[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Contemporary Fantasy Fairy Tales Menage a Trois Paranormal Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
Cursed with a beastly appearance by a fae enchantress, Bestiale and Charmeur live a lonely, wintry life in exile until a spirited redhead bursts into their lives—right out of thin air.
Angel Hunter challenges them at every turn, determined to return to her home because she misses her friends and what little family she has left. Though she can't deny the growing connection she shares with Bestial and Charmeur, she must refuse them.
With the help of their crafty little sister and a meddling fae enchantress, they plan to convince her that the Northern Kingdom of Tangere is the only home she could ever want.
When an evil from Angel's former life finds his way to her new home, intent on her destruction, will the magic of her happily ever after prevail? 
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Heather Rainier is a Siren-exclusive author.


Beasts in Winter (MFM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Ms Heather has written a completely different book from the Divine Series putting her own twist on a favourite fairytale all the characters were engaging, I laughed cried and swooned Loved Loved this book
Panting for book 2 in this series No hesitation in recommending this book to any one just for a moment I was tossed between moving to Divine or Tangere!!!!!!!!!!
Once again, Ms Rainier has hit a home run! Stepping outside of her usual Contemporary/Cowboy style, she has put her own spin on one of my favorite fairy tales! Love all her characters, both main and secondary! Anxiously awaiting book 2.

I highly recommend this book to anyone! *so saying, it IS smokin' hawt!*
Kalissa Wayne




Stifling the growl that welled up inside of him, along with a good deal of anger at his brother, and the enchantress, for placing this burden on him, Bestiale spoke with as much gentleness as he could muster.

“Good night, then, mon ange. Sleep well.” He gave her a short bow, and stalked from the room, each step increasing until he was at a run, headed straight for his brother’s back.

Angel couldn’t be blamed for not trusting them. Yes, he was an idiot for proposing too soon, he saw that now, but Charmeur’s constant mental barrage of carnality had made it impossible to concentrate.

As if you could’ve done any better, shithead. You’d have had your dick out, offering to let her suck it! he roared through their connection, after making sure Fleur wasn’t privy to this argument. He pounced on Charmeur and took him to the marble floor. They each connected with fists at the same time.

At least she would know I had one, gutless wonder! Charmeur replied, delivering an uppercut that bounced Bestiale’s head off the marble. You have as much charm as you do brains.

They continued struggling as Fleur called to them from the staircase. Bestiale? Charmeur?

I have brains enough to know when to keep my mouth shut. I couldn’t think for all your idiotic bickering.


What? they exclaimed in unison, pulling back fists to land more blows.

Charmeur gaped at his sister. She’d called them jackasses. Such language, sister.

Fleur scoffed in disgust as she flounced up the stairs. She’s watching you two buffoons go at it like the imbeciles that you are. She blew a raspberry at them. At the rate you two are going, I’m going to be tongue-bathing for all eternity. Buttheads.

Still frozen, they turned and saw Angel gaping in horror at them in the archway. Bestiale rose to his feet, jerking his coat into place while Charmeur adjusted his lace-trimmed shirtsleeve.

“You know what? Fuck this for real,” she muttered as she grabbed up her skirts and turned to the entry. “I’m leaving.”

“You can’t!” Bestiale shouted as he followed her with Charmeur close behind. Their one chance at redemption looked determined as her skirts swished and swirled around her ankles as if trying to impede her movements.

“Watch me! Stay away from me!” she shouted.

She is majestic when infuriated, Charmeur murmured in their connection.

At least there was no trace of fear in her scent.

She flung open the door, heedless of the heavy snow falling outside.

What do we do now? If we catch her and try to bring her back inside she will just fight us. We risk injuring her, Charmeur said, lifting his clawed hands before him. I can’t stand to see her upset.

At least she’s not running, Bestiale replied as he watched her yank the skirts from around her ankles with a growl as she stalked over the threshold. If she ran, he’d have no choice but to chase her, and chases led to unpredictable outcomes. Speaking of unpredictable, it seemed the enchantress had taken things into hand for them.

Charmeur gasped. Mon Dieu!

Bestiale just stared.

Angel froze and looked down at herself, balled her hands into fists, and stamped her feet as she screamed in fury. The dress and shoes she’d been wearing had simply vaporized from her body, leaving her only in her bare skin. Naked, luscious skin and curves that made his hands twitch and his balls ache. She turned as she screamed and threw a little tantrum, making her beautiful, abundant breasts bounce with each movement. Her eyes sparked with rage as they lit on the two of them, and she wrapped her arms around herself as she stood there, hobbled in the snow. “What are you looking at, motherfuckers?

Through their silent, and thankfully private link, Charmeur sighed. Well, at least she can no longer attempt to leave. To suckle upon those nipples in real life rather than in a dream. Mon Dieu. I’m about to explode.

Bestiale squeezed his eyelids shut and held his hands behind his back in fists so as not to strangle his brother. He cleared his throat and stepped toward the doorway. In as gentle a tone as he could muster, he said, “Angel, if you will please step back over the threshold, your clothing should return.”

Obviously hesitant to come near him, she took small steps as he backed away until she was once again over the threshold. The silk gown patterned with peacock feathers and her slippers reformed on her body. It wasn’t lost on him that this was the more camouflaging dress she’d worn earlier in the day, and he had the distinct feeling they’d just lost ground because of his inept proposal.

She shivered and rubbed her arms as he shut the door once she was completely through it.

“I apologize, ange. You cannot leave…any more than we can leave. You must stay, as must we. It is the way of…things.”

“Lifting her skirts, she trudged past them to the stairs. “This is bullshit. I’m going to bed.”

Bestiale and Charmeur caught up with her at the landing to the wide staircase. “But you’ve barely eaten anything. Please return to your meal. You must be starved.” I am starved for you, beauty.

“My appetite is suddenly gone.”

They bowed as she passed, and Bestiale watched her ascend with her back ramrod straight and her head proudly erect. She was beauty incarnate, and he fell a little more in love with her.

“Good night, mon ange,” he called.

She turned with passion flaring in her eyes and delivered a hand gesture that meant the same thing in any language. “Up yours!”

A minute later, her door slammed and a muffled scream of frustration echoed down the stairwell.

Charmeur let out a deep breath, and Bestiale agreed with the mental thought he projected. What a woman.




Angel awakened and at first didn’t understand what she was seeing. After blinking, she realized it was the underside of a tree towering over her, its tremendous leafy branches stretching out to the horizon in all directions, filtering the soft sunlight glowing through.

A gentle wind whispered over her skin, carrying the scent of wildflowers and ruffling the thick, silky fur she rested on against her skin. Closing her eyes, she basked in the heady sensations as she came fully awake. Another whisper of wind breathed over her bare abdomen, and she gasped as her nipples tightened. She thought to sit up but was unable to, as if she wasn’t in control of her limbs.

The breeze drifted over her torso again, leaving gooseflesh in its warm wake, and she took in a sharp breath as the tender flesh between her legs pulsed. Flexing her hips, she sensed the slick heat between her lips. She couldn’t remember a particularly erotic dream, but she most definitely was aroused. The motion brushed the furs against her backside, and she sighed, relieved she was finally able to move, to stretch.

She felt as if she’d slept for a day and a night. When she brushed her legs together, her clit throbbed and her nipples tightened. Heat rushed to her cheeks as it dawned on her that she was naked outdoors, lying on the fur, where anyone could see her. They could watch if she pleasured herself. The hedonistic thought made her even hotter. Desire for an orgasm flooded her, and she glanced around, wondering if anyone was in fact watching her. Seeing no one in the isolated landscape, she closed her eyes as she slid her hand down her abdomen to the slick and swollen flesh between her legs.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned as she circled her clit, so slippery and hot, as if she’d been aroused for longer than just a few moments. Her entrance clenched, and she wished she had a toy with her but knew she wouldn’t take long, even without it.

The fur caressed her back as she arched and tilted her hips. The growing heat in her flushed body contrasted with the cool breeze, making her shiver as if it were cold even though it wasn’t. Sliding her fingers into her entrance, she used the other hand to continue circling her clit, the tension growing deep within as she pumped her fingers in and out.

As she panted and moaned, she slowly became aware of the rhythmic sound of footsteps, and a pair of shadows blotted out the dappled sunlight above. She tried to open her eyes but couldn’t. Warmth enclosed her on both sides, easing the chill on her heated skin from the cool breeze, and she froze as warm lips and a wet tongue encircled one of her tight nipples. A large, callused hand settled over her fingers circling her clit and pressed gently as if encouraging her to continue.

A deep, whiskey-rough voice spoke next to her ear, sending shivers over her skin and making her even wetter. “Yes, mon ange. You are lovely like this.” The fingers worked over hers, increasing the tempo.

Another pair of warm lips brushed the underside of her other breast, pressing light kisses. His lower lip dragged across her skin until her nipple ached for attention, and then she gasped as he dragged his teeth lightly over the hardened tip.

As he teased her breast, another hand enclosed the top of her hand working in and out of her needy pussy. Oh, how she wanted to feel a hot cock filling her right that moment. Warm hands grasped her thighs and spread them. A low growl sounded as the motion revealed every inch of her, as well as how slick and swollen she was, ready to be fucked. One of them kissed her, gently at first, nibbling at her lips, but then more forcefully, his tongue dueling with hers until she was breathless and wild with need. Her pussy quivered, her orgasm mere seconds away, as lips trailed up her throat and brushed against the tender flesh beneath her ear.

“Remember, mon ange, do not trust in appearances.”

Diverted from her imminent orgasm, she tried to open her eyes but couldn’t. “Wh-what?”

Joli ange,” a velvety baritone whispered, drawing her attention.

“Oh, just a little more. Please!” She moaned as the touch of lips upon her body and the pressure of hands guiding her as she pleasured herself eased off before whispering away on the breeze, taking the warmth with them.

“Do not trust in appearances, ange,” the voice whispered, dwindling to silence as if blown away on the wind.

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