Lash (MF)

The Skulls 1

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,130
12 Ratings (4.7)

No one messes with The Skulls and gets away with it!

The last thing Angel Marston ever wanted was be at the mercy of The Skulls. They’re the local bikers and the club that helps keep the town safe, but they have their own kind of rules. They party hard and do whatever the hell they want. But her father’s debts to the club mean Angel has no choice.

Lash loves his club, but he wants a woman who hasn’t slept with all the crew. Angel is just what he’s looking for. She’s sweet, young … and a virgin. He wants her more than anything and has already staked his claim on her.

When Lash touches her, Angel can’t help but melt. He sets fires inside her body with his wandering hands and sinful lips. She can’t say no, and she wants him desperately.

But when all seems to be going so well for Angel and Lash, their pasts catch up to them. The Skulls have enemies who want the town and their women. Lash must decide who to put first, the club or his woman. Is Angel strong enough to stand by his side when the going gets tough? And what will happen when tragedy and pain both hit at once?

Be Warned: anal sex, spanking

Lash (MF)
12 Ratings (4.7)

Lash (MF)

The Skulls 1

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,130
12 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Sour Cherry Designs
Loved this book and can't wait until the next one in the series!!

She nibbled on her lip, and Lash remembered her lips wrapped around a straw. He couldn’t stop it. Holding onto the back of her head, Lash smashed his lips against hers. Her hands moved to his chest, and Lash watched as she closed her eyes. When she did, he closed his own and allowed himself the pleasure of the kiss.

Angel moaned. He tilted her head back, nibbled on her lip and waited for her to open up to him. Her lips opened, and Lash took full advantage of it. Stroking his tongue into her mouth, Lash made love to her mouth. He fucked her mouth with his tongue, mimicking the movements he wanted to do between her thighs.

Her hands moved to his chest, gripping the fabric of his vest. Lash moved his hand down from her head to her back. He pushed her back to the bed until she was under him.

With careful movements, Lash settled between her thighs, and the denim skirt she wore rode up high around her waist. He stroked a hand up her thigh, feeling her silken skin against his palm.

Lash didn’t press his cock against her centre. The only thing keeping him away from her was her panties and the denim of his jeans.

Making love to her mouth, Lash caressed her body as best as he could in the position. Her hands moved from his chest around to his back. Her nails sank into his shirt. If he’d been naked Lash would have her mark his back.

His cock was thick, and his need for her intensified.

“Kiss me back,” he said, breaking the kiss long enough to speak.

Before she got chance to talk or push him away, Lash claimed her lips once again.

He fucked her mouth with his tongue and pressed his palm between them. Touching her pussy he felt her heat against him. Moaning, Lash kept her mouth occupied at the same time he pushed the fabric of her panties out of his way. He needed to touch her.

Slipping a finger through her folds, Lash touched her clit. She jumped under his touch. He kept her in place, sinking his fingers into her hair, holding her there.

Lash stroked her clit feeling her cream soak his fingers. She was so close, and Lash knew she’d never been touched like this before.

He fingered her clit, kissing her mouth and hoping he wasn’t fucking up what was happening.

She cried out and seconds later shuddered under his touch. It was the most erotic experience of his life. Lash eased the touch of his fingers and then slowly withdrew from her heat.

Staring down into her face, Lash waited for her to open her eyes.

Angel looked at him, her face flushed from her orgasm. It hadn’t taken long at all. He’d known it wouldn’t.

“You’re beautiful,” he said. Without thinking he brought his fingers to his lips and sucked the cream from them.

She looked away from him, biting onto her lip.

“What did I just do?” she asked.

Her words were so faint that he only just heard them. “I suggest you get used to my touch, baby. I’m not going anywhere, and you’re going to get used to my touch.”

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