Love at First Sight (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 42,250
0 Ratings (0.0)

Professional chef Aki Taan is in love with his barber and childhood friend, Tsung Loa. Even though same sex marriages are allowed in Taiwan, their mothers refuse to admit their sons are gay. Instead, they arrange a marriage between Aki and Tsung’s older sister, Chi-Ling.

Tsung Loa has heard the rumors about himself all his life. He doesn’t care about what people think of him, but he selfishly steps aside and allows his older sister to marry Aki Tann to save face for his family. On the eve of the wedding, Aki shows up at Tsung’s apartment for one night of passion with the man he loves. But the next day, Tsung packs his things and moves away, not leaving a note or a forwarding address.

A year passes without anyone hearing from Tsung until one day Aki learns he's working in the redlight district of Taipei. Aki goes to Taipei to find his friend, who has been living a double life for years. Can these two young men find a happy ending?

Love at First Sight (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Love at First Sight (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 42,250
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

It had been a long time since Annya Taan had graced Bai Loa with her presence. She had brought along her snooty mother-in-law Yi-Hsuan and sister-in-law Jia-Li. Luckily, Bai was always prepared for uninvited guests. She fixed tea and cookies for them. “What brings you ladies down the street this fine day?” Bai asked after she finished serving them. The Taan women always thought they were better than anyone else in the neighborhood just because they owned a restaurant.

“It’s about Tsung,” Annya answered.

No big surprise. She and Annya used to be close until Annya started complaining about how she was raising her son. So what if he liked to play with dolls? “What is he supposed to have done now?”

“No need to be sarcastic, Bai,” Yi-Hsuan said.

“My mother is right,” Jia-Li said. “We’re here to help.” Jia-Li was Yi-Hsuan youngest child, and Jia-Li had inherited her mother’s attitude.

“Help me with what?”

“There’s several rumors going around that Tsung might be selling his body to men,” Yi-Hsuan answered.

Bai sighed. That rumor was older than time. “Do you have any proof?”

“No, not exactly,” Annya answered. “But he’s been spending a lot of time with Aki lately.”

“They’re friends,” Bai said. She refilled her guests’ cups.

“He flirts with Aki. I’ve seen that with my own eyes,” Annya said. “And he comes down the street every morning for latte and dessert.”

“Does he pay for his purchases?” Bai asked.

“Yes, but ...”

“But nothing. Tsung has a sweet tooth, and Aki is a baker. If they were lovers, I’m sure Tsung would be getting his dessert for free.” No one laughed at her joke. “Is Aki gay?”

“No,” Annya answered quickly.

“Then why are we having this conversation? My son isn’t either.”

The three women looked at each other, as if this wasn’t going as they planned.

Yi-Hsuan spoke first. “Does Tsung have a girlfriend?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Why not? He’s a good-looking young man.”

Of course, she was beginning to wonder the same thing. “Is Aki dating?”

“No,” Annya answered. “That’s why we’re here.”

“You want Tsung to marry Aki?” Bai asked.

“No,” Annya said loudly. “I want you to keep Tsung away from Aki.”

“Your son is twenty-seven years old, not married, and is living with his parents. I think you need to keep him away from Tsung,” Bai argued. “You want to blame my son for your son’s gayness.” Bai thought that maybe she must have pissed them off, because all three women left without saying goodbye.

The nerve of some people! She stopped gloating. But what if I’m wrong?

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