Wade (MM)

Grizzly Ridge 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,533
38 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, shape-shifters, M/M, HEA]
Benny loves having a job. He is able to get out from under his parents overprotective thumb and meet some really nice people. But his freedom doesn’t last long…not when Wade Rising enters the bar. When Benny is taken to Wade’s clan, his worst fear is that the bears will eat him. His first clue that he is in trouble? Wade’s brothers keep licking their lips.
Wade can’t believe his mate is a fluffy little bunny. His bear isn’t sure if it wants to claim Benny or eat him. Worse yet, his brothers look at Benny as if Wade has just brought dinner home. But after hauling Benny over his shoulder and taking him from the bar, trouble follows on Wade’s heels.
The crooked sheriff is demanding Benny’s return. Benny’s parents are raising hell that he’s been taken to a bear clan. Will anything go right for Wade and Benny?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.
Wade (MM)
38 Ratings (4.7)

Wade (MM)

Grizzly Ridge 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,533
38 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Melody Simmons




“I don’t know about this,” Duane said as he and Wade entered the local bar. “We’ve had enough trouble lately. I think we should stay out of Grizzly Ridge.”

Wade was on the prowl. He knew they’d had their fair share of trouble, but that didn’t mean he had to become celibate. Just thinking the word made his balls clench.

“We’ll be here long enough to pick up an easy lay, then we’ll scoot,” Wade promised. He wasn’t sure how true that was, though. There were slim pickings in Grizzly Ridge. He was almost tempted to head over to Howling Cavern to see what selection the wolves had, but the wolves and bears were still at odds.

Also, if Wade ran into the prick, Declan, he might get into a fight instead of finding a piece of ass. Wade was too damn horny at the moment, and fighting was the last thing on his mind.

His curiosity piqued when he noticed a new server running around the place. Shit, the guy was smoking-hot. His hair was platinum blond, his eyes hazel, and damn if his body wasn’t banging. Wade wanted a piece of that.

“I found my one-night stand. Good luck with yours,” Wade said to Duane before hurrying toward the racing server. The guy had a tray balanced on one hand as he weaved his way through the mess of tables. Wade decided to take a seat and wait for the little honey to come to him.

After placing the drinks on a table, the guy spun and nearly ran into the table behind him. He gave a low curse—if dang it could be considered cursing—and hurried away. Wade watched every move the man made, his gaze zeroing in on his plump little butt. His cock jerked as Wade thought of sinking balls-deep into the guy.

Ten minutes later, the sexy server finally made it to Wade’s table. “What can I get you?”

Wade opened his mouth to give a witty reply when the smell of prey smacked him in the face. He leaned in close, sniffing. His mouth watered at the succulent scent of bunny filled his nose. His bear growled. Wade smirked. The stranger’s eyes widened as he backed away.

“Don’t go running from me, Honey Bunny.” Wade got up and took a step closer. “I ain’t here to eat you.”

The bunny’s eyes rounded. “Then what are you here for?”

Wade gave a low chuckle. “To fuck you.”

The server blushed. “I have to work. Do you want to order a drink?”

“The only thing I want is to lick that gorgeous body of yours.” Wade moved in closer, trapping the bunny against a table. The guy was pocket-sized, and Wade loved that. “Then I want to sink my dick deep into your ass.”

Wade jerked back when the bunny slapped him. “You have a nasty mouth, buster!”

Wade grabbed the man’s wrists. “That shit just turned me on.”

The guy burst out laughing. “This is some kind of prank, isn’t it? Harold sent you over here to mess with me.”

“Who the hell is Harold?” Wade didn’t really care.

“The owner,” the guy said as though Wade was daft. “My boss. He’s always pulling pranks on me.”

“Why don’t we talk outside?” Wade would fuck the little bunny in the bed of his truck, on the side of the building, or even in the woods. The location was irrelevant. 

“Because I’m swamped,” he said. “I get off at one if you want to hang out.”

Hang out? Wade didn’t want to shoot the breeze. He wanted to fuck. “Don’t you have a break coming soon?”

“I don’t get breaks,” he said.

That wasn’t right. By law, the server was entitled to them. Wade might live up in the mountains, but he wasn’t backwoods. He knew about the working world—somewhat.

Wade had never worked a day in his life. His grandfather had struck oil, and the Rising family had become rich overnight. The wells had finally dried up, but their money hadn’t. Wade and his brothers were frugal, and Wade had enough money to last him the rest of his life.

“You’re supposed to get breaks,” Wade said.

“I don’t have time for your jokes.” He grabbed his tray and skirted around Wade.

“Benny!” the guy behind the bar hollered. “Your orders are backing up.”

“See? I’m busy,” Benny said as he hurried away.

Benny the bunny. Wade smirked. He pressed his palm into his hard cock. He wanted a piece of that tight little ass. Wade had started toward Duane, who sat at the bar, chatting with some guy, when he stopped dead in his tracks. Wade scented the air, then spun to look at Benny.

His bear growled again, but not because he wanted to gobble the bunny up. Benny was Wade’s mate. He stood there stunned. He was mated to a fucking bunny? His brothers would never let him live this one down, but those thoughts fled as his bear took over.

Wade stalked toward Benny, who was placing drinks on his tray. As he rounded the bar, the owner’s eyes widening.

“You can’t be back here,” Harold said.

Ignoring him, Wade grabbed Benny and pulled him close, biting into his shoulder.

“No!” Benny shouted as Harold barreled toward Wade.

“Get the fuck off him,” Harold barked.

Duane jumped from his stool and leaped over the bar. He yanked Harold back as Wade released Benny.

“I knew you wanted to eat me!” Benny clamped a hand over his neck. “You lied to me!” He blinked a few times, cocked his head, then stared at Wade. “You smell like my mate.”

Wade picked Benny up and tossed the little bunny over his shoulder. He hauled ass from the bar as Duane raced after him.




Why in the hell was Wade so nervous? This wasn’t his first time having sex, yet his hands shook as he reached for Benny. It could be from the fact that Benny was it for him, or that he feared his mate would ask about the scars on his back.

Wade had always been careful not to let his lovers see them, but he hadn’t wanted to hide anything from his mate, so, in a bold move, he had turned so Benny got a full view of them.

He’d smelled Benny’s pity, and that hadn’t been what Wade was going for. Wade was also pretty fucked in the head thanks to dear old Dad. Rough sex was all he’d ever had, but now…

As Wade ran his hands down Benny’s arms, he slowly kissed along Benny’s jaw, then his neck, eating up the soft sounds his mate made—needy, desperate sounds. The scent of his heat was driving Wade’s bear crazy. His beast demanded Wade throw Benny down and claim him.

Wade knew better. Benny was slight of frame, nervous, and timid. Wade had to calm his bear, or, damn it, he’d walk out until his beast was leashed.

Benny slid his hands around Wade’s waist, tracing his fingers just above the curve of Wade’s ass. With a low growl, Wade picked him up. Benny instinctively looped his legs around Wade.

Benny’s skin was hot to the touch, his body flushed. Wade moved to the side of the bed and pressed Benny’s back into the covers.

“While I appreciate you trying to be gentle with me—” Benny squirmed free, turned onto his hands and knees, and presented his ass “—have at me, big boy.”

Wade’s throat went bone-dry as he stared at Benny’s hole. His cock dripped pre-cum as he licked his lips. “I’m trying not to hurt you.”

“I’m tougher than I look.” Benny wiggled his ass, and Wade nearly swallowed his tongue when Benny slapped his own butt. “Don’t be shy. I want you to ride me hard and hang me up wet.”

With a deep chuckle, Wade yanked him back to the edge of the bed. “You sure have a way with words, Honey Bunny.”

Looking over his shoulder, Benny frowned. “Can you find another endearment to call me? I feel like you’ll whip out the honey bottle at any second.”

With one hand pressed against Benny’s lower back, Wade used the other to line his cock up, letting the natural lubricant loosen the tight muscles of Benny’s ass. “Hopefully you’ll be a bouncing bunny in a minute.”

Benny’s jaw dropped. “You are so corny.”

“Horny,” Wade corrected. “And I ain’t ever been accused of being corny in my life.”

“If you’ve used those lines on other men, yes, you have.” Benny wiggled his butt again. “Waiting.”

With a smirk, Wade drove in balls-deep. For a moment, he feared he’d been too rough, but, although he scented his mate’s discomfort, Benny cried out in pleasure. Before Wade could move, Benny thrust backward, making the craziest, sexiest noises Wade had ever heard.

Fuck it. If a rough ride was what Benny wanted, Wade would oblige. He gripped Benny’s hips and pounded into his—God, his ass was so fucking tight and insanely hot. Wade’s canines descended as he pistoned into Benny.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Benny arched his back, kicked his feet up and down, and slapped his palms into the bed. He was great for Wade’s ego.

“Is this what you wanted?” Wade snarled. His bear was close to the surface, struggling to take over. Wade had to concentrate to keep his beast at bay. Benny wanted hard and fast, but Wade was pretty sure he’d break him if his bear got loose.

“It’s…I wanted…Wade!” Benny’s hole clamped around Wade’s dick. Holy shit. His mate had a short fuse. But he was far from done with his little bunny.

Wade pulled his cock free, flipped Benny to his back, threw his legs back, and drove into the heavenly heat again.

Benny was still hard. He might have a short fuse, but his stamina was phenomenal. He lifted his ass, grabbing for Wade at the same time.

Wade bent forward for a kiss. Benny clawed at him, his lips everywhere, over Wade’s lips, his jaw, cheeks, and even his nose. Wade loved that his mate had lost control, that he was riding pure instinct.

“Bite me again,” Benny begged. He grabbed Wade’s nape and tried to force Wade’s face to his shoulder.

With a growl, Wade pulled back. “Soon.” He loved Benny’s fire and passion, but he needed to remind the little bunny who was in charge.

“Bite me!” Benny yanked at Wade’s neck again.

Apparently, Benny was in charge because Wade bit him. Benny cried out again, his cum shooting between their bodies. It was like fucking the Energizer Bunny, because after his second orgasm, Benny was still hard.

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