Feral Claim (MM)

Devil Hills Wolves 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,052
17 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romantic Suspense Romance, MM, shape-shifters, werewolves, HEA] 

Ordinary human Dave Rush and his psychic brother have spent their entire lives running away from a pro-human government. When Dave finds out the government wants his brother’s head on a platter, he takes his brother and runs. Dave’s spent his entire life being told that paranormals consider mere humans like him as prey. But when there’s no one else to turn to, Dave takes the risk of a lifetime and seeks the den of monsters for sanctuary.   
For over a decade, the Devil Hills wolves have closed off their territory to outsiders, but the scent of his mate draws werewolf enforcer Forrest to find Dave. Forrest knows his community doesn't allow humans in for a reason. Dave might be his undoing but once a Devil Hills wolf stakes his claim on a mate, there’s no stopping the hunt until he makes Dave his in every sense of the word.  




Feral Claim (MM)
17 Ratings (4.4)

Feral Claim (MM)

Devil Hills Wolves 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,052
17 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I’d like to be able to say that this first novella in Fel Fern’s new series, ‘Devil Hills Wolves’, blew me away and was amazing. Unfortunately, it is way (WAY) too similar to her ‘Darkfall Mountain Pack’ series and I didn’t really find anything particularly unique about it. The worldbuilding is slightly different as there are humans, paranormals, and humans with special abilities. Obviously, the only ones tolerated by Humans Matter is pure humans and this government organization is too similar to ones I’ve seen from this author before.

I liked the characters and I’ll admit to some serious curiosity about whether Daryl and Deacon are mates so I might read another in the series.... I’ll have to wait and see.
Christy Duke




“Are you making those for a party?” Dave asked, snatching one burger from a plate and, within a few seconds, wolfed it down.

“Nope, just thought I’d be prepared. Fair warning, I’m a decent cook but not the best,” he said.

Dave finished off the burger. “This is so good.”

“You’re just hungry,” he pointed out. Forrest turned off the stove, realizing he was ravenous, too. They ate in silence for a few moments, decimating the pile of burgers to half. He remarked, “I didn’t know humans could eat that much.”

Dave blushed. “I missed a few meals, that’s all. I’m sorry about your food.”

“Nothing to be sorry about,” Forest said, reaching out to thumb the mayo on the corner of Dave’s mouth. He licked it off, liking how unsettled Dave grew and something else. Dave’s woody confirmed his suspicions that his desire hadn’t just been one-sided. His dick ached, thickened inside his jeans.

“You should be in bed, resting,” Forrest said in a harsh voice.

“I’m feeling a lot better, and it’s not like I’m injured,” the little human had the gall to say.

“It’s not wise,” Forrest ventured, watching Dave curiously peek at his fridge. The human hesitantly reached for two beers and offered one to him. He nodded, opened it, and took a slow sip. Dave tipped his head back, sighed as he took a long pull.

“What’s not wise?” Dave asked.

“Tempting a wolf.”

Pink crept up to Dave’s cheeks and neck. Dave swallowed, the tendons in his neck standing out. The bold little human asked, “Why is that?”

“My inner animal acts differently around you. It’s better if you don’t know.”

Forrest began to turn away. The more distance he put between them, the better, except Dave grabbed his arm. A snarl tickled from his mouth and Dave froze, watching him wary eyes. Wary, he realized, but not frightened.

“Please, ever since you rescued us, I’ve been feeling—” Dave’s gaze slid to Forrest’s erection. Dave began to reach for the button of his jeans, but Forrest caught his fingers. Dave let out a breath. Dave went on, “I don’t understand it myself, but don’t you want me, too?”

“You can’t handle me, human.” Forrest’s wolf had grown frighteningly calm inside of him, so certain that this human would soon fall in their trap.

Once he heard consent from Dave’s tempting lips, he wouldn’t hesitate to have the human under him.

No, Forrest thought. This was a bad idea. Who knew what tomorrow would bring? Worst-case scenario, Deacon would lose his complete trust in him, exile him and the human. Where would he go? Devil Hills had always been his home, and he risked it all, Deacon’s wrath and his place in the pack, for one human he met today. Fuck this.

Forrest only lived once. That had been his motto, and if he already screwed his future, he might as well enjoy tonight.

Dave cocked an eyebrow. “Are you sure about that, wolf?”

He smirked, showing a hint of fang. Bold little human. Forrest never met another wolf who intrigued and challenged him the way this human did.

“Come close, little human, and find out,” he said. Forrest finished his beer.

Dave set his can on the counter, took a couple of steps toward him. Impatient, he tugged at Dave’s shirt and yanked the human close. Dave nearly stumbled but Forrest settled his hands on the human’s waist, steadying Dave on his feet. He lifted Dave’s chin, slanted his lips over the humans, and finally took Dave’s mouth. Sweetness exploded down his mouth. His cock dug against the zipper of his jeans as Dave responded with the same eager hunger. Tongues tangled, teeth clashed, but eventually, Dave parted his lips wider so he could deepen the kiss.

Forrest liked how Dave rubbed that tempting little body against him.

When he pulled away, Dave panted, eyes wide. “I’m sorry. I’m usually more reserved than this, but when I’m around you, I don’t know. I feel wilder, braver.”

“That doesn’t sound like a bad thing to me. Come.” Remembering Daryl remained sleeping on the couch, he led Dave to the bedroom and closed the door. The bedroom didn’t contain much, just a bed, a desk, and a door leading to the bathroom.

“I’m still all sweaty,” Dave murmured.

An impatient snarl slipped from his mouth. Was the human regretting his decision now of all times, after making Forrest all hot and heavy? His wolf reeled up inside him, but wolves could be incredibly patient predators, too. He reminded his animal of that.

“Changed your mind?” Forrest asked out of courtesy.

Dave shook his head. “It’s just, will you give me like five minutes to take a quick shower? I’m a little self-conscious.”

Huh. Forrest smelled no lie.

“Go ahead, it’s right through that door.”

Dave darted to the bathroom, forgetting to leave the door shut. Forrest glimpsed Dave quickly slipping out of his clothes and smiled. So, the human was telling the truth, although in his opinion, Dave had nothing to be self-conscious about. Forrest glimpsed a lean but well-toned body streaked in some places with dirt. Dave slipped inside the shower.

Forrest smiled. Maybe they could shower together.




“God, what am I doing?” he whispered to himself. Daryl was sleeping right outside, all tuckered out, but he couldn’t sleep, not when his tomorrow seemed so uncertain. Who knew, tonight might be his last on earth.

“Do you have a habit of talking to yourself, little human?” a voice drawled.

He whipped his head around and widened his eyes seeing Forrest leaning against the door casually. God, but Forrest looked good, dressed in nothing but those faded jeans that hung low on his hips. Dave could see the V of flesh disappearing down denim and Forrest’s six-pack abs. His fingers twitched. Dave wanted to touch all that rock-hard muscle and feel Forrest’s large hands on his body.

Dave didn’t need to look down to know he sported an erection.

Thank God, he recovered his voice. “And do you spy on people in the shower?”

Forrest chuckled, the sound of his deep laugh able to melt his bones. Those intense green eyes met his. “I’m not the one who left the shower door open. It’s as good an invitation as any.”

“I did that?” Dave whispered. Oh right. He’d been so eager to clean up fast so Forrest wouldn’t change his mind about sex.

“Seems to me you have some trouble making up your mind, little human. I’ll decide for you,” the werewolf said, then dropped his jeans.

Dave stared, unable to help himself. He’d never seen a cock so huge, and he hadn’t been aware of curling his fingers over his dick and stroking. He imagined Forrest sliding that engorged prick inside his tight little hole, riding him fast and hard so he’d never forget this moment.

His mouth went dry as Forrest opened the shower door and joined him. He took a few steps back so the tiny space could accommodate the two of them. Dave’s back hit the slick shower tiles. Forrest lowered the water pressure so tiny droplets slid down their bodies.

“Why did you stop? Need some assistance?” Forrest asked, putting his huge and callused hand over his prick. He didn’t resist, moaning and practically thrusting his hips into Forrest’s hand as Forrest worked his dick.

Dave began to reach out to touch Forrest’s water-slicked pectorals, but the werewolf easily pinned both his arms above his head, restricting movement. God, feeling helpless turned him on. Forrest’s talented fingers worked his prick faster, and he groaned, eyelids flickering.

“That’s it, little human. I like that expression on your face,” Forrest said, then the bastard stopped, only to fondle his balls. The werewolf nudged his legs further apart, then reached past his balls and began thumbing his puckered entrance. He widened his eyes.

No one had ever teased him like this.

“Tell me, how many men have been inside of you, Dave?”

He gasped when Forrest slid a finger into his hole. “One.”

Forrest raised an eyebrow.

“Sex is nothing special,” he blurted.

“Well. Let me prove you wrong.” Forrest took his mouth, the kiss all heat and bite.

His dick thickened against his body, his moan spilling out when Forrest released him. The werewolf grabbed him by the shoulder, spun him so his front pressed against the wall. Forrest planted another kiss on the nape of his neck.

“Wait here. I’ll get lube.”

He rested his cheek against the tiles.

Dave heard a cabinet open then slam shut before the heat of Forrest’s body was right behind him again. Good. Forrest uncapped the lube.

“No piece of plastic between us, little human. We shifters don’t catch anything, and I want to fuck you raw, no barriers.”

Forrest’s words made his heart leap, but he wanted that, too, to feel Forrest’s bare dick riding him.

“I’m clean, too,” he said. “I haven’t been with anyone like this in years.”

“Except for that uneventful incident?”

He felt himself nod, recalling the one-night stand he had with a stranger. Dave hadn’t had anything in common with that guy. They didn’t even bother giving each other their real names, merely wanted one thing from each other.

Dave soon forgot about that when Forrest slipped a slick finger inside his hole. He rubbed his dick against the tiles, aware his shaft turned from half- to full-mast. Forrest added a second finger, started widening him for access. He gasped when Forrest found that sensitive spot inside him. Needing something to hold onto, he gripped the wall as Forrest did it again.

“You’re ready,” Forrest said.

“Thank God,” he muttered.

“Are you always this delightful, little human?” Forrest asked, nipping at the side of his neck.

He shuddered in anticipation, widening his stance only to feel Forrest’s slick cockhead poised at his stretched hole. Forrest gripped his waist and pushed in. He moaned, aware of Forrest’s massive prick stretching him wide.

“Breathe in and out for me,” Forrest ordered.

Dave did as Forrest asked, willing his inner muscles to relax. The rest of Forrest’s entry turned smoother, especially after Forrest moved past the thick ring of muscles. He groaned as Forrest sheathed himself all the way in, finally buried balls deep in him.

“Good job,” Forrest said, grazing his teeth against his pulse.

Pinned in place, he couldn’t form any words, especially when Forrest started to move. The initial burn of Forrest’s entrance disappeared, replaced by pleasurable ecstasy. The werewolf began with slow, steady strokes as if Forrest wanted to make sure he got used to his size. He appreciated that.

He mewled when Forrest reached for his prick and started stroking it, timing his hand movements with his thrusts.

“Faster,” he managed to grit out.

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