Falling for the Main Characters in a Novel (MMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,115
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Menage Amour ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Fantasy, Science Fiction, MMM, HEA]

After dying in the real world, Westin Kaufman's soul transmigrates into the body of a minor character that has the same name as him. Since he has read a part of the novel, he knows some future events.

Francis Pedan is a retired assassin who now runs a restaurant. He performs good deeds to alleviate the guilt that's eating away at him due to his unsavory past. That's why he willingly helps out Westin even though the man is a total stranger.

Grant Pickett is the leader of an organization that collects and sells information. He and Francis are sex buddies, but he's secretly in love with the man. He's suspicious and more than a little jealous of Westin.

Recently, there are many missing people in the city and elsewhere so Westin, Francis, and Grant work together to handle the cases. Somewhere along the way, feelings develop.

Can the three men find their happy ending while solving the cases?

Falling for the Main Characters in a Novel (MMM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Falling for the Main Characters in a Novel (MMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,115
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Westin had been staying at Francis’s house for the last three nights. He felt bad because he was fully aware that he was shamelessly taking advantage of Francis, who was already overwhelmed with guilt due to the man’s past profession. So far, Francis didn’t seem inclined to kick Westin out. However, Westin knew he couldn’t allow the situation to continue as it was. He had to come clean. He wasn’t a total saint, but he still had a conscience. Hence, at the end of the evening after the restaurant was closed for the day, Westin decided he should talk to Francis, but before he could do that, he heard the sound of the door opening. He glanced in the direction of the entrance, and he was surprised to see who it was.

“Mr. Pickett, we’re—”

“I know what the operating hours are for the restaurant,” Grant interrupted. “I’m not here for dinner. Where’s Francis?”

“In the kitchen,” Westin replied.

Grant didn’t show any emotions on his face. Westin was confused by that because Grant had been coming into the restaurant for either lunch or dinner over the past few days, and he always had a cheerful disposition. Even if Westin didn’t know any of the content of the novel, he could tell that Grant was attracted to Francis in a romantic way. It was obvious in the way Grant would gaze at Francis. Moreover, whenever the two men conversed with each other, Grant, more often than not, had a flirty tone of voice. Francis, on the other hand, behaved and responded as he normally did. It was as if he had no idea that Grant liked him as more than just friends. Westin wasn’t sure if Francis was pretending not to catch on or if the man was really that oblivious.

“Take a seat anywhere,” Grant instructed. “Let me get Francis. The three of us need to have a chat.”

Westin panicked a little. He knew who Grant was and what the man did for a living. He had a strong feeling that Grant had found out about him lying to Francis. He debated if he should run away while he had the opportunity, but that would be pointless. Francis and Grant were powerful men with plenty of connections everywhere. It was a matter of time before they located Westin and captured him. Besides, Westin didn’t know the city well, and he didn’t have any money for food or shelter. He also wasn’t sure if the body he was possessing at the moment had any relatives, friends, or enemies. It would be too dangerous for him to be out and about on his own.

With all that in mind, he obediently plopped onto one of the chairs and waited for Francis and Grant. After a minute or so, Francis and Grant approached Westin and occupied the chairs on either side of him. Westin carefully studied Francis’s and Grant’s facial expressions and body language. Unfortunately, Francis and Grant didn’t give anything away. The two men resembled a couple of incredibly handsome and well-built statues, and Westin wasn’t able to deduce what exactly was going through their minds, which was frustrating and more than a little terrifying. He was quiet for a few more seconds while trying to make up his mind, but he knew it would be best to just be direct with Francis and Grant.

“I assume you must have discovered that I’m not who I claimed to be,” Westin said while locking eyes with Grant.

“I ran a background check on you, and your name is Westin Kaufman.” Westin was taken aback. He definitely didn’t expect that. “You were born and raised in Asnium. You’re thirty years old this year.”

Westin was even more astonished. Apparently, this character, aside from their names, was also of the same age as he was.

“Anything else?”

“Three months ago, your parents reported to the police that you hadn’t returned home for three days in a row, and they couldn’t get in touch with you. They were concerned that something might have happened to you. The police immediately added you to the database of people in Asnium, both locals and visitors, who had disappeared, and there were many of them over the past one year or so. The police suspected foul play due to the large number of people who had gone missing within such a short period of time, and they attempted to locate you, along with all of the others, but luck wasn’t on their side. Care to explain yourself?”

Westin darted his eyes back and forth between Francis and Grant. He wasn’t sure quite how to begin. Grant looked angry while Francis still had a blank expression on his face. Westin hesitated for a few more seconds before letting out a huge sigh.

“This will sound really crazy, but I need you to listen to me with an open mind.”

Francis nodded. “We will as long as you promise to come clean.”

“Speak for yourself,” Grant interjected.

Francis glared at Grant, but he didn’t appear to be really furious. “Grant, please.”

Grant stared at Francis for a second or two before averting his eyes and folding both arms over his chest. “Fine.”

“Thanks,” Francis said. Then he turned to face Westin. “Go ahead.”

Westin breathed in deeply and expelled the breath before he began to inform Grant and Francis about what had occurred to him. He started by recounting his death in his previous world. He was fairly certain he had a heart attack back then. Then, the next thing he knew, he had woken up in this world. Judging by Grant’s and Francis’s widening eyes, Westin could tell that the two men probably thought he was crazy or something, but he didn’t stop until he was done. He was startled when Grant abruptly placed one palm over his forehead.

“Grant, it’s the truth, and no, I’m not feverish or mentally ill, for that matter.”




Westin was pleasantly surprised when Grant planted a gentle kiss on his lips. He didn’t resist. Instead, he tenderly caressed Grant’s cheek with his palm before deepening the kiss. He groaned in delight when Grant climbed up onto him and rubbed against him at a torturous pace. Obviously, he wasn’t the only one who had morning wood at the moment. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation of their tongues being intertwined while they were battling it out down there with their leaking cocks.

He was taken aback when he felt someone licking at his left earlobe. It was fucking sensitive, and his cock grew impossibly harder. He opened his eyes briefly. It was Francis. Westin broke away from Grant and grinned at Francis.

“Morning. Did Grant and I disturb you too much?”

Francis nodded. “But it’s all right. I’ve always been a light sleeper. Since I’m already up, can I kiss you, too?”

“Of course!” Westin exclaimed, and he slipped one hand to the back of Francis’s head and pulled the man toward him.

He could instantly detect the difference in terms of the kissing style of his two lovers. Grant was more romantic. He liked to nibble on Westin’s lower lip. He preferred to lap at Westin’s tongue as if he was tasting every part of it and memorizing the flavors. He didn’t stick his tongue into Westin’s mouth. He allowed Westin to be the more dominant lover.

Francis was the total opposite. Labeling him as aggressive was a gross understatement. He plundered his way into Westin’s mouth. It was as if he was violently trying to use his tongue as a weapon to dig out everything within. When Westin fought back, Francis became even rougher with him. He had no choice but to submit because he didn’t want this moment to transform into an impromptu wrestling match.

Westin was so focused on Francis, he grunted in astonishment when Grant started suckling on one of his nipples. Electrifying sensations shot through his entire being. Even in this body, aside from his left ear, his right nipple was one of his erogenous zones. He wondered about the other similarities.

He didn’t have to wait long to find out. Grant and Francis were passionate and generous lovers. They gave Westin an incredible amount of pleasure as they explored him from head to toe. Westin could only claw at the bedsheets, trembling and moaning almost incessantly while the fire of lust was spiraling higher with every passing second.

He couldn’t relax at all because Grant and Francis were attacking him simultaneously with their fingers and tongues. He was wet and sticky everywhere because of his lovers’ saliva. The inside of his ears. His earlobes. His neck. His nipples. He couldn’t hold back from groaning loudly because Grant was licking at his belly button while pinching and twisting his left nipple. Meanwhile, Francis had lifted Westin’s buttocks off the bed before proceeding to bury his face in between the cheeks. He didn’t require any weapon other than his tongue to kill someone. His tongue should be classified as a lethal weapon. Westin couldn’t remember ever having his ass eaten as good as Francis was doing it at the moment.

If Westin thought he had died and gone to heaven just from being reamed, the sensation he experienced next was even more incomparable. He didn’t know how Grant was doing it, but when his lover was lapping all over his balls, it was as if the whole sac had suddenly turned into erogenous zones everywhere. Just when he was about to beg for mercy, he gasped and struggled to breathe when Grant swallowed his eight-inch dick all at once. Then Grant bobbed up and down at a rapid pace. Westin attempted to push Grant away, but his lover wouldn’t let go. He had no choice but to stay still for as long as possible while praying hard that he wouldn’t come too fast. The inside of Grant’s mouth and throat was too tight, warm, and wet.

Westin had never encountered anyone who had zero gag reflex like Grant. His dick measured around eight inches when he was still in his original body, and the thickness was more or less the same as the one he possessed right now. Most people would choke on it. The body Westin was possessing right now had a dick of similar size, both in terms of length and girth. He had expected that Grant would have trouble with it, but he was wrong. Grant was deep-throating Westin’s cock with ease. Westin began to perspire like crazy because he was trying desperately not to lose it. He did his best to relax while imagining the least sexy things, but it was impossible to concentrate on them. Fortunately, Grant stopped sucking on Westin’s cock a few seconds later. Westin was breathing harshly, as if he had just completed a marathon. Grant smirked at Westin.

“Sorry, man. Can’t have you coming yet. I’m hoping to get your cock inside my ass later.”

Westin was grateful for the respite. “I’ll fuck you for sure, but before that, sit on my face. I want to have a taste of your ass.”

Grant looked delighted. “Yeah?”

“Of course!” Westin exclaimed. “Hop on now.”

Westin thought that eating out Grant’s ass while having his own ass being expertly licked and lapped by Francis was arousing. There was something incredibly sexy about it. Westin made sure to hold on to Grant’s waist while he was running his tongue all over his lover’s ass. He knew he was doing a great job because Grant was pressing down harder onto his face while moaning. Grant also moved his ass around. Westin didn’t need to hear the words. He knew that Grant wanted Westin to get at every part, and he was more than happy to oblige. Unfortunately, before he was fully satisfied, Grant got away from him.

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