His Everything (MMM)

Men of Silver 11

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,137
7 Ratings (4.9)

[Menage Amour ManLove: Alternative Contemporary Menage a Trois Romance, MMM, HEA]

Sebastian Bennett, better known as Bean, has experienced some disappointments in life. He doesn’t dwell on them, however, and focuses on becoming a jewelry designer. While this is taking place, his mother throws him out, he meets the men of his dreams, and someone tries to kill him.

Conall Trehern and Walker Sheffield were working on their budding relationship. Love was growing between them and talk of a future together was taking place. Unfortunately, tragedy struck and they were separated. When Walker returns to Silver, he wants to repair the damage he’d caused between Conall and him. Then he gets to know Bean and everything changes.

If the person or persons trying to kill Bean isn’t caught, Bean’s afraid he won’t be able to have a future with the two men who mean everything to him. But he can’t figure out who would want him dead or why. A wonderful future could be over before it can even begin.



His Everything (MMM)
7 Ratings (4.9)

His Everything (MMM)

Men of Silver 11

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,137
7 Ratings (4.9)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




After going through the theater and making sure everything was the way it should be, floors clean and all the customers gone, because some did manage to sleep quite soundly, Bean met the others at the front doors. As he let them out, he glanced around, giving everything one last visual check. Nodding to himself, he stepped out and locked the doors.

Bean loved the old theater. It was gorgeous and the history of it was amazing. Still, working there wasn’t what he wanted to do forever. It was only temporary, a place where he could make money to support his dreams. Someday he wanted to wow the world with his jewelry. At the moment, he was working two part time jobs and taking classes at the new community college. His life was crammed with so much that he had little time for relaxation. Once in a while he got over to see his friend Donnie. The last time he’d seen him was at his friend’s eighteenth birthday party. That had been a couple of weeks ago. Bean was tempted to stop by his friend’s house to hang out for a while, but decided to go straight home.

There was no reason to delay the inevitable, which was to deal with his mother and her latest boyfriend. This one definitely had a problem with Bean. The guy had been around for longer than his predecessors, and was now nearly to the four-month mark.

The more Bean thought about the nasty jerk and his indifferent mother, the less he wanted to go home. Deciding he would delay going there, he made his way back toward the square and went to the Barking Mouse. He loved their fish and chips, and he would wash it down with a pint of lager. The atmosphere at the British-style pub was always friendly. It was a place where he could unwind and let the stresses of life fade away.

Bean found a place to sit on the curved couch that had to be twenty-five feet long. There was a small table in front of him. He looked around, recognizing many of the people standing at the Victorian bar and seated at other tables. The Barking Mouse was busy, which wasn’t unusual. There were a lot of people vacationing in the area, enjoying the skiing, or simply the town’s charm.

His meal and his beer were brought to him. Bean ate slowly, drawing out the time he would be there. It was about time to walk his dog, so he knew he couldn’t linger too long. That led him to another thought. He should do some serious looking for an apartment that would allow pets. They were cheaper the farther from the square that they were. Despite the fact that Silver wasn’t a large town, he didn’t own a car. Walking across town in the dead of winter wasn’t his idea of fun. Still, doing so was far better than living with his mother and the creep. It looked like she might keep this one around for a while.

After Bean finished eating, he headed home. He expected a lot of things, Joe was such an asshole, but he hadn’t expected to find his dog tied out to the front porch and all his possessions tossed out on the snow-covered front lawn, some of it barely visible. 

Boss whimpered pitifully as Bean rushed forward to crouch down in front of the distressed animal. “Oh, baby, I’m so sorry.” He took his coat off and wrapped it around the bulky body of the English bulldog, tucking it in under so that he was no longer standing on the icy ground.

Hunching against the cold, Bean pulled out his phone and began making calls. It would take more than one truck to get everything spread out on the ground. At least they hadn’t tried to keep his furniture, although he didn’t know if it and the mattress set had been ruined by being handled carelessly. Hopefully when the snow melted it wouldn’t get the mattress too wet.

At the moment, however, he couldn’t have cared less about it. Bean sat on the edge of the porch and began to rub his dog vigorously. Boss wriggled happily and licked Bean’s face as he began to shiver. It was below zero, but he knew his friends would be there soon to help him out. He hadn’t even had to make any explanations. All he’d said was that he needed help and that was it. They were on their way.

In less than ten minutes, there were vehicles pulling up along the curb, including a deputy sheriff’s SUV. Bean suspected Joe and his mother were going to be given a reality check. He bit back a grin as a truck was backed up across the front yard, crunching the short white picket fence that lined it. Craig, a guy he’d known since kindergarten, jumped out and dropped the tailgate. Everyone began loading the larger pieces of furniture into it. Bean stood and then picked up Boss from the porch. He groaned under the weight. Boss weighed about half of what Bean did. Craig opened the passenger door of the truck and took Boss from him, easily lifting the dog into the heated cab.

“I can’t believe that asshole put your dog out in the cold like that,” Craig said angrily. “Someone needs to rip him a new one.”

“That would be me,” Deputy Sheriff Conall Trahern announced grimly. Bean pulled on his coat, leaning in to give Boss some love as the deputy spoke. He loved his dog to bits, but Bean needed a chance to gather his wits. The deputy had transferred in from another department from eastern Montana. Every time Bean saw him, he was rendered speechless. The man was incredibly sexy. The uniform made him even more so. “The dog belongs to you?”




Once Bean was in the shower, it only took seconds to get the fantasy going. Conall, Walker, and he would be in a large shower stall, with room enough for them to get their groove on. Bean poured the waterproof lube in his palm before wrapping his hand around the shaft of his cock. He gave it a few quick strokes. Leaning back against the cool tiles, he closed his eyes and thought of how it would feel to be in the shower with two gorgeous men, between them, feeling their heat, as well as their hands on his skin. Their closeness would excite him. It would also make him feel safe and warm.

Giving his hand a twist, Bean slid his thumb over the head, smearing the pre-cum leaking from the slit. It had been a while since he’d been with a man. Relationships had been few and far between. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t wanted one, but he simply hadn’t met the right man—or men.

Now Bean believed he had done so, giving him material to work with. Both Conall and Walker were sexy as hell. They each had something about them that Bean found infinitely attractive. They had fantastic personalities and were easy to hang out with. They were handsome, too. And their bodies. Well, Bean could only imagine what they looked like without their clothes on, but his imagination was capable enough to work out the details. Of course, he wouldn’t get the fine points, but it was fun to think about two men with rock-hard bodies, sculpted by good genes and regular workouts. Of course, Walker had probably lost some muscle mass since the attack and during his recovery time, but Bean was certain there was still a drool-worthy body beneath the clothes.

A moan escaped him as he imagined Walker behind him, gripping Bean by the hips, as Conall began to explore Bean’s front side with his hands and lips. The tips of Conall’s fingers slid over his wet skin, tracing the lines and grooves, the dip of his navel, and the sensitive area between his groin and thighs. Heat flashed through him. Every inch of his body became hot.

The thought of Walker’s dick pressing against his ass was enough to cause Bean’s balls to tighten. Shivering as the excitement built, he pressed his eyes tightly shut. Walker was now toying with his nipples, pinching and twisting them. That was something new. He loved his nipples played with. If the fantasy was ever turned into reality, he was going to beg for it. Bean caught his breath as Conall went down on his knees in front of him and took the head of Bean’s cock into his mouth.

A second later, Conall’s mouth was completely engulfing his throbbing flesh, the head hitting the back of his throat.

Whimpering, his control slipping away, Bean pumped faster.

As he did so, Walker’s slick finger slid into his ass. It was long, thick. The digit pushed in and out of him, teasing, until he added a second, a third, and, amazingly, a fourth. “I don’t want to hurt you,” Walker whispered in his ear. It was a sexy sound, blended as it was with the spray of water over their bodies, and the roughness of their breathing.

Once he was stretched, Walker’s hand on his hip steadied Bean as the head of his cock was placed against Bean’s twitching opening. Walker was so tall that he had to bend his legs. They bumped the back of Bean’s. Conall’s hand cupped his balls, tugging on them.

Every muscle in Bean’s body was tightening. He shook from head to toe. Pumping his dick vigorously, he was completely lost in the fantasy. Conall was sucking his cock hard, while Walker slid his dick into his dark channel, stretching his asshole wide, and filling him completely.

Bean cried out as he shot his load of spunk at the exact moment he imagined the head of Walker’s cock struck his ultra-sensitive gland. Silky ropes of cum landed on the floor of the shower instead of filling Conall’s mouth, swirling, mixing in with the water until it went down the drain at his feet.

Weak, sated, Bean collapsed against the wall and released his dick. Panting, it took a few moments before he was able to stand without his legs shaking violently. When he did, he picked up the bar of soap and began washing his body. He finished by washing and conditioning his hair.

A concerned Boss was sitting outside the bathroom door. The dog looked up at him with a worried expression. “Everything’s okay. Let Daddy get dressed and I’ll take you out to play.”

Boss followed Bean into the bedroom. Bean dropped the towel and opened the dresser drawer. He pulled out a pair of baggy sweats and a T-shirt. Going commando was the only way to get really comfortable if a guy had to wear clothes while relaxing. He doubted the neighbors would appreciate it if he walked around the backyard in the nude.

Shoving his feet into a pair of slides, Bean unlocked the back door and let Boss out. As expected, the dog ran straight to where his squirrel tormentor was normally found. He sniffed around, barked at anything and everything, until he was satisfied with his efforts. Bean sat down in the chair closest to his side of the house. The house effectively blocked the breeze coming from the mountains. It was comfortable and he stretched out his legs and leaned back, his arms on the armrests.

Bean hadn’t been resting long before a deep male voice commented, “You were right about the walls being thin.”

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