Mere Passion (MF)

Ocean Shifters 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 53,591
7 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, shape-shifters, interracial]

“Alara…” His heavy breaths made speech difficult. “You can’t…I might…” She broke into a smile that could topple empires and bring monsters to their knees. “Of course you will.”

Straight-laced dragon General Kai Nasu dreams of reviving his Empire’s glory. Step one: conquer the Arctic mere habitat. But subduing the dolphin-shifting barbarians proves difficult when his human-form body starts breaking all the rules.

Commander of the Island’s Armed Forces, Princess Alara Skjelfjord plans to kick the haughty reptile’s butt back to where he came from. But the dragon emissary is hotter than a lava tube, and much as she wants to get rid of him, she wants to ride him first.

Alara inflames Kai’s body but denies him her heart. It’s only when Kai questions the very beliefs that made him that he can earn her love and become the dragon he was destined to be.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Mere Passion (MF)
7 Ratings (4.7)

Mere Passion (MF)

Ocean Shifters 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 53,591
7 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
This is a must read. So get your copy!!
This is one of the most creative erotic romances I've read in a *long* time, and I review hundreds of ero-roms. I adored this book.

Daisy Harris concocted two very unique and memorable sex scenes in this book. I won't spoil anything, but I *highly* suggest you read this book if you're an erotic romance fan. Daisy Harris is a fantastic writer, and her characters are awesomesauce.
Camryn Rhys
Professional Reviews

5 TEA CUPS: "Daisy Harris once again drops us into her water world and commits 100 percent to her characters and her story. I’m following this series very closely, because so far, each book only makes me hungry for more. Kai and Alara are both darker, stronger and more unstable than the characters in Mere Temptation, which really made me love them more—I like dark! The story was fast moving and plot lines from the first book flowed well without losing the reader. The story was also written so that if you accidentally pick up Mere Passion first, you won’t miss anything or feel lost in the plot. This is a peach of a read and I can’t wait for her next installment. I would definitely recommend this fantastic, wet world to anyone." -- Rachel, Happily Ever After Reviews

"Live by the rules General Kai Nasu dreams of the glory days of old with the Dragon Empire. One thing he knows is that to relive this glory than they will need to make sure to conquer all those he sees as inferior and needing protection. He sets out to infiltrate the Artic Habitat and the dolphin shifting “barbarians” under orders. But, when his human body starts breaking all the rules he just might have to eventually rethink some of his goals and actions. Especially, if he wants to keep the woman who seems to be the one to make his blood sing. Military Commander and Princess, Alara Skelfjord, can’t believe that a barbaric dragon has been summoned to her corner of the world, by her father no less. All because of young girl abductions that she feels she hasn’t had time to even investigate yet. But, the most frustrating part seems to be how her body wants to betray her mind with the straight laced reptile. She will do what it takes to keep her people safe, even if that is from the dragons. But, her libido definitely wants to try out Kai even if her mind says it is a bad idea. When more abductions seem to happen and Alara and Kai work together they start to see that there may be more than just once force working to destroy Alara’s world. Kai is forced to rethink all his beliefs if he is going to be able to keep everything he really wants in life. “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my” was the first thought I had when reading Mere Passion but in fact it was dragons and dolphins and sharks oh my. Add in a succubus and a few evil characters and you have the workings of a great romantic suspense story that I thoroughly enjoyed. I like how Ms. Harris took real prejudices and applied them to different species to show how not only does it affect everyone but it also stems from lack of information and “small minded people”. I love how Alara is able to be such a strong woman and leader but at the same time be able to be the right woman for Kai, almost against his wishes. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Harris and her mere world." -- Tanya, Joyfully Reviewed

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Alara strode through the wide hallway, low-heeled clogs clicking along the marble floors with deadly purpose. She needed to inform her father of the dragon’s presence and obtain his permission before she attacked. Her idiot brother Florian stepped into her line of sight, but long strides vaulted Alara past him, and the slightly shorter man struggled to keep up.

“Hello, Sister. Did you find anything exciting on your patrol?”

The princes were forever mocking her role as head of the island’s armed forces. The boys claimed the island didn’t need protection now that the shark-shifter raids were becoming less and less frequent. Alara knew better. No nation could maintain independence for long without an army.

“Wonderful, Brother. No threats found.” She didn’t want to mention her dragon sighting so soon, not until she knew she had the go-ahead to take action.

“Well, gee, I’m glad you didn’t find any monsters or demons hidden out on the ice.” Her brothers always chided that their remote location protected them. They were idiots. Now that the island had money, Murrough was more of a target than ever.

“It’s been nice chatting, Florian, but don’t you have some online gambling or sleazy chat room to return to?” She couldn’t resist snapping. The idea of that snake-like animal near her home sent a chill to her bones.

“Screw you, dear Sis.” He stomped off, allowing Alara to return to her clacking down the hall.

She paused behind the door to the triton’s office to collect her thoughts before entering. A deep rumbling voice echoed from the room, melodic and strangely enticing like the ocean itself calling her.

She opened the door a couple inches, hoping to learn more before approaching her father. An informally-dressed six-and-a-half foot tall male with shoulders a yard wide filled the room. Stick-straight ebony hair reached halfway down a torso covered in black cashmere. She hadn’t seen a dragon in human form for half a century, but no way was this guy mere.

She gathered her calm like a coating of ice and strode into the room, not acknowledging the stranger as she approached her father. The triton’s graying beard and kindly face softened Alara’s temper just a hair, but her eyes narrowed in scolding.

“Hello, Father.” She pecked him on the cheek. Without looking behind her, she added, “I see you have a guest.”

The triton looked abashed, and his lips twisted to the side before he said, “Yes, this is General Kai Nasu. He is one of the Council’s generals.”

She trained her gaze on her father, “The Dragon Council?”

The air shifted, as if the dragon breathed heavier or changed position.

The old man continued. “Yes, the Dragon Council. They offered to come and investigate that incident last year. And…Well, I thought it would be nice to build bridges, renew…ties…” Her father’s words became quieter as he withered under her stare. Anger bubbled up in the pit of her stomach, but she took a deep breath and attempted to squash the feeling.

“How kind of them to offer assistance.” The dragon government had some nerve! They’d abandoned her island half a century ago, leaving her people impoverished and lacking defense during years of shark-shifter raids. Of course, the council was interested in the island again—now that they had more resources to steal.

She turned for the door. “Well, I’ll head out then. If you want to fraternize with—” The rest of the sentence died in her throat. Dang! He was…Just…Wow.

Almond-shaped eyes and high cheekbones suggested Asian descent, but his skin was the color of espresso. His face was all hard, chiseled angles, but the lips were slightly full—the type of lips you wanted to bite. After a moment, she realized she was staring and blinked rapidly to clear her mind. At that the dragon lifted his chin and sent her a haughty glare, as if she had no right to enjoy the sight of him.

The corner of her mouth pulled up into a half-smile. So, this dragon thought he was too good to be ogled by a lowly mere? Well, fuck him.

The triton’s secretary shuffled in for a quick word, and Alara seized the opportunity to blatantly pan down his body with her gaze. The thick cords of his neck led toward a muscular chest, defined even under his shirt and sweater. Her eyes darted up to his again, noting the twitching point at his jaw as he tried to appear unaffected. Deciding to go all-out, she calmly assessed the zipper of his slacks. The material bowed forward pleasantly, maybe even impressively, but that could just be the effect of long underwear. When she raised her face to his, a mortified expression met her satisfied smirk.

She sauntered toward the door, looking over her shoulder to get a view him from behind as she left.

“Nice to meet you, dragon. I hope you enjoy your stay.”





“You are a goddess.”

She smiled. “And you are a very quick learner.” His folded arms relaxed when he caught her hint of humor.

Kai’s eyes darted to the spot on the floor where she’d writhed just moments ago. “I was unaware that females had that kind of response.”

A fresh swell of desire rushed through her. Gods, she wanted this male. “Well, maybe dragon females don’t. I guess you’ll find out…” She had thought to say when you finally fuck one but thought better of it. She didn’t want to think about him with anyone else tonight, no matter what species.

He stroked his hand along her arm. The rough skin of his fingertips tickled. “I want to watch you again, but...” She saw the concern in his eyes and realized how close to the edge he’d been when she came.

Placing both hands on his shoulders, she swept her leg over his raised knees to straddle him. His erection stood high and hard between them, and she stroked her wet furrow along it. A deep groan escaped his chest, and she felt the vibration of it in her hips.

Alara reached down and wrapped her fingers around him. He gasped. “This is a beautiful cock.” Kai’s lips thinned, and his face fell into a scowl. Ignoring his moment of self-loathing, she stroked her hand up and down, firmly, not allowing for any argument. “It’s thick and long, and could do the most erotic things if used correctly.”

She watched his face as she stroked him. His harsh features looked even more chiseled in the muted lighting of the room. Her moisture still clung to his lips. Every muscle in him was taut and defined, and tensed in concentration and concern.

Alara wanted to lower her lips to lick the drop of moisture collecting at his tip, but the dragon wasn’t ready for that kind of teasing. Instead she raised her hips and led his slick helmet to her entrance.

“Here, let me show you.”


* * * *


Alara’s eyes pressed closed, her mouth opened, and she emitted the softest sigh as her body lowered onto his penis. Though the guilt of his earlier loss of control still burned, at least the release left Kai able to enjoy this moment. Her delicate sex seated fully on his hips, and her fragrant skin pressed along his chest and abdomen. Her emissions lubricated her movements, and the soft walls of her sheath caressed the part of his body that felt like a raw nerve.

Her parted lips called to him. He leaned forward to kiss her mouth, to suckle those plump pillows and seek out her small pink tongue. But she only brushed her cheek against his and then nipped at his ear.

He expected her to rise and fall on him, but instead Alara rubbed her core against his pubic bone in slow circles. Each twist of her hips thrust him deeper into her channel, and each pulse of her pleasure led secret muscles to squeeze his length. The coupling was so sweet, so undeniably feminine. Kai lowered his head to her shoulder in complete surrender.

She took his hands and placed them on her hips. Her behind rolled and bounced in time with her movements. Soon his hands traveled lower to cup those delicious globes, to pet her sex where it joined with his. She moaned a curse against his chest. Then her body arched back, thrusting her breasts against him and her center more firmly onto his organ.

He recognized the signs this time and reveled in her release. Her soft hair swept across his fingers as her head rolled from side to side. Each of her moans sent waves of sensation through his body, and her sheath fluttered against him. The feel of it against his tongue had almost sent him over the edge before, but now that sucking clench circled his erection and pulled him with long draws.

He lost himself in her response and almost forgot to hold back his own until it was too late. Only the memory of the beast he had acted last time shocked him back to sanity. Now that he understood how this female functioned, Kai was even more disgusted by himself.

Her cries had died away, but still she circled and arched against him. Alara panted out, “It’s your turn, babe. Fill me.”

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