Going Wilde (LoveXtreme)

The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 24,360
104 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Cowboy Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M]

Wilde, Nevada is remote, rugged and rough. Jessie feels like she's walked straight into the wild west, complete with some of the hottest cowboys she's ever laid eyes on. But she has a job to do and it doesn't include getting close to the Wilde brothers.

The minute Jackson Wilde sees Jessie he knows she's the one for him and his four brothers, Phoenix, Dallas, Denver, and Austin. The gorgeous city girl calls to him like no one before, but she's convinced she doesn't belong in a place like Wilde. With danger lurking around every corner, Jackson will have to prove that she's finally come home.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.


NOTE! You are purchasing Siren's newest serialized imprint, the LoveXtreme Forever Series. This is Book 1 of 6 in the The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada collection. These books are not stand alone. Each is a continuation of the previous book and must be read in the numbered order. Each book may end on a cliffhanger but usually with a happy-for-now for the heroine and one or more men. The final book contains a happily forever after for the heroine and all her men.


A Siren Erotic Romance

Chloe Lang is a Siren-exclusive author


Going Wilde (LoveXtreme)
104 Ratings (4.4)

Going Wilde (LoveXtreme)

The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 24,360
104 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Was a really good book.
Too short for the price. Her books should be combined.
Professional Reviews

5 TEA CUPS: "Oh my, this is the first in a series of six, The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 1. I wish the other 5 were out now. This story is about Jessica Green coming to Wilde NV to investigate the accidents at Wilde Mining. But what she didn't know was that her hunger might have carried her to the bar and grill across the street from the hotel she was staying at but the sexual hunger that she had for four of the five brothers was the hunger bringing her back to her hotel room with them. The sexual pleasures the brothers gave Jessica that first night was something that Jessica would never thought could happen. Her ego took a hit when her fiancé ran off with their gay wedding planner. She was 25 and still a virgin, who did that in this day and time? Jackson felt love at first sight when she was sitting on the bar stool waiting to order, his brothers were just enthralled but Jackson took her virginity and knew that he was not going to be able to turn her loose. A mining accident on the day she was suppose to evaluate the mine caused another sexual encounter with Jackson and Phoenix where two was so much better than one. When it came to all the brothers Jackson, Phoenix, Dallas and Denver were on board but Austin as the oldest was all business. In this first book it came to a cliff hanger that has you wanting more. Great job, Chloe, I give your first book 5 Tea Cup for keeping my interest from the first word and for the wonderful sinful sex scenes. Waiting and ready for book two." -- Wendy, Happily Ever After Reviews

4 CHERRIES: "'When in Wilde'…be prepared for hunky cowboys that come in groups, mysterious accidents that are becoming more frequent, and an unconventional love that investigator Jessica Green never realized was possible. Are you ready for some LoveXtreme Wilde, Nevada style? Jessica certainly has the confidence to think she can handle anything the small mining/ranching town can throw at her. She doesn’t anticipate that including four of the Wilde brothers or almost being run over by a mining cart during her investigation of recent accidents. While the Wilde bunch want only to show her pleasure times four (times five if they can get oldest brother Austin on board) Jessica is there to do a job and doesn’t imagine that the fun will last past the end of her investigation. Siren’s LoveXtreme line has been a lot of fun for this reviewer. There are some terrifically talented writers contributing to the new line and Ms. Lang is one of them. The Wilde, Nevada series looks to be a fun, sexy and exciting adventure. This story is different from the other LoveXtreme books I’ve read because it doesn’t have a paranormal aspect. The men have reasons for wanting to share a single woman and it plays out very realistically for this story. The romance between the men and Jessie is at the forefront of this first book but you get a taste for the underlying plot, being the mysterious accidents that have started happening at the Wilde mines. Youngest brother Jackson gets most of the action (literally and figuratively) in Going Wilde. There’s good chemistry between he and Jessie from the first time they meet. Ms. Lang has a clever writing style that keeps the reader engaged from the very beginning. Other brothers, Phoenix, Dallas and Denver make a pretty good impression on Jessie for her first days in Wilde as well but I’m really looking forward to seeing how Austin reacts to meeting her. Austin is portrayed as the loner who plans to get out of Wilde at the first opportunity. Also, he’s into the BDSM lifestyle so that should prove interesting. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for the next installment from Ms. Lang’s exciting new series. I hope you’ll join me on Jessie’s adventure that is guaranteed to be Wilde!" -- Honeysuckle, Whipped Cream Reviews

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Standing in one of the wide crosscut tunnels in the mine, Jessica nodded to herself. Wilde Mine produced tons of silver and other semiprecious metals every year, and still its safety standards exceeded the required minimums by a long shot. In fact, she wouldn’t be surprised if it had been the safest mine in North America, minus the recent accidents. Something just doesn’t add up.

“Well, you’ve seen the whole shooting match.” Instead of a cowboy hat, Phoenix wore a yellow hard hat, just like she was wearing. He looked damn sexy in it, too. “Any thoughts, Jessie?”

“I’ve got a lot more to look over before I can say.” She heard footsteps, echoing off the walls of the tunnel. Someone was headed their way. The tour had calmed her down. Work was always like that for her. Whenever her personal life went haywire, she’d drown herself in her job.

“I’m sure you’ll find the mine isn’t at fault in any of the accidents.”

The approaching person was getting closer.

“Trying to put a bug in my ear for the company line? Don’t even think about it.” The footsteps ended. She looked up and spotted the last person she wanted to see today. “Stop.”

Jackson shook his head. “Jessie, please. We can’t leave it this way.”

“That’s exactly how we will leave it. I may have had poor judgment last night and this morning with you. I promise that won’t happen again.” She turned back to Phoenix. “I’m ready to go to the surface.”

The ground vibrated as a conveyor vehicle headed into the tunnel. She stepped back to the wall, when suddenly the operator slumped onto the wheel. The giant machine jerked straight for her. Jackson leapt to her, and slammed her to the ground out of the way. Her head and back banged against the floor, sending sharp pain up and down her spine.

“Fuck!” Jackson yelled.

She saw that his leg had been lacerated by a piece of the vehicle’s metal. “Jackson, don’t move.”

Phoenix rushed to them, his eyes wide. “Lil’ bro, you okay?”

“Yes. Jessie, are you hurt?”

“No. I’m fine.”

Jackson rolled off of her. “Check on the driver.”

Phoenix nodded, and moved to the unconscious man. She watched Phoenix put his fingers to the driver’s neck. “He’s got a pulse.”

“Thank God.” Jessica turned to Jackson. His leg was bleeding. “Where’s the closest emergency kit?”

“Far wall.”

“The com there, too?”


Jessica got the kit and rushed back to Jackson. He was sitting up.

“I’m all right, Jessie. Really.”

“Shut up, and let me do my job.”

Several mining personnel had shown up. The driver was still unconscious. Jessica looked at the scene. If Jackson hadn’t pushed her to the ground, she could’ve been impaled or crushed by the vehicle. She reached for Jackson’s hand, and a violent spasm shot up her back. Dizziness overtook her, and the tunnel seemed to spin.

Jackson stood up and put his arm around her waist. “Hang on, sweetheart.”





Jessie had never felt as beautiful as she did right now, and she savored their unanimous adoration of her. When Jackson’s thumb pressed on her right nipple through the fabric of her bra, she let out a little, passionate hiss.

His eyes caught hers. The intensity she found there captivated her. “You like me touching you, darlin’?”

Jessie felt like she was floating. “U—uh—huh.” It was all she could manage. Everything seemed centered on the touch of his hand on her breast.

She heard clothes being shucked by their audience. Warning: naked cowboys in my room. What should I do about that? Tell them to go, scream for Maude, or keep on enjoying their kisses...

Unable to focus, her mind became fuzzy and her body got tingly. But when Jackson unclasped her bra and helped her out of it, her complete attention locked in on him.

He planted a kiss on her mouth and then leaned back, staring at her chest. “Your breasts are fucking unbelievable.” His hands covered her mounds, and he began gently kneading her flesh. Goose bumps popped on her skin, and her pussy got even wetter.

She felt her shoes being removed. Two hands on each foot massaged away the remaining hesitation. This was heavenly, and she wanted to take the ride through every passion-filled mile...all the way to the end of the line. Jackson rolled off of her.

Her eyes followed him off the bed. She felt the loss of his heat, his weight. “What?”

He pressed a finger to her lips. “Shh. I want to feel you against me. I want to touch you, Jessie, every inch of you. Nothing between us.”

“Yes. Please.” She wanted that more than she wanted her next breath. How had she gone so long with the feel of him?

She looked down at where Dallas and Denver, free from clothes, worked out every bit of tightness in her thighs, ankles, and feet. Everywhere they touched she felt sparks of heat. Their bodies were perfectly muscled and beautifully tan. What made her catch her breath was seeing their hardness between their legs, evidence of their desire for her. God, they were huge. She’d never felt so wanted in all her life.

She looked over at Phoenix, his body perfect in the low light of the room. His piercing gaze hypnotized her. He stepped closer to the bed, causing a shiver of excitement to shoot through her.

When Jessie heard Jackson removing the last of his clothes, she turned her head to him. Like his brothers, he was stiff with lust. He crawled back into the bed next to her, his dick pressing into her thigh. “Tonight is only about you and your pleasure.” The quiet calm of his voice demanded her obedience.

She realized that she was the only one still clothed, except for her chest. In a strange way, that made her feel more vulnerable and exposed. “I—I am pretty nervous.”

“You leave everything to us, darlin’.” When Jackson licked the tip of her left breast’s nipple, warm shivers shook her to the core.

Phoenix crawled next to her on the other side and began suckling her right breast. Sparks fired from every nerve ending. A deep ache mushroomed in her pussy. She’d become quite adept at masturbation over the years of her ex refusing to go the distance, and she started to move her hands to her clit.

“No, Jessie.” Jackson grinned, pushing her hand back. He brought it to his lips, but she understood that she wasn’t to touch herself again. “We want to take care of you. You don’t have to do a thing but let go. Understand?”

“Yes.” She felt like her body was floating to the ceiling. She’d never done a drug in her life, but she couldn’t imagine they were more addictive than the feeling of being loved by these amazing men.

“Good girl.” He lowered his head back to her breast. She felt his teeth graze her nipple, and then he bit down gently. She gasped as her left nipple became a pulsing peak.

Phoenix nuzzled her neck and gently caressed the breast he’d claimed. Hot waves rolled through her, and she bit her lip, trying to stay above the surface. When Dallas’s and Denver’s hands massaged her feet and thighs, a purring vibration escaped her throat.

Jackson traced a finger over her lips. “Guys, let’s unwrap this lovely present.”

Four sets of hands had her out of her clothes in a flash. She looked at the cowboys, scanning her body. Being naked and exposed caused her to tremble. She closed her eyes tight. Did they see the flaws she saw every day in the mirror? 

“I love how pretty and soft your feet are, honey.” Denver choked out.

“You should feel her legs, bro.” Dallas tenderly kneaded her calves. “Sugar, you’ve got the most velvety legs I’ve ever touched.” He leaned down and kissed her where his hands had just been rubbing.

“Take a look at her breasts, guys. Fucking unbelievable.” Phoenix began threading her hair with his fingers. “Damn, even her silky locks are out-of-this-world.”

“Head to toe, and everything in between, Jessie is perfection.” Jackson’s words were filled with reverence and fire.

“You guys need glasses.” She brought her hands up to her eyes. Tears rolled free. Was this how they really saw her? Their faces said yes, and she’d never felt more attractive.

Jackson grabbed her wrist. “Stop.” She opened her eyes to see his, dark and serious. “I don’t know who made you ever believe that you weren’t beautiful, but forget them. You’re the most ravishing woman I’ve ever seen.”

Phoenix smiled. “Same here.”

Dallas and Denver nodded their buoyant concurrence.

Tears rolled from her eyes. “Thank you so much. You’ve just made this the best birthday ever.”

“Today’s your birthday, darlin’?” Jackson’s eyebrow shot up.


“Then I have the perfect present for you, Jessie.” His tone drove more need into her than she knew was possible. “I can’t wait to taste you.” His fingers lightly touched her breasts. Then he slowly trailed them down her stomach to her clit, grazing her there.

His touch sent her back arching off the bed, and the immensity of her desire overwhelmed all thought and reason.

Jackson gazed at her pussy like a worthy devotee. “You like that, don’t you, sweetheart?”

“Feels amazing.” She moved her hands over his muscled chest. She couldn’t believe her brazenness, but her craving wouldn’t be silenced as Jackson continued pressing her clit.

“Trying to take the reins again. Don’t. I have them.” Jackson moved his fingers through her wet folds, causing her to fist the sheets. “I’ll make sure you’re totally satisfied. Let me love you.”

He moved down the bed between her legs until she could feel his hot breath on her pussy.

“Darlin’, your sweet cunt is a work of art.” Then Jackson dove down, and when his tongue grazed her clit, she arched into his touch.

Dallas and Denver licked her legs, causing tingles to fire inside her. Phoenix worked over her chest with hismouth and hands. He pinched her nipples into tiny bits of aching flesh, causing her desire to expand. She’d had one orgasm in her life by stimulating her clit with her hand, but this was so much more than masturbation, and she longed for the looming climax. Jackson’s tongue pierced her slit, sending heat bolts deep into her pussy. Uncontrollably, her head rolled from side to side.

Jackson nipped at the insides of her thighs. “Your cream tastes wonderful, darlin’. So good.” Then his head went back down, and she felt his tongue glide through her folds once again.

“God, yes!” Her toes curled, and she wrapped her legs around Jackson’s head. She pounded the bed with her fists. This was too much. More than she’d imagined. “P—please...” Fuck me. Please.

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