His Werewolf's Baby (MM)

Lone Wolf Pack

Anya Byrne Books

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 30,631
1 Ratings (5.0)

Gavin Price is on a quest to get rid of his pesky virginity. It should have been easy enough—but he doesn’t expect running into Saul Simmons. Saul’s eyes change color, his scent goes straight to Gavin’s head, and his sheer presence makes Gavin’s breath catch. One night together, and Gavin thinks he might have finally found his other half.

And then, Saul mysteriously disappears, leaving Gavin heartbroken and… quickly gaining weight?

From the very first moment Saul meets Gavin, he realizes they are mates. But Saul is also a werewolf and a naturally born Alpha. His pack has very specific plans for him, and none of them include bonding with a human. Can two men from two different worlds accept everything they thought they knew was wrong? Can they handle both a forbidden relationship and impending parenthood?

This is a second edition of this title, previously published under the name Pregnant with His Werewolf's Baby. It has been revised and reedited, as part of the Lone Wolf Pack series.

His Werewolf's Baby (MM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

His Werewolf's Baby (MM)

Lone Wolf Pack

Anya Byrne Books

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 30,631
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Emma Griffin


The little morsel stumbled and Saul lost track of him as the human disappeared into the crowd on the dance floor.

Saul was already in motion, making his way through the throng of swaying, intoxicated people in search of his prize. He half-expected someone else to snatch the human off before Saul could reach him, but that didn’t happen. Saul ran into the young blond just as his new prey was getting up and attempting not to be squashed.

He grabbed the human’s hand, causing the blond to tense and try to pull away. “It’s okay,” Saul told him. “I’m just going to get you out of this crowd.”

It was hard for Saul to not look threatening to the already scared human when his instincts had him all riled up and his dick had gone… well, hard. Still, he must have succeeded to mask at least a part of his natural urges because the human didn’t try to break away from him again. His hand felt so small and soft in Saul’s own, and it just made Saul imagine how it might touch his dick.

By the time they abandoned the dance floor, Saul had woven quite a web of sexual fantasies. He shook them off and guided his prey to the bar. When they were a little safer, he finally addressed the young human.

“Hi,” he greeted the little morsel. “Would you like me to buy you a drink?”

The young man shot him a hesitant smile. “S-Sure,” he stammered. “Thanks. And thank you for back there.”

Even over the thump-thump of the obscenely loud music in the club, Saul could hear the human’s heartbeat racing. He could smell his nervousness and uncertainty, and it stirred something protective in Saul’s heart. “No problem. I’m Saul Simmons,” he introduced himself, surprised at his own words even as he said them. He never told his hook-ups his real name, and they never asked. He didn’t want to analyze the reason why he’d changed that tonight, and instead asked, “What’s your name?”

“Gavin Price.” His big brown eyes fixed on Saul’s face and the innocent anxiousness inside them reminded Saul of a deer just waiting to be devoured. It was probably a poor simile, because that simple look almost did what no wolf, no matter how ferocious, had managed—bring Saul to his knees.

Saul cleared his throat and gestured for the bartender to approach. The guy did and eyed Gavin with curiosity. “Guess not, huh?” he asked Saul with a grin, referencing their earlier conversation. He didn’t sound too upset and, without further comment, he turned toward Gavin. “What can I get you?”

Saul didn’t bother to answer the bartender’s first inquiry and just arched a brow at Gavin, urging him to provide a reply for the latter. “Umm… Just a soda, please,” Gavin requested. “I’m not really much into alcoholic drinks.”

“Probably a good thing for a kid your age,” the bartender said as he slid Gavin a coke. Maybe he wasn’t so happy at being rebuffed, after all.

Gavin blinked, as if taken aback by the comment. “Appearances can be deceiving. I’m twenty-nine,” he argued with a pissed-off huff.

The bartender didn’t grace that with a reply. He just went ahead to serve different customers. Saul just eyed Gavin, intrigued. His instincts told him Gavin wasn’t lying, but Gavin’s words still surprised him. Maybe it wasn’t even the words themselves, but the hint of frustration underneath them. His prey had fire.

“You get that a lot, I’m guessing,” Saul said.

“Yeah,” Gavin replied. “They barely let me in here at all. I got lucky that one of the bouncers knew me from my job.”

“What do you do?” Saul asked, wondering what kind of job would put Gavin in contact with the beefy guys who acted as bouncers for the club.

“I’m a guidance counselor for high school students,” Gavin replied. “What about you?”

This was a seriously strange conversation to have with a potential hook-up, but thankfully, Saul had an answer ready. “I’m an accountant.”

“Accountant?” Gavin repeated in obvious disbelief. “Are you serious?”

“Well, you know what they say. Appearances can be deceiving.”

The nice thing was that he didn’t even have to lie. Saul truly handled the finances of the entire pack and audited all pack-led businesses. When he didn’t have his hands full with that, he did commissioned work for human firms. It worked well enough, and the freelancing part meant he didn’t have to give any uncomfortable explanations on why his eyes changed color and his teeth sometime became fangs. Gavin seemed tickled by the way Saul had quoted him. He took a sip from his soda and replied, “Quite.”

Silence stretched between them—well, kind of, since the notes of the music still echoed erratically over the building. Not wanting the conversation to die, Saul scrambled for a topic. “So, at the risk of being a complete cliché, I haven’t seen you around here,” he said.

“This really isn’t my kind of place,” Gavin admitted. As if to confirm his words, a large drunk human stumbled close to the bar, invading Gavin’s personal space.

With a yelp, Gavin moved forward and ended up right in Saul’s arms. The soda clattered to the floor, spilling all over the place. Saul would have been pissed and gotten growly, but his arms automatically went around Gavin and he couldn’t remember how to become angry. The younger man fit just right against him, so very fucking right. The scent of his hair invaded Saul’s nostrils, stirring an instinct as old as time.


With no further warning, Saul straddled Gavin’s face, his dick dangling right above Gavin’s mouth. Gavin got an even better look at Saul’s privates, and wondered how he’d ever been able to resist. Those plump balls and that thick shaft seemed to have been made to be worshipped by Gavin, and by God, he had every intention of doing exactly that.

Gavin flicked his tongue over the leaking tip of Saul’s cock, earning himself a grunt from the other man. Encouraged, he swirled his tongue around the head, greedily drinking in Saul’s pre-ejaculate. The angle didn’t allow him to get ambitious with his exploring, and maybe that was a good thing, because he didn’t have any experience, and even less patience. Saul seemed to feel the same. He brushed the tip of his dick over Gavin’s lips, which Gavin eagerly parted. Saul took advantage of Gavin’s submission and thrust his dick into Gavin’s mouth.

Both of them moaned, with the distinctive difference that Gavin’s cry was muffled by Saul’s dick. Still, the weight of Saul’s prick on his tongue felt so right. The flavor of his pre-cum exploded on Gavin’s taste buds, stronger than ever before, fueling Gavin’s own lust. At first, Saul moved slowly, likely in deference to Gavin’s inexperience, but soon, he picked up the pace, fucking Gavin’s mouth with abandon. His scent overpowered Gavin, especially when Saul somehow buried Gavin’s nose into his bush.

Gavin might not have been able to blow Saul’s mind with elaborate erotic tricks, but he enjoyed every second of what they shared. His lack of skill in this field didn’t seem to matter to Saul, if Gavin judged by the now unrestrained grunts and groans of passion Saul kept letting out. Knowing that he, the supposedly frigid virgin, could give Saul this pleasure empowered Gavin, but it also made him ache for more. It made him want to give Saul everything he was and ever would be.

Was it crazy? Hell, yes. Would he regret it in the morning? Maybe. But right now, he craved Saul, craved him so much it hurt. In fact, just sucking Saul’s dick had him on the edge of climax.

And when Saul thrust one last time into his mouth and came, the unavoidable happened. The taste of Saul’s spunk propelled Gavin over the edge, into the strongest orgasm he’d ever experienced in his life.

Gavin had never thought he himself could feel such bliss just because he’d given a guy a blowjob—given, not received it. But there it was, undeniable, unmistakable, truer and greater than any of the fears that had gripped him before tonight. He writhed under Saul, riding the waves of his pleasure, maddened with it. He couldn’t swallow all of Saul’s spunk, some of it dribbling on his chin, and he literally might have choked if Saul hadn’t pulled his cock out of his mouth. But it was all worth it, so very worth it.

And Saul wasn’t done with him, not by a long shot. He pulled away from Gavin, and Gavin had a small moment during which, even through the pleasure he experienced, he felt bereft. It didn’t last, because Saul positioned himself between Gavin’s legs. His hands were gentle as he spread Gavin’s legs, and it was so easy for Gavin to trust him, to surrender to him.

He noted that, despite having just come, Saul was still hard, maybe even harder than before. Against all odds, Gavin’s libido flared back to life too, his dick twitching valiantly as it tried to mimic Saul’s impressive stamina.

In the end, he didn’t even have to put much work into it. Saul just had to reach for his opening, rubbing his thumb over Gavin’s virgin hole, and Gavin’s body responded. His prick went rock hard again and need rushed over him once more, like an unquenchable thirst and a burning hunger all wrapped into one.

He lifted his legs and pushed his ass out, begging for more with his body when words failed him. Saul was right there with him, sharing his desire. He reached for the nightstand and retrieved a half-empty tube of lubricant. As the other man squirted a generous amount of the liquid into his palm, it finally occurred to Gavin that he was at last taking the step he’d feared for so long, and with a man he’d only known for an hour. How odd that, all things considered, he wouldn’t have liked his first time to be with anyone else.

Saul was almost frustratingly careful with him. He tested Gavin’s hole with just the tip of a finger, then pushed it ever so slightly inside. Gavin forced himself to relax, even if it felt a little strange and unfamiliar. He focused on Saul, on the fact that he was the one sharing this moment with Gavin. Saul smiled at him and whispered, “That’s it, baby. Relax for me. You’re so beautiful.”

He continued crooning sweet nothings to Gavin, and while Gavin should have known better than to believe them, he did. His flesh yielded to Saul’s ministrations and soon, Saul could add a second finger. He pushed them in and out of Gavin, and the feeling stopped being strange for him. Gavin began moving back against Saul, needing more of the delicious penetration, aching for a more fulfilling one. And when Saul crooked his fingers inside him just so and touched something that practically made Gavin convulse in pleasure, Gavin could only cry out Saul’s name and beg, “Please, Saul, fuck me.”

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