The Werewolf with the Dragon Tattoo (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,018
10 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]

Conner McCarthy is a human with some odd tattoos, and a secret. He's mated to and very in love with a werewolf. The problem is that his home village is filled with people who hunt and kill werewolves, but Jules Roux is not a wild werewolf, and just when he makes the decision to finally leave with his mate, they are found and captured by Conner's jealous village leader. When Jules accidentally infects Conner with the werewolf gene, that's when his tattoos begin acting very strangely.

Jules is an alpha who wants nothing more than to take his mate home and keep him safe, but that's going to have to wait, as they must work together to battle against the humans who want revenge against them both, and figure out whether or not the thing that's also inside of him will want to kill him as well before they can discover what it really is.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Werewolf with the Dragon Tattoo (MM)
10 Ratings (4.5)

The Werewolf with the Dragon Tattoo (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,018
10 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Where have you been?” he gasped when Jules pulled away, just long enough to squeeze his massive shoulders through Conner’s window.

Then he was inside, standing a full head taller than Conner was, and Conner was wrapped up in him again.

He opened his mouth to Jules’s tongue, desperate for that contact. Conner was still wearing his jeans, but his chest was bare against Jules’s, and he could feel the column of the man’s erect dick against his hip as they were pressed so tightly together.

“Sorry,” Jules said through his kisses. “Something the pack.”

Conner almost didn’t catch that as he struggled to get out of his pants. It was really pathetic how hard it seemed, especially since he wasn’t even wearing a belt.

Then those words did register, and he stopped. “Is everyone okay?”

Conner didn’t know much about Jules’s pack, other than they weren’t wild werewolves, and they even hunted wild werewolves like some of the people in the werewolf district did.

Conner hadn’t known civilized werewolves could exist, but Jules had offered to teach him as much about his pack beforehand, so that Conner could make the choice of going with him himself, on his own time.

After the ache he felt in his heart from being separated for three weeks with no contact, Conner thought he was ready to tell the man that he was willing to go with him to his pack.

It wasn’t like he had family or friends here anyway.

“Yeah. I guess. There’s just some weird shit going on. Nick, the pack leader, had to take some of the men and leave. This all happened after I saw you last, but they’ve gone into the vampire district to take care of some stuff with a new wolf.”

Conner shivered. He was glad that Jules hadn’t been forced to go on that journey. “I guess that means you had to stay with your pack and take care of them?”

Conner had learned to like the way Jules’s pack worked. They took care of each other, much the same way that the human villages did, though from what Jules had told him, his pack did a better job of it than The Wolf’s Head Village did.

“Yeah. That other alpha, Ilya, his name was, who went to the vampire district with Nick and several of the other wolves, left behind some wolves from his own pack. They suddenly got restless. It’s hard to describe, but they’re skittish now in a way wolves get when their alphas die.”

Conner’s eyes widened, and even though he’d never met Jules’s alpha, he couldn’t help but feel worried for the man, especially since he had such an impact on the safety of the werewolves in his pack.

Jules spoke again before Conner could say anything, and he rubbed Conner’s arms soothingly. “Don’t worry about Nick. That’s part of why I had to stay away for a bit. Ilya’s wolves are skittish and scared, but the wolves from my pack aren’t. We think Nick is alive, but that leaves the question of why would he be alive and Ilya dead. Some of Ilya’s wolves have been muttering that maybe he was killed, and we’ve been having some trouble keeping them in line without a proper alpha.”

And Jules had told Conner about what happened to werewolves who didn’t have proper leadership. Some of them turned wild, their animal sides not only taking control, but becoming mindless in their panic and rage for everything.

It was the reason why his village, and every other human village in the werewolf district, hunted and feared werewolves, because they were under the impression that all the werewolves were wild and dangerous.

Conner didn’t know how to tell them that such was not the case without giving away Jules’s existence, or being tried and executed as a sympathizer, especially since he was mated to a werewolf.

“Didn’t you once tell me that it wasn’t good for a mated wolf to stay away from his mate because that same thing could happen?”

Jules got that cute, guilty smile back on his face. Conner suspected that he was one of a few people in the world who could look at Jules’s face and think he was cute, but there it was.

“That’s true, to an extent. You and I have already claimed each other, so we can be separated for longer amounts of time before I so much as start to feel the effects, but after three weeks...yeah, I’ve been getting jittery.”

“You’re not the only one,” Conner said with a grin, and he reached down and palmed Jules’s hard and heavy dick.




“Fuck me,” Conner said, his voice rough, as though he’d been saying those words several times already and Jules was only now tuning in.

Who was Jules to deny him that command?

“Where’s your lube?” he asked, his fingers dipping down Conner’s tattooed back, the flesh there slightly rougher than the rest of his body, and all the way to the crack of his ass before slipping within and—

Jules stopped. “What the—?”

Conner was grinning at him in the dim lighting of the room. “I’ve been getting myself ready for you every week now. I’m glad you’re here tonight to enjoy it.”

The thought of Conner putting his fingers inside of himself, stretching and lubing his asshole for Jules, was almost too much. In fact, it only made Jules more desperate to have him. His inner wolf was actually clawing along the thin walls of his mind that kept them separated, and it had never been so wild before in his life. There was almost no control, and all Jules knew was that he had to mate. He had to reclaim his mate. Now.

Jules had to quickly flip him over onto his back, and Conner quickly spread his legs wide so that Jules could settle between them.

He gripped himself by the base of his cock and lined up the sensitive head of his dick with Conner’s stretched hole.

“I fucking love you so much,” he said, sinking inside, slowly at first. He always started off slow. At the moment he was especially glad he was taking his time as Conner’s asshole gripped Jules’s cock like a vice. “You’re so damn tight,” he said with a groan, and then he was finally balls deep within his lover.

Conner sighed, as though that closeness between them was just as much the cause of pleasure as Jules’s cock inside of him. “You haven’t been to see me in a while,” he said.

They were never going to be separated by such long stretches of time ever again. Jules was going to see to that.

He pulled back a little and then thrust forward, listening to the little hitches in Conner’s breath.

Jules couldn’t resist leaning down to nip at his bottom lip. “When we get to my pack,” he said and then really started with the whole push and pull, back and forth motions that got his heart racing and put his orgasm within reach. “I’m going to be inside of you every. Single. Night.”

“Yes,” Conner hissed, thrusting his hips forward and back to create an off rhythm as Jules marked the man as his.

Conner was really going to be his. They didn’t have to hide anymore. Well, not here at least. The pack would allow them to be open with their relationship. All that was left to do was plan their escape and Jules could take Conner away from this hateful village. Maybe he could even get him out of here tonight.

Though he was eager to make those important plans, they weren’t on the forefront of his mind was he was thrusting his cock deeply in and out of his mate’s asshole, and listening to him moan, gasp, and groan, as well as smelling the hot building sweat rising from the both of them.

And that was where his brain stopped working, like it punched its ticket to go on break or something, and his hips, cock, and balls took on a complete mind of their own.

“Oh! Oh God! Jules!” Conner moaned, sounding almost as out of control as Jules felt.

Well, it seemed his brain was still working a little, because he knew that Conner couldn’t be making noise like that. Not that loud and not if they wanted to avoid getting caught.

He solved that problem by kissing Conner deeply, thrusting his tongue within that hot mouth of his and taking in the taste of the other man.

He held on tightly to Conner’s hips as he thrust in and out of the man, pushing his hips forward and back for an even harder friction.

Because of that, Jules found himself struggling to not make as much noise as his mate, even with their mouths connected as they were.

Conner’s fingers were in Jules’s hair now, and the painful yanking went straight to his dick and the most intense pleasure exploded within him.

Holy mother of fuck, he was coming again and there was no stopping it now.

Jules wrapped his hands around Conner’s waist and began to really pound into the smaller man.

He was vaguely aware of Conner’s hand clawing between them to get at his own aching and unattended dick.

Fuck, that should have been Jules taking care of that, but his body was already seizing up as his cock became even longer and harder inside of Conner. The hard surging in his balls started up, and he was coming harder than he’d ever done before in his life.

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