His Alpha's Child (MM)

Lone Wolf Pack

Anya Byrne Books

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,597
0 Ratings (0.0)

The day his brother-in-law Gavin gives birth, Finn Simmons receives an unexpected phone call. Gavin’s little brothers need his help, and their social worker, Parker Knight, requests a meeting. With Gavin and Saul busy with their new son, it’s up to Finn to take charge of the situation. But when he does exactly that, he finds in shock that Parker is his mate.

Parker has dedicated his life to helping people as a social worker. When a case that’s particularly close to his heart leads him to a meeting with a breathtakingly handsome man, he tries to be professional about it. He tries to remember he can’t lose his heart to Finn Simmons—and he fails.

Their pull toward one another is too strong to resist, but the obstacles in their path are not to be trifled with. In a world increasingly hostile toward human-werewolf matings, can one Alpha protect his new mate, and his unexpected new family?

This is a second edition of this title, previously published under the name Expecting His Alpha's Child. It has been revised and reedited, as part of the Lone Wolf Pack series.

His Alpha's Child (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

His Alpha's Child (MM)

Lone Wolf Pack

Anya Byrne Books

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,597
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Emma Griffin


“I’m yours,” Parker repeated obediently, breathless and dizzy with need. In his heart, he knew the phrase held a pledge it was unwise to make, but he couldn’t bring himself to care.

Finn released a low growl that made Parker shiver with an arousal he could no longer control. He was one step away from reaching between their bodies and gripping Finn’s cock. Or better yet, dropping to his knees and taking it into his mouth.

But now was neither the time nor the place for it, and they both knew it. “Inside,” Finn said against his lips, not kissing him, but taunting him with the promise. “Now.”

Parker nodded dazedly, and then Finn was gripping his wrist and dragging him toward the building. As they entered the bed-and-breakfast, Finn arched a brow at him and Parker realized he hadn’t actually explained where they were going. Thankfully, he stayed here regularly and Jensen always gave him the same room, so they didn’t need directions. “This way,” he said, pointing toward the stairs. The croaked sound of his own voice surprised him, and it made Finn lick his lips, as if he could taste Parker’s lust in it.


They didn’t run into any staff, which was a good thing because Parker didn’t think delays would have stood well with either of them. A minute later, they were standing in front of the door to Parker’s room. Well, standing might not have been the accurate term. Parker fumbled with the keys, and his hands shook so badly he ended up dropping them. Finn lost his patience and pinned him against the door. This time, he didn’t tease. Instead, he took Parker’s mouth in a devastating kiss that rivaled the make-out session they’d had in the car.

He thrust his tongue into Parker’s mouth, devouring, tasting, exploring. Parker eagerly submitted to it, more than happy with this plan. At the same time, he did some exploring of his own. The quest for the key was forgotten as he allowed his hands to roam over Finn’s muscular form. Finn’s clothes were in the way, barring Parker’s access. Why in the world were they still dressed? Oh right. Room. Key.

It was the hope of privacy that gave him the strength to break away from Finn’s addictive embrace. He leaned over to grab the fallen key, only to realize the position showed off his ass to Finn. Finn made a pained noise which filled Parker with a mix of confidence and arousal.

He took more time than would have been warranted to pick up the key, arching his back and wiggling his ass, putting on a bit of a show. He would have felt ridiculous if not for the way Finn’s groan turned into a savage growl.

And then, Finn was snatching the key from him and shoving it into the lock. He didn’t even wait for Parker to stumble inside. He just grabbed Parker and draped him over his shoulder, carrying him through the now open door.

The room was familiar, even if Parker never left personal possessions behind. Finn set him down on the bed Parker had used so many times before, only throughout lonely nights. He definitely wouldn’t be lonely today. Parker barely had the chance to breathe before Finn was on him, emanating a level of sexual despair that rivaled the one building inside him. Finn’s desire for him momentarily swept him off his feet, and for a few seconds, Parker could only lie there and take in the pleasure of Finn’s caresses. Finn moved breathlessly fast, already working on removing Parker’s clothing. Parker tried to help, but he only managed to get tangled in the sleeves of his jacket. Finn made a frustrated noise and yanked. Buttons flew all over the place as Parker’s dress shirt yielded to Finn’s strength. The display shouldn’t have been as arousing as it was, if only because Parker had liked that shirt.

And Finn wasn’t done yet, not done by far. The rest of Parker’s clothing became his victims. He didn’t encounter as many problems with the jacket, somehow helping Parker out of it without even jarring his shoulders. Parker managed the unexpected performance of toeing off his shoes, which gave Finn the green light to dive for his pants.

Just like that, Parker was naked on the bed, while Finn remained completely dressed. Finn looked down at him, his eyes hot and stormy, and Parker had the strangest thought that he had suddenly become prey for a very dangerous predator. In that moment, there was nothing Parker wanted more than to surrender to it, to be devoured, taken, claimed.

He itched to reach out to Finn and touch him, to disrobe Finn as well. He wanted to finally see what he’d so far only touched through the barrier of clothing. Finn made no move to fix the problem of his non-nudity, nor did he approach Parker further. Parker felt self-conscious about it. Finn had seemed to desire him before, but a guy like that probably had a ridiculous number of suitors and lovers, men and women alike. Now that he’d seen Parker naked, had he lost interest?

The thought made his brain work again, and he started to get up, planning to salvage what was left of his dignity. Finn’s hand landed on his chest and pushed him down. “Shush. Let me... look at you.”

The words froze Parker, or rather, melted his muscles, along with the doubt that had crept into his soul. How could he have disregarded the heat in Finn’s eyes? It was so obvious, so genuine, and so much more than Parker even dared to acknowledge.

Finn had told him to be silent, but Parker couldn’t have kept himself from speaking if he’d wanted to. “Finn,” he whispered, “touch me.”

It was enough, more than enough. Whatever had been holding Finn back dissipated, and then Finn was on him, even more frantic than before. He crushed his lips to Parker’s, thrusting his tongue into Parker’s mouth, taking no prisoners. Finn’s hands roamed, touched, caressed, teased and altogether drove Parker crazy with lust. Parker wrapped his arms around Finn’s neck, trying to pull the other man closer, unable to get enough.

He pulled at Finn’s shirt, but unlike Finn, he wasn’t strong or coordinated enough to get rid of the damn thing. Thankfully, this time around, Finn got the message. Without separating their mouths, Finn worked his own buttons open with even less delicacy than he’d used on Parker’s. Parker could have sworn he heard some seams rip, and oh God, it got him so hot. He bit on Finn’s lower lip, wordlessly encouraging his soon-to-be lover.

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