Her Red Hood: MMF Fairy Tale Menage Romance

GoBeBi Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 56,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

A girl in search of her first love meets, an untamable wolf shifter, and a hunter who has pledged to rid the forest of wolves. Enemies will become lovers in a sexy love triangle based on the classic fairy tale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.

Redina’s mother has one rule; Red can never be with any of the boys from her village. Luckily, the gorgeous naked stranger she meets on the path to her grandmother’s house isn’t from her village. Red doesn’t know where he’s from. All she knows is that he is the most beautifully broken boy she has ever seen, and she can’t help but fall for him.

It’s too bad that after giving him her riding hood to cover himself, he runs into the woods with it. And it is also too bad that Red’s riding hood is a priceless family heirloom at the center of her mother’s plot to change their family’s destiny.

Unable to return home without it, Red ventures out during a full moon to find it. What she finds instead is forbidden love, wild sex and, a secret that will not only change her future, but the direction of her kingdom.

Out of all of the pack rules that Tem breaks, entering the forbidden territory was the worst. He couldn’t help it. With the full moon approaching, a scent on the wind had aroused his wolf. The scent had been intoxicating, and the woman it was attached too was even more so.

He could never bring anyone like her home to the pack, however. His kind was wild and she was delicate. But, maybe there was another way he could be with her. That is as long as the lone wolf can stay away the hunter who threatened to kill him and wipe out his kind.

Hunter hasn’t had an easy life. His first master cared so little about him that he never even gave him a name. So, when Hunter later meets a boy and falls in love for the first time, his life is reborn… making it even worse when that boy is brutally killed by wolves once again leaving him alone.

Devastated and wrought with pain, Hunter vowed to kill every wolf in the kingdom as revenge. Ten years later, he has almost done that. But, how could he have known that one day he would meet a wolf like Tem? Hating him when they first meet, Hunter quickly learns that there is more to Tem than meets the eye. And with Red, the only woman he has ever loved, begging Hunter to give Tem a chance, their love triangle could change the direction of the kingdom.

With wild days and very steamy nights, ‘Her Red Hood’ is an ultra-high heat, bisexual menage, wolf shifter romance. With explicit MF, MM, MFM and MMF scenes, this standalone story will take you through endless twists and turns before arriving at its not-to-be-missed HEA ending!

Her Red Hood: MMF Fairy Tale Menage Romance
0 Ratings (0.0)

Her Red Hood: MMF Fairy Tale Menage Romance

GoBeBi Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 56,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Redina’s face flushed when she heard the rustling in the brushes ahead of her. By no means was she scared of traveling through the woods. Not even the distance she had to travel to get to her grandmother’s house. But she had to admit that the hand-wringing of her fellow villagers had gotten to her. Wolves had been spotted by the river. Two people in a nearby village had been killed by them. Now, here she was walking in the woods alone.


“It’s nothing, Red,” she told herself refusing to give in to the local hysteria. “You’ve walked this route a thousand times. Besides, the river is in the complete opposite direction. If anything, I’m walking towards safety.”


Hearing her words aloud was enough. She was being ridiculous. She wasn’t the type of girl who was scared to leave her house without the company of a strong man, and she wasn’t about to become one.


So, feeling the heat diminish in her cheeks, she threw her shoulders back, straightened her riding hood, and took a tighter grip of her basket. Taking a step forward, the brush rustled again telling Red that the first time hadn’t been a coincidence.


“Who’s there?” she shouted in as low and confident of a tone as she could muster.


The brush rustled again.


“I hear you. I know you’re there. You may as well come out. If you do, I will refrain from hurting you,” she said slipping her free hand into her basket.


This was a bluff. The most dangerous thing she had in there was a loaf of bread. Sure, her mother made the hardest, least appealing bread in the village. But only the damage she could do with that would be to encourage them to eat it and hope they broke a tooth.


“I’ll say it only once more. Come out and I won’t hurt you.”


To Red’s disappointment, the brush rustled in response. She was still holding out hope it was a bunny or bird. Nope, whatever it was was big and, odds on, dangerous.


“Come on. Let me see you!” she ordered as the noises shifted.


Whatever it was was close and getting closer. Red’s heart thumped reconsidering what she had done.


“That’s right. And don’t make me have to put an axe between your eyes.”


The rustling stopped. It understood her. What was this? Was it a wolf or something else?


Wait, she saw something. She spotted it between the branches at the edge of the path fifteen feet in front of her. It wasn’t a wolf. It was a person.


“That close enough,” Red demanded. “Now. Step into the clearing so I can see you.”


The person didn’t move.


“Do it!” Red barked.


The person obeyed. In one motion, the person stood up and slowly stepped onto the path in front of her. Red’s mouth dropped open. What was she looking at? Well, she could figure out what she was looking at, she just couldn’t believe what she was seeing.


“You’re naked,” Red said to the young man standing in front of her.

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