Ravenous (MF)

Ravenous 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,299
8 Ratings (4.9)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Historical Paranormal Romance, vampires, HEA]

Emma Westlake is engaged to a Duke, whom she does not want to marry. There are rumors circulating through the ton that the Duke is responsible for his wife's death.

Feeling as if her life is in danger, Emma must flee to a castle near the sea to be a governess to two adoptive children. She is employed by a man who is eccentric. There are no mirrors in the home, and he is never about during daylight.

Gabriel Saxon-Worthington has no idea who this mystery woman is, save her name, Mercy, and the sudden impulse to sink his fangs into her.

They are both seduced by each other's brand of secrecy and engage in an affair that could lead to a deadly end. Gabriel is a vampire with a lust for Mercy's blood, but will they be able to find eternity together before the Duke discovers her, or will he remain Ravenous?!

A Siren Erotic Romance

Ravenous (MF)
8 Ratings (4.9)

Ravenous (MF)

Ravenous 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,299
8 Ratings (4.9)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
A very well written book. The details in this book is awesome! I recommend you read this book with you partner and fulfill your Fantasies! Thank you so much to the author! Can't wait for more books to read from the author!
For this being the first time I have read a book of this nature, I have to say that it was a very good book. Once I started reading it I had a very hard time putting it down. I can't wait to read more, and find out what happens next!



He moved to the spot from which the smell was emanating. He leaned down and felt the small pool. It was still fresh. He knew it was her blood before he smelled it and then tasted it. He looked upon the ground and noticed that the dirt had two sets of footprints, one that was minuscule and delicate, the other, big and booted. They were a man’s footprints. There had been a struggle, and Emma was dragged off.

Gabriel’s heart contracted at the scene; she had been abducted. Perhaps her story of the duke had been in truth, and now she was gone, and because he could not read her thoughts, he could not track her. George finally made his way outside.

“George, she was taken; I cannot sense her nor hear her,” he stated.

“What shall we do, my lord?”


* * * *


The napper’s carriage


Emma was in a dream which she did not want to awaken from. Gabriel was holding her in his arms. He was making love to her, speaking words of vows and sentiment. He loved her and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. He was there with her, keeping her close holding her safe. She reveled in him. She loved him and forgave him. No matter the fact that he was sterile, they would make a family with Rose and James.


* * * *


The earl’s castle


Whoever had taken Emma was shrewd and left no clues behind of who they were. He cursed his inability to feel her presence. He was angry that he had not listened to her before she was abducted. She tried to tell him she fled her father’s home because she was in fear of her life, that the duke’s first wife was dead for mysterious reasons. Perhaps the person who had taken her was working for the duke. She was sick, her headaches becoming worse. Gabriel felt panic and pain all the way down to his bones.

She stated she was the daughter of a baron, and her accent was clean and cultured. He cursed when he felt the sun rising. His body screamed for the sleep of his kind.

He looked to George and said, “She said she was the daughter of a baron, intended for a duke. I believe she is from London. Go there now as fast as you can, this evening. I will follow you. We have to find her.”

With that said he fled to the bottom of the house.


* * * *


The napper’s carriage


Emma awoke with a jolt. She opened her eyes and cursed at the pain she felt there. She tried to move her hands to cover her eyes. However, they were bound behind her back. She carefully opened her eyes and made contact with two men with covered faces in a small carriage. She moaned when the jostling continued. She felt she was very near losing her stomach contents.

“Who are you and why have you taken me?”

The men stared on, not answering either of her questions.

“I see. You must be in the employ of the duke,” she stated.

Her body quivered at the thought of being taken back to him. She knew their reunion would not be one of joy. He had warned her that she knew what would happen if she did not keep her place. She thought of Gabriel and could have wept. She would never see him again. He was angry with her, and he would probably at no time want to try to find her. He may believe she left, because she was a normal woman of the ton. Her heart turned over in her chest. He would never know she loved him eternally, and would always hold him in her heart.

Oh, Gabriel.

Gabriel heard Emma’s whisper to him in his sleep. He tried to claw back to wakefulness. He was finally feeling her presence.

Emma! Emma!

Emma felt as if Gabriel was by her side comforting her, but she was in a moving carriage and being fanciful.

“I will not submit to your employer. I will defy him at every turn. I would rather die than be married to a murderer,” she said with a voice that was surprisingly strong.

“You may die for your words, my lady.” And with that said he knocked her once again unconscious.

Gabriel heard a scream and then felt nothing but darkness. He was aware that sunset was to be in a few hours. He just hoped Emma would survive until he found her.




She began to tremble as images forbidden yet delicious entered her thoughts as she drifted off into slumber.

Gabriel sat in his office chair as he felt her presence. Her breathing was heavy and uneven. He felt her heartbeat race. Concern clouded his better judgment, and he disappeared into her room as simple mist. He hung over her bed as he noticed she was indeed in distress, but an entirely different kind. Mercy was mumbling his name repeatedly as she touched her breasts. She was in full sleep, which meant she was dreaming of him. He felt blood rush to his cock at the thought of her deriving pleasure from dreaming of him.

Gabriel knew if he tried to connect with her mind, he would find it closed. He told himself to leave and let Mercy sleep. He wanted to watch her. He felt a tenfold fool for the feeling.

He floated down to just a few inches above her prone body.

“Please, Lord Halverson. I need…” She did not know what she needed.

Gabriel shook with desire as he watched her hands go to her thrusting breasts. Her nipples below her night rail were pert and pebbled. She gasped as her own hands kneaded the yielding flesh. He dared not move from his vantage point. She sighed as she found her pointed nipples, erect and excited. A deep moan came from her throat as she repeated his name yet again.

She bucked against her hands, wanting more. Her fingers went to her shift and trailed the cloth up her supple thigh and to her belly. She was exposed from the waist down. Gabriel saw her glistening and wet on her curls guarding her sweet cunt.

“Oh, Gabriel, please touch me, and make love to me.”

He strained his body to not give into the need his cock was demanding. He was transfixed by the woman pleasuring herself below him. She was clearly having an erotic dream about him. He was fascinated by the idea that this woman, who was a stranger, should want him with the fierce longing that he shared.

Her finger entered her wet pussy to find a relief to the pressure that was building within her body.

Gabriel could feel the tension, and he could smell her initial cum from his vantage point. He felt his canines lengthen and blood flow over his tongue.

He could see that her breasts were swollen with hard, erect nipples. He wanted to touch her clitoris. It was wicked, but he was beyond coherent thought. He wanted to make her feel as if she were in Heaven. He would massage her breasts with tender care. She would be aching for something she could not identify. Light fingers would touch her curls. She would also be uncomfortably wet.

Emma had yet to awaken. She was repeating his name. She was reaching for something, and if he placed his hand on her pussy, she would buck her hips in excitement, and be able to grab onto her orgasm. She would be tight and swollen, ready to receive his cock.

Gabriel watched her slender hand begin to pump within her snatch. She had invaded too far, and her body flinched. His lordship would bet a month’s income that this woman was an innocent virgin. Having such knowledge brought heat within his chest and a calling from his cock.

He watched as her hand retreated. He knew she needed something she could never describe. She wanted him.

“Gabriel, please!”

Mercy was screaming for completion. He wanted to sink his cock and his fangs into her silky-smooth body. Gabriel was hungry for sex and hungry for blood. He finally materialized at her side when her eyes opened slightly.

“Mercy, please let me feed from you.” He was desperate for her.

The need to feed was upon him, and he could no longer deny himself the sweet blood.

With a delirious smile, Mercy opened her arms to him.

“I am ravenous for you,” he said.

“Please take whatever you need from me.”

She sighed as he kissed the side of her neck.

Gabriel moaned as her sweetness swept over his tongue. She was as delicious as any chocolate pastry. He had never fed from such a delectable creature.



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