The Squirrel’s Cursed Mate (MM)

Milson Valley 28

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 31,423
2 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Paranormal/Shifters, Magic, Fantasy, MM, HEA]

The first encounter Lorenzo ‘Enzo’ Bianchi, had with squirrel shifter Sylvester Tilbery was when he nearly ran him over. Sylvester wasn’t impressed with Enzo’s driving, but he was excited to have his mate. The man’s accent made him weak at the knees, he was sexy and far more relaxed than Sylvester. The only problem was, being with Enzo could kill him!

Years ago, Enzo was cursed when stopping a kidnapping, but over the years he’d learnt to live with few restrictions. When he met Sylvester, all Enzo wanted was to claim, bond and enjoy his snappy, fun mate. Enzo liked Sylvester’s directness, his rusty colored hair and cute smile, but when the curse harmed Sylvester, Enzo was prepared to give up his mate to save him.

The curse wasn’t going to stop Sylvester from being with his mate. Until they could get rid of it, they’d work around it, and enjoy dinners, cuddling and phone sex.

The Squirrel’s Cursed Mate (MM)
2 Ratings (4.5)

The Squirrel’s Cursed Mate (MM)

Milson Valley 28

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 31,423
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing

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“Can you tell me how Sylvester is?” Enzo Biancho asked Second Tripp Croggen.

“Fine now. He’ll be released soon. A bird bit his nose and ruptured blood vessels resulting in swelling.”

Enzo wondered about this bird. “Ah, a bird bit his nose?”

Tripp nodded. “Yep. Damn bird bit the Mayor’s ear last week. The owner is receiving a fine and notice to keep the bird from attacking anyone else. I think the bird bites when it gets startled or stressed. The Mayor can be loud and Sy can be…”

When Tripp didn’t continue, Enzo prompted. “Yes?”

“Passionate.” Tripp took them up an elevator. As they stepped out, the shifter paused. “Sylvester can be…tempestuous, which can be off putting to some. I’ve known him for about twenty-five years and I can honestly say Sy can be a handful, he’s also someone who will never let you down. A good guy. Sy runs the day care center at the pack and takes great care of the babes. Though he’ll say we cannot stand each other, that’s not true at all. The pack all like him, whether he knows that or not, and we look out for him.”

Sylvester sounded like a character, Enzo’s favorite type of people to date. As a more even-tempered person who must consider his actions and what to say in any situation, he enjoyed the company of someone vivacious and expressive. And snarky. He enjoyed snark when it wasn’t mean spirited.

“It sounds like you have affection for Sylvester and understand who he is. These are good bases for a lifelong friendship.”

 Enzo understood Tripp was letting him know to be prepared for anything with Sylvester, and that the pack would always protect and look out for him. Enzo appreciate the gesture. As they entered a shared hospital room, a slim blond wizard brushed by them.

“Is Sylvester able to leave, Doc?”

“Yes! Get him out of here or I’ll sedate him,” growled the wizard.

Tripp grinned, watching the wizard hurry away. He fixed his honey colored gaze on Enzo. “Can you scent Sy?”

“I can,” Enzo’s body was alert and tense. “I also scent a bear shifter.”

Tripp nodded and led the way into the hospital room. “How are you feeling, Connor?”

“Sore.” Connor the bear shifter was sitting up in a hospital bed with a puffy face and sour expression.

“Now the wisdom teeth are out, you’ll heal up quick. How’re you feeling, Sy?”

“Fine. Ready to go.” Sylvester Tilbery said with evident impatience.

“Is your nose working?” Tripp asked.

Sylvester Tilbery glared at the Second. While there was a silent moment, Enzo looked at his mate. Dressed in slim fit jeans with the cuffs rolled up, sneakers without socks and a lavender short sleeved top, Sylvester was average height and weight with rust colored hair that stylishly flicked over his forehead and was short at the sides. He had a round face with cute features. Enzo was instantly attracted, and not just because they were mates. The man had a presence with his hip tilt and penetrating brown eyes. Sylvester was casually stylish and attractive, and his light brown eyes had an attitude all of their own as he delivered a snippy glare to the second of the Starters pack.

After glaring for a full twenty seconds, Sylvester’s slightly swollen nose twitched. His brown eyes shot to Enzo. Neatly trimmed rust brows rose sharply. A second later Sylvester was in front of Enzo with his nose at collar bone level. He took a good sniff.

“Seems like your nose is working now.” Tripp chuckled.

Sylvester waved a hand distractedly at Tripp as he took a step back and peered up at Enzo.

“You’re the guy who nearly ran me over this morning.”

“Yes, I apologize. I am Enzo Bianchi. I hope you are recovered from the bird attack. Will you permit me to escort you to your home?” His fangs fought to descend and taste his mate. It had been many years since he did not have full control of his fangs, not for decades which showed just how affected he was by Sylvester’s presence.

“Umm…” Sylvester blinked.

“Never seen Sy lost for words before,” Connor said. “Congratulations.”

“I’m going to…I mean, I’m Sylvester Tilbery. Are you part of the Durand coven?”

Si, I have recently joined. This is a shock after the bird attack. I will not impose upon you at this time, but if I may leave my number with you and have yours?”




Mate chemistry was unapparelled. Enzo took Sylvester’s hand and led his soul mate to his apartment in the coven. Stepping into the sitting room, Enzo assisted in removing Sylvester’s jacket, brushing his hands over his mate’s shoulders, wanting to touch and linger. Sylvester turned in his arms, removed the jacket and reached out to put it on the hook by the door. The jacket missed the hook completely and fell on the floor. Neither bothered to pick it up.

Enzo cupped his mate’s face. “I feel alive with you, Sylvester. I very much enjoy your snappy truth speaking and I adore gazing into your lovely light brown eyes. Will you permit me to claim and bond us?”

“You want my pledge, too?”

“It would be my honor when you are ready to pledge yourself to me and our mateship.” Leaning down, Enzo pressed his lips to his mates. The sexual chemistry between them zapped throughout his body, leaving him feeling alive, excited and very needy.

Sylvester returned Enzo’s kisses for only a minute, then his self-assured mate broke away, took Enzo’s hand this time and walked them into the bedroom. Not having been with the coven long enough to place more than a few personal tokens in the room, it was still a luxurious and welcoming space. Sylvester let go of Enzo’s hand when they were standing beside the bed and after removing his shoes, began to divested himself of his clothes.

Enzo did the same, though certainly not as quickly as his mate. This was because he could barely keep his gaze from traversing every inch of Sylvester that was revealed with the removal of each piece of clothing.

He was filled with lust. To Enzo, his mate was a little wild and wonderfully head strong. These traits endeared Sylvester to Enzo even more than the careless way his rusty colored hair fell so charmingly over his right eye and how sexy the man was clothed and naked. Though, right now he cared more about how naked sexy his mate was.

Sylvester looked Enzo up and down. He quirked a brow. “Are you having trouble getting your clothes off?”

A small burst of laughter escaped. His mate was cheeky. “I confess, my mate, I was far too busy ogling you to concentrate on undressing.”

Sylvester’s smile was wide and the few steps he took to reach Enzo were sexy. Really, Enzo found everything about Sylvester sexy.

“As much as I appreciate that, I want to ogle you, too, so let’s get your clothes off.”

Having his mates hands on him was wonderful and torturous, and escalated the moment. Enzo enthusiastically assisted in removing and tossing aside him shirt and kicking off his shoes. He wasn’t sure how he managed to hold back from catching Sylvester to him and devouring his mate’s mouth.

“You’re gorgeous.” Sylvester undid Enzo’s belt, then the button on his pants and slid down the zip. His pants dropped to his ankles. His underwear quickly followed.

It was very unexpected when Sylvester dropped to his knees and licked Enzo’s cock. His mind shuttered and fangs slid down. Sylvester slapped his hands on Enzo’s bare ass, squeezed, then gripped each cheek firmly in his palms as he licked, nipped and sucked from root to head. When Sylvester took Enzo deep into his warm mouth, Enzo had to reach out and steady himself with the bed.

Thoughts were impossible and he had no inclination to think while Sylvester showed his extraordinary pleasuring expertise. Enzo lapped up the attention, savoring the sensations that rocked him as Sylvester lapped him up. He was happy to let Sylvester lead, and appreciated how his mate did just what he pleased.

The sucking, licking and fondling of his balls soon had him groaning and close to coming. Sylvester did not allow Enzo to back away, and he began to see his mate was assertive in the bedroom also. This excited him more. He liked a lover who knew what he wanted, and to make it known.

Sylvester transferred one hand from his firm grip on Enzo’s right ass cheek to his cock. His hand was firm, his mouth warm with tight suction. Enzo’s body was saturated in pleasure. Sensations flooded his senses. He thrust into Sylvester’s mouth and his mate slowed him down. Enzo groaned, loving how Sylvester directed him, or really, bossed him. He slowed his thrusts into the heat of his lover’s mouth, gasping with each stroke of Sylvester’s tongue under the head of his cock. Fingers teased his ball sac, massaging, stroking and squeezing. He was caught up, his climax so close.

The continued suction, how Sylvester slid up and down and concentrate on the head, broke Enzo’s restraint and with a delighted groan, he came, thrusts becoming jerky, Sylvester’s tongue rubbing. His body quivered and tightened as pleasure infused every cell of his being. 

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