Bridled and Saddled (MFMMMM)

Bridled 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,522
36 Ratings (3.8)

[Siren LoveXtreme Special Edition: Erotic Cowboy Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M]

Lynlee Lewis McCain is a woman in love, only she's a little confused about who she's permitted to love. She married a man she adored, embraced a lifestyle he introduced, and ultimately understood what it meant to become a wanted woman—in more ways than one. Hoping to keep Lynlee safe from a madman, Blaine McCain realizes he can’t move Lynlee completely out of harm’s way. After Lynlee is abducted by a serial killer, she becomes targeted by a lunatic, a madman reasonably distraught because Lynlee is the one who got away, the only victim who can identify him. After a short stay in the hospital, Lynlee returns to the mountains of North Carolina where the McCain brothers vow to keep her safe. Lynlee soon discovers there are several men willing to die for her, but there’s also more than one lunatic interested in seeing her dead.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Bridled and Saddled (MFMMMM)
36 Ratings (3.8)

Bridled and Saddled (MFMMMM)

Bridled 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,522
36 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I love this book so much i couldnt put it away.. Natalie did it again with this one.. I cant wait for the next one!!!
Barefoot Okie
Didn't hold my attention



“Lynlee, do you love me?”

“You know how much,” she whispered as his lips brushed hers. “I’ll always love you.”

“And you love Carlisle and Rhett?”

“They know I do,” she breathed, nuzzling him, hoping this wasn’t a dream, willing this moment to last forever. The excitement and energy was overpowering, like nothing she’d ever experienced.

“Then show them,” he said, backing away from the bed.

Lantry left her then. His eyes heated her to the quick as he backed away long enough to disrobe, kicking off his boots and then releasing his belt and zipper. He peeled off his jeans and briefs, taking hold of one well-stocked member, a cock she’d heard beauty shop tales about soon after she arrived in Anderson.

Apparently, in matters of size and ability, Lantry was well credited for past performances. Her mouth watered thinking about the current one in progress.

Carlisle and Rhett were familiar with her body, and she was equally acquainted with them. They joined her on the bed. Carlisle, dragging her over him, began massaging her shoulders. His fingers caressed her back before he gently traced the healing wound.

In the moment, Lynlee felt guilty. Because of her decision to walk down that dark beach, the men in her room, the men she’d cared about for most of her life, were destined to carry the blame that was ultimately only hers. She noticed the way Blaine winced as he focused on Carlisle, as if he thought Carlisle’s hand evoked pain, a reminder of what she’d suffered and endured.

Lantry watched her, tilting his head right and left as he studied the way Carlisle maneuvered her one way and then another. “Damn, you’re beautiful.”

“She is, now,” Blaine drawled. “I’m a lucky man.”

“Well, I’m damn sure glad you’re generous, little brother,” Lantry said, his hooded eyes filled with pure lust. “After seeing her like this, I swear I’d be the lesser man.”

There was something dark and seductive in Lantry’s voice. To add to his alluring qualities, he possessed tortured eyes. The truth that he perhaps tried to conceal had been revealed.

Lynlee’s suspicions about Lantry began at the wedding. He attempted to bury the attraction, his interest, but their chemistry was too strong, nearly overpowering.

Lantry’s attraction wasn’t new. His desire for her may have been one he’d fought, perhaps even tried to convince himself it wasn’t anything more than a passing crush or maybe an admiration. Now, there was no way to deny what they felt for one another. 

 Lynlee imagined whatever Lantry felt in the past, he’d never planned to let things progress to this.  

Carlisle lifted her up, massaging her lower back with his thumbs as he pressed against her globes. “That’s it, baby. Relax.”

She searched the room for Royce. In the corner, he sat with his legs splayed, hands dropped casually between his legs. A few times, he ran his hand through his short, sandy brown hair, and his turquoise eyes pierced through hers.

Was he judging her? No, that’s not what she saw. He longed to join them and awaited his turn. Royce’s expression was all male, the proof of his interest oozing from his sensual mouth as he wet his lips and rolled his tongue over them. His eyes grew heavy and his hard penis pressed against his snug jeans.  

Finally, Royce stood. Using the toe of one boot, he rid himself of the other, stripping away his button-down shirt.

Rhett parted her knees, his fingers digging into her flesh. He positioned himself over her. In one fluid motion, he spread her wider, lying between her legs and immediately finding his own special place, rubbing her clit until she was moaning, arching, pleading for more.

Lantry knelt to the bed, fisting his cock and rubbing his way through the seam of her lips. “So I hear the lady has a special talent.”

Carlisle grunted. “Rest assured, you’ve got one of the best positions in the house.”

“And here I was beginning to think you do,” Lantry said, dragging his cock back and forth, encircling her lips with his tip.  

Carlisle fumbled with her nipples, twirling them between his fingers and thumbs. Lantry growled when Carlisle released them. He pinched a beaded nipple as soon as the point was exposed. Rhett’s palms flattened on either side of her hips, and he kissed her belly, licking his way to her mound where he flicked her clit again and again, licking the hard gem until her hips shot off the bed.

Lynlee whimpered, enjoying the attention. Rhett loved her again. His tongue plunged inside her pussy as he ate her, sipping at her juices like a man gone wild, a carnal beast forever unleashed.

Carlisle’s mouth covered her ear. “Enjoy us, Lynlee. Nothing has changed. Everything is still the same. Relax, honey.”

But Carlisle was wrong.

This wasn’t identical to any experience she’d enjoyed in the past. This moment was like an aphrodisiac, a remarkable memory-in-the-making she wanted to frame, permanently record for later instant recall. Oh, God, yes, this hour trumped all others. Surely the foreplay surpassed all life’s precious moments, even though they moved rather quickly toward the end. The connection she wanted established was nearly complete.

Her gaze swept over one handsome man after the next, settling on Lantry. He teased her, tantalized her with the taste of him, the tiny speckle of his lust crowning his engorged head.

Blaine sat next to her. Royce joined them. Carlisle spread her cheeks, parting her ass with the tip of his cock. Lantry claimed her mouth. And Rhett? Rhett shifted his weight and changed his position, his palms flat next to her hips. Lynlee barely had time to prepare for the torpedo Rhett launched, but when his body lowered to hers, she rose to meet him, rolling her hips forward and arching for penetration, anticipating the incredible way he’d fill her.

Rhett’s steely cock parted her folds. He gave one rushed thrust, pounding his way inside her cunt until she was writhing under the weight of his body, her pussy convulsing as he stroked her.

“Ah, Rhett! Right there!”  

“Yes, honey. I know what you like,” Rhett crooned, fucking her like he’d waited long enough, like he’d never stand in the shadows and patiently await his turn again.

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