Made with Love (MM)

by Pelaam


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 14,256
0 Ratings (0.0)

Can a dessert heal a rift between lovers?

Foodie and wine merchant Jake thinks he's found his ideal mate in chef Andreas.

But when Jake hosts a party and everyone thinks Andreas is nothing more than the catering supplier, Andreas is hurt and angry. Andreas walks away and Jake initially refuses to go after him. By the time he does, it's too late -- or is it?

Can a dessert bring the two men back together and heal the rift?

Made with Love (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Made with Love (MM)

by Pelaam


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 14,256
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

To Andreas’s delight, the evening was the most enjoyable he’d had in a long time. Good food, great atmosphere, and a more than likeable companion. Ambling from the casino Andreas glanced at his watch.

“You’re not going to turn into Cinderella are you? It’s already past midnight.” Jake rested a hand in the small of Andreas’s back.

“No. I’ve had a great night. Do we end it here?” Andreas looked over his shoulder at him.

“You know. I’ve been told I’m not a bad cook myself.” Jake smirked at Andreas’s puzzled frown. “So, how do you like your eggs?”

A snort of laughter escaped Andreas. “In bed with a good strong coffee. To fortify me for the upcoming day. Give me a minute.” He headed along the road a few paces, just enough to give himself a little privacy while he called his brother.

He smiled as Takis asked twenty questions in rapid fire, the most important one featuring at least three times in different ways. “I’ll text you when I get there and yes, I’ll give you his address. I’ll be fine. Yes, he seems a nice guy. Too soon to tell. Yes, I’d go out with him again. We had a good time at Skycity. Yes, I’ll be fine. I know and I love you, too. Worrywart. Catch you later.”

Laughing softly, Andreas returned to Jake who cocked his head. Andreas shrugged. “It’s a family thing. What can I say?” He didn’t miss the way Jake’s smile turned wistful.

“I’m an only child. My dad died while I was still young. Mother tends to put herself first, so I’ve pretty much been left to fend for myself since my teens. Must be nice to know you have family who have your back.”

“Oh, it’s not all hearts and roses. We have our arguments, disagreements, and even the odd screaming match. But at the end of the day, we’re family and that’s what we remember is most important. I might be the oldest brother, but neither I nor my youngest have partners, unlike my middle brothers. So we kinda look out a little more for one another. If you think he’s being protective of me, you should see me when he has a date.”

“I feel sorry for him already.” Jake laughed, but the wistful look remained.

“How about you take me home and show me your spice collection?” Andreas leered at Jake, leaning in close to sneak a hand around behind him and squeeze a toned ass cheek. “I have a hankering for something hot and spicy.”

“Let’s go and we’ll see what comes up.” Jake draped an arm across Andreas’s shoulders and they bumped hips, laughing as they headed to the cab at the front of the line.

The cab ride was a little less raucous, although still filled with laughter. Andreas offered a few anecdotes about his experiences as a chef and Jake countered with a few from the wine trade. Some of the experiences were similar enough to give Andreas a good feeling that a relationship could actually go places between them. Jake would understand more than someone outside hospitality, the only issue would be finding time to be together. Fuck. I’m already planning our future here. After one date. Slow down.

Unlike Andreas, Jake’s home on the outskirts of the city had not only beautifully sculptured grounds, but a decent sized pool and a spa pool. A vision of him and Jake in the spa with a couple of glasses of bubbles, enjoying the warm spring and summer months made Andreas smile.

“Go straight through.” Jake waved his hand. “I have a den at the end of the house that opens out onto the deck. Shame it’s not summer. I have one of those big semi-circular daybeds out there. It’d be nice to be outside.”

Grinning widely at the way Jake’s thoughts had so closely mirrored his own, Andreas headed along the hallway. The den looked very comfortable with a sofa and a couple of bean bags, several small coffee tables dotted about and what Andreas was certain had to be a sixty-inch LCD TV that took up the whole of the wall on the right.

“Nice. I like it.” Andreas nodded.

“I’m glad.” Jake came closer, cupping Andreas’s face in his hands, he pressed their lips lightly together. Leaning into Jake, Andreas wrapped his arms around Jake’s waist and opened his mouth to deepen the kiss.

Jake moved his hands to cup Andreas’s ass cheeks, pulling him even closer, and they ground together. Andreas relished the feel of Jake’s hard cock rubbing against his own. Easing back slightly, he nibbled at Jake’s full lower lip.

“Bringing someone home on a first date is a little out of character for me,” Jake whispered against Andreas’s cheek.

“Accepting an offer is equally out of character for me.” Andreas nuzzled against Jake’s cheek, enjoying the slight rasp of stubble against his skin.

“Shall we move this somewhere a little more comfortable? My couch is pretty comfy, but hardly designed for two unless we lie pretty still.”

“I don’t think I’ll be lying still until this gets taken care of, and I’m pretty sure the same goes for you.” Andreas guided Jake’s hand to his groin, thrusting forward slightly as he gently rubbed the heel of his hand over Jake’s imprisoned dick.

“This way.” Jake took Andreas’s hand and led him back out of the den and to a set of stairs. “The only things I have up here are the bedroom, my private den, and a bathroom. There’s a guest bedroom and another bathroom downstairs, but this is my little sanctuary. Where I can just get away from everything else. Sometime I just need a refuge.”

“Sounds perfect,” Andreas whispered, stealing another kiss.

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