Rhymes with Orange (MMMF)

Suncoast Society 35

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 71,068
34 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Sensations: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/M/M/F, with M/M, sex toys, HEA]
Following a career-ending accident, Danielle needs a fresh start. Despite crippling anxiety and OCD, she’s determined to rebuild her life and isn’t looking for a new relationship. Or a new Dom.
Coop being Hunter’s Master is a little unconventional. Hunter is gay…and has a boyfriend, Todd. And Coop is straight. They’re friends first, but BDSM helps Hunter keep his anxiety at bay. Since Hunter’s deep in the closet with his family, he can only be his authentic self around Todd and Coop.
When Coop’s relationship with Hunter—and Todd—gets more complicated, he rolls with it. Then Coop meets Danielle. Suddenly, Coop has to play Todd’s boyfriend for Hunter’s family. If Dani can’t pull off the role of a lifetime pretending to be Hunter’s fiancée, it could mean disaster for him. Unfortunately, Dani’s health takes a dive. When Hunter steps in and steps up, will the two successfully go from being co-owned pets to far more than either ever expected?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.
Rhymes with Orange (MMMF)
34 Ratings (4.8)

Rhymes with Orange (MMMF)

Suncoast Society 35

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 71,068
34 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I was waiting & ready at midnight on the 4th to download this book as I absolutely adore the Suncoast Society Series. I have read every story at least four times and "Rhymes with Orange" did NOT disappoint! I could not put it down, I read all night and did nothing else until I finished the book. After reading the blurb, I was curious how Tymber would wind these four lives around each other and, as usual, she did it with such amazing & fluid details that touched my soul and allowed me to feel as though I was there watching this all unfold. I laughed, cried, felt both of Danielle & Hunter's anguish... in fact, I wanted a few minutes with Danielle's ex and Hunter's family, especially Hunter's family!) I wanted to tell Coop to just go for it and Todd, well... we need more Todd's in this world! What an incredible story!!

I was never a reader, didn't have time. For 32 years I was a Social Worker & worked 18 hour days. Six years ago a rare disease took control of my life & my life as I knew it was forever gone. About three years ago, a friend suggested I try reading to fight off depression and suggested Tymber Dalton. She told me to start with "Love Slave for Two" (she knows me well because I was hooked!) Next I read "Kitten's Tale" then started "Safe Harbor" and have followed the Suncoast Society ever since.

Tymber Dalton's gift, her creative expression, her art, her dedication to her craft and sharing it has truly made a difference in my life & I am sure in the lives of others. I can no longer just get up and go do whatever I want. I can't even take a bath on my own any longer, but I can read and this particular series never gets old. Every time I reread the series I see something new. With the health issues she has, I imagine Tymber understands how much her writing means to readers like me. Thank you so much Tymber and I truly hope the members of the Suncoast Society forever "speak" to you!

I can't wait for "Beware Falling Ice"...
Just finished Rhymes with Orange, Tymber has done it again. Loved the way the characters all came together and the way they stood by one another in good and hard times. Love the Suncoast Society.

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An hour into loading the truck at Terry and Margie’s old house, Todd still wasn’t sure how this day would play out. He’d barely been able to have two seconds alone with Hunter to check on him. Instead, Todd was pretending to have to ask Hunter questions since he wasn’t familiar with the house.

Maybe I should have called Tilly as backup.

Even he wouldn’t cross that woman when it came to her sticking up for her friends, but he was afraid her take-no-prisoners approach to defending those she felt responsible for might only add to Hunter’s stress in this case.

Todd was in the kitchen with Margie, helping her wrap and pack dishes, when the first warning sign popped up.

“So, is Hunter dating anyone right now?” She gave him a sidelong glance he didn’t need psychic powers to interpret. “He hasn’t brought anyone to dinner or mentioned any girls in a while.”

“You know how he is,” Todd said. “I keep setting him up with women and he finds a reason to push them away. I’m taking a break from playing matchmaker for a while, or I won’t have any single female friends left.”

She arched an eyebrow. “Really.” It wasn’t a question.

“Yeah.” He forced a laugh. “I mean, you know, a guy can only do so much for a friend.”

Friend. Got it.”

He hoped his face didn’t turn red.

About that time, Coop returned to the kitchen after carrying a couple of boxes out to the truck. Todd was hoping to change the subject when Margie turned her focus to him. “So, I’ve heard Hunter mention you before, but he’s never mentioned if you have a girlfriend or not.”

Todd would have thought this was funny if it wasn’t Hunter’s peace of mind at stake.

Coop looked so cool, he could have sent the Titanic to the bottom of the Atlantic. “No current girlfriend,” Coop said, his gaze locking on Todd’s.


* * * *


Coop knew Todd hadn’t heard the discussion, he’d just accidentally eavesdropped from out in the front yard. Hunter’s father and brothers, Kent and Dell, along with younger sister Sascha, had been engaged in what sounded like familiar speculation, based on the context.

Hunter was currently upstairs packing one of the guest bedrooms, and the four of them had been talking in the garage, out of line of sight from where Coop stood.

“I’m telling you,” Kent insisted, “I think Hunter’s gay.”

“Yeah,” Dell agreed. “He and Todd have lived together how long now?”

“Don’t be stupid,” their father said. “Hunter’s had girlfriends.”

“Girlfriends we only meet once or twice before they go away,” Sascha said. “And he never talks about them. It’s always ‘Todd, this,’ and ‘Coop, that,’” she added.


He was going to owe both Todd and Dani apologies by the end of the day. Todd, he suspected, would be okay with it, understanding why.

Dani might be a little pissy about it, understandably so, but hopefully he could count on his girl to do the right thing, or else he’d horribly misjudged her.

He hurried back into the house and to the kitchen, where Todd wasn’t alone. Pulling him aside to talk would be even more suspicious, so he started pitching in there to wait for an opportunity to talk.

He got that opportunity when Margie was called out to the living room by Hunter’s mom.

Coop walked over to him. “We need to talk,” he quickly whispered to Todd.

“Is Hunter okay?”

“We’re going to have to—” The door to the utility room opened.

Coop grabbed Todd and was kissing him, pretending to be surprised only once he knew everyone passing through from the garage to the kitchen had gotten an eyeful.

Coop stepped back, hoping he wore a guilty look and doing his best not to laugh at the shocked expression on Todd’s face. “Sorry,” Coop said to them. “Just sneaking a kiss with my boyfriend.”

But it was worth it to see the triumphant smile on Hunter’s father’s face as he turned to his three children. “See? Told you.”

Todd still stood there, wide-eyed and staring at Coop. “Sorry, babe,” Coop said to Todd. “I know you told me hands-off today. Guess I blew our cover.”

Margie walked in. “What’s going on?”

“Oh, I’m about to let the ‘see I told you sos’ fly with my other children,” Hunter’s dad said.


Sascha crossed her arms over her chest. “Stop it, Dad. I get it. I was wrong.”

Coop slid an arm around Todd’s waist as Hunter’s dad pointed at them. “Hunter didn’t tell us you two were gay.”

“Well,” Coop said, “he was trying to protect our privacy.” Coop smiled at Todd. “And Hunter’s the reason we met in the first place.”

It seemed to have the desired effect. Hunter’s father waggled a finger at his children. “You three should be ashamed of yourselves, thinking like that about your poor brother. Just because he’s not like the rest of you doesn’t mean he’s gay. Sheesh.” He left the kitchen, shaking his head in disgust.

Coop didn’t bother stopping the man to tell him he was being hypocritical. He’d take the win and savor it later.

The other three siblings also retreated, leaving Margie standing there in confusion. “Uh, what’s going on?”

Todd looked like he was still in shock.

“He caught me sneaking a kiss with Todd. Sorry.”


He pulled Todd a little closer. “We’re dating. Hunter…” He pretended to be making sure the coast was clear and dropped his voice. “Hunter warned me that his dad is sort of old-fashioned and not to do any PDAs. I got careless. Sorry.”

Now she’d finally caught up with and boarded the completely erroneous train of thought Coop wanted her to ride. “Oh! Oh. Heh. Yeah, he’s kind of a dick about that. Sorry.”

She quickly glanced around and dropped her voice. “Crap, hope he didn’t hear me say that. I personally don’t care. I know Sascha’s been convinced for years that Hunter’s gay. You probably just burst her bubble. No offense, to tell you the truth, I was beginning to think so, too.”

“Ah.” Todd was still silently standing there next to him. Coop took it up a notch and let go of Todd to step in close to Margie. “If I tell you something, please don’t tell Hunter I told you.”


“Hunter is sort of dating a friend of mine right now. She really likes him, but you know Hunter. He pushes people away if he gets spooked. We’re trying not to jinx this because we both really think they’d be good together. That’s why we’re keeping it a secret.”


“Yeah. Dani’s a sweetheart.”


“Short for Danielle.”

Her eyes widened again. “Oh! I’ve heard him mention spending time with a Danny before, but I thought it was another guy.”

Todd had finally regained the power of speech and let out what Coop knew was a forced laugh. “No, she’s definitely not a guy.”

“I wish you could get Hunter to bring her to dinner at the new house tonight. Just burgers on the grill. It’d really shut up the others if you could.”

“I can call her. But it might piss off Hunter if we just spring it on him. You know how temperamental he can sometimes be.”

“Oh, true.”

He’d laugh if the stakes weren’t so high. Todd had gone silent again and was watching them like a ping-pong match.

Then Hunter himself walked in and the three of them turned to stare at him.

When Coop saw Hunter’s face go red, he knew he had to act quickly. The familiar reaction in the man meant he was close to an anxiety attack.

Margie turned on him. “Hey, please don’t be upset with me, but I asked Coop if we could invite your friend Dani to dinner tonight.”

Hunter’s gaze immediately sought out Coop’s. He met and held it, hoping his boy would be a quick study.

“Dani?” Hunter asked.

Margie grabbed Hunter’s hands. “Please don’t be mad at them. I think it’s sweet you were trying to cover for them being gay. Dad and the others accidentally walked in on them kissing.”


Well, on the plus side, the confusion in Hunter’s voice told Coop the impending anxiety attack had been derailed.

Temporarily, at least.

“Yeah,” Coop said, “I goofed up. I know you warned us about no PDAs, but I didn’t think your dad and the others would walk in on us. Sorry. And I just made her promise not to tell you we told her about Dani.”

Coop arched an eyebrow at Margie, enjoying that she went red in the face, meaning she was at least a little embarrassed about not holding the secret longer than most people could hold their breath.

Which he’d expected, counted on, and had worked in his favor.

“Dad’s not going to care Coop and Todd are dating,” Margie told Hunter.

“He’s…not going to care Coop and Todd are dating?”

Coop struggled even harder not to burst out laughing. There were two conversations going on right now—actually three if someone counted Coop overhearing the garage discussion—and only he was privy to all of them.

“And then I told Margie you’re dating Dani,” Coop said. “Look, dude, you know we love you, but I’m going to go ahead and put it out on the table. Dani’s great for you. Maybe she’s not going to push you, but as your friends, we’re going to.”

Coop resorted to a little subtext that would hopefully sail right over Margie’s head. “Boy, heh, you need to not push Dani away. Ask her to come over to dinner tonight. Just burgers.”

“I… I…” Hunter swallowed hard, still meeting Coop’s gaze. “I…don’t know if she can or not.”

Bless his heart, Hunter was really trying so damn hard to stay true to their do not lie rule.

Coop made a mental note to praise and reward him for that as soon as he could.

Margie, her back to Coop and Todd, pulled Hunter in for a hug even as Hunter’s confusion obviously grew.

Coop silently mouthed, “Good boy,” to Hunter and nodded, hard. “Well, how about we give her a call and ask her, huh?” Coop said as Margie released Hunter.


Todd found his voice. “Coop, you should probably call her. You’ve known her longer. She can’t ever say no to you. Neither can I.”

He reached out and slapped Coop on the ass, hard, a playful twinkle in his green eyes.

“Sure.” Coop pulled out his phone. “Oh, my battery’s low.” He held out his hand to Todd. “Can I have the keys, babe? I’ll use your car charger while I talk.”

“Oh, sure.” Todd fished them out of his pocket and dropped them into Coop’s palm.

He headed straight out the utility room door and down the driveway to where the car was parked, leaving Todd and Hunter in the kitchen with Margie.

Actually, his battery was fine.

He didn’t want there to be any chance of anyone overhearing what might be a very interesting and difficult conversation.




Dani wasn’t sure what was going to happen but hoped that it happened soon.

She was hornier than fuck now that the sexy, primal grunting and kissing part of the program had resumed.

Oooh, yeah.

Ned led them into his bedroom. After ordering Dani to lie down on the bed on her back on the far side, he used snap clips to hook her wrist cuffs together and then tied them to the headboard. He grabbed the short spreader bar and hooked it to her ankle cuffs, a smile on his face.

“Stay right there, sweetheart.” He retrieved the Hitachi and an extension cord, and she wouldn’t deny she was wet and horny for it, even though all he did was tease her by laying it on the bed between her legs, not touching her clit, switched off.

He grabbed Hunter’s collar and kissed him again, reaching down with his other hand and stroking the man’s cock. “Go grab a towel from the bathroom to put under you, boy,” he said. “Unless you want to do my laundry tonight. And grab condoms and lube from the bathroom.”

He released Hunter and spun him around, delivering a swat to his ass.

Then Dani watched as Ned and Todd stood face to face for a long moment. Ned grabbed Todd again, kissing him hard. “Not sure I’m ready to get my ass fucked yet,” Ned said when he let him come up for air. “You okay with that?”

“Yeah,” Todd gasped. “Just want to feel that cock of yours inside me.”

She licked her lips as she watched Ned unbuckle Todd’s belt and unfasten his shorts, shoving them and his briefs down before slowly stroking Todd’s cock. Ned let Todd unfasten his, then the man sank to his knees and engulfed Ned’s cock with his mouth, both men letting out needy moans that Dani echoed from her spot on the bed as she watched.

Ned’s heavy-lidded eyes took her in, her helpless position. “Don’t worry, my sweet pet. You were a very good girl for me. You’ll be well rewarded.” He held her gaze as he rested a hand on the back of Todd’s head and slowly fucked the man’s mouth.


Yes, she’d watched some really good gay male porn in her time.

This was even better. She wished she was on her knees with Todd, helping worship Ned’s cock with him.

Hunter returned with the items, and then Ned made Todd get up while he had Hunter climb onto the bed on his hands and knees.

Hunter had time to flash her an almost bashful smile before his eyes dropped closed and he let out a moan as Ned knelt behind him and started working lube into his ass.

Todd got onto the bed, at the head, legs spread and drawn up at the knees so Hunter could reach his cock with his mouth. When Todd realized she was watching, he dropped the leg closest to her so she could see better. He had both hands resting on the back of Hunter’s head.

“He can deep-throat me all the way to the balls,” Todd proudly said.

She licked her lips, wondering if Todd and Hunter would end up being on the menu, too. At this point, she’d do whatever Ned asked of her with the two cuties.

Hunter’s eyes flicked open briefly, locking gazes with her for only a moment before they dropped closed again as he loudly moaned around Todd’s cock. When she looked down his back, she realized Ned had sheathed himself in a condom and was working his cock into Hunter’s ass.

“Oh, that’s my good boy,” Ned praised as Hunter flexed his hips, impaling himself on Ned’s cock.

Dani realized her little whimper of need had been out loud and not just in her mind when Ned smiled down at her. “Patience, pet. I haven’t forgotten you.” He worked his cock all the way inside Hunter’s ass and held still for a moment before reaching over for the Hitachi.

Oh, f—

She didn’t even have time to finish the thought, because Ned’s gaze locked with hers as he switched the vibrator on high and then pressed it to her clit. Unable to close her legs, she felt the first orgasm immediately swell and explode inside her as Ned chuckled.

“There’s my good girl,” he said. She felt him start moving, Hunter’s moans in counterpoint meaning fun was being had by all. “There’s my very good girl. Thinks she’s getting a show, but she’s actually giving us a show.”

Something about the tone of his voice drilled right into her, in a different and even better way than when they were having sex alone.

Ned apparently sensed it, too. “Oh, yes. My very dirty pet, giving my boy and Todd a show, too. I think my pet likes showing off for you two. She likes showing what a good, horny girl she is for me.”

She tipped over the edge again, loudly, writhing against her bonds and knowing now that Ned had her spinning in that cycle he wouldn’t stop until he was ready to stop. When a hand closed around hers, she held on, not knowing who it belonged to and too far gone to care.

“Good girl,” Ned said, the bed now shaking, hard, as he fucked Hunter. “And good pup, too. Such a nice ass.”

She heard Hunter let out a moan when the shaking momentarily stopped and the vibrator was pulled away. She had time to crack an eye open and see that Ned had his other arm around Hunter’s waist and was jacking him off, and it was actually Hunter’s hand holding hers.

Then Ned spotted her watching. “Good girl.” He pressed the vibrator against her clit again and she was off to the races once more.

Hunter’s grip tightened on her hand as his moans increased in tempo.

“Make him come first,” Todd gasped. “It’s amazing feeling him my cock as he comes.”

“Good idea,” Ned said.

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