Marrying Their Dream Weaver (MFM)

Their Dream Weaver 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 22,097
35 Ratings (4.3)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Fantasy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M]

In the third entry to the Dream Weaver series, Suz discovers she is pregnant on the eve of her trip to Scotland with Penn and Liam McKenzie. When her men find out, they immediately propose, though a triad marriage is illegal in North Carolina, and Suz refuses to choose between the two. When they arrive in Scotland, an old flame of Penn’s wants him back and challenges Suz for his hand, even though he has no interest in her.

As the Vernal Ball draws closer, the trio conduct Dreamer’s Dell, Inc. business as well as visit with family and try to figure out how to deal with the challenge put to Suz. Since no women have ever met in a challenge no one knows how to answer the threat. And then someone shoots Suz. Will Suz be able to hold onto her role of Dream Weaver? Will the shawl meet with Mother Nature’s approval? Will the trio find a way to tie their lives together as a triad?

"After finishing Loving Their Dream Weaver, I knew I wasn’t finished with Suz and the twins. I had to know if Suz could keep the seasons spinning." ~ Cooper ~

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Marrying Their Dream Weaver (MFM)
35 Ratings (4.3)

Marrying Their Dream Weaver (MFM)

Their Dream Weaver 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 22,097
35 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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4.5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "Cooper McKenzie has delivered once more. With this third book in her Dream Weaver’s series, she has both tantalized and soothed the hopeless romantic in this reviewer. Ms McKenzie has masterfully blended the modern world with enough old world to make this book a stellar read. If you are looking for a bit of action and a set of hunky men in kilts on their home turf, Marrying Their Dream Weaver is definitely for you." -- Dakota, Dark Diva Reviews

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Penn pushed to his feet and followed her into the sunroom. “Are ye okay?”

“I’m fine, why?”

“You look, I don’t know, scared or shocked or something. Yer no’ comin’ down with sickness, are ye?” Stopping her with a hand on her shoulder, he turned her and studied her closely.

Sickness? No. Pregnancy? Yep. But she couldn’t tell him. Not now. Not yet.

Suz felt her face flood with color as she tried not to meet his eyes. He could read her eyes as sure as he would the morning paper. He would see that she held a secret. Then he would dig until he forced her to share it.

Then she would have to think about being pregnant and all that encompassed and what it would mean for their relationship. They were a permanent trio, even if they didn’t have wedding rings and vows, but they’d never talked about babies.

She didn’t want her news to force anyone into doing anything they didn’t want, like offer marriage. And she certainly wasn’t going to propose to them. She was old fashioned enough to want them, either one of them, to ask her to get married. That thought led her to the question of which one should she marry? Penn, the CEO of Dreamer’s Dell, Inc.? Or Liam, the Chief Veterinarian Officer? How was she supposed to pick one over the other? She wanted to marry them both, just as she had when she was six years old.

No, keeping the baby a secret for a while longer was just a much better idea.


“What? No, I’m fine. I’m just stressing about the shawl. How am I supposed to choose just one? Why can’t I take them all and make her choose?”

Penn smiled and pulled her into his wide chest for a hug. Suz closed her eyes as she leaned into his strength. He radiated warmth, but then both men always did. She wasn’t sure if it was their Scottish Highlander blood or not, but they kept her warm each night without using more than a sheet and a light blanket for covers. Anymore and they would all cook.

“Ye read Ruth’s instructions. Ye can take two shawls. One for yerself and one ta present at the appropriate time. But havin’ watched Ruth the past couple of years, I ken ‘tis no’ an easy decision. Ruth always had the same trouble decidin’ as well. At least ye only have nine ta choose from. Last year Ruth had three dozen shawls, and it took nearly two weeks to make her decision.”

“But we’re leaving tomorrow. How am I supposed to choose?” Suz turned in Penn’s embrace and looked at the loom.

The Dream Weaver’s loom had passed through her family from woman to woman for more than three hundred years.

Four-inch logs formed a cube of nearly six feet. The frame was crude and held together with small wooden stakes, but the inner workings seemed to have been updated at some point over the last few decades. Though the loom appeared rustic, nothing crude had come off of it in many, many years.

Even her own weaving was beautiful though she was still a novice. She’d only been weaving a little over three months, since Ruth’s death in December. That was the day she and Penn and Liam had claimed the magic of the loom. They’d had to claim the loom again just a few weeks earlier after moving it from the studio in the back yard to the sunroom.

After ten years, Suz’s ex-husband had terrorized Suz with phone calls before trashing the studio and ruining weeks of weaving. He had been jailed, but days later he’d flipped out, beat a female guard, and tried to convince the world he was a king of some sort and could do whatever he wanted to whomever he wanted. He’d been transferred to a psychiatric facility far from New Bern. No one expected him to be released any time soon.

The studio had been cleaned up and restocked, and a newly installed security system would keep Suz and her weaving safe in the future. Once they came home from their trip abroad, her men would disassemble and move the loom back to the studio. Then they would claim it once again with hot, hot sex. They had to. Otherwise, the loom would not allow anyone to weave.

Suz looked at the shawls hanging over the top bar of the loom’s frame. She’d draped them up there, so she could see them side by side. Over the past few days she’d rearranged them and chosen one, then another, then another, before deciding her choices sucked. She’d put all back up again earlier that morning.

“Luv, ye need ta choose. Now.” Penn nuzzled her neck with his arms wrapped around her waist.

“I know, but….”

“Close yer eyes.”

Obedient to that deep as a well in the desert growl, Suz closed her eyes and allowed him to pull her so she rested against him.

“What’s goin’ on?” An identical deep voice asked from behind them. Liam had returned from his rounds.

“Suz is makin’ her decision.”

“Finally. Can I help?”

“Close the curtains.”

Suz heard the soft whoosh of the curtains being pulled closed over the wall of windows. A moment later, the front of her body warmed as Liam moved to stand before her.

Opening her eyes, she smiled up at him. “Hello. All finished with your patients?”

“Aye, lass. I’m all yers for the next three weeks.”

“Mmm, I like the sound of that.” She lifted a hand and stroked it down the front of his blue chambray shirt. Dropping her gaze to below his belt, she watched as the front of his jeans tented in response. “Hmm, looks like you’re happy to be home.” With a grin, she continued her hand down his body until she cupped it over the impressive ridge pushing at his fly. “Yep, very happy.”







She nodded, then shook her head. “Now I’m so turned on I’ll never be able to face your parents without blushing.”

The men canted their hips forward, pressing stone-hard cocks into her front and back.

“We’ve got two hours. I’m sure we can take care of yer little problem and maybe even get a wee nap in,” Penn said as he began unbuttoning her blouse.

In seconds Suz found she’d been efficiently stripped of her clothes. Seconds after that, her men’s clothing joined hers on the floor. As Penn pulled the thick comforter from the bed, Liam scooped her up in strong arms and gently laid her in the middle of the bed.

Before she could think about moving off the bed, the brothers joined her. They draped their legs over hers, effectively holding her down. Then they began to suck at her breasts and trace random patterns over whatever skin they could reach.

Liam lifted his head and looked down at her. “I love ye, lass. So damn much.” Leaning up, he kissed her, opening his mouth so their lips tangled.

When he finally pulled back, Penn took his place over her. “I love ye, too. More than ye’ll ever comprehend.” Then he kissed her, deep and long.

The lust they’d built in her grew into a mushroom cloud, making it impossible to think. “I love you, too. I want you two. I need you both. Now!”

She rolled to her side, so she faced Liam. Lifting her leg, she moved it so far out of their way that her knee brushed his armpit. “In me. Now.”

Opening her eyes, she met Liam’s worn denim gaze as he shifted lower to place the head of his cock at her entrance. Then he shifted his hips, and the head slid in. At the same moment, she felt the blunt head of Penn’s shaft press for entrance at her pucker.

“Now,” she breathed. “Please. I need you.”

She screamed when both thick, solid lengths slid in to the root, then froze. She began to pant to hold off the orgasm that threatened to take her out of herself and to heaven.

She felt Liam brush kisses over her forehead, her eyelids, and her nose as Penn kissed his way across the top of her shoulder and up her neck. Their heat radiated off their bodies like twin furnaces.

“Suz? You okay?”

Without opening her eyes, she smiled. “I’m better than okay. But I need you to move. Fuck me. Hard.”

It took a moment for them to respond to her words. When they did, it wasn’t with the hard, driving pounding she’d hoped for. Instead, Penn ease out of her back hole until only the head of his shaft remained in her. Then he reversed direction. As he slid home again, Liam pulled from her cunt.

They slowly pistoned in and out of her, one sliding in her and one out, their movements slow and controlled. When she tried to move faster, hoping they would lose control, Penn grabbed her hips while Liam took possession of her upper arm.

“Nay, lass. We’ll not be ruttin’ at ye like wild animals. We dunna wanta hurt ye.”

“When?” Suz panted, fighting their hold.

“When ye’ve healed from birthin’ our baby.” Penn groaned. “Now jes’ relax and let us love ye slow and easy.”

Her orgasm edged closer. When it was so close she could taste Suz reached down and pinched her clit. The sharp pleasure-pain threw her over lust’s edge, and she shook with the ecstasy that barreled through her.


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