SWAT Team One and the Social Worker (LoveXtreme)

The Men of Five-0 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 70,606
185 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Paranormal Ménage Romantic Suspense M/F/M/M/M/M, werewolves]

Caught in the middle of a hostage situation, social worker Samantha Gray faces death to help a family in need. When she calls for help, the SWAT Commander and his team of four gorgeous men come to her rescue. These five handsome faces, sexy bodies, and take-charge personalities send her body into sexual turmoil, but she has to resist. She fell in love once and caused her lover’s death. She can’t give in to temptation this time, no matter how desirable the brothers.

The Valdamar brothers are a pack of Alphas hired by the government to keep the peace. They discover their mate, but she refuses to reciprocate their advances. As trouble continues to find her, they lose their patience and decide to take what is theirs and shield her from further harm in the one place she resists—their arms.

Note: This book contains physical abuse of the heroine by the villain.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

Note: Each book in The Men of Five-0 collection is a stand-alone and can be read out of sequence.

A Siren Erotic Romance


SWAT Team One and the Social Worker (LoveXtreme)
185 Ratings (4.5)

SWAT Team One and the Social Worker (LoveXtreme)

The Men of Five-0 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 70,606
185 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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I was on edge the whole time I read. Loved it!
This was a great mix of shifter and special-ops alpha males gone wild. The twists and turns in this kept you moving. I'm very happy to see that Logan and his brothers get the next book. I'll be reading that next!
Lea Barrymire
Professional Reviews

TOP PICK.jpg5 STARS: "SWAT TEAM ONE AND THE SOCIAL WORKER is an explosive start to what's sure to be a fantastic new series by Dixie Lynn Dwyer. It was an intensely captivating ride from beginning to end, and I absolutely could not put it down. It's been two years, and Sam still isn't over the loss of her first love, Alex. She's made a life for herself in New York City as a social worker for the police department, but she still blames herself for his death. So, when she's attracted to not one but five brothers who work on the force-- and are wolf shifters like Alex--she does whatever she can to fight the attraction. Dustin and his five brothers are wolf shifters, and they know that Sam is their mate. They have tried to stay away from her, but when she puts her life in danger, they can't wait another second to claim her. And claim her, they do. However, the life she left behind in Dallas has more consequences than she ever knew. And Sam and her mates have to get some answers before she's taken from them for good. This one had it all. Action, suspense, gripping plot, all sorts of surprises...and YES, really hot sex! These five hot shifter males are all alphas and they are just incredibly yummy. Sam is the perfect mate for them as she's not going to just let them run over her. She starts off a bit timid in the book, but she really grew into quite the alpha female by the end. The secondary characters were amazing as well. Sam's family that she never knew existed, as well as her mates' extended family all added to the world-building that was so wonderfully illustrated by the author. The plot was fantastic. It blended both the shifter and human worlds wonderfully with the premise that shifters work with the government to not only protect the world but to also keep their secrets safe from those who would exploit them. There are a lot of surprises, plots twists and turns, and developments that keep you riveted. Every time I thought I had a handle on things, the author would throw something else in there to make me rethink everything I thought previously. I loved the eroticism of the book. The immediate connection between Sam and her men was also based on months of desire from a distance. And while there is plenty of sex in the book, the plot still continued and was the main focus of the book. It all ended in a HEA that was quite satisfying but left the plot open to future books. This is my first book by Dixie Lynn Dwyer, but I really liked her voice. She wrote in such a way that was real and supernatural all at the same time. I'm looking forward to discovering more of her work." -- Rho, The Romance Reviews

4 CHERRIES: "As a social worker in the Bronx, Samantha Gray was accustomed to dealing with men acting like animals. In a refreshing twist on a paranormal, she is even comfortable with the fact that some men were part animal. Where Samantha’s internal struggle goes for a rollercoaster ride is when she considers the men of Swat Team 1. They are five brothers in the biological sense but, more than that they are teammates in an organization that has made protecting the innocent a way of life. Here lately the “innocent” life that occupies most of their time belongs to one stubborn social worker that happens to be their mate. Dixie Lynn Dwyer is back with a terrific new series for Siren Publishing’s LoveXtreme line and she appears to be making a strategic change in the line's formula that should pay off for its originality alone. Where all of the authors (that I’ve read) have chosen to make their series about a single girl getting to know a group of men over X number of books it would appear that Ms. Dwyer is going to take an organization (SWAT Teams) made up of small groups of men and give each team their own story. That’s pretty exciting because readers are going to get a full length story in each book rather than six or more short stories. Ms. Dwyer is terrifically gifted in writing both paranormal and menage relationships. ST1, as it’s been shortened to on social networking sites, is no exception. The men are every bit as Alpha as fans of Ms. Dwyer have come to expect and the women are independent and stubborn to a fault. Readers will appreciate how Ms. Dwyer differentiates the personalities of the men from each other as well as from the men in her other popular series. The plot is thick and layered but with perfect timing and resolution by the end of this exciting story. One of the hallmarks of Ms. Dwyer’s writing is the ability to translate deep emotions into heart-wrenching dialogue and internal struggles. Samantha’s story begins with a tragedy that weighs on her for a large portion of the book. The reader will feel her pain and soul consuming guilt through Ms. Dwyer’s vivid and detailed language. To counter the emotional grief that Samantha is dealing with you can expect to be swept away by the awe inspiring love and devotion of the Valdamar brothers. It’s there in the way that they look at her, touch her and even in the way they give her grief over getting into trouble. If you’ve never been introduced to the writings of Ms. Dwyer, SWAT Team 1 is a good place to start. This series is sure to bring you back for more and seeking out other books by this incredible storyteller. Pick up a copy today and get lost in the fantastic imagination of the talented Ms. Dixie Lynn Dwyer. You’ll be very glad you did."-- Honeysuckle, Whipped Cream Reviews

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“Get inside with the baby, Brandy,” Charles stated as he rose from the chair.

She saw him and Howie holding baseball bats behind their backs. This wasn’t good.

Sam grabbed Jimelle and Sienna then hurried them inside the front entrance to the apartment as she pulled out her cell phone.

She hit speed dial to the commander, who knew exactly where she was and who might be nearby to help out.

“Commander, it’s Sam. I’m at Brandy’s, and the ex-boyfriend is on his way over with three other guys, and he doesn’t look happy.”

“Shit, Sam! What do you think?”

“I think we both know the guy’s an asshole with a temper and a record. I believe the three shits he’s with are waving their colors. I’m getting the family inside of the apartment, but Charlie and Howie are out there, and they’re old.”

“I got someone on their way. They’ll be there in less than five. What gang?”

“Bloods. Hurry.”


Sam hung up just as they entered the third-floor apartment and locked the doors.

“What do we do? What will he do to the baby?” Brandy asked, crying as she held the infant in a death grip. Benny was only four months old.

Sam started to give orders.

“Sienna, start putting some stuff in front of that door to block it.” Before Sam could finish, they heard shots being fired outside.

Sienna looked out the window then screamed.

“They shot Charles!”

Sam’s heart was pounding in her chest. She needed to keep calm. Help was on the way.

“Sienna, get away from that window, and do like I told you to do!”

“Brandy, loosen your hold on the baby. You’re going to squeeze him to death.”

Sam touched the baby’s cheek, trying to calm his crying, then touched Brandy’s shoulder.

“It will be okay. Help is on the way.”

Brandy shook her head.

“He’ll kill us all. He said he was going to kill us. Told me if I didn’t let him back in my life, he was going to kill us all. He said his real family is the gang anyway. He’s going to kill us.”

“Mommy, I’m scared,” Jimelle stated as he began to cry.

“Jimelle, I want you to go into your room.”

Suddenly, there was banging on the door, and both Sienna and Brandy screamed. Sam could hear Myers Lewis yelling.

“Jimelle, I want you to go into your room, get into the closet, and cover yourself up with all the clothes and blankets in there. Do not make a sound. No matter what you hear going on in here, do not make a sound, and do not come out, you hear?” Sam asked as she held him by the shoulders. She felt horrible and sick to her stomach, but she had to try and save their lives if this madman made it into the apartment.

Brandy cried and told her son to do as Samantha said, so he ran into the room and disappeared.

“I know you’re in there, woman! I know that cracker is in there, too. You’re both dead if you don’t open this door now!” he yelled.

“Brandy, give Benny to Sienna.  Let them hide in the other closet in case Myers breaks in before the police come.”

Brandy cried, and Sam could hear the sirens in the distance. The police were on their way. They heard the numerous bangs against the door. He was trying to break in.

“Go, Sienna! Take Benny and hide in the other closet. Keep the baby quiet, and don’t come out, no matter what you hear,” Sam whispered with her teeth clenched, trying to get Sienna to move.

Sienna shook her head in fear.

“Do it!” Sam repeated and demanded that she go.

Brandy kissed Benny then Sienna as the tears flowed from her eyes.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too, Mamma.”

“Sam, please save us,” Sienna cried as she took Benny and hurried into the other room to hide with Jimelle.

Brandy grabbed on to Sam and cried against her.

“I’m right here, and I’m not leaving you.” Sam swallowed hard as the door began to creak and crack from the impact of hits to it.

Sam’s phone rang, and she flipped it open to answer it.

“We’re here. What’s the situation?”

Dustin. She would recognize his voice anywhere. Her heart instantly pounded in response, and her legs nearly buckled with relief in hearing his voice. He was Lieutenant of a SWAT team, her neighbor, and one of five men she knew she could never have.




Sam felt Trey move in behind her. He kissed her neck, and she reached behind her to caress his cheek. She twirled her fingers into his dark brown hair and yanked at him to suck harder against her neck. She wanted more.

Dustin placed her feet on the ground, and Trey pulled her backwards toward the bed. Now Donny moved around behind her. She sensed him as Trey turned her around to straddle Donny on the bed.

They locked gazes.

“Hi,” she whispered.

“Hi,” he replied then closed his eyes as she grasped his cock and began to slide her hand up and down the shaft.

She lifted her rear, needing them inside her to make love to her. She was wet and ready as she aligned Donny’s cock with her pussy and slowly took him inside of her.

Sam rocked her hips as Trey took position behind her, kissing her shoulders, her back, and then her rear. She grabbed on to Donny’s chest. She loved the feel of his muscles beneath her fingertips and the way his bright green eyes held her gaze.

“I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you, too,” she replied.

“I love you, as well,” Trey whispered as he placed his mouth against her neck and shoulder then slowly pushed his cock through the tight rings of her back entrance.

Sam moaned, closed her eyes, and rocked between her two lovers.


* * * *


“You feel incredible, mate. You’re so tight, so wet for us,” Trey stated through clenched teeth as he pushed her forward against Donny’s chest, getting deeper penetration.

Donny kissed her lips and held her to him. When he released her lips, he turned her to the right, and she smiled when she saw Kyle. He held his cock in his hand and locked gazes with her. He was so handsome. So incredibly sexy with his chiseled muscles and authoritative expression. If he issued an order, she would do exactly as he said.

“In that case, I want that wet, sexy mouth wrapped around my cock…now,” he demanded as he cupped her head and pulled her closer.

She licked her lips then took him inside her, licking across his shaft then devouring the pre-cum from the mushroom top.

Together the three of them developed and synched their strokes. She relaxed between them, letting her men set the pace and bring her to orgasm.


* * * *


“I can’t hold back. She’s so tight,” Trey roared as he pumped faster into her then exploded inside her. She moaned around Kyle’s cock then felt him tighten and release his essence as he roared. She swallowed quickly, taking all of him as Donny thrust up into her. He held her hips and rapidly thrust up and down until they both exploded together.

She released Kyle’s cock in order to breathe, and he collapsed next to Donny on the bed. Slowly, Trey pulled from behind her then moved around to cup her cheek and give her a kiss.

Sam hugged Donny, kissing his chest and loving the feel of her men around her.


* * * *


A few moments passed when Trey, Donny, and Kyle moved off the bed and Adam and Dustin took their place.

Dustin lay down on the bed and pulled her on top of him. He grabbed her hair and gently yanked on it.

She giggled at his playful antics then lifted her rear and took his thick cock between her legs. Slowly, while she held his gaze and pulled on his nipples, she took him inside of her.

Dustin in return cupped her breasts and gave her nipples a similar treatment, causing her to orgasm and pant.

“You have to be able to take what you dish out, wolf,” he teased her, and the fact that he called her wolf made her giddy with excitement.

Then she felt Adam behind her as his hands joined Dustin’s in torturing her breasts.

Sam reached her arms back over her head to touch Adam and feel his strong, firm cheeks beneath her palms. She didn’t have to look directly at him to imagine his facial expression. She knew the look of desire in his deep brown eyes, along with the trembling vein against his temple that always gave away his fight for control. She did that to him, and the thought empowered her.

Adam licked along her neck, then down her spine as his hands caressed her curves. Dustin continued to thrust up into her.

When Adam’s lips met her crevice, Sam pressed forward against Dustin and kissed him. They battled for control over the kiss as Adam pressed his cock to her back entrance.

Dustin released her lips and held her face between his hands. He locked gazes with her. “I love you.”

She smiled as she stilled her body with Dustin’s cock deep into her.

“I love you, too,” she replied softly, but panting with anticipation. Adam was pushing deeper through the tight rings.

She lifted her rear and pressed her face closer to Dustin as he and Adam filled her completely.

They were both deep inside her as she lay still between them.

The men began to rock against her, each penetrating more than her body, but also her soul.

She lost focus for a moment as the thought sprung to mind that they were all content and fully bonded.

They must have heard her thoughts as Dustin pulled out a little and Adam pressed fully inside of her.

She lifted up and met her men thrust for thrust as they chanted her on.

Her breasts bounced up and down, her belly clenched and tightened. She felt herself begin to experience tiny explosions of relief, but she still wasn’t there yet.

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