His Sub's Submissive (MMF)

Club Esoteria 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,079
191 Ratings (4.4)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Contemporary Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, Consensual BDSM, public exhibition, sex toys]

Erotic romance author and closet submissive Sloan Newman wondered what being a sexual submissive would be like. When her cousins Jenna Best and Taurus Green offer her a chance to take part in the slave auction their BDSM club is holding for charity, Sloan agrees. If nothing else, she’ll be able to use the knowledge gained in her future writings.

It’s Master Dane Bennett’s life partner/sub Merlin Gates’ 30th birthday and Dane wants to buy him a gift – a submissive little pet they can both play for the weekend. As soon as the bisexual men see Sloan on stage, they know this is the woman they’ve been looking for. After spending the weekend introducing her to BDSM, they realize she is the woman they want to complete their family. Now all they have to do is get her to agree to be His Sub’s Submissive.

Note: The main character is a pediatrician. A Siren Erotic Romance


His Sub's Submissive (MMF)
191 Ratings (4.4)

His Sub's Submissive (MMF)

Club Esoteria 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,079
191 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Good story just what I expect from this author but I wanted more so that is why 4 instead of 5 stars. I liked this story line but would have liked more at the end. It was a very interesting story and I loved the dynamics of this trio. First one I've read from this series but it won't be my last as it grabbed my attention and kept it through the whole read
Karen Henderson
A wonderful storyline.
Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "I simply love Cooper McKenzie’s books! The characters in His Sub’s Submissive are unforgettable. The sex will stay on your mind long after reading this book." -- Stephanie Rollins, BookreviewsRus.com

5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "...His Sub’s Submissive is one of the best books I’ve read recently...this story had me laughing and crying all along the way to the characters’ happy ending; an ending that was beyond fantastic. Character development was exceptional. The flow of the story was smooth and without any drags whatsoever. His Sub’s Submissive grabs you from page one and doesn’t disappoint the entire way through. The sexual and sensual scenes were never gratuitous—that’s not to say they weren’t plentiful, because they were. Each scene drove the story forward while adding dimension to the characters. Those sensual and sexual scenes were also blazing hot—and Cooper MacKenzie’s sexy alpha male characters were incredibly drool-worthy to boot. His Sub’s Submissive by Cooper Mackenzie is an exceptional book with heart and humor all rolled into one." -- Jae, Dark Diva Reviews

5 RAVENS: "His Sub’s Submissive by Cooper McKenzie is a stunningly passionate BDSM with a huge dose of heart. The intimate scenes are nothing to sneeze at either. The flow of this book was so intense that I felt as though I were on a short trip to nirvana. I suggest having a fan on standby because Ms. McKenzie sure knows how to heat up the pages. The characters captured my attention from the first chapter. Dane and Merlin are so hot and delicious to say the least that I got a pleasure out of reading their story and getting to know them. Master Dane, with his dark looks has a huge heart mixed with the steeliness a Master needs. There are intense scenes where I was all but drooling. I think you the reader will connect with him easily. Merlin, Sub to Master Dane soft, tender blonde god with quite a passion that just ignites in the scintillating heat of this erotic tale. His and Danes connection is felt throughout the book. Now Sloan was somewhat of a surprise, but a pleasant one. Her character came on strong from the very beginning. She knew what she wanted in spite of her struggle to get there. As you read along you’ll see her truly come to life in the hands of Dane and Merlin. Ms. McKenzie created such an interesting story in regards to ones desires and the importance of experiencing and embracing new sensual encounters that ultimately turn into being so much more. Any reader would completely loose themselves in this book. I do have to say the second level characters are just as intriguing. There is Mistress Jenna, her sub “Anthony” and Master Taurus both cousins of Sloan and owner of Esoteria BDSM club. I know these characters have to have a story. *grin* This is my first time reading Cooper McKenzie’s work and I can say that I will be enjoying her delicious work again. What a firecracker of an author!" -- Lace, Blackraven's Reviews

4.5 CHERRIES: "This was a really heart-warming book that captured my attention right from the start. I really admired Sloan, and loved to see her grow as each page was turned. Dane and Merlin are wonderful men with a special bond between them. From the instant attraction that they all feel for each other to the bond that they form, the reader can see how much deeper than sex it goes, making for a wonderful read. Cooper McKenzie pulls the reader into a wondrous world where there is not only hot sex but also deep love. It was nice to see a woman that was not stick-thin but actually had a figure and the men enjoyed and wanted her that way. I truly enjoyed this book and look forward to seeing more from this author and hopefully more from Club Esoteria and its characters." -- Mistletoe, Whipped Cream

"Dom Dave Bennett is celebrating his sub’s 30th birthday by purchasing a female sub for the birthday guy with his agreement from a BDSM club’s first annual slave/sub auction for charity. The club has stipulated in regard to this purchase, that it is only for a weekend’s duration. Oh my goodness! I’m psyched. Merlin Gates is Dave’s sub and he is called Pet. He is a doctor who suffers greatly when a patient of his dies. His Dom has helped him release his pain by a rather special birthday tradition. This scenario so moved me on many levels, plus it became clear to me that Dave and Merlin were a really special pair. Dave is a bit of mystery except that he is a loving, experienced, and commanding Dom. His power and control are impressive. Sloan Newman is going through some truly bad times. She doesn’t have enough money to cover her bills. Her supplemental job is in a rather bad part of town; her income from her main job has gone down. Sloan’s very successful cousins have tracked her to the extremely seedy looking Java Stop and kind of read her the riot act. Additionally, they need her to fill in for their first annual slave/sub auction for charity. Submissive by nature, Sloan gets talked into filling in. A fairly simple set of circumstances paves the way for a loving duo to become a passionate and triumphant trio. What a spectacular transformation! It is such an exquisitely sweet and marvelous twist of fate on several levels. Do follow these three during their weekend and the week thereafter. I hope you find their merging as amazing and fulfilling as I did. " -- jj, Rainbow Book Reviews

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As her vision grew accustomed to the dimmer light, she looked around. Six other people were also chained to the stage. They didn’t look around. Instead they stood with arms at their sides as they stared out into the room. They remained still as statues. She studied their stance and mimicked it before turning to look out over the crowd, as well.

When the lights came up onstage, she blinked, and her fear expanded at the same time her nipples grew hard and her cunt lips dampened. She focused on the far wall instead of studying the people. She wasn’t sure she wanted to see who was in the crowd that gathered in front of the stage.

All at once, it felt as if someone ran warm hands over her skin. Her nipples tightened until they ached to be touched. Her clit puffed up, and her juices gathered and spread along her lower lips. Dropping her gaze from the back wall, she looked around without moving her head. No one stood anywhere near her. Glancing over the crowd, she met the assessing gaze of one of the most gorgeous men she’d ever seen outside a magazine.

He was a dark angel with military-cut short black hair styled to stand straight up, adding another inch to his impressively tall height. His eyes were pale though she couldn’t tell if they were blue or gray. His face was strong, clean shaven, and sharp angled which only added to his masculine beauty.

His eyes darkened when she didn’t look away at once. Finally, she dropped her gaze to his body and fought back a gasp. He was huge all over. Broad shoulders led her gaze to a body with more muscles than should be legal. It wasn’t the overly muscular body of a bodybuilder but a man who was well toned and beautiful. An open, black leather vest was all that covered his chest.

Her gaze dropped further. He wore black leather pants and boots. So, he was a Dom. Raising her gaze back up his long, thick legs, she noted the growing bulge at his crotch. If a hard-on was any indication, he was interested. Would he place a bid? Would he buy her for the weekend? Would he be the loving Dom Jenna had promised?

She felt her cheeks grow hot. Then she noticed he had one arm wrapped around another person, a man almost as big as he was. This one was blond with dark eyes and a body that was leaner, but just as muscular, just as beautiful. The smaller man wore only black leather pants and a black collar around his neck. No vest. Bare feet. The big and beautiful Dom already had a submissive. A male submissive.

So why was he looking at her like he couldn’t wait to get her alone?

Sloan lifted her gaze to the back of the room but watched them out in the periphery of her vision. The big man kissed the blond one’s temple and then said something to him. The blond nodded in response and settled even closer into his master’s side. It was an intimate moment between lovers, one that she’d dreamt of all week. She wanted a man to hold her close, to kiss her and murmur to her with that kind of intimacy. She wanted a man to love and to love her. Was she crazy to try and find that in a BDSM club?



Master Dane’s dark voice held more than a thread of steel that sent shivers of lust coursing through Sloan. She felt awkward as she climbed onto the bed and crawled to the center. Rolling over, she settled so she was half sitting against the dozen or so pillows piled up against the headboard. She spread her legs until Dane nodded in approval. When she felt cold air brush over her wet, exposed clit, she blinked before looking away and shifting her legs closer together.

“No, angel, spread those legs wide open. And keep your eyes on us. When we are in a scene, you will look into our eyes. Now, lift your arms and wrap your hands around the bars of the headboard.”

He waited until she complied. “If you let go of that headboard, I’ll paddle your beautiful ass and then tie you into place. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master,” she whispered.

Fear and lust warred for dominance, but her hunger for sex won out. She held her breath when Dane put one knee on the bed, and leaned over her. She was surprised when he kissed her again, his tongue exploring her mouth thoroughly. She couldn’t help but respond, though remained mindful to hold tight to the headboard.

Pulling back, he checked her hands. Then his eyes met hers, and he smiled and winked. “Very good, angel. Now relax and enjoy,” he whispered so only she could hear.

She watched as he took a deep breath and turned to Merlin who hadn’t moved a muscle. “Pet, lean over the end of the bed between angel’s legs, but do not touch her.”

Sloan watched wide-eyed as Merlin rose and moved to the end of the bed. He moved like a dancer, all controlled muscle and smooth movements. He positioned himself until his lips were just inches above her wet pussy.

She wanted to close her legs but couldn’t because of the broad-shoulders between them. Meeting his eyes, she smiled. When he licked his lips in anticipation, she swallowed hard.

“Now that we’re all in position, I’ll explain the game,” Dane stepped to the side of the bed, and Sloan turned her gaze to him.

“Pet, you will play with angel’s pussy. If you can bring her off before you come then, you win. If you come first, then I win. In either case, angel wins.”


“Yes, pet?”

“What’s the prize for winning?”

“Winner gets first fuck.”

Sloan gasped as the two men exchanged a purely masculine smile.

“To make this a little more challenging, I will be spanking you while you’re playing with angel. Not only is it your birthday, but you’ve earned quite a few punishment points this week for trying to deny me the pleasure of spoiling you.”

Sloan glanced down in time to see Merlin’s smile falter. “Yes, Master. I’m sorry.”

Dane nodded in acknowledgement of the apology as he opened the front of his leather pants.

Sloan squeaked when he reached in and fished out his cock and balls. Like the rest of him, his cock was huge. He was uncut and even longer and thicker than Merlin. His balls appeared as impressive as his cock. The head peeked out of the foreskin, dark purple and glistening. Sloan licked her lips, wishing she could taste him.

She hadn’t realized she’d spoken her thought aloud until he smiled at her. “Soon, pretty angel, you will taste me, and I will fill your mouth with my cream. But right now, relax and enjoy our game. Just don’t forget to hold onto that headboard.”

“Yes, Master,” Sloan whispered.

She watched as Dane pulled on a black leather glove and moved into position beside Merlin’s right hip. Lifting the leather-clad hand, he smiled at her and winked again. “You may begin, pet.”

At the same moment she watched Dane’s hand come down, she felt a fingertip slide between the lips protecting her clit. It started at the top of the split and moved down, pausing in its descent to circle her clit before continuing down to her entrance. The tip entered her as Dane’s hand came down a second time.

Warm breath wafted across her wet slit just before Merlin’s hot tongue traced the path his finger had taken. He pulled the finger out then returned with two. He began to gently thrust them in and out as he licked and sucked and teased her. His breath puffed out with his grunts as Dane’s spanking grew harder and more intense.

Before she could recognize the tightening in her core that seemed to pull all her nerves into her center, Sloan closed her eyes and screamed. She exploded with Merlin nibbling her clit with his lips as he slammed three fingers into her.

Merlin stopped manipulating her and let her ride through the storm that raced through her. As she came down, he began again to slide his fingers in and out as he swirled his tongue over her hot button. Her orgasm kept rolling for several more minutes.

When Sloan was able to pay attention to things beyond herself, it registered that the slapping sound had changed. Opening her eyes, she looked past Merlin to the end of the bed and gasped silently.

No longer was Dane using his hand on Merlin’s ass. At some point he’d exchanged the leather glove for a black leather flogger which he slapped down in a steady rhythm against Merlin’s lower back, ass and upper thighs.

Though she knew she’d made no sound, the Master met her gaze and sent her a reassuring smile. “Do you like what you see, angel? Do you like watching me give pet his birthday spanking?”

Sloan realized she did. “Yes, Master,” she whispered.

Dane brought the flogger down on Merlin several more times before he stopped and tossed it away. Rubbing one hand down Merlin’s back to his ass, he reached between his legs with the other. Sloan couldn’t be sure, but from his moan and the look of stark hunger on Merlin’s face, she knew he held Merlin’s cock.

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