Love and the Two Wranglers (MFM)

The Wranglers of Bear Mountain 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,985
5 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Contemporary Cowboy Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
Beverly’s been devastated by one man. How can she trust two she doesn’t even know? Her ex had really cut her deep with his insults. Luke and Jeremy know she’s the one for them, but boy do they have their work cut out.
One man’s cutting words has Beverly gun shy and wrangler wary. Will Luke and Jeremy be able to convince her that her ex’s callous words were lies and give them a chance? How can they possibly get through to her that she’s more important to them than anything?
Beverly can’t help the instant attraction she has for both men, but how can she keep two men happy when she’d failed to keep just one before? How much more of her would it take to keep them interested and prevent them from straying as well?
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.
Love and the Two Wranglers (MFM)
5 Ratings (4.4)

Love and the Two Wranglers (MFM)

The Wranglers of Bear Mountain 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,985
5 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




“Welcome to Bear Mountain Ranch, Beverly. You’ve got the job. Reed is the head wrangler here. He’ll take you around to meet everyone and to give you the lay of the land. You’ll need to learn the trails and as much about the natural habitat here as possible in order to answer our guest’s questions.” Laredo stood up and held out his hand. “Do you have any questions so far?”

“Not yet. I’m sure Reed can fill me in if I have any. Thank you for giving me the chance to prove myself.”

“Don’t thank me, yet. You still have to get past Reed. He’ll put you through your paces, I can promise you. Good luck.”

Beverly walked out of the office feeling confident and excited at the prospect of a new position and the world at her feet again. She noticed two wranglers leaning against the fence post surrounding an exercise ring. She walked over toward them to ask about Reed’s whereabouts.

“Hi, I’m new here. I’m looking for Reed,” she told them.

The taller of the two men stood straight to over six feet in height. His barely there smile caught her off guard as he looked her up and down. “Reed is exercising one of the horses. He’ll be busy for about thirty more minutes.”

The other man who looked to top out at six feet had a leaner build that the first man. The first man had broad shoulders and a narrow waist with a rounded ass just asking to be bitten. His rich, black hair curled just a little at his neck but wasn’t as long as the second man’s. The second man was leaner though no less built. She could easily see him riding across the land with his hair long brown hair tied back and a hat on his head.

“Do you mind if I wait here?” she asked.

The second man grinned. “Not at all. I’m Jeremy, and this is Luke. Can we help you with something?”

“Thanks, no. I’m Beverly. I’m waiting on Reed to show me around and give me my orders. I’m the new wrangler.”

She waited, expecting to see disapproval but was pleasantly surprised when they grinned and shook her hand. They lingered over her hand a little longer than was necessary. She withdrew it from each of them.

“Welcome aboard,” Jeremy said. “We’ve needed help for several weeks now.”

“That’s what Laredo told me. I understand you haven’t been open long.”

“Nope, this is just our second summer. The guests have been fun and easy to entertain. We even have a twenty percent return reserve so far. That’s excellent for a new guest ranch.”

“I can’t wait to get started. Laredo told me that his brother works here, too. Is he a wrangler?”

“He works the breeding side of the ranch. They are breeding horses as well as operating the guest part.” Luke pointed off to the west. “It’s located about eight miles that way. I’m sure Reed will take you to see it, but if he doesn’t, we’ll take you when you have time off.”

She smiled at them. They were easy on the eyes, but she wasn’t looking for a man right then. First came establishing herself, then she might think about dating. It was much too soon to consider it with the debacle of Bob only a few months behind her. She still hurt from the cruel words he’d said to her.

The only thing that came out of it that might have been a positive was that she’d gotten to surprise him when she’d hit him with the golf club. He sure couldn’t have called that predictable or boring. She’d had a laugh or two over that.

Better to laugh than to cry. I need to stop thinking about the asshole. He doesn’t deserve my thoughts.

“How many horses do you have here for the guest side?” she asked.

“Fifteen for all of us and the guests. Between us wranglers and the naturalist guides, there are twelve of us counting you. They have a woman come up from town who does massages and such two days a week, eight or ten women who do the housekeeping jobs that drive in every day, and four waitresses and a cook who helps Billy Jean, the chef. Oh, and I’m sure you met Shelby, the office manager.” Jeremy grinned at her. “We’re a big family.”

“It’s going to take me some time to learn everyone’s names.”

“You know ours now,” Luke told her.

She smiled up at him. “I sure do.”




Luke felt relief like nothing he’d ever felt before. She would give them a chance. All they had to do now was convince her that the three of them could be together without petty jealousy or useless arguing.

I can’t wait to make love to her. I want to bury myself so deep inside of her that she can’t help but believe we belong together.

First, they had to get her relaxed so that she wouldn’t stiffen up every time one of them touched her. Beverly expected them to hurt her. They had to get past that part of her fear before they could hope to convince her that what they were building was strong enough to last forever. He already knew that was what he wanted, forever with her.

Luke watched as Jeremy nuzzled Beverly’s neck before nibbling on her earlobe and around to her jaw. The other man was slowly seducing their woman into allowing them to pleasure her. His cock was already rod hard, and his balls ached with the need to explode inside of her. That would come later. First, they would show her that they could take care of her without needing their own release. It wasn’t easy, but they weren’t slaves to their bodies’ needs.

Beverly moaned as he and Jeremy lay her back on the towel. They kissed and caressed every part of her body they could touch. Neither of them attempted to remove her clothes. That would come later, once their woman was well and truly seduced. They wouldn’t rush this. It meant too much for them to be hasty and greedy.

“You are so beautiful, Beverly.” Luke kissed her cheek then nuzzled her neck with his mouth and nose.

“She is. Look at how pretty her cheeks blush, Luke. They’re warm and rosy.” Jeremy brushed his lips across Beverly’s.

Luke rested one hand on her abdomen, his pinkie teasing along the narrow strip of skin exposed when she’d lain back on the towel. It was soft and warm to the touch. He wanted to run his lips over that smooth stretch of skin. He scooted down her body and did just that. He’d been right; it was warm and smooth and tasted of candy.

“Oh, God. What are you doing to me?” Her voice sounded breathy and wrenched from her mouth.

“Making you feel good, honey.” Jeremy continued to kiss her neck and cheek then her mouth while Luke gently nudged her blouse higher to reveal more of her midriff.

“So soft and sweet.” Luke licked across the wide expanse of skin then sucked on it, leaving reddened areas here and there.

She moaned into Jeremy’s mouth and squirmed as Luke shoved her top higher with his nose. He reached the bottom of her bra and traveled back down, using his tongue to map her entire torso with open-mouthed kisses and barely there nibbles with his teeth. Beverly arched her back when he returned to the line of her waistband to pull at the denim with his mouth.

“What are you doing to me?” Beverly’s raspy voice belied her control.

“We’re seducing you, sweetheart. Let us take care of you.” Jeremy claimed her mouth as Luke began to unfasten her jeans.

She didn’t fight him or try to stop him when he pulled them down her legs. He had to stop and remove her boots first in order to pull the pant legs over her feet. She lay between them with nothing but her panties and top in place. Luke just stared down at her, his body rock hard with need at the sight of her fair skin and the pale lace that covered her pussy from sight.

“Make her feel good, Luke. Show her that we can make her scream in pleasure,” Jeremy said.

Luke slipped his hands inside her panties and slowly rolled them down her legs before dropping them on top of her discarded jeans. The sight of neatly trimmed had his cock jerking against the confines of his too tight jeans. He wanted her. He wanted to bury his face between her legs and make her come so hard she couldn’t scream.

Without allowing himself time to think about removing his own clothes, Luke stretched out between her legs and spread her thighs wide enough to allow his broad shoulders between them. Then he spread her pussy lips and licked the entire length of her slit. Her flavor exploded across his tongue. She tasted of a cross between cherry limeade and peach tea. He could lap at her all day and not get tired of her taste.

“What does she taste like, Luke?”

“Pure heaven. Here, taste her.” Luke took one of Beverly’s fingers and dragged it through her wet pussy and held it up for Jeremy to find out for himself just how good their woman tasted.

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