Good Horses, Fast Cars and Real Men (MFMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 89,604
70 Ratings (4.6)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, Consensual BDSM, sex toys]

Nate, Brett and Matt Kelly desired one girl and one girl only until she disappeared from their lives, leaving a wake of shattered dreams.

Fourteen years later, Jade Douglas returns a broken shell of a woman, hiding from the past, struggling to build a future on the dilapidated horse stud her father left her. The Kelly brothers see her return as the answer to their dreams. Jade sees them as a threat to the brittle, protective walls she has built around her.

Nate is overbearing and protective but always her safe harbor. Darkly sensual Brett holds the key to her submission. Big Matty has a body to die for and a heart to live by.

But are they enough to heal her?

After false starts, emotional breakdowns, torrid erotic experiences, and a journey of sensual self-discovery, Jade finds her place in life amid good horses, fast cars, and real men.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Good Horses, Fast Cars and Real Men (MFMM)
70 Ratings (4.6)

Good Horses, Fast Cars and Real Men (MFMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 89,604
70 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
A brilliant storyline and characters.
This is a debut novel?
You can taste the sweat and feel the scorching heat of three wonderfully-crafted, gorgeous alpha males. Hotter than hell!
Keep them coming, Kaliana!
Professional Reviews

5 CHERRIES: "Chasing after things you can't catch is for fools and dogs. A fool is one thing Jade Douglas is not. She had given up on catching one of the Kelly boys a long time ago. Returning home after being gone for years to salvage what was left of her father's horse ranch, the last thing she needs is to have to deal with is Nate, Brett, and Matt Kelly. When Nate shows up at the ranch to help the vet check the horses, the embers of heat that have been smoking for fourteen years soon turn to flames and the teasing begins. When Nate heats up Jade's blood, he leaves her high and dry -- basically telling her that if she wants one, she gets them all. Either singly or en masse, that it was up to her. However, the three brothers are not going to leave things to chance and the game of seduction begins. As a horse lover and a lover of real men in my reading selections, the title of this book was the first thing that called to me. I just could not pass up the opportunity to find out what was between the cover of the book. Good horses, fast cars, and a green machine called Kermit were nothing compared to the "real men" Nate, Brett, and Matt had become, or the lengths they would go to, to show Jade just how deep their love for her went. The sexual heat in this story is enough to burn the motor up in a fan. However, what really made the book was the differences in the three brothers' personalities and how they brought a different style to the sex scenes and the interaction between themselves and Jade. This book was a hoot and full of laughter. I just love the play on words and the banter between the characters throughout the story. It was so good that just as soon as I got to the end I had to turn around and read it again. The characters' personalities and feelings added fire to the heat between the heroine and the heroes. I was surprised that I didn't see smoke come off the pages. For a debut novel it was full of mystery, action, and heat in a beautiful laid out plot, and I am eagerly waiting for the next tale by Ms. Cole." -- Myrtle, Whipped Cream Reviews

4 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "Everyone has secrets in Kaliana Cole's Good Horses, Fast Cars and Real Men, but none more devastating than the 16 year old secrets Jade carries in her heart and mind. Jade inherited a horse farm from her father. Douglas Park has some of the finest show horses in the region but it has fallen into a state of neglect since Jade's father died. Jade ran away from the farm and the Kelly boys right after their father was killed in a mysterious accident. There are a lot of horses that need training in order to be sold to support the operation but there is only Jade to do the work since she can't afford to hire help. The ranch next door is run by the three Kelly brothers. All three of the Kelly men have lusted after Jade since she was a teenager. The youngest brother has recently retired from the military, so he has the time to offer to help Jade get the horses ready. The Kelly brothers' father was an abusive man with a short fuse. One of the brothers shared that uncontrolled temper with his father and he also left home to find an answer to how he can live with the white hot fury always burning inside him. The youngest son joined the military. The oldest brother channeled his energies into running their ranch. They all share the secret of what they have done to end the abusive tendencies in their family. Jade knows what happened to Patrick Kelly but it is a secret she feels she can't share. The weight of her mental anguish tortures her to the point she sought professional help and medication to deal with the profound depression that she experienced. Now, many years later, the depression has returned and she is self-medicating with old prescriptions and that is causing more harm than she realizes. On top of that, Kelly carries marks on her body that can only be interpreted as representing the greatest grief a woman can experience and Nate is determined to get to the bottom of it. The Kelly men decide to try to convince Kelly she needs to share their lives and their beds. She is resistant until she is initiated into some of their kinkier sex practices. Good Horses, Fast Cars and Real Men has some of the hottest sex I've read in a while. Three men, two of whom are uber alphas and one of whom is gentle and kind, plus one horny woman equals a lot of experimentation with sex toys, positions, combinations of partners and panty-wetting descriptions of a ménage gone wild. As much as I enjoyed the sexual shenanigans I was delighted with the plot lines of the horse farm operation, and what Kelly had to do to get the horses in shape to be sold. The story around one very fat palomino horse and his aversion to exercise and diet was hilarious. Who would have thought I could identify with a horse in a romance novel? As for the fast cars in the title, well, there is one but it is not particularly important to the story. One of the brothers is a mechanic so you would think the fast cars would be critical to his story line. Not so much. He has other fish to fry. Kaliana Cole's debut novel, Good Horses, Fast Cars and Real Men is a charmer. I think we'll be hearing a lot more from this talented author and I for one look forward to it." -- Maggie, Dark Divas Reviews

4.5 STARS: "With a title like Good Horses, Fast Cars and Real Men, I knew I had chosen a winner and I wasn’t disappointed! Jade Douglas may have been running from her past for years, but she certainly found a future that would more than make up for it. Ms. Cole magically spun a tale of love amidst overcoming one’s past, a few good horses, a fast car and motorcycle and some studs that definitely qualify as real men. Her development of the heroine, Jade Douglas, and her three hot, yet diverse best friends and lovers set this novel apart from other books with multiple partners. The story of Jade and her troubles trying to turn her inheritance around wasn’t fluff. Instead, it was a well thought out plot with just the right amount of twists and turns mixed in to yield one fantastic read. One by one, the Kelly brothers would set any woman on fire, but together, they are a force to be reckoned with. Their love for Jade literally flies off the pages and long before the story is over, the reader finds herself wanting to jump in and get to know these REAL people. Ms. Cole once again, does not disappoint by providing the reader with a passionate story of life and love with characters who feel as real as you and I." -- Trixie, BlackRaven's Reviews

4.5 CUPS: "Good Horses, Fast Cars, and Real Men gives you everything. Three super sexy men who are so different and so much a part of this book you would miss them when they’re not there. Nate, I love for how familiar he was with Jade and the love he feels for her comes natural. Brett is a true dominant and the passion between them is flaming, some super hot sex scenes with him. Matt is adorable, every bit the younger brother but also tempting to Jade. All these men have so much quality and they really do deliver. Jade is not your typical female, she fights for what she wants and I love how the author shut her off from feeling anything sexual for all the men and allowed her to deal with her own problems. The men in this story had to deal with going from being the number one focal point to being on the back burner. Absolutely fantastic read and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of these characters. The emotional aspects of the story really add to the depth of characters and their growing feelings towards each other. The intense physical attraction between them helped to understand their love for one another and why they fought it when they were younger. A highly recommended read. With three hunky men, a head strong woman, horses and fast cars." -- An Open Book, Coffee Beans and Love Scenes

4.5 STARS: "Most women look for a man who can commit to her, cherish her, and be there for her whenever she needs him. Jade has three such men—the three cowboy brothers who live next to her stud farm. They’ve been in love with her for years, and she with them, but 14 years ago, she left without a word, and the brothers have been waiting for all that time for her to return. Now she’s back, running the stud farm by herself and they want her back. There is Alpha Nate the healer and minder, Dominant Brett the wild boy of temper tantrums barely controlled, and Sweet Matt just out of the service. All are ready to settle down with a good woman, and that woman is Jade. She takes all three of them on both sexually and verbally, but will she finally commit to them wholly? There are things in Jade’s past that the brothers know nothing about, and they’re going to have to heal Jade before she’ll trust them fully enough to marry them. But if they ever do break through her depression and fear, the resulting ménage a quatre, is earth shattering. A fine example of what depression can do to a relationship, and how love and patience can win out in the end. Loved Good Horses, Fast Cars, and Real Men. Loved the characters, loved how each man pulls something hidden out of Jade’s psyche, so that she realizes her full potential as a woman, lover, friend." -- Alberta, Manic Readers

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Nate licked an apology over a perfect rendering of his teeth marks marring her skin, hiding an anticipatory smile that would have done a tiger proud. It seemed his little darlin’ liked a little pain with her pleasure.

He stood straighter, allowing her to turn in his arms. She reached up and caught the ultrafine hair at his nape that licked along his collar and pulled his head to within her reach. Nate reveled in the look of total abandon on her face as he slowly yielded to her silent demands.

This first deliberate kiss between them had been half their lifetime in the making. He was not going to let her rush him now.

Their lips met softly, tasting and testing their fit. With a growl, Nate gently licked into her mouth, catching her gasp of pleasure and returning her breath with a muttered curse as he felt her tongue come to stroke along his.

Finesse flew out the window, along with most of his self-control, as he fell into the kiss, their tongues dueling and teeth nipping as they sought to slake the hunger of years. The heat of her whiskey-flavored mouth had nothing on the fire burning through his soul. He clutched at the ragged remains of his self-control and held on for dear life.

Her kiss was enough to send a man insane. She fell into it with total abandon, stoking the flames higher with her uninhibited passion. Swollen breasts were rasping against his chest, even as the little vixen rubbed her mound against whatever purchase she could find on his lean, muscular thighs.

It was the realization that she was driving herself toward orgasm that had the predatory male within him stepping up to take charge. There was no way she was getting an orgasm unless it was at his hand and not before she decided to accept the Kelly brothers as a whole package.

As good as it was, it was time to throw some ice on the proceedings. “Does this mean I should call Brett and tell him to come on over?”

He felt a little smug that it took more than a few seconds for the meaning of his words to sink through the passion-drugged haze she floated in.

“Huh, what? No!”

“Just imagine it, darlin’. One of us could be going down on that greedy pussy of yours while the other kissed you and played with those neglected nipples.”

Nate teased the stiff points with the back of his knuckles. He watched Jade’s head loll back as her body reacted to both the imagery he presented and his teasing caress. “Two cocks to pleasure you, four hands to touch you, and two tongues to do whatever you desire. We don’t scare easy, darlin’. Whatever your fantasy, we can make it happen.”

 He was more than a little disappointed to see her pull free of the sensual web he had spun. She moved away from him. “Go home, Nate.”

“Sure, darlin’.” He stepped in closer once more. “Just one more thing.”

He grabbed her hand in one of his and fisted the other in her mass of blonde hair, bringing her captured hand to rest along the ridge of his erect cock. “There is only thing that makes me happy about leaving you in this state, darlin’. When I’m jerking this off tonight, thinking about all the things we could be doing right now”—he pressed her hand harder against his rampant flesh before kissing her palm—“I know you will be doing the same damn thing.”

He kissed her hard, a real stamp of possession, before walking away. At the gate he whistled for the dog, but Gypsy merely cocked one eye before going back to sleep.

He muttered something about a traitor as he fired up the truck and drove off, but a sight in the rearview mirror made him smile.

Like a puppet with the strings cut, Jade sat down before she fell down.




Through heavy lashes she watched her hand slide over Matt’s heavily muscled shoulder. Her fingers played over the tribal tattoo that decorated that side of his mouthwatering body. The contrast of her pale hand against the dark ink was electrifying, a visual feast.

Her eyes were drawn to the other side where blazing blue fire burned into them as teeth closed menacingly over her ruched nipple. She watched him hungrily, knowing Brett would never hurt her any more than she wanted to be hurt.

He lifted his head and kissed a line up her neck to nibble at her ear. “What do you want tonight, sweet?”

Jade knew what she wanted. She just hoped she was ready for it now. “I want Nate, but I don’t know if I can.”

 “Leave it to me.” He breathed, nipping along her neck.

She heard the bedside table drawer slide but paid it no mind. Brett kissed his way down her body where he supplanted Nate at her molten core. The eldest brother crawled to her head, his blue gaze showing its love of the look of total pleasure on her face.

She reached for him, bringing his prodigious organ within reach of her flickering tongue. She began to fellate him, as lazily and unhurriedly as he had gone down on her. Not in pursuit of orgasm but for the enjoyment of the act.

She restrained a gasp when she felt a slick coldness against her ass. Apparently, Brett had retrieved some lube from the drawer. By the smile she glimpsed, he knew exactly how cold it was, too.

The icy shock was quickly forgotten as he placed his pursed lips over her clit and began to work the lube into her ass. He only sucked enough to keep her steadily building as he massaged both thumbs into her star, stretching and relaxing the muscles. She fought not to squeeze down and trap the tantalizing digits, knowing that the more he stretched her, the more chance she had of finally conquering Nate’s great endowment.

Nate’s hands caressed her face, pushing the hair back from her face as she made love to his cock. Her tongue, lips, and teeth all caressed his length. She noticed his gaze was drawn to the ring nestled on her finger where her hand wrapped him. His satisfaction was a sight to behold. Jade felt like a final piece was in place. Her love for him was truly complete. She poked her tongue into the little slit that gave up its salty tang once more before pulling back. Brett had her as ready as she had ever been. “I want you, Nate. Now, please.”

Brett moved away as Nate positioned himself in the cradle of her hips, coming back to reclaim the breast that his greedy little brother had commandeered.

Jade surprised Nate, drawing her knees up high and reaching down to clasp him. He had clearly expected her to lead him into the willing portal of her dripping pussy, but he found himself rather more rearward than that. “You don’t have to,” he assured her, his eyes telling her he did not want another failure to mar this special night.

“I want to.” Her eyes slid shut as she concentrated on introducing his wide head to the well-lubed rim beneath it. Millimeter by millimeter she fed it in, feeling every miniscule increment of progress as she stretched around him. Brett made it easier for her, sliding a hand down to tweak her clit as Matt rolled both nipples between his fingers. All eyes, male eyes, were locked on the feminine hand feeding the big, blood-darkened cock into her tight hole.

This time there was no blinding pain to make her pull away. Onward he slid, the head passing through the tightest part smoothly. Jade took a deep breath to relax the muscles as they wanted to clamp down and enjoy the burn of impalement. He slid in farther.

Her eyes lifted to see Nate looking at her in what could only be described as awe. He gave a small movement, a gentle retreat and advance. Jade’s head rolled as all the pleasures bombarded her senses.

Encouraged, Nate kept up the gliding motion as her body welcomed him at its own pace, not forcing anything. Her hand stole down to supplant Brett’s. Brett gave way to her greater experience, once again reclaiming her breast.

Jade lifted her body into Nate’s rhythm, meeting him as her fingers drove her on to climax, feeling the contractions in her womb as the fingers at her nipples bordered on cruel.

This was what she had wanted. To give herself without reserve to the man who meant so much to her, who had always meant so much to her.

He was holding too much back from her. She needed him to be as crazy as her for her to come. His steely restraint just wasn’t doing it. “Harder, Nate. You feel so good. I just need a bit more.” Her voice was breathy and raw as she entreated him to let loose his control.

Eyes of steely blue watched her carefully as he started to thrust in earnest, not making her take the lot but giving her what he would hard and fast.

Her cries rose as she raced toward orgasm. Nate forged faster and harder. She could feel her rim tug at him as he withdrew nearly all the way with each stroke. “You feel so damn tight around me, darlin, grabbing me like a fist. I can’t wait to feel you come. Come for me, Jade. Let me feel your ass squeeze me.”

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