Greatest Fight of All (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,115
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[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA]
Royce “King” Sanders, ex-MMA champion, has faced loss too many times. Not only in his career but with relationships too. Now he has a cynical view on love. So getting involved with his new boss’s daughter is a bad idea. She may be a sexy temptress, but the cost of losing once again makes him back away from her.
Jessy Daniels has been around fighters all of her life. But when she lays eyes on her dad’s new trainer, he sends a jolt of desire through her body and touches her very soul. All she wants is the chance to prove to Royce that she will stand by him when things get tough. Only Royce backs away from her and breaks her heart. 
Will Royce lose out on true love because of what he feels? Or will he realize in time that fighting for Jessy’s love will be his biggest win of all time?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Greatest Fight of All (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Greatest Fight of All (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,115
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Royce Sanders, head trainer for the Daniels Training Camp, gave his boss Jared Daniels a concerned look. They had been working late, going over the schedule for the upcoming week. Jared slammed the phone down hard, muttering under his breath.

“Is everything okay, Jared?”

“No,” Jared yelled, pointing a finger at him. “I blame you for all this drama. I may not have mentioned it to you, but I don’t like drama. If you hadn’t broken my little girl’s heart, she would not have gone out with that playboy. She would be here safe and sound, and not standing in the shittiest part of town.”

Jared’s words made him wince with remorse, but he knew it was true so he stayed silent. He hated being reminded of his mistake with Jessy. He knew getting involved with his boss’s daughter would be trouble, but he had done it anyway. He had tried to deny the strong attraction he felt for Jessy anytime she was around. His cock got hard as a rock whenever she was in the same room with him, but his brain turned to mush. A big pile of useless mush.

A moment of weakness after a few drinks ended up with them having sex in his living room. He had been so turned on he hadn’t even had the finesse to make it to his bedroom. He didn’t know if Jared knew how far his flirtation with Jessy went. Since he was still breathing, he hoped Jared didn’t know much. His boss may have been in his fifties, but he was in damn good shape. Plus, he really liked this job. After a back injury forced him to retire from the fighting circuit, he had felt lost and depressed. Then he met with Jared and had liked his business proposition. Now, training upcoming fighters gave him a purpose again and allowed him to still be involved in a sport he loved.

“I tried to apologize to her, Jared, but she is stubborn,” he said defensively. He knew the blame lay on his shoulders, but he didn’t like the feeling. He never stopped her from flirting with him. In fact, he had soaked in her attention and participated right back. Jessy Daniels was a beautiful woman. What man wouldn’t want to flirt back with her?

“I noticed you two sniffing around each other for months, and I stayed out of it. But you had to go and mess with those tramps that hang around waiting to hook up with any fighter, and you hurt my Jessy,” Jared yelled, his cheeks turning red.

He stopped his tirade and took a deep, calming breath. “Who’s still here? I may need backup.”

Royce stood up, not wanting to get into this sensitive discussion now. He had to fix things with Jessy first. “I’ll go with you, Jared. Sam and Blake are here. They wanted to practice in some peace and quiet.”

Jared grunted, and Royce took that to be an agreement. He missed being on good terms with Jessy. It had been six weeks since that awful scene that ended their friendship. Now if she saw him, she looked at him as if he was a pile of dog shit she had just stepped on. He felt like it too. He missed the days when her beautiful green eyes had sparkled with joy and laughter. She was like a bright flame that burned when you got too close. But damn, the burn had been worth it just to be in her presence. She had a way of bringing him out of one of his dark moods. He got so caught up in the past sometimes and just wanted to stay there in self-pity, but Jessy never let him. Her upbeat personality always managed to make him feel good.

Jared collected Sam and Blake along with Royce, and they all piled up in his large black SUV. Jared sped off, not bothering to pay attention to things like speed-limit signs.

They made it to the store that was about a mile away from the gym in record time, and even if the police had tried to pull Jared over, Royce doubted he would have stopped. Jared loved his only daughter and was fiercely protective of her. This wasn’t the best of neighborhoods. It was ridden with criminal activity and gangs, and now even Royce was feeling anxious, too.

He was sure that the only reason he was still alive after messing things up with Jessy was because they had a full schedule ahead of them. He would like to think Jessy had begged for her dad not to kill him, but he wasn’t sure if that was true or not.

Royce spotted Jessy right away, leaning against the wall with two young-looking men talking to her. He didn’t care if they were just flirting with her or not; he felt a rush of possessiveness overwhelm him. He hated having such conflicting thoughts. He didn’t want to be tied down in a relationship, but he didn’t want other men having her attention either. He was consumed with scary, deep thoughts about this woman, and maybe that was the problem. One night had done nothing to quench the desire between them. They might not speak to each other anymore, but all it took was one glance of her long hair, and he remembered how tightly he gripped it while thrusting into her welcoming body. When he let himself glance at her rounded ass, he regretted not paying attention to it that night. He foolishly thought he would get her out of his system.




After months of desiring Jessy Daniels, he finally had her in his apartment. She stood before him naked as the day she was born, and she was even more beautiful than in his dreams. Her long chocolate-brown hair cascaded over her shoulders, covering her bare breasts. Royce moved the hair back so he could see her full, rounded breasts. His cock grew even harder, if that was possible, at the sight of Jessy. He had imagined it, dreamed of it, but having her right in front of him was so much better. He took the tip of her breast into his mouth, and she groaned. He swirled his tongue around the pink nipple, and her soft moans of pleasure were exciting him. She arched up and clutched his shoulders with her hands, digging her nails into his skin, but he liked it. It drove him wild. He liked knowing he was the one driving her mad with passion.

It encouraged him to suck harder. She must have liked the bite of pain because she arched up, giving him better access to her breast, and the sexy little sounds of pleasure coming from her were such a turn on. He moved his mouth to her other breast. She moved her hands to caress his bare back. He kissed his way down her slim, toned belly and discovered something that surprised him. She had a small colorful butterfly tattooed on her hip. It surprised him. He smiled and kissed it. She had giggled. “Royce, you’re a tease.”

“I like the tattoo, darlin’.” He grinned, looking at her. “Very sexy. Any others?”

“Guess you’ll have to discover that by exploring.” She gave him a sassy smile and he chuckled. That sounded like a great idea and he was all for it. It was like hunting for treasure, and he was the winner no matter what he found.

He opened her thighs and ran his hands softly up and down her skin. Her pussy was glistening with wetness. He leaned down and put his tongue on the center of her slit. He used his fingers to open her up and taste her juices. He loved the sexy little moans she made, and he could quickly get addicted to her taste. Her clit was swollen with need, and he rubbed it softly with the tip of his finger.

“You enjoy torturing me, don’t you?” Jessy’s voice came out choppy and her breathing was labored as if she had been out running. He continued to drive her crazy with his fingers. He wanted to hide her away like a miser so nobody saw what a treasure she was. He shook off those dangerous thoughts. He didn’t want anything heavy with anyone. This was fun, and that was all.

He stood up and pulled his boxers off. His cock sprang free like a prisoner that had been trapped for ages. It was eager and ready. She smiled and licked her lips at the sight of him standing over her. All hard and sexy. He loved her sensuality. Jessy Daniels was one sexy woman, and he planned on exploring every creamy inch of her body.

Her hand reached out for him and she encased his long, thick length in her hand. She rubbed the tip of her finger over the mushroom head, and he sighed with pleasure. There was nothing in this world that could compare to seeing the pleasure in her eyes as she caressed his cock with her hand. She looked up at him with such need and desire in her beautiful green eyes. “I need to taste you, Royce,” she said in a seductive voice. He stepped closer to her, and she opened her mouth, taking his cock in with a moan of happiness. Royce could not hide the small sounds of joy he felt at having her luscious lips around him. It felt so damn good, but he did not want the night to end so soon. He wanted it to last.

He gently pulled out of her mouth and smiled at the way she pouted as if he had just taken her favorite toy. “That feels much too good, minx.”

He positioned himself over her body and opened her thighs widely, hooking one leg over the top of the couch. Jessy seemed eager to feel his cock inside of her. He should take her to his bedroom, but he didn’t want to stop even to walk a few feet away. He felt like he was going to die if he didn’t get inside her body right now. She gave him a sultry smile, letting him know she was ready and willing. He entered her slowly, stretching her skin, and she grabbed on to his shoulder. It felt so incredible, so right and perfect.

He was buried in her and he could feel her muscles gripping his cock. She writhed underneath him and looked into his eyes. She was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. Her cheeks were pink and her green eyes were bright with happiness. He wanted to remember this moment, he wanted to take it slow, but his body had other ideas. He plunged in and out of her and she wrapped her legs around his waist, making sure he didn’t slip away from her. Like that would ever happen, he mused. He sank into her heat, losing more of himself with each movement. She welcomed every thrust, every caress. She touched him and caressed him, and he loved the feel of her hands all over his body.

“I need all of you, Royce. I won’t break, I swear.”

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