.”

The corner of his mouth turned up. He had so many questions he wanted to ask her, but the loud country music blaring at them made conversation nearly impossible.

“Jennifer, where do you work?”

She leaned closer so she could hear him.

“I’m a florist at the Meadow Lane Galleries.”

The Galleries sat on a small main street on the outskirts of Morgan City. The area was popular for successful young adults just starting families or older couples wanting out of the hustle and bustle of the city. The area had a low crime rate, high-end stores, and entertainment. He liked the area so much that he moved there and bought a house in the country.

“I like that area so much. I moved there years ago,” he said.

A smile spread across her face, lighting her eyes. “Really? I love the town. People have everything they need, but they’re close to a city if they want more excitement. What about you? What do you do for a living?”

“I’m a detective.”


“Really,” he said, smiling. “So, you work on Main Street, but where do you live.” He didn’t know why but he wanted to test her. He needed to see that she took care of herself. Did she put herself in dangerous situations? In his mind, she was putting herself in jeopardy just being in the bar, especially with what was going on at that moment. His protective instincts were in major overdrive with her, and he wasn’t going to question it. He knew it would only get more intense the longer they spent together. He’d listened to his instincts his whole life. They were never wrong.

He watched Jennifer take a small sip of her drink. An embarrassed flush covered her face when she set down her glass, and the tremors in her limbs became abundantly apparent to him.

She cleared her throat. “I live in an apartment on…”

He scowled, placed his massive hand over hers, resting on the table, and interrupted her.

“Don’t ever tell someone you don’t know, where you live, darlin.”

Her breath jammed in her chest. “But you’re a policeman…”

Rowan nodded. “I am, but do you know that for a fact? Did I show you a badge?”

Jennifer shook her head, her brows drawn together.

“No. I guess not.” She shivered when his thumb stroked over the back of her hand.

“You need to take better care of yourself.” Although he said it, he knew he’d do the best he could not to let anything happen to her from that moment on.

“I will,” Jennifer murmured, unable or unwilling to look away from his intense gaze.

“Good girl. Now, dance with me,” he ordered, and then he drew her from her stool and toward the dance floor where a slow western song was playing. He heard her sigh when he pulled her into his arms and against his chest. Having her in his arms brought a satisfaction he hadn’t felt in a long time, if ever to this degree. He prayed that she had the same effect on Ben as she did him.




Both men kept at her until she was withering on the mattress. She felt as if they’d tormented her for hours instead of minutes and begged for relief.

Rowan pinched her chin. “Relax. Ben is getting ready to take you.”

Jennifer didn’t know if she felt relief or grew more apprehensive.

Rowan moved away but had his hands on her. It helped calm her a bit.

“Watch him, baby,” Rowan said.

Jennifer watched Ben widen her legs and then line up his cock to her cunt.

“We’re going to go easy this first time.”

She thought she nodded but wasn’t sure because he started pushing into her. If she thought his two fingers stretched her, his cock felt as if it could tear her up. It seemed to take him forever to get in her, and she wondered how much more she could deal with.

“Easy,” Ben said. “Just a few more inches.”

“God, I don’t know if I can take it.”

Ben lay down on top of her and cradled her face, keeping most of his weight off her. “You can and you will. Hang on to me.”

While her arms were lifting, he rammed the last few inches into her, making her scream.

It didn’t hurt so much as the feeling of being penetrated and taken over was overwhelming. Fortunately, Ben stayed still and gave her time to adjust. Both men praised and encouraged her.

Ben smiled when she relaxed. “Now, I’m going to fuck you. Lay back and enjoy it.”

The feeling of his cock pulling out of her felt as if she could feel every ripple on his cock. It was the weirdest and most enjoyable sensation she’d ever felt.

“Fuck, man,” Ben said. “This is fucking heaven.”

Rowan chuckled. “I can’t wait to feel her.”

“Well, I’m not going to last much longer. Her cunt is strangling my cock.”

She tried to listen to their banter and caught some of it, but her main focus was on the pressure building inside her. It felt like a tidal wave that would eventually overtake and drown her.


“I know. I can feel you getting close.”

“But…I can’t…” Jennifer said.

Ben growled. “You will obey your Dom.”

“I’ll try…”

“Don’t be afraid.”

 Ben’s strokes became stronger, and it was taking away all of her reason and thought process, so she just held on to him and prayed she’d survive it.

Ben tilted her hips up. “You’re going to come for me.”

She felt tears leak out the side of her eyes.

“I’ve got you, baby. I’ll never let anything hurt you.”

The tightness in her core seemed to burst, making a wave of heat encompass her body and race through her veins. She heard herself scream, and then his groan mixed with her sounds.

When she finally came down from the orgasm, she relaxed on the mattress and waited for Ben to finish[KG1] .

She felt the sweat of both their bodies start to cool between them and the breathing they were both trying to get under control.

“Fuck, baby,” Ben said as he stared down at her. “I love you so damn much.”

“I love you, too. I love you both so much it scares me.”

“Don’t. You have nothing to be afraid of,” Ben said, leaning down and kissing her. “I’m going to clean up. Rowan will take care of you.”

* * * *

Rowan just about came when he watched his woman being thrown over. The ecstatic look was one he’d never get sick of.

Ben moved off her, so Rowan turned her to face him.

“How are you doing?”

She smiled. “Good.”

“Do you think you’d be able to take me without it hurting you?”

“I know I can. Please, Sir”

He rolled on a condom and slid on top of her, making space between her thighs for his hips.

“If at any time you feel pain, say yellow.”

“I will. Please fuck me,” she begged.

He grinned. “You won’t get away with that too often. Ben and I are the ones that control you.”

He heard her whimper and the sound made his cock throb.

“All right. Wrap your legs around my hips and hold on to me.”

She did what he asked, and he immediately started to push into her. He didn’t pause until he had his cock all the way in her.

Jesus, Ben was right. Her cunt being tightly wrapped around his cock was something he’d heard about but he had not felt it while fucking a woman until now.

Rowan studied her expression and only saw need and pleasure. He started pumping into her at a steady pace. After watching her and Ben together, he was already close to coming.

He gripped her shoulders to keep her in place as he fucked her with clean, strong lunges.

“I want you to come for me, baby.”

“Oh God…”

“I can feel you. Don’t fight it.”

He felt her struggle and called out for Ben.

“Man, get in here and help her. She’s fighting it again.”

Ben chuckled as he lay down beside them.

Rowan kept up his pace as Ben reached beneath them, and then he felt something push into her ass.

She screamed.

“You’ve got two fingers in her?”

“Yeah. I thought she needed a little extra bite,” Ben said and grinned.

Rowan couldn’t talk anymore. His concentration was on pushing her over and then letting himself go.

Rowan fucked her with force, guaranteed to throw her over. He rammed into her a few more times before he felt her tighten on him.

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