Her Gentle Giant, Part 1: No Regrets (MF)

Divine Creek Ranch 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 98,907
152 Ratings (4.6)

[#283 Siren Everlasting Classic: Erotic Contemporary Cowboy Romance. This is an M/F romance; the main love story is between Rachel and Eli. This book also includes a second love story with several "follow-up" M/F/M menage scenes involving the heroine and the heroes from Divine Grace, who now play secondary characters.]

Eli Wolf provides security at The Dancing Pony Nightclub in Divine, Texas. He’d like to provide security and a whole lot more for the beautiful and voluptuous Rachel Lopez. Rachel is attracted to this cross between a huge Viking and Indian warrior brave, but knows her jealous nature will keep them from being happy together. Can she compete with the women who flock to him like moths to a flame at the nightclub?

When her apartment burns down, Eli is determined to make her a permanent houseguest. Can she deny the attraction she feels when he’s always made it abundantly clear she’s the only woman he wants? Tragedy strikes, and Eli and Rachel are forced to relive painful memories from their pasts. Eli proves he’s willing to do what it takes to protect and avenge her, and Rachel discovers the inner woman who longs to live life with no regrets.

NOTE: You are purchasing Part 1: No Regrets of Her Gentle Giant. This purchase does not include Part 2: Remember to Dance.     Part 2 is the conclusion of Her Gentle Giant and will be available for purchase on Thursday, December 23rd.


A Siren Erotic Romance

Heather Rainier is a Siren-exclusive author.


Her Gentle Giant, Part 1: No Regrets (MF)
152 Ratings (4.6)

Her Gentle Giant, Part 1: No Regrets (MF)

Divine Creek Ranch 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 98,907
152 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
It's amazing that the massive word count just flies by when you are reading Heather Rainier's work. And this is only part one!

This ends on the best cliff hager!
Professional Reviews

4 RAVENS: "Her Gentle Giant, part # 1 is one of my top 10 favorite romances. Thank you Ms. Rainier for giving us Eli and Rachel. The chemistry between Eli and Rachel is off the charts. They struggled to achieve what both their hearts wanted. Rachel Lopez is a strong, independent woman, who is head over heels infatuated with Dancing Pony’s new bouncer Eli Wolf. Her own self-doubts put this budding romance in jeopardy. Eli Wolf a huge hottie with a heart of gold. He comes to Divine through a job opportunity as a bouncer and some added muscle. He is new to Divine, but one thing he has noticed is that Divine is not short on breath taking women. There is one woman that caught his interest and that’s Rachel. We meet Eli and Rachel in book #1, Divine Grace, so Her Gentle Giant is part one of their story. Ms. Rainier left us with a wonderful lead-in to part #2. I cannot wait to see what’s in-store is for these two and the town of Divine. Ms. Rainier has once again given us a story that will have our hearts soring!! Heather Rainer is anything but predictable. The most challenging thing for me reading her books is putting them down once I get started." -- Lace, BlackRavens Reviews

4 ANGELS: "This is my first encounter with Heather Rainier and I must say, I'm impressed. Her Gentle Giant was passionate and tantalizing, while also remaining emotional and sweet. I was completely crazy for Eli. This tenderhearted man gained my love and allegiance from the very start. His love and devotion to Rachel grabbed at my heart and never let go. Rachel was a strong woman: completely aware of her shortcomings and more than willing to own up to them. Her willingness to trust in Eli's love in spite of her tendency to be jealous really made me love her. I applaud Rainier's ability to go against stereotypes of full-figured women and prove that they could be sensual and desirable. Her Gentle Giant was a truly charming book and I definitely plan to get acquainted with the rest of her Divine Creek Ranch series." -- Tara, Fallen Angel Reviews

4 STARS: "This story is just pure romance. It is very erotic but there are some very fun scenes, lots of authentic friendship and caring from Rachel & Eli's families, good friends who are counselors to them individually and together, and which give the reader a sense of community that forms the context of this story. Eli & Rachel's relationship is hot from the very beginning, yet they are not living apart from those who are important to them. There are some struggles and an accident that puts Rachel's life in critical danger. All through the difficult times their love is sustained by Eli's faith in Rachel, their innate goodness, and his confidence that together they can meet any challenge. This is also a story about the futility of jeolousy, and as Eli helps Rachel work through her fears and insecurities about herself, she slowly finds strength to deal with her jeolousy. She also comes to realize that Eli is a man who can be trusted and whose all-consuming love for her leaves no room for anyone else. This story is classified as "erotic contemporary cowboy romance" and that is exactly what it is. But it is, at its core, a beautiful love story and how that relationship allowed both Eli and Rachel to become better people than even they dreamed of becoming. That's the kind of love we all hope to have at some time in our lives." -- Dr J's Book Place

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The cutoffs Rachel was wearing today were shorter than the ones she’d worn yesterday, so Eli was getting a great view of upper thighs and maybe even a little ass cheek. Giving free rein to her naughty side, she lifted up on her tiptoes in her little thong sandals.

How’s this for an invitation to a spanking, big boy?

Surely he knew she was aware of him charging across the little lawn over to her. She glanced at him again through her shades and kept her face carefully passive, shivering with anticipation at the feral intent in his gray eyes. If she didn’t know him for the sweet, gentle giant that he was, she would have been tensed up and shaking in her…sandals, she supposed. As it was, her body loosened and relaxed, more moisture flooding her cunt as she braced herself in anticipation of whatever he had planned for her.  She yelped loudly as his hands grasped her hips hard, then the collision of his big hard body against hers pressed her to the warm fender of her car.

“Doing a man’s work again, angel?” he grated in mock anger at her as she braced herself over the air filter. She grinned devilishly. This was how he wanted to play it? Awesome!

“Hey! Anyone could change their own oil!” she hollered back as she struggled against him and tried to back away from the warm fender, rubbing against his rock-hard erection.

“Maybe. But not just anyone looks the way you do right now with this beautiful body on display for the whole world to see.” He gently shoved her back against the fender.

“There’s no one around.”

“Anyone could see as they drive by.”

 “We live at the end of a dead end!” she growled trying not to laugh as he rubbed his cock against her denim-covered ass. This is freaking fun!

 “That’s beside the point. You could hurt yourself working on your car while no one is home. No one would know if you needed help.”

“That’s bullshit. How am I gonna hurt myself changing my—”

Also beside the point.” He gripped her ass cheeks again and then yanked her hips to him hard. “What if you did hurt yourself with no one around, and how about the way you put yourself on display with no one around to keep you safe from strangers? That’s two ways you’ve endangered your safety.”

“Huh?” Where is he going with this?

Eli elaborated. “Ethan says that if Grace puts her safety in jeopardy knowingly, she gets a spanking. He lights her little bottom up until it’s a glowing bright pink.”

A shiver raced over her skin. She so loved Ethan right now! “All I did was—” she began in a very sassy tone. Maybe sassing him would get her a few extra swats.

“You got two strikes against you already, Rachel. Ethan says back-talking him gets Grace extra licks.”

Ooooh. Extra licks sound good.   

In a very sassy tone, Rachel retorted, “Ethan can kiss my ass.”

Oops! Looks like my ass is grass and Eli’s the lawnmower!

She thought that Eli did well at adopting a shocked tone. “Cursing from those pretty lips, Rachel? Such a shame. More sassing and foul language. That’s definitely extra licks.” He pulled her to a standing position. He bent, put his shoulder to her hips, and lifted her over his shoulder. She squealed loudly and tried not to giggle, much. She beat on his back with her fists and struggled to be put down. He gave her a solid pop on her bottom that didn’t even sting a little.

“Oh, come on. Is that the best you can do, you big brute?” she sniped.

He mounted the steps to her porch, barged through her apartment, and dumped her on her bed. His sheer strength was breathtaking, and she could have sworn she experienced a small orgasm.

Without giving her a chance to brace herself or get her balance, he swiped the thongs from her feet and yanked at the button on her cutoffs. She struggled to turn away from him, determined to not make it easy for him, but he got the button undone and the zipper down as she tried to get her long hair off her sweaty face. He yanked the cutoffs down her legs, and she allowed him a split second to appreciate the little G-string she wore. It was pink with little skull and crossbones printed all over it. It was cute because all the skulls were pink and had little bows on top. Very girly. She could tell he liked it a lot because he was careful not to rip it as he tore it from her body in the next split second.

“Careful, that’s my favorite!” She howled as it shot across the room and landed on the curtain rod.

“Ordering me around? You really want to add to the list of offenses?”

“Offenses my ass! I’m the one offend—Hey!” she yelled as he gently but firmly grasped her around the waist and slung her torso over his knees.

“When Grace misbehaves, Ethan says he puts her right over his lap, like this.” He methodically got her into position. Her head and upper body dangled over his thigh, and her ass was within his easy reach.  He spread his legs a bit until her mound was seated firmly against his thigh and spread her thighs enough that she was sure he could see her sopping wet pussy lips between her legs. She was barely balanced on her tiptoes.

Rachel bit her bottom lip as another thrill shot through her when his big hand rubbed hard over her bottom, barely tracing over her parted pussy lips.

Struggling again for good measure, she said, “Ethan can kiss my ass, and so can you, Eli. Don’t you dare—Ow!” She screeched as his big hand came down over the fleshy part of her ass cheek. That stung a little. “Is that the best you can do, you big bully?”

Her ass began to warm against his palm. When he popped the other cheek, the sting was followed by a tingling, warming sensation. Ooooh, she adored Ethan. Eli must have taken notes.

She wiggled her ass, careful to keep her mound pressed against his thigh as he popped her again, this time on the other cheek in a new spot. Each smack sent a thrill to her clit and reduced her struggles until she could barely move for the pleasure she experienced. She forgot she was supposed to be struggling. She shrieked in surprise when the next pop made contact with her outer lips.

The next light tap landed full on her pussy, and she moaned in ecstasy. A few more light pats landed on her ass then a few more to her pussy that were more like light thumps that vibrated through her clit. His hand sounded wet as he spanked her again, and she knew she must be leaking. She heard his guttural growl and felt his erection at her waist.

The thudding vibration of each tap sent her higher and higher until she was moaning and crying out from the little bite of pain mixed with pleasure. 

His other hand slid down to gently part her lips. She opened her mouth to gasp in surprise and wailed instead when the next few light taps made direct contact with her clit. The tension increased, and her back arched more with each impact. On the third tap, she screamed and came hard, undulating on his lap as he rubbed her clit, helping her ride the pulsing waves before she melted against him. When she came back to herself, he was rubbing and caressing her ass. She even felt his lips kissing her there.

“Oh, Eli.” She sighed blissfully, lying limp over his thighs. His hands smoothed down the backs of her thighs then up to gently massage her ass again. He was silent as he let her slip to her knees. Her ass throbbed and tingled. She rested her forehead on his thigh for a second and caught her breath.

When her strength returned, she climbed into his lap and looped her arms around his neck. She straddled him and laid her head against the juncture of his throat and shoulder. With her warmed face buried there, she found the button to his jeans and unzipped the fly and pushed them down with a little help.

Lifting up, she positioned his rock-hard, weeping erection at the entrance to her pussy and sat down hard on him, making them both cry out. She lifted her chin and looked into his eyes, holding his cheeks in her hands as she rode him. Eli groaned loudly when she gripped him with her pussy muscles and bounced up and down on his cock. She brought them both to a quick, simultaneous, exploding rush of pleasure. He surged into her depths, filling her to the brim with his cum.

“Damn.” He nuzzled her throat, kissed his way to her jaw, then behind her ear, sending goose bumps zinging over her flesh. “You all right?” he asked as he caressed her tingling butt.

“Uh-huh.” She melted against his warm, muscular frame, his cock still deep inside her. She was completely content to stay there with him like that for a few minutes. He gently tipped her chin and looked down into her eyes and smiled playfully, his eyes warm with love for her.

“I suppose that will teach you to misbehave.”

“Yes, it will. I’ll be misbehaving all the time, if that’s what I can expect.” She chortled. He rubbed her ass gently.

“Your ass is a nice bright pink and hot, too.”

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