It's Not Brain Surgery (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 30,352
1 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Suspense, MM, HEA]

Emilio Santo is a successful brain surgeon. He’s handsome, kind, and from a wonderful big Italian family (although work means he doesn’t see them much). The problem is, he is lacking something he wants more than anything. The love of a good man.

Lucas Berin hides in his room from his weird flatmate, Dave. He’s a brilliant animator who has been let go from his job because of a stupid mistake. However, getting a new job in such a niche industry is proving to be impossible. Freelance seems the only way to go but seeing as his meagre savings were “lost” he hasn’t got much to start with.

A chance meeting in a coffee shop sends Emilio and Lucas hurtling down a road of romance. Between disastrous dates, lost jobs, crazy exes, freaky flatmates and warring siblings, it seems like a relationship between the two men will never work out.

It's Not Brain Surgery (MM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

It's Not Brain Surgery (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 30,352
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Ugh was the first thing Emilio thought as the coffee splashed up his legs, soaking into the hem of his jeans and his socks. He’d been looking at his trainers, the brown liquid dripping down the toe, when he saw something else splash over them.

What was that? Coffee granules?

He vaguely heard the voice of the other guy, who was now on his feet, flapping his arms like that weird little budgie his nonna used to have. Emilio spotted the empty little plastic terracotta pot rolling about next to his feet.

Oh, it was soil all over his shoes. Nice. Why was it so wet and mushy? He shuffled from foot to foot as Blue came along, smiling as usual, even though she was about to clean up this guy’s mess.

Grabbing the plant pot and scooping the sad little plant into it before Blue swooped it away, Emilio placed it on the table. The initial feeling of agitation at being covered in coffee and mud fizzled away as he saw the glimmering tears in the guy’s eyes, threatening to break their banks. After a few long, cool breaths, Emilio forced his lips up into a smile, hoping it looked as genuine as he wanted it to be. This guy looked like he’d already had a pretty shit day. No use in making him feel worse than he already did.

“Too much water,” Emilio said, or something along those lines.

Blue had already scampered away, and the guy was looking at him like he was some kind of alien. Without thinking, the man ran a hand across his face, in case he was sporting a huge glob of icing on his nose or something. His mouth flapped like a fish before he stammered out an apology, at least Emilio thought it was an apology. The guy looked so scared that he might faint, and Emilio didn’t fancy waving his doctor card today.

“Don’t worry, old shoes,” he lied.

At least, that was the way Emilio thought their first meeting went. He was so beat from the ridiculous shift he had finished, and the sugar from the carrot cake was making the room a little bit hazy around the edges.

“Emilio,” he finally said, reaching his hand out. “Emilio Santo.”

The guy blinked and stepped forward, knocking the table with his shin. Luckily, this time, nothing jumped off it.

“Lucas Berin,” the man replied, taking the proffered hand.

This time, the smile Emilio wore was genuine as Lucas shook his hand warmly and strongly. From the whole situation, he almost expected a floppy, wet hand that felt almost boneless. So, he was pleased when it turned out Lucas shook like a real man. Emilio almost rolled his eyes at himself for this thought. He imagined the sound of his father’s gruff voice in his head, thick with an Italian accent that had never died, saying something similar.

Looking closer, Emilio could see the man was tall and toned, with maybe a long-distance runner’s physique. His hair was light and a little longer than fashionable, with curls framing his jaw, which was square and smooth. Emilio’s own was already shaded with stubble, despite having shaved before his shift yesterday. Lucas’ eyes were light, but Emilio couldn’t decide on a color. Swampy green was probably the best way to describe them, although they did not conjure the images of an angry ogre protecting his homestead.

Heat crawled up Emilio’s neck and pooled into his cheeks before he realized he was still holding Lucas’ hand and staring at him. Dropping his hand, hoping he didn’t look as weird as he felt, Emilio grabbed the paper towels and began to wipe his shoes off as best he could.




The stars above twinkled in jolly delight as Emilio laced his fingers in Lucas’ hair and pulled his face toward his. His heart throbbed like a war drum as he pressed his lips against the other man’s. Opening his mouth, he allowed his tongue to explore. His prick stirred within his jeans, and he rocked his hips, the exquisite pressure of the material making him feel fit to burst. Lucas whimpered, his lips pouting as Emilio pulled away, panting. He’d been waiting for this for so long. Dreaming about it, in fact, and now it was actually happening, like the world had paused.

Not even the soaring firs whispered any longer as Lucas curled his fists into Emilio’s fleece and yanked him toward him. They clashed in a mess of teeth as their tongues dueled. Emilio smoothed his hands down Lucas’ back and up under his shirt, Lucas’ skin almost searing his wind-chilled fingertips. Lucas chuckled against his lips, the vibrations rippling through him and down to his throbbing dick.

“Your hands are so cold,” he breathed before they were kissing again.

It was true. Despite Emilio’s warm nature, his hot sensuality, his fiery temper, his hands were always cold. His patients had often commented on it over the years. He, too, chuckled as he pulled Lucas’ coat off his shoulders and threw it behind him. He slid his hands back up beneath Lucas’ T-shirt, plucking at each of his nipples until they turned to pebbles. Lucas groaned and rolled his head back, baring that long, fat chord in his neck. Emilio practically salivated as he kissed it, nipping and biting at the soft smooth skin.

Pulling his own T-shirt off along with his fleece, Emilio pushed Lucas back onto the tartan blanket. They kissed as Emilio ground the palm of his hand against the bulge in the other man’s trousers. He couldn’t stand it any longer. With a flick of his wrist, he popped open the button on Lucas’ trousers and shucked them and his baggy boxers down over his taut thighs. Lucas’ long slender cock sprang free, dancing in the dusky shadows. Emilio took it into his hand and began to stroke, slowly at first then faster. Lucas put his hands behind his head, chewing on his bottom lip. He looked so beautiful gazing at Emilio through hooded eyes. Lucas moaned lightly.

Shucking his own jeans and undies, Emilio yanked his cock, pre-cum already slicking his hands. Lucas’ eyes widened as he hooked his knees up.

“Is this okay?” he rasped out, hoping Lucas wasn’t going to stop him now.

Lucas closed his eyes and nodded.

Emilio massaged unfurling hole with his fingers, dipping in gently, enjoying the way the muscle squeezed around his finger. Lucas whimpered as he pushed a single finger in. Deeper and deeper. Emilio bent low, pressing his face between Lucas’ smooth cheeks. Sweat licked his skin as he flicked his tongue out, tickling Lucas’ arse hole. He tasted fresh, like lemon body wash and salt. He smoothed his tongue over the hole, groaning at the way it vibrated on his tongue. Lucas let out a strangled groan as he bucked his hips, Emilio grabbed onto his thighs, pressing his face in as far as he could, his cheeks burning. He pushed his tongue in, af far as it would go. Moistening Lucas’ rosebud hole ready for what he planned to do next.  Straightening up, Emilio shook his head, the chill nipping at his wet lips. Lucas’ tongue poked out, caught between his teeth. He looked dazed as he glowed blue in the moonlight. Emilio took Lucas’ cock in his palm and jerked. Fast, then slow, always careful to keep an eye on Lucas to make sure he didn’t tip him over the edge. Emilio didn’t want this to end all too soon, did he?

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