[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, vampires, werewolves, M/M, HEA]
Mikhail Borreagous loathes anything paranormal.  After witnessing the vicious murders of his older brothers in an attack that left him clinging to life over twenty years ago, he vowed to hunt and kill anything not human. That is, until Nico Montague crosses his path.
Nico is a wolf shifter and no stranger to Mikhail’s killing ways. The infamous hunter is his mate, but Nico will do whatever it takes to protect him against the lamabra. When a second attack from the vampire half-breeds goes south, Nico makes a crucial decision in hopes of saving Mikhail: return to Shadow Creek…with his mate.
Mikhail wakes up in the heart of the paranormal sanctuary his boss has dreamed of breaching. Caught between his fierce attraction to Nico and his loyalty to his leader, Mikhail has to make a life-altering decision: betray the creatures that have protected him despite his reputation, or risk his life to stay with Nico?  
A Siren Erotic Romance
Leah Blake is a Siren-exclusive author.
All or Nothing (MM)
3 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffet
Not rally into the man love thing, being a lady, but OMG love this series.




“I don’t have time for games,” Nico groused. He dropped his arms and started walking. Mik groaned, sprinting forward. He came up in front of the wolf, forcing him to stop. “What?”

Yeah, what? Why am I running after him? The enemy?

“How do you know my name?” Mik asked. In his adrenaline-packed state during the night, he hadn’t realized Nico knew his name. Having heard the wolf address him again a few moments ago, he was curious to know what the wolf knew about him. What dangers he presented.

“None, unless you go after my friends. Touch them and I’ll make sure you pay.” Nico’s upper lip pulled back enough to show off impressive fangs without drawing unwanted attention from passersby. Mik steeled himself against the flood of desire and the inconceivable notion of those teeth marking him as Nico’s.

Irrational thinking, Mik.

 “You can read minds. Wolves aren’t supposed to have that power.”

“Little do you know, apparently.”

“Are you always so rude?”

Nico stared at him for a long, silent moment before he laughed. The sound was sinful, deep and rich and utterly condescending.

“Really? Rude? I killed that lamabra before it ripped your head from your body, and you shoved a gun in my face. Are you sure you don’t have the rude party confused?” Nico shook his head, a scowl crossing nice, firm lips. “And it wasn’t just one gun you tried to use.”

Mik sighed. Nico was making his points shamefully clear. Never since he stepped onto this path of becoming a hunter had he considered his actions. Paranormals were a nameless, faceless, evil race of creatures that needed to be exterminated. There weren’t different factions. There weren’t feelings. They had no consciences.

Paranormal hunting was like deer hunting. Mik found a target and pulled his trigger. There wasn’t much else to think about.

At least, that’s what he thought until now.

Standing before this man left him confused. It didn’t help that the man was mouthwatering and that Mik had an obvious reaction to his very presence, another notch added to his confusion.

“Okay, kid. Listen. I don’t have all day to stand here waiting for you to figure out your thoughts. I’m tired. I haven’t slept in three days because I’ve been hunting those fucking lamabra, trying to stop them before they kill more humans. I really don’t have patience for hunters who scream ‘hey you’ to get my attention and try to make themselves feel better for being a dick when they should’ve been dead. Quite honestly, I don’t have time to coddle your ego. So, if you have something to say, say it. Otherwise, I’m leaving.”

“Why are you hunting them? One bite and they can ruin you.”

If Mik were to guess, Nico just rolled his eyes at him.

“You hunters have such misconceptions about our kind. We don’t want humans harmed any more than you do. I’m aware of the danger they present to wolves, but they present more danger to humans.” Nico leaned down, his face close to Mik’s. Mik’s nostrils filled with the scent of crisp pine, warm whiskey, and an underlying sweetness that almost made him moan. It was bad enough he glanced down at the man’s sinful mouth and leaned a little closer. “Now, Mikhail. I can easily pop your perfect world bubble or I can let you go on your merry way with the warning that should we cross paths again, I may not be as lenient in my actions. I protect what is mine. Don’t ever forget that.”

“You wanted me to follow you out of that joint.” Mik knew it was a guess at best. A pretty good one, too, judging by the slight stiffening of the man’s shoulders. “And you didn’t answer my question about how you knew my name.”

“It’s hard not to know who you are. You’ve slaughtered a good number of my kind.” Nico’s voice was tight and he spoke between clenched teeth. He straightened up. “I’ve gotta go.”

“Wait.” Mik raised a hand, intending to press his palm to Nico’s shoulder, but thought twice when the man’s eyes lowered to his outstretched arm. “Why did you want me to follow you?”

“I didn’t. Don’t flatter yourself.”

“I’m not.” Mik stepped to the side, blocking Nico’s exit. This time, he did press his hand to the man’s hard pec. Another wave of hot electricity bolted through him, weakening him more than he cared to acknowledge. “Damn, what do you keep doing to me?”

Nico finally lifted his sunglasses and graced Mik with those gorgeous sun-glowing eyes. His pupils swelled, despite the brightness of the morning, and his nostrils flared.

When the man’s lips curled into a cursed grin, he thought he’d melt into a puddle right there on the sidewalk.

“Nothing, Mikhail.” Nico stepped forward, right into Mik. The motion stunned him, since he was expecting the man to try and side-step him again. “Nothing I have any control over.”

Mik swallowed a lump from the base of his throat when Nico drew the tips of his fingers from Mik’s navel to his chin. The airy touch lit a dangerous fire inside his body, one that centralized in his groin but burrowed deeper. Soul-deep.

He didn’t know what was happening. It made no sense. The sensations that woke inside him were strange and surreal, uncharted and frightening. The last because he had no control over them. The harder he tried to steel himself against the wolf, the stronger those sensations became. The town around him faded as he sank into the wolf’s predatory gaze.

Another trick of his mind occurred. One in which he felt a body not his own strain to remain controlled and calm. He stared at himself—a strange, vertigo feeling—pleased to find his mate submitting…

Hot lips touched his, washing that last thought from his mind in a rush of pure want.

“Ever kiss a wolf before?” Nico whispered.




“Damn it, Nico.”

Mik fisted his hair and pulled the wolf away from his neck. To his utter shock, and absolute delight, Nico’s eyes glowed like flames in the night. His teeth had tapered to his wolf’s fangs. Everything he despised only days earlier turned him on unlike anyone before.

“What? I won’t bond, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

Mik’s forehead creased. “Bond. I didn’t even think…”

Nico slanted his mouth over Mik’s, kissing his thought away as their bodies crushed together. Mik lowered his legs, his toes barely touching the ground. He used the base of the tree for support and fumbled to kick his sneakers off. Nico stopped him when he tried to wedge his hands between their bodies to get his jeans off.


Nico bit his lower lip as he pulled back. Mik whimpered, his body burning up with each taunting kiss, lick, and swirl of Nico’s mouth and tongue down his chest. He didn’t stop to toy with his nipples as he had in the gym, but left a damp trail straight to his jeans. Mik held on to the wolf’s shoulders to keep from sliding down the tree, his vision pulsing in time with his rapid heart rate.

“Nico,” Mik pleaded.

Nico chuckled, flicking open the button on Mik’s jeans before glancing up at him. “Now, Mikhail, save that voice for when I’m about to make you come.”

Nico yanked Mik’s jeans down his legs in one swift motion. Mik sucked his lower lip between his teeth as his cock bobbed up from its confines. The muggy summer air enhanced the scent of musk and salt. He couldn’t take his eyes off the wolf lowering to his knees. Nico nuzzled the root of his cock for a moment before he tipped his nose and took a deep breath through flared nostrils.

“Are you sure you want this for a single night, little hunter?” Nico flicked out his tongue and traced the veins along the underside of Mik’s cock. Mik sucked in a sharp breath against the spears of pleasure. “Only a single night?”

“You read my mind,” Mik murmured, losing traction on his own thoughts.

“Transfer, honey. A transfer.”

Another lick, from root to tip. Nico’s tongue swirled over his crown. Mik’s eyes rolled back into his head. A fierce tremor jerked his body.


“Sweet spirits.” Nico brushed his lips all over the head of Mik’s cock, driving him mad by the second. His fingers dug into Nico’s shoulders, his nails threatening to break skin. Nico rubbed the flat of his tongue against his slit, his glans, until Mik cried out.

“Damn you, Nico.” Mik grabbed his cock and moved it away from Nico’s torturous mouth. “Fuck, man.”

Nico nuzzled his damn mouth and nose between the root of his cock and his sac.

Hell, I’m dying tonight. Right here because a wolf is going to make me combust.

“Mmm, you smell incredible.” Nico licked his sac, sending Mik to another dimension. “Are you going to keep that dick to yourself? Or are you planning on sharing?”

“You planning on playing with it or sucking on it?”

Nico sucked the very edge of his sac between his lips and played that wicked tongue along his tingling skin, then released him. “Learn patience, honey.”

“I’m very patient.” If that wasn’t the biggest lie at the moment, Mik had no idea what was. He lacked all patience at the mercy of Nico. Glancing down, he caught Nico’s curious gaze. His pupil swallowed the gold except for a shimmering halo in the darkness. “More than you, apparently.”

“Mikhail, I can tease you in more ways than you can count, bringing you to the very edge of your sanity before I let you settle back down. I can go on for hours like that, never letting you come.”

Nico tilted his head and bit the inside of Mik’s leg. He jerked, the painful pinch acting as a conduit to his pleasure, intensifying Nico’s gentle suckles along the same area. He repeated the bite-suckle three more times, creeping closer to the juncture of his groin before Mik whimpered.

“Stop! Okay, you win.” Mik’s legs trembled beneath the weight of his body, weakening beneath the onslaught of Nico’s maddening foreplay. He released his dick, and damn if his erection sprang toward Nico’s mouth. “There.”

Nico smiled, drawing the tip of his finger along the length of swollen, throbbing flesh.

“Mikhail, when was the last time you laid down for a man?”

The question caught Mik off guard. “What?”

Nico dragged that same finger from his tip to his root, the gentle tickle from his nail shattering his thoughts for a moment.

“When was the last time you had sex with a guy?” The tip of Nico’s tongue slid through his slit. “You are gay, right?”

“Yes. And it’s been a while. Why?”

“A month? Two? A year?”

“Why do you care?”

“Because…” Nico’s damn finger circled the root of his ball sac before it brushed Mik’s rear hole, sending Mik into a tailspin. “I don’t want to hurt you when I claim your body tonight.”

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