Jamie's Revenge (MFM)

The Jenny Penn Collection 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 58,477
200 Ratings (4.3)

[#168 Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Western Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M]

Jamie Traynor has come for her revenge.

Brodie and Caelen MacAuley made only one mistake. When Jamie rides back into town, the MacAuley brothers don't intend to make the same mistake twice. Intent on corralling the one woman they've ever loved, neither brother takes well to her resistance.

Not about to give into their desires, Jamie's got a plan of her own. To make the MacAuley brothers pay for breaking her heart, she intends to beat them at their own game and bring the men to their knees with lust.

Trapped in a battle of wills with too much pride to call defeat, Jamie is about to learn that revenge comes at a price.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Jamie's Revenge (MFM)
200 Ratings (4.3)

Jamie's Revenge (MFM)

The Jenny Penn Collection 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 58,477
200 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Sophia
A good book
This book has to be my favourite of all. Right from the very start to finish i found myself fully immersed, not a single dull moment.
The three main characters, all very strong personalities, made this book really exciting.
Jamie's fiesty charater was thrilling and the way her men, Caelen and Brodie captured her heart and visa vera had me often laughing out loud.
The story line was excellent and definitly not what i expected.
Excellent discriptions throughout the sexual play.
Well worth reading.
Professional Reviews

recommendedread.png5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS, RECOMMENDED READ: "Wowee! Jamie’s Revenge should come with a warning label! Explosive amounts of sex with two hunky cowboys within…enter if you dare! Jenny Penn has blown this reviewer’s mind away with this book. Now I won’t give away the ending, but I will say that this story is well worth the read, and this reviewer definitely needed a cold shower after reading Jamie’s Revenge. If I could give Ms. Penn more than 5 divas I would. This is a totally awesome story and is bound to get the blood flowing, even if your children or significant other is causing a ruckus in the background. Bravo!" -- Dakota, Dark Diva Reviews



5 HEARTS: "The mega-talented author, Jenny Penn, has created an erotic and sinfully delicious story that is witty, wry and utterly entertaining. Ms. Penn seems to have a gift for giving her readers a fast-paced adventure that doesn't let up, along with rich character depiction, time after time, and Jamie's Revenge hits the mark brilliantly. The captivating plot is so richly expressive, emotionally charged and downright humorous that the reader will be enchanted right from the very first page. By delving deeply into the characters' hearts, the author makes sure the heroine and her two heroes really come to life. Jamie, Caelen and Brodie are well-developed, endearing characters that display a depth of emotion, passion, sexual tension and fire that will hold the readers interest right up until the end of the story. Jamie is a bold, brave, intelligent and sassy heroine and, along with roguishly sexy, demanding and totally alpha Brodie and Caelen, the devilish mayhem these characters create takes this story out of the ordinary and make it a exceptional one that shouldn't be missed. The spirited and often amusing dialogue will have readers laughing out loud. The vivid supporting characters are delightful and promise plenty of mayhem. The playful sexual tension runs hot, and the sex is sinfully carnal, raw, demanding and a whole lot naughty. So much fun to be had in the wildness of the untamed west with Jamie's Revenge!" -- Shannon, The Romance Studio

5 DRAGONS: "This is an exciting and fun story. Jamie's Revenge swept me into the story from the first page and first confrontation. This story isn't just hot, it's filled with fireworks between Brodie, Caelen and Jamie. Its an intoxicating story that had me rooting for Jamie to get her own back and show these two men what they passed up all the years ago when they refused to make love to her. Jamie is all grown up, independent and shows them she is possibly more woman than they can handle. I felt like I needed a cold drink, a fan and a man handy as I read through this story. You won't be disappointed with Jenny Penn's book. She knows how to create love scenes that will steal your breath away while you sit there grinning at the antics of Jamie's Revenge. I had a great time reading this book and wondered if she wrote about her sister and brother in law. I want to read any story that is about the MacAuleys and Traynors. If they are as good as this book, I'll be glued to the book from beginning to end. Now I'm going in search of more books from Jenny Penn. This is going on my favorite book shelf so I can read it again and again." -- Judy Kind, Veiled Secrets Reviews

4.5 CHERRIES: "I just loved Jamie’s character. She was spunky and so sure of herself and her plan. She was totally blindsided when she couldn’t resist twins Brodey and Caelen MacAuley. Likewise, Brodey and Caelen had some old-fashioned, preconceived notions about how they would “handle” their woman. It was fun to watch Jamie bring them to their knees. Ms. Penn made the entire journey a sensual and engaging ride from start to finish. I honestly didn’t want to stop reading until Jamie, Brodey and Caelen got their happily ever after. I’m looking forward to the next installment in the Jenny Penn Collection." -- Honeysuckle, Whipped Cream Erotic Reviews

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   “What the fuck?”

   In an all out rampage, Brodie twisted, bucked, cussed, and tried just about everything he knew to break the binds if not the bed. He met resistance, not from Jamie, but from Caelen. Tied to him with the same stretch of rope, every time he pulled, Caelen yanked back, each warring to release the pressure on their wrists.

   It didn’t matter that it hurt. It didn’t matter that the battle proved quickly to be pointless. Nothing mattered but what he intended to do her once he got free. It wasn’t pretty, and it wouldn’t be kind, but he would have his revenge for this. Not soothing, the idea calmed him into falling still.

   All the possibilities glimmered in his mind. With this act, Jamie had declared open warfare. He wouldn’t have to worry about pushing her too hard or going too far over the line because she’d taken the fight there. Brodie couldn’t help but notice that she hadn’t come here yet.

   It made a small savage slice of victory curl through his system. Maybe the little darling had finally realized how badly this game ended for her. Given how little hope he had for this moment, Brodie savored the idea. Rolling his head to the side, in search of the worry on her face, Brodie intended to make it worse with a few well-deserved threats.

   He didn’t find her worried. Stretched over his brother like a cat, her sleek, nude body gleamed in the moonlight, making her more goddess than woman. That made Caelen her mortal slave. He certainly looked like one, trembling beneath her as she held him on the razor’s edge of ecstasy.

   The gentle slide of her thigh had smooth sensual motions that spoke volumes of the torment Caelen’s dick received beneath its velvety caress. As if making his twin’s balls go blue weren’t bad enough, Jamie had curled herself around the side of his chest. Propped up on an elbow, she watched Brodie, even as her fingers negligently teased one of Caelen’s nipples.

   The girl had evil in her eyes and on her lips as she leaned down to whisper in Caelen’s ear. Brodie couldn’t hear her, but from the way Caelen tensed, he knew Jamie had something coming his way. Given what she’d already proved herself capable of, that should have had his dick pulsing thicker than it had been for the last four days.

   Hell, Brodie would have never believed he could go soft as he watched Jamie crawl naked toward him. That was a dream he’d long fantasized seeing. Those full tits hanging down, brushing their puckered tips over his chest as she mounted him. Just the feel of those little chocolate curls parting back to press a thick, creamy pussy kiss into his stomach should have had him ready to explode.

   It didn’t because he couldn’t get over the binds. If they hadn’t been in his way…his dick pulsed eagerly back to life. Oh, yeah. When they’re not in the way…

   “What’s wrong, Brodie?” Jamie raised a brow. “No threats to make?”

   Knelt over his chest, there wasn’t any secret of hers he couldn’t see. “You gonna have to shave that pussy, darlin’. It better be smooth the next time I see it or I’ll handle the matter myself.”

   That had the smug seeping from her smile as her gaze narrowed. “You don’t have to worry about that, Brodie, ‘cause this is going to be the last time you see it…or feel it.”

   Sliding her hips down, she dragged that weeping cunt right down his stomach to drench his cock in a smothering kiss. That did it. Brodie grunted and clenched hard as she started to hump herself against his length.

   Fighting her every inch of the way in an attempt to deny her this victory, his dick didn’t really care what his pride had to say. It just liked being kissed, and he just hated hearing that smug giggle.

   “I guess you don’t really care about a little hair after all.”

   “You listen, and you listen good, Jamie Traynor. When I get out of these ropes—”

   “What?” She came to a perfect stop with the small clenched opening of her sheath pressing right down over the heated curve of his cock head, taunting him with  just a little press before sucking in a breath and withdrawing. “You gonna spank me again, cowboy?”

   She’d stolen his voice with that move and the wench did it again. Laughing at him as he gave over a grunt right along with a flex of his hips upward, she pulled her sweet pussy free when he tried to claim what was his.

   “I don’t think so, Brodie. I might have come for dick, but I didn’t come for yours.”

   She pulled herself back to her knees, spreading her legs a little wider so she could grind against him, angling her hips to assure the little pebbled bud of her clit got the full length rub, Brodie could see the delicate muscle of her neck clench. Jamie wasn’t half as in control as she appeared.

   She’s in heat. In full-on heat and she probably had it worse than either him or his brother. That was just the weakness he could use to get her to do just what he wanted. Jamie might have physical control, but that didn’t mean she had total control.

   Flattening her hands on his chest, Jamie appeared to have completely forgotten him as she worked herself into a fevered pitch. Eyes closed, head straining back, she was the perfect picture of seduction. The harder she pumped, the more she began to slump slightly forward on her weakening arms.

   As they trembled and bowed out, they lowered down the sweet fruit of her breasts until all he had to do was strain painfully forward to capture one. Like a puppet in his hands, she collapsed downward, offering him all of her tempting flesh to taste. Without his hand, Brodie couldn’t do his best work.

   What he had was pure feral hunger that he unleashed in a torrent over her tender tits, making her mew and lift her hands to position her own breasts for his feasting. Capturing her nipple in the sharp grip of his teeth he twirled it over and over again with his tongue, delighting at the way her hips escalated into a panicked motion of need.

   Letting her breast pop free, Brodie growled out his first command. “Give me that pussy, and I’ll give you the kiss you really need.”

   Instead of whimpering into obedience as he’d anticipated, Jamie’s arms snapped her right back up. For as lust fogged as her gaze remained, the curve on her lips had his balls sweating.  He’d underestimated her. His gut clenched with the certainty he’d be paying for that mistake.

   How much caught him the moment she slunk downward. Mesmerized by graceful motion, his breath caught as her legs slid over his thighs. Rising up over his fully-loaded cock, her gaze dipped down for just a second before snapping back up to his.

   The corner of her lip kicked up in a wicked curl as her tongue peaked out in a teasing lick of things to come. This had to be a dream, a really erotic nightmare, because his Jamie…his Jamie didn’t know those moves, because he hadn’t taught them to her yet.

   “Oh, shit!

   He couldn’t hold that roar back as every single one of his muscles contracted under the impact of that first, flaming lick and she took it all the way to his balls. Before he could even recover the ragged breath he lost, those sweet lips opened up over his tender sack and sucked.

   Then it was on. That wicked tongue went everywhere, that tight little mouth suckled him in the most delicious ways, working over his cock, teasing his head and then straight back to his balls. Relentless in her pursuit to drive him absolutely mad, Jamie used her hands like weapons.

   Pumping him nearly as hard and fast as he ever did, she jerked his dick right to the edge while she tormented his balls. At the last second when he thought he could bear not one more stroke of her hand, she gave him one with her mouth, all the way back to her throat. Then the little vixen swallowed, and Brodie roared as everything rushed to explode.

   Cold, freezing pain, it capped the sudden second right before the beauty of living blossomed in his body. “Son of a bitch.”

   Brodie went instantly back to fighting his binds, outraged beyond control at not being able to do a damn thing, not even touch the gorgeous little body slithering up his. Jamie gave him the full feel, pressing her hard little nipples into his chest as her breasts flattened into soft pillows against his sweaty skin.

   Silky legs parted and snaked around his thighs, letting her steaming cunt kiss the aching length of his cock. Then she rubbed, just like he had her earlier that day, but nothing stopped him from feeling every slick inch of parted pussy as it licked down his hardness. Jamie groaned, levering herself up slightly on her hands to generate even more mind-bending friction as she ground and pumped herself against him.

   Brodie didn’t let himself be fooled this time. “You go on and take your revenge, Jamie, because it’s going to be returned to you twofold.”

   That had her going back to still as her gaze focused on the challenge he’d just issued. There came that smile again, and silently, Brodie did curse himself for making his situation even worse, but he just couldn’t let it go. No matter how much punishment he rained down on her for this night, in his gut he knew tonight would stick in his mind but good for the rest of his life.

   As if to see that fate, his angry goddess rose right up over him. Bringing her knees to span just below his shoulders, she put on the best damn show he’d ever seen. Oh, yeah…he didn’t care if she had curls. The way she spread her legs right over his head, he could see everything.

   Everything, thanks to the slender fingers that slid down the sides of her pussy lips and parted them. Brodie swallowed, mesmerized by the slight flex he could see her tiny opening making. It begged to be filled, and before Brodie’s bulging gaze, Jamie intended to fill it…with one of those damn toys.

   Brodie growled at the sight of his woman taking in any cock other than his own. “Stop playing with that thing, Jamie. I got something twice as long and three times as thick to give you.”

   The little minx still didn’t speak other than to let out a sensual groan as she fed the full length of the carved penis straight up into her sheath. Her whole body arched with the penetration, enjoying the fullness with a primitive roll and flex as she fucked her little toy slowly into her.

   It inflamed every indignant bone in Brodie’s body to be stuck watching that pathetic toy do what only he had a right to do…and she didn’t even do it right, not nearly hard enough or fast enough. Wait until he showed her how it was done. That single driving need had him straining as far as he could, accepting the pain in every joint on his left side to barely be able to reach and tickle the edge of her pussy with the tip of his tongue.

   Reacting as if he’d lashed her with a whip, Jamie jerked right up and cast him an alarmed look. In that gaze, Brodie knew he’d been the first man to ever give her that kind of lick. The sudden, sure knowledge soothed the savage edges of his lust. Focusing on enlightenment instead of revenge, he strained for another taste.

   Spicy and delicious, his real reward came when Jamie caved with a whimper and dropped her weeping cunt onto his open mouth. Brodie didn’t hesitate to take all the advantage he could.   

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