Cowboys Wanted (MMMM)

Men of Silver 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,369
29 Ratings (4.3)
[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/M/M/M, HEA]
Luke Russell and Benny Bean travelled across the country to follow their dream of having a completely new life. Benny wants to be a cowboy and Luke is determined to see that it becomes a reality. They had been together for years, first as friends, then as lovers. There is only one thing that could put an end to their dreams, Benny’s flawed heart.
Brothers Tanner and Sebastian Marsh found Luke and Benny during a snowstorm. As they traveled home they nearly hit the two as they sat at the edge of the road. It was a moment that would change their lives forever as they saved two men and found a love they didn’t want. They had a shared past with a man who had left them scarred and reluctant to commit to anyone else. They came to love Benny and Luke, but didn’t know if they could give them more.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cowboys Wanted (MMMM)
29 Ratings (4.3)

Cowboys Wanted (MMMM)

Men of Silver 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,369
29 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Tanner, Sebastian, Benny and Luke. ..., perfect together . Perfect timing, perfect match, perfect love. This was meant to be. I love how adventurous they were, letting go of the past and opening up their hearts for a bright, loving, committed, sexy smoking hot future!!!! This was amazing loved this story love this series
donna b buccella




“Is this winter never going to fucking end?” Tanner asked as he squinted into the glare of headlights on fat snowflakes. The windshield wipers were doing their best to keep the snow off, but it was quickly becoming a losing battle. His brother didn’t answer him and he risked a glance to the man in the passenger seat. “You awake over there?”

Sebastian grunted. “Just trying to keep from pissing myself. Who taught you to drive, anyway?”

Tanner laughed, some of the tension leaving his shoulders. “You did, big brother. If you don’t like the way I’m doing it, feel free to take over.”

“Fuck, if we stop for that, we’ll probably get stuck. Thank God we put the chains on.”

Bad weather in the mountainous area was a given. It sometimes started as early as September and went as late as May. If the snow wasn’t bad enough, then there were frigid temperatures to deal with. Despite the inhospitable elements at times, they depended on the snow for a portion of their income. They had gone from being full-time ranchers to operating a small skiing area. It wasn’t as extensive as Colt Redford’s operation, but they did have a couple of expert runs to appeal to advanced skiers. Most of the runs, however, were suitable for those with lesser skills and were becoming very popular with families. This was the first year since opening three years before that they had been booked up months in advance. It gave them hope that the risk they had taken would pay off.

“What the fuck?”

Tanner saw what had caught Sebastian’s eye the same moment his brother shouted. He tried not to hit the brake, but it was instinctive. He jerked his foot off the pedal and turned the wheel into the skid, his heart pounding in his chest as he held his breath. He didn’t hear or feel the truck hit anything. When the truck came to a stop, he pushed a button on the panel, which turned on the intense green safety flashers on the top of the truck.

Tanner and his brother jumped out of the truck and ran back to where they had spotted the two slumped figures by the road. The only reason they had seen them was that the snow hadn’t completely covered them. He had seen a portion of an arm. It was a miracle.

Fear jumped back to life in Tanner’s heart as he grabbed one of the figures and lifted him up into his arms. There was no movement and he was afraid that hypothermia had taken the person. He didn’t know yet if it was a man or a woman. Hell, he couldn’t even tell if it was an adult. Sebastian followed with the other person. That one was awake and struggling.

“Let me go! We weren’t bothering anybody!”

Tanner rolled his eyes at that logic. He opened up the rear door and put his charge on the seat.

“No, you were just trying to get killed. Why the fuck were you two in sitting in the road?”

“We couldn’t get off the road.”

Stepping out of the way, Tanner listened to the pair. “Get in there with them. The other one’s unconscious. We’ll have to take them to the ranch. There’s no way we’ll be able to get to town.”

They were on the road between their ski resort and their ranch. Since it wasn’t a main road, it would be one of the last to be cleared. While at the resort, they had advised everyone that traveling that night wouldn’t be advised. Everyone had seemed agreeable enough and they were relieved.

“What’s wrong with Benny?”

Tanner heard the question as he shut the door but didn’t hear Sebastian’s answer. He slipped several times as he went around to the driver’s door. He got in and gently eased the truck forward, praying that they weren’t stuck. The tires spun for a moment but finally got grip on the loose snow. They also had to get the hell out of the way. Although it wasn’t expected yet, a snow plow could come along at any time. The thought of the two men being hit by a huge blade sent a shudder of horror through Tanner. He doubted they would have survived.

With the weather as bad as it was, the sheriff would likely put a driving ban in effect. Most people had enough sense not to travel when the weather was this bad. They hunkered down and waited it out. That had been Tanner and Sebastian’s plan. They had competent managers at the resort who would be able to handle everything for a day or two.

When they reached the ranch, Tanner was relieved to see that one of the ranch hands had plowed the lane and the area around the buildings. They would take turns keeping the snow cleared until the storm passed. It was easier than waiting and trying to move it all afterward. Tanner pulled the truck into the garage and parked it beside Sebastian’s, keeping it out of the way.

Sebastian carried the unconscious Benny into the house. The yet unnamed man followed behind as Tanner held the door open[J1] . Tanner had been so focused on driving he hadn’t thought to ask the man his name. When he went to do so after a few minutes, he saw that the man had fallen asleep, only waking as they reached their destination.

They wiped their wet feet off on the long runner in the mudroom, before going into the large kitchen. Sebastian placed the small man down on the island and took off his wet boots. Tanner took them and set them aside, then stripped off his coat.

“Is he going to be okay?”




Luke shrugged. “Because I thought it would pass. And it probably will. I think there’s a lot going on here. First, we’ve never really had any close male friends. There’s also this town. Silver has a lot of people living very unique relationships. We’re beginning to look at things differently, whether we realized it or not. I suppose our imaginations are taking us places they wouldn’t have gone otherwise. We’re imagining what it would be like to have a ménage relationship with Tanner and Sebastian.” Luke pulled back so he could look down at Benny. “You are including me, aren’t you?”

Benny nodded vigorously, blushing hard again. He pressed his face into Luke’s neck. “Yes. I keep seeing you both taking turns fucking me. And while one fucks me, I suck the other off.”

“And the fourth person?” Luke felt the man’s cock hardening against him. The fantasy was having the expected reaction.

A cute giggle escaped his lover. Luke smiled and held him tight. “He’s jacking me off.”

Laughing, Luke took Benny by the hand to lead him toward their bed, where it was placed by a false wall they had created with a large panel screen they had found at the secondhand store.

“I’m glad to know you have all the bases covered. Now, take off your clothes. I want to make love to my guy.”

“Are you sure you’re not mad?” Benny asked as he began stripping off his clothes.

“I could never be mad at you, sweetheart. We both have desires and fantasies. That’s probably not going to stop, so we might as well make good use of them, don’t you think?” He grabbed the bottle of lube out of the drawer and patted the bed. “Hands and knees, ass in the air. I’m going to stretch you. Then I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk straight.”

Benny crawled onto the bed and dropped his head and shoulders to the mattress, his small ass in the air, his legs spread. It was a sizzling hot sight. Luke felt pre-cum dribbling over the head of his cock. Benny was so absolutely beautiful, his body toned and smooth. His puckered little rosette was begging for Luke to play with it. He would do more than play with it. An idea so wicked came into his mind, that it made him blush.

“I want you to pretend I’m Sebastian.” He felt Benny stiffen. “Have you done that yet?” Benny shook his head. Luke was relieved. He didn’t know how he would feel about Benny pretending he was someone else, outside of fantasy play. It might have stung. “Okay, well, I’m Sebastian now. I want you to keep your eyes closed and fantasize all you want.”

Kneeling between Benny’s legs, Luke palmed the smooth white mounds of Benny’s ass. He gave them a couple of firm squeezes before parting them. Benny’s asshole twitched as Luke blew a puff of air on it. He smiled before he stuck out his tongue and began tickling the puckered flesh. Benny’s reaction to this was instantaneous. He began moaning and pushing his hips back, trying to impale himself on the point of Luke’s probing tongue. He licked and nibbled until Benny was whimpering and begging for more.

Luke nearly came when the fantasy came to life between them. His cock pulsed and his balls tightened. “Please, Sebastian, fuck me with that hot tongue of yours!”

Thrusting his tongue in and out of the tight rosette, Luke pleasured Benny until the ache in his balls became too much. He pulled away and reached for the lube. He poured a generous amount on his fingers, before pushing two into Benny’s tight, dark channel. The man moaned and humped his fingers vigorously. Luke pushed them in and out, meeting every thrust, as he tried to reach the prize within. Benny screamed, his body jerking, as Luke found his gland. He came hard, the ring of muscles clamping around Luke’s fingers.

“Did you like that, baby?” Luke asked, pushing in a third finger.

“Yes,” Benny moaned. “Fuck me now! I can’t wait.”

Taking him at his word, Luke removed his fingers and lubed the length of his cock. He was afraid to touch it, but took hold of it just the same, guiding it to Benny’s twitching opening.

“Fuck me, Sebastian! Fuck me hard!”

Knowing he had stretched Benny adequately, Luke clenched his jaw, grabbed the man’s hips, and shoved his cock into the silky dark channel in one smooth thrust. Benny shouted loudly and began fucking himself on Luke’s cock.

Their sex life had always been great, but this fantasy thing had turned it up a couple of notches. Luke knew the only way it could be hotter was if they were actually with Sebastian and Tanner. As he pounded into Benny’s ass, he wondered briefly how long they could use a fantasy before it burned itself out.

“I want you to suck Tanner’s cock while I fuck your ass,” Luke told Benny, deepening his voice slightly to give the pretense some added depth. He doubted he sounded like Sebastian, but hell, it wasn’t Sebastian’s dick in Benny either. “Suck it hard. I want to hear it.”

Luke didn’t know how Benny accomplished it, but he actually sounded as if he was giving head. He was moaning and making slurping noises. By closing his eyes Luke was able to immerse himself farther into the fantasy. He kneeled beside the trio on the bed, watching as Sebastian’s powerful body braced itself behind Benny, his cock pistoning in and out of Benny’s tight asshole as Tanner enjoyed the talents of a hot, wet mouth sliding up and down the length of his cock. Tanner’s hand was on Benny’s head, encouraging him, his other hand holding the base of his turgid flesh. The expression on Tanner’s handsome face was one of raw bliss, his eyes closed, his head tilted back against the headboard, and his mouth slightly open.

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