Dexter's Dilemma (MMM)

Men of Silver 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,229
10 Ratings (4.5)

[Menage Amour ManLove: Alternative Contemporary Interracial Menage a Trois Romance, MMM, HEA] 

Dexter Chan worked hard to make a good life for himself. He was single, owned a business, and had a failed relationship behind him. He rarely thought about sex. All that changed when he met two incredibly handsome and charming men who moved to Silver, after inheriting a tavern. Meeting them changed everything, including how he viewed sex and what he wanted in a relationship and whether he wanted one lover or two.

Rocco and Dante Martone fell hard and fast for Dexter Chan, when they met him by chance. The younger man was intelligent, funny, and handsome. It wasn’t long before they realized they wanted him. Unfortunately, they felt as if only one of them could have a relationship with the man. Dexter also seemed hesitant to date more than one of them. The knowledge brought on a dilemma none of them was certain could be solved.

Dexter's Dilemma (MMM)
10 Ratings (4.5)

Dexter's Dilemma (MMM)

Men of Silver 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,229
10 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




There was nothing more irritating than spending an hour preparing for an important date, then to find out your brother was wearing the same outfit you were. Rocco glared at Dante and turned back to walk into his room, slamming the door as he did so. He chose another shirt, ignoring the fact that they were wearing the same jeans.

When Rocco left his room, it was to see that they were once again wearing the same shirt. Dante snickered. He hadn’t even known they had so many of the same clothes. Dante normally wore clothes that needed to be admired with sunglasses. He was like a warning sign. Rocco, however, enjoyed being much more subtle. Dante described him as boring. Whatever.

The third time was a charm. When he entered the kitchen he was wearing a long-sleeved, burgundy shirt. Dante, daring fashionista that he was, wore a bright yellow shirt with green sleeves. It was a shirt that he not only had never seen, he wished he wasn’t staring at it now. Still, he didn’t want to hurt the man’s feelings. He was also not into lying, so he simply nodded and kept silent. Dante could read into that what he wanted.

Taking a deep breath, Rocco asked, “Are you ready for this?”

“Taking the hottest guy in Silver out? Hell yeah!”

Deciding he would dress up a bit more, he returned to his room for a jacket. Dante screwed up his face in a judgmental manner, but kept his criticism to himself. Good plan. Dante was snickering as they grabbed their winter coats and headed out. There were times when his twin was just too weird.

They had both called Dexter the past few days to check on him. During the calls they had shared information, getting to know each other. One thing Rocco had quickly learned was that Dexter had a good sense of humor. He’d loved the jokes Rocco and Dante had sent to him. He had sent a few of his own, but also told a few during their conversations.

Dexter had also shared where he lived, so they would be able to pick him up for their date. They turned down an alley in the charming neighborhood with it large, two-story homes, all probably built somewhere between the first and second world wars.

They chuckled together when they saw the forest-green tiny home with a proportionately small deck on the back, parked in beside another, free-standing deck. There were bales of straw packed in around it, providing some protection from the bitter cold. He wondered about the insulation. What would keep it from freezing up? What kind of insulation was in the walls? What kind of heat source did the house have? Was it heated beneath?

Questions were forgotten when they parked beside another car and Dexter walked out onto the long deck. A smile was on his gorgeous face, and he lifted his uninjured arm to wave.

“I’ll be damned if that isn’t the most handsome man I’ve ever seen, myself included.”

Rocco rolled his eyes and laughed. “You are not related to me.”

“You wish. You better watch it, or I’ll tell Mom that you’re being mean to me again.”

Dante was the favorite. He was such a jerk.

“Hey, guys, come on in. Look around, if you want.”

Rocco knew he wanted to take a tour of it. He’d watched the homes being designed and constructed on TV, but had never seen one in person. They walked along the shoveled path and climbed the three steps and onto the deck. Dexter reopened the door and let them in. They wiped their feet on the rough bristle mat and stepped inside.

His gaze roamed curiously. “Well, it’s cozy.”

Dexter chuckled and held out his hands. “Come on. Give me your coats. Or just throw them over there on the table. We’re not in any rush, are we?”

“No rush at all.”

“This sure is nice,” Dante told him, admiring the horizontal boards that were had some kind of creamy, opaque stain on them. The cabinets in the kitchen were cream and a shade of green to complement the outside color. The short countertop was quartz. There were copper pans and utensils. Even the kettle on the stove was copper. It all gave attractive bright points, lit up by lighting under the cabinets. “How many square feet?”

“Just short of four hundred. The deck on the back adds some space, as does the deck on the top. I don’t keep it here all year around. During the warmer months, I put it on a lot on a lake about twenty miles from here. It’s a whole new experience out there.”

Rocco nodded. “Sounds great. Dante and I enjoy camping. Is there enough room on your lot to pitch a couple of tents?” He wasn’t going to assume that they would form a relationship with a man that would include bed-sharing rights. They might turn out to only be friends. It wasn’t exactly what Rocco wanted, but some things just weren’t meant to happen. “Or can’t you have guests?”

“It’s my lot. As long as I don’t have loud, drunken parties, it’s all good. I have to be considerate of my neighbors, although they’re not all that close. Each of us is on about an acre of land. Here, I’ll show you some photos of it.” Dexter went to a shelf high on the wall opposite the door. There were several thick photo albums there. He took one down and opened it. “This one is for my summer photos from the lake. Why don’t you guys have a seat? Can I get you something to drink? I bought some beer.”




Reaching between them, he gently stroked the bulge. Dante moaned and his long lashes lowered slightly. The fingers curved over Dexter’s shoulders tightened. “I’m going to kiss you senseless now.”

That sounded like a plan Dexter could handle. He whimpered, a rather pathetic sound, when Dante closed the gap between their mouths and captured it with a mastery Dexter could only marvel at. It both energized him and sapped his strength. It made him want more. It made his body weak, and he sagged against Dante, clinging to the other man as the tongue at his lips demanded entrance. He opened his mouth, allowing Dante’s tongue to sweep into it to begin teasing, tempting Dexter to mimic what was being done to him.

By the time the kiss ended, he was ready to strip off his clothes and beg for Dante to fuck him into the next year. What would Dante think of him if he told him? Would he be doubtful, that Dexter was saying one thing one moment and the opposite the next?

Sighing, Dexter closed his eyes and rested his head on Dante’s shoulder. The man’s strong arms came around him. He imagined their hearts beating in unison, all that sexy, romantic stuff he’d read about in novels. It was wonderful. It was perfect. It was delicious and definitely something he would never forget.

To him it was an incredible sign of rightness. He was meant to be with Dante. However, should he find out if he was supposed to be with Rocco, too?

Dexter wasn’t any good with dilemmas. They fucked with his mind. Sure, he was getting better at figuring things out for himself and not relying on his parents or siblings help him make the right choices. There was no way he was going to ask about this.

Chuckling softly, he lifted his head and tipped it back as his eyelids lifted. There was a puzzled expression on Dante’s handsome face. The tips of his fingers itched to explore the man’s sculptured bone structure. Dante’s Mediterranean ancestry showed in his features.

“What?” Dante asked curiously.

Dexter shook his head. “Nothing. It was just a thought that struck me as funny. This is the most perfect date I’ve ever been on.”

“Good to know.” Dante released him and Dexter immediately felt the loss of heat and strength. “I think it’s been pretty fantastic for me, too. But I think I should be going.”

He had been expecting a lot of things to happen, but Dante leaving wasn’t one of them. Frowning, Dexter asked, “Don’t you want to roll around naked for a while?”

It was the older man’s turn to laugh. Dante winked. “Darling, that sounds like a great idea. Do you think you’re ready to see all this without clothes?”

Naked. He could live with that.

Gulping, he nodded vigorously, his head seeming to be attached to a spring. “Yes, I’m ready. More than ready. You’re so fucking hot with your clothes on, I can’t imagine what you look like without them.”

They stepped away from each other. Dante laughed again, but Dexter didn’t mind. His brain was fixed on the prize, which was Dante stripped down to his skin.

When the clothes began to come off, he felt slightly dizzy. Moving toward the bed, Dexter stepped up on the dais and plopped down on the mattress. He stared as Dante leisurely removed his clothes, tossing them over the armchair. Dante paused long enough to bend over to remove his shoes and socks. Then he was straightening and reaching for his belt’s buckle. Dexter’s heart slammed against his chest and his mouth went dry. This was nothing like watching Tony get undressed. Tony hadn’t been athletic, had never done more than walk fast, and his body had reflected that. Not that it had been unattractive. It just hadn’t been lean and ripped as Dante’s was.

“Oh, dear, sweet heaven,” Dexter breathed in awe, his eyes wide as he stared at Dante. “Are you real?”

His gaze skimmed over Dante from head to toe. Broad shoulders were wrapped with defined muscles, as were his arms and the wide, hair-covered chest. Dark nipples were barely visible. There seemed to be miles and miles of tanned, olive-colored skin, but most of it had a dusting of hair that tapered with his body. Dexter didn’t mind in the least, imagining rubbing his body against it.

Dante laughed as if he’d just heard the funniest thing ever. Dexter felt his ears heat up, until Dante told him, “You’re great for the ego, baby.” He closed the space between them, stopping where he would have to step up to be at the foot of the bed. Dexter’s gaze fixed on the cock jutting up toward him from a nest of black curls. It was basically level with his face.

The tip of Dexter’s tongue slid over his lips. It had been ages since he’d given a blow job. He looked at the clear droplet of pre-cum as it oozed from the tiny slit in the head of Dante’s dick. Oh, how he wanted to taste that, savor it, before licking and sucking his way down the long shaft.

Dexter knew he was a goner. He wanted to share himself with Dante. All the reasons for keeping his virginity were being ticked off the list. He truly believed he had found the right man for him.

Or had he found two right men for him?

Both Rocco and Dante had terrific personalities. They were intelligent, funny, and easy on the eyes. Sexy was obviously their middle names. They were like perfect men, perfect for Dexter. But did that make him greedy? He wanted it all. Would they even want to share him? The thought made him tremble hard, and heat flashed through his veins.

“Put your mouth on my cock,” Dante told Dexter, his voice husky with his desire.

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