Sins of the Past (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,386
10 Ratings (4.5)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romantic Suspense, M/F/M, HEA]
Lorna Marco is known as town slut because of her mother's reputation. Too bad she’s a virgin and has done nothing to earn that reputation. Although the town has no problems letting her know what they feel about her, she is determined to ignore the taunts and go on with her life. All that changes when Jacob moves to town and directly across the street from her.
Jacob Benson, a former Navy SEAL injured on a mission, moves to town to recuperate and decide what to do with the rest of his life. He’s drawn to Lorna and wants her, even if the rumors about her are true. When his best friend, Cole Michaels, shows up, sparks fly between the three of them and together they become determined to make Lorna theirs.
One explosive night of passion leads them all to believe they may have a chance at a relationship until danger comes to town.
Siren Erotic Romance
Sins of the Past (MFM)
10 Ratings (4.5)

Sins of the Past (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,386
10 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Who is it? It better not be the fuckers who messed up my car because I’m in the mood to kill someone today.”

Jacob just about swallowed his tongue to keep from laughing as he heard his neighbor shouting from somewhere inside her house. He didn’t know if she meant for whoever was at the door to hear her or not, but he had a feeling his feisty neighbor didn’t care either way. He could hear her stomping as she neared the door and wondered if his decision to knock was a good idea. He had battled with himself all day on whether or not to come over and introduce himself. Jacob knew it was just an excuse to meet her, but he couldn’t get her out of his head. Finally, when he couldn’t take it anymore, he gathered his crutches and hopped himself across the street.

He just hoped she didn’t think his profuse sweating and lack of breath was weird. The crutches he was forced to use were, in his opinion, someone’s sick idea of torture. Jacob had no idea armpits could even get sore until he had to use the things. Now, the pain in his pits fought a constant battle with his knee to see which could hurt the most. At the moment, he couldn’t say which was winning.

“Can I help you?”

The icy greeting snapped Jacob out of his thoughts. The way his neighbor was frowning at him led him to believe it hadn’t been the first time she had asked the question. His intentions of making a good first impression were going up in flames and he hadn’t even gotten a word out yet.

“Umm… Hi, I’m Ja—” He thrust his hand out in front of him as he began to introduce himself. Unfortunately, the introduction was cut short when he felt himself becoming off balance as his crutch that he had foolishly let go of slipped out from under his arm and fell to the ground. It seemed like the world decided to make him the butt of one huge joke when he leaned forward to pick it up at the exact same moment his neighbor did. Not only did he hear the sickening crunch, but he felt it as his forehead collided with her nose on the way down.

“Owww! Fuck, fuck, fuck. Oh shit! That hurt!” His new neighbor wailed as she hopped up and down holding her nose.

Jacob saw the blood trickling through her fingers and running down her arms. He had every intention of helping her and apologizing profusely, but he stood rooted to the porch frozen at the sight before him. His brain and body seemed to shut down leaving only his eyes working perfectly fine. The towel his neighbor had been wearing didn’t make it past the first couple of jumps before hitting the floor. The woman was completely bare and Jacob was mesmerized at the site of all of her curves and her breasts bouncing up and down. The view of them bare was way better than the glimpse he had gotten earlier through her wet shirt. I’m going to hell.

“What the hell is wrong with you? Did you come over here just to assault me or did you actually want something?”

Her nasally, pissed-off tone did nothing to calm the erection that was currently causing his jeans to tighten. Either she hadn’t yet realized her towel had fallen off or she was too pissed off to care at the moment.

“I…uh…” Jacob swallowed, trying to get a little moisture back into his dry mouth. He was a trained killer for Christ’s sake, but at the moment he felt like a bumbling teenager all over again. He raised his hand to help her, but stopped midair not knowing if she would welcome his touch. Making a decision, he leaned down and picked up his crutch and her towel at the same time. Once he had his crutch safely back under his arm, Jacob stepped into the house and held up the towel for his neighbor to take. He saw the expression in her face change the instant she realized what he was holding, but instead of doing the obvious and snatching the towel away from him to cover up, the little spitfire held the towel up to her nose. With one last glare at him, she turned and headed down her hall, leaving him standing in her doorway.

The view of her rounded bottom swaying as she casually walked away had Jacob groaning. He had no doubt that view would star in his fantasies for a while to come. His cock jumped at the thought and Jacob had to reach down and adjust his pants for fear that he would have a permanent zipper imprint on his cock if his erection grew any more. There was just something about his neighbor that turned him on. He didn’t even know her name, but he definitely wanted to get to know her.

Feeling awkward just standing in her doorway, Jacob eased the front door closed and made his way over to her sofa. He didn’t know if he was welcomed in her home after what he had just done to her, but he decided to take a chance. He had a feeling his neighbor’s prickly attitude scared most people off, but after the things he had seen and done, there wasn’t much that scared him. Besides, he smiled to himself, he liked a challenge. It made the win that much sweeter in the end.




“Just because I’m a virgin doesn’t mean I don’t have any experience so technically this isn’t my first time.”

Jacob froze at her words and frowned, causing Lorna to giggle. “I’m a twenty-nine-year-old virgin by choice. That doesn’t mean I don’t have needs.” She lifted a brow and smirked at him. “Trust me, I’ve found ways of handling those needs on my own.”

Jacob didn’t think it was possible to become even hornier than he already was, but Lorna managed to surprise him. Just the thought of her playing with herself, using toys, was almost enough to have him coming in his jeans. He swallowed to get rid of the lump in his throat before speaking. “At some point, I’m going to watch you pleasure yourself, but not tonight.”

Lorna had basically given him the green light to move as fast or as slow as he wanted and Jacob had no plans of wasting the opportunity. “Take off your clothes.”

Lorna didn’t even hesitate at his command. She simply grabbed the hem of her shirt and lifted it over her head before reaching for the snap of her jeans. Jacob felt his legs grow weak with the sight of her caramel flesh as it was revealed. The curves of her breasts as they threatened to spill over her bra made his mouth water. He wanted to bury his face between the large mounds.

Jacob awkwardly took his shirt off with one hand as he kept his grip on the crutch with the other. The cool air of the air conditioner felt good against his heated skin as he made his way over to the bed and sat on the edge. Using his good foot, he toed off his shoes and kicked them to the side while never taking his eyes off the woman in front of him. Lorna had taken her jeans off and was standing in front of him in a pair of cotton boy shorts that showed off the sexy curves of her hips. The fact that her panties and bra didn’t match turned Jacob on even more for some reason that he couldn’t explain. It seemed that everything about the woman turned him on.

He had to clench his teeth at the sexy way Lorna moved toward him. Her moves were graceful and Jacob could picture a cat slinking toward him. When she was directly in front of him, Lorna knelt down and lifted his foot. She removed his sock before easing the other off, careful not to jar his bad knee. He felt the muscles in his thighs jump as she trailed her hands up his legs before reaching for the button of his jeans.

Jacob had intentions of seducing Lorna, but it seemed she had other plans. He was okay with letting her take the lead for the moment though. He was more interested in seeing what she had planned. Jacob was able to grab a condom out of his pocket before he lifted his hips to help Lorna remove his jeans. He moaned in relief to be free of the confinement as his hard cock slapped against his stomach leaving a trail of clear fluid behind. Jacob closed his eyes and leaned back with a grunt at the feel of her warm hand on his shaft.


* * * *


Lorna took a breath to calm her nerves. Her fingers shook as she reached out and gripped Jacob’s cock. She had told the man she was technically experienced, but all of her brave bravado had fled the moment his cock was revealed. The man was larger than any of her toys. Her cunt clenched at the thought of having him inside her, but first, she planned on doing something she had been fantasizing about for a long time.

Running her fingers down the underside as she lifted his cock away from his stomach, Lorna paused and looked up at Jacob’s grunt. He had his eyes closed and instead of pain she expected to see from his grunt, there was a look of bliss on his face as he lay back on the bed. Taking that as permission to continue, Lorna turned her attention back to the cock in her hand and marveled at the feel of it. His silky skin felt completely different from her plastic and latex toys. A drop of liquid dribbled from the tip and she leaned forward and collected the fluid with the tip of her tongue. The salty taste wasn’t as bad as she had expected and Lorna went back for more. She closed her mouth over the head and sucked as she flicked her tongue against the tip.

Using her other hand, Lorna reached up and fondled Jacob’s balls. The wrinkled skin of his sac was a complete contrast to the smooth skin of his shaft and she felt it draw up from her touch. Jacob’s loud moan spurred her on and she lowered her mouth down pulling him further in until her lips met her fist. Lorna wasn’t naive enough to think that she could take his entire length without choking, but as she heard Jacob gasp in pleasure, she was willing to try to keep those noises coming from him. It made her feel good to know she was at least doing something right.

She felt Jacob’s hands in her hair as she rubbed the large vein that ran along the underside of his cock with her tongue. His grip tightened to keep her from moving as he sat up.

“Any more of that and I’m going to come.” Jacob panted as he placed his hands under Lorna’s arms and lifted her.

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