Love Is a Risk (MFM)

Oakdale 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 33,763
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Menage, Romantic Suspense, MFM, HEA]

Selena Meyers has spent a long time longing for her brother’s two best friends despite their bad reputation. When she finally realizes a real relationship is impossible she decides to move on with her life and forget them. They are not the types to ever settle down.

Jonah and Maxwell Caldwell feel an intense attraction to the blonde beauty Selena, but too many obstacles stand in the way. They know love is a risk.

Can they find the courage to make their feelings known before someone else does?

Or will they lose her forever?

Love Is a Risk (MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Love Is a Risk (MFM)

Oakdale 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 33,763
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Jonah headed for Trent’s bar, On the Rocks. He hadn’t been there in a while, and tonight seemed like a good night for a nice cold brew. He pulled into the large parking lot and searched for an empty space. It was a full house tonight. Loud booming music could be heard through his rolled-up windows. Finally he found an empty space. Jonah parked and got out of his truck. He promised himself a beer or two, and then he’d go home and hopefully sleep. Starting tomorrow he had two days off, and he planned to catch up on chores at home and just chill out.

The last time he’d been here he had played a game of pool with Trent then left. Selena didn’t come by too often. Trent didn’t like her around rowdy drunks, and Jonah didn’t blame him. She was too sweet to be around the chaos that came with owning a popular night club.

He walked through the front door, nodding to the two bouncers. It was dark, but he knew his way around. The place was packed, but he spotted a few empty seats right at the front bar. It was outlined in white rope lights and colorful neon beer signs with a long row of stools covered in black leather.

There was a stage and a dance floor to the right. There was no band tonight, but the dance floor was still filled with people dancing to the sounds of a DJ playing country music and rock. Perfect. Maybe his friend Donavon was bartending tonight and they could shoot the shit for an hour at least. He slipped onto the stool, looking for Donavon. 

His eyes landed on the woman who had been on his mind constantly lately. Selena. Her blonde hair was smooth and hanging down her back like a silk scarf. Her long-sleeve blue dress fit snug and looked amazing with her white cowboy boots. A wave of possessiveness staggered him. He didn’t like the idea of her drinking alone and getting picked up by some horny bastard. He immediately moved seats to sit next to hers forgetting any thoughts of avoiding her. He was tired of doing that, and it was just making him feel cranky all the time.

“Selena.” He greeted her in a low voice, feeling his pulse pick up by just being so close to her.

Eyeing the full glass of beer in front of her and the empty shot glass in her hand, he leaned forward. Her dress was low cut, and he could see her cleavage. He wanted to stare like some schoolboy, but he refrained. “Bad day?” he guessed.

She looked over at him with her emerald-colored eyes, which always made him feel like his body was on fire. Tonight they were outlined in black, making her look ready for the bedroom. Her lips were a shiny pink color, and she had on small diamond studs earrings, making her look classy and beautiful.

“Bad date. I’d like to wallow in self- pity alone, Jonah,” she said softly, turning away from him and looking down at her shot glass as if contemplating the world.

A feeling of jealousy swept over him for the lucky man who had gotten a date with her. She inspired so many emotions in him that no woman ever had, especially not Valerie. Selena touched his heart and his body. Maybe that what made him hesitate other than her older brother’s warning.

“What kind of friend would I be if I let you do that?” He did his best to sound casual and not jealous. He and Max had rebuffed her, not the other way around. She was always welcoming to them.

“Are we friends, Jonah? I thought I was just your buddy’s pesky little sister.” She snorted, taking a sip of the beer, not sounding like her usual cheerful self. It concerned him. “You and Max do nothing but ignore me or pat me on the head like a little girl.”

Donavan, the bartender, came out of the back room with a ready smile for Jonah. “Hey, buddy. Here for a cold one?”




Selena blushed, warmed by his words. “I am not perfect, guys. I have my cranky days, my lazy days. Just ask my brother. He’ll point out all of my flaws with no hesitation.”

Max put his hand over his heart, groaning. “I refuse to believe it. You are our angel.”

She laughed, dispelling the bad moment. Max leaned in, placing a soft kiss on her lips.

 “I need another drink, Maxi baby. That woman will not ruin our night.” Selena smiled, vowing to have a good night with them. Max growled at her use of the silly nickname but grinned when she broke out in laughter.

“This is our night, sweetheart. Let’s focus on having fun.” Jonah offered to get another round for them.

Making up her mind to invite the men to stay over, she looked at Max. “I say after this last drink we go somewhere more private and finish this night.”

Max’s smile was wide and happy. “Like your place? Or ours?”

She nodded. “Mine is closer.” 

 Max leaned down, kissing her lips. His hands wrapped around her waist. She felt like she went up in flames anytime they touched her. He sure could kiss, and she hated to think of all the practice he had, but they were years older than her. “I dreamed about this for a long time, baby,” he whispered, and she could see he was being sincere. That helped erase her doubts.

When Jonah came back, he was all for Selena’s plan.

Selena breathed with relief when Valerie never reappeared to bother them as they left. She had a feeling they hadn’t seen the last of her. Valerie seemed the type to be petty and revengeful, but tonight, Selena was going to enjoy her time with her men. And she felt like they were hers already.

* * * *

Selena knew she wanted this. To give herself to them. She wanted Jonah and Max so much, but yet she was still a little apprehensive. They were so much more experienced than her. What if they were disappointed? She’d die of humiliation. She’d had one lover, and even that was short-lived. They had many, too many according to gossip.

“I love this ass,” Max whispered against her neck while his hands ran across the lace of her thin silk panties, teasing her.

Thank goodness it was dark in her room with just a small lamp on her nightstand giving the room a warm glow. It hid her heated cheeks she hoped. “Um, thanks.”

He chuckled, looking down at her as if sensing her nervousness. “Don’t be nervous, baby.” His hands stayed at her hips as he spoke. “We all want this, and we’ll make sure it’s good for all of us. Stop thinking so hard.” He slid the material down her thighs and threw it onto the floor. He opened her thighs, nibbling on her soft skin until he reached her pussy, making her groan with anticipation. He reached her clit and let his tongue swipe it back and forth. She groaned, turning her head away.

Jonah was lying on her other side, pushing her hair away from her eyes. “What we feel is real, Selena. No games.” He cupped her breast in his hand, letting his thumb touch her beaded nipple. “Such pretty pink tips. I need to taste them.”

She wanted to whisper yes, but Max was driving her crazy with his tongue exploring her pussy.

“Oh god.” She moaned, feeling the wetness drip down her thighs. 

She watched Jonah stroke his hard cock, and she licked her lips. He gave her a wicked smile and let his cock touch her lips. She let the tip of her tongue taste the drops of liquid on the head of his cock. Jonah grabbed her hair, letting her go at her own speed and not pressuring her to take too much of him into her mouth. She was grateful. It had been years for her, and she felt rusty.

Meanwhile Max hovered over her as he aligned his cock with her pussy. He slowly pushed into her wet pussy, holding her thighs wide open with his hands. She instantly felt a connection, and it was amazing. 

She kept on concentrating on sucking Jonah’s cock, letting Max set the pace of speed in which he was fucking her, rocking her body on the bed. It was an intense feeling. Wild. Crazy.

Jonah let out a deep moan and came in her mouth. She swallowed every drop, letting him go. He looked spent lying on the bed next to her. She felt some sense of satisfaction knowing he liked what she did to him.

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