All That Glitters (MFM)

Wilder, Texas 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 28,437
27 Ratings (4.1)

[PolyAmour: Erotic Cowboy Multiple Partner Romance, M/F/M]

Former Vegas showgirl Dahlia Burke can’t get out of Texas fast enough. She’s winding her way through rural Wilder, Texas when she plows into Tanner and Scooter’s work truck. Dead broke and stranded, will Dahlia find more than one reason to stay--or two more reasons to leave?

Tanner Dawson barely escaped with his life when Dahlia plowed into his truck. And once he and his best friend, Scooter, take her under wing, he’s not sure if she’s planning to love him to death or finish him off.

Scooter Austin can’t tolerate gold diggers. When he finds out Dahlia is newly divorced from a man who has a revolving door of trophy wives, Scooter’s ready to send her out of Wilder with the toe of his boot.

How will these cowboys know if Dahlia has a heart of gold or just an eye for all that glitters?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance


All That Glitters (MFM)
27 Ratings (4.1)

All That Glitters (MFM)

Wilder, Texas 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 28,437
27 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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4.5 CHERRIES: "Larry Gatlin was right on target when he sang 'Everything that glitters is not gold.' It takes loving and nearly losing for Scooter Austin to be reminded of that simple life lesson. When Dahlia Burke literally ran into Tanner Dawson she wasn't expecting the incident to change her life. Her growth from a woman who's had her self-confidence beaten to a pulp to one who has the strength to walk away from the men she loves is a heart melting journey right back to their HEA. Hold onto your hats because the sexy cowboys in Wilder, Texas are the real deal! Tanner and his best friend Scooter simply ooze all the best characteristics of yummy cowboy heroes. If you've read Ms. Darlin before, this story is all that you would expect. She has a very talented writing voice for drawing the reader right into the story with vivid descriptions, smooth transitions, layered plots and best of all a wonderful romance. It isn't hard to see why Dahlia is attracted to both Tanner and Scooter. They have charm, masculine beauty as well as a tangible sense of honor. Speaking of tangible, there are only a couple of scenes in this novella where Dahlia and one the men make with the hot and heavy but WOW! If I had seen steam coming off my e-reader I wouldn't have been a bit surprised. I'm convinced that Tanner is one of the more orally fixated characters that I've read in a while. He isn't a bit conceited about his talent…he's convinced and rightly so! This may be considered a short story but it lacks in nothing except I want to visit Wilder, Texas more often and for longer stays. If you've read Ms. Darlin's short story, Back for More, in the Tasty Treats Vol 2 book you'll recognize a few familiar faces. It was nice to catch up with Alana, Rayne and Dirk and see that they are still just as firmly in love as when we last visited Wilder. Have you got an hour or so to kill and a hankering for some juicy cowboy loving? If you answered yes, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Wendi Darlin's All That Glitters. You'll love the sassy spunk of Dahlia and be instantly won over by the men that fall in love with her. Their story has cemented Ms. Darlin as an automatic buy for this reviewer and I think you'll find it was time well spent." -- Honeysuckle, Whipped Cream Reviews

4 STARS: "ALL THAT GLITTERS is a delightful, quick read. It is fast paced and full of humor and regrets. Dahlia, who gave up her showgirl life in Vega for reasons she believed were true, has found that hopes and dreams don't always come to a happy-ever-after. She is left with little other than her few small possessions and an expensive car, and she drove back to where she once was a hard working showgirl. In her fast paced drive through a small community, she unwittingly runs into the back end of an old truck. Dahlia handles the situation with as much information as she is willing divulge to the two cowboys. Her faith and trust has been destroyed through past decisions, and now she has been left with literally nothing but her quick mind and hot body. I just loved that Dahlia was one street smart woman trying to get herself out the mess and not wanting to harm poor Tanner anymore than she had. Dahlia wants to pay her debts, and not be thought of as a gold digger. She seriously wants to do right by these cowboys. She is drawn to these two friends, but she doesn't want to be hurt all over again. Scooter's past experience with women and money had taught him never to trust another woman no matter who she is. He is both drawn to Dahlia as she just exudes sex and sensuality, but he simply not going to take a chance to be used again by someone he cares for. I love Scooter who takes life as it comes, and his sense of humor is shown by the author in the interactions. Both these hot cowboys have it real bad for Dahlia, and neither are going to risk without some truth coming to the surface. Ms. Darlin is a delightful writer, and I cannot wait to read more of her books." -- Darcy, The Romance Reviews

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Dahlia nearly jumped out of the hospital chair she’d fallen asleep in. Scooter’s big hand gripped her shoulder, and lines creased his forehead. She stared at him, momentarily confused, then whipped around to face the window outside Tanner’s room. Morning sun lit the hospital courtyard. Nurses and technicians dressed in scrubs made their way along the intersecting concrete walkway. Dahlia automatically reached for her hair, taming the long curls behind her ear as best she could.

“You didn’t sleep here, did you?” Scooter’s voice held equal parts disbelief and irritation.

“No,” she lied. “I…I was just praying.” No doubt, she’d go straight to hell for that one.

Scooter snorted his disbelief and handed her the steaming cup in his hand. He still didn’t seem to like her much, but at least he wasn’t picking a fight this morning.

“You didn’t have to bring me coffee.”

“It was mine, but looks like you could use it.”

She took the cup and murmured a thank you without looking at him. Ordinarily, she’d have a little more pride. Ordinarily, she wouldn’t think twice about the price of a cup of coffee. Ordinarily, she wouldn’t be hightailing out of Dallas trying to put miles between herself and a cruel ex-husband who thought she deserved to be broke and destitute.

“Your car’s totaled.” Scooter leaned his long body against the raised bedrail.

His eyes traveled over her in a way that made her squirm inside. She straightened her shoulders and tilted her chin a little higher. The coffee cupped in her hands chased away some of the chill in the hospital air but did nothing to diminish the goose bumps that had risen on her arms under Scooter’s appraisal. He looked even better up close than he had walking along the roadside, and the clean, masculine scent he wore trickled over her senses. She may not be smart when it came to men, but there was no denying what turned her on. “Cream and real sugar, just the way I like it.” She offered him a small smile and pressed the coffee cup to her lips again. Of course, she wasn’t in any position to be choosy with the coffee. If he’d given her cheap brandy in a paper sack, she probably would’ve taken it.

Scooter watched her with open curiosity. The remnants of a frown still lowered his brow. “The judge set your court date this morning. May 29th. You’ll get a letter.”

No. She wouldn’t get a letter. The address she’d given on the police report hadn’t been her home in six years. She was headed back to Vegas where she’d once owned the condo at the address she’d given on the police report. By the time the letter from the judge arrived, she’d be living in a cheap motel, paying by the week, until she landed a job and a steady paycheck that would enable her to rent an inexpensive apartment. Her circumstances left her queasy - thirty years old and starting over more broke than she’d ever been in her life.

Her shoulders sagged. “How do you total a hundred thousand dollar car on the tailgate of a beat-up pickup truck?” A hundred thousand dollars. If she’d sold it for fifty thousand, she could’ve gotten herself settled in comfortably until she landed a part in one of the nicer shows on the strip. Showgirls were a dime a dozen in Vegas, but she still had a few contacts and her legs could stop traffic a mile away. She just needed some cash to hold her over until she landed a job. The sale of the car was going to give her that cash.

Scooter’s eyes had drifted down to the expanse of slender thigh that extended from the short skirt she wore.

She slid one leg out further and shifted her hips, sending the skirt up another few inches. She hadn’t risen to the top of the world and fallen flat on her ass without knowing what her assets were every step of the way. Married to Raymond Burke, her assets were tied up in the gifts he gave her to make himself look better. She’d used the honking diamond ring to pay the attorney’s fees so she could finally be free of the bastard, and the hundred-thousand-dollar car wasn’t worth a dime now that she’d rammed it into the back of some cowboy’s piece-of-shit work truck. Everything she owned now, the Good Lord had given her—make that the Good Lord and years of dance rehearsal.

As if he sensed her thoughts, Tanner shifted in his hospital bed and groaned. Scooter leaned over him, and she edged a little closer in her seat.

Scooter gripped the bedrail. “How’re you feeling, man?”

“Like I got run over by a damned woman driver.” Tanner’s voice cracked, and his face twisted in pain.

“I didn’t hit you.” Dahlia regretted jumping in the conversation as soon as the words were out.

Tanner turned his head enough to glare at her. “What in the hell are you doing here? Come to finish the job?”

Dahlia clamped her lips tight and averted her gaze.

“I’m figuring she either came to kill you so you couldn’t sue her, or fuck you so you wouldn’t want to,” Scooter said. “Either way, you’re screwed.”




The second he brushed her clit she came off the bed.  He leaned in close to her ear. “Settle down now, darlin’. I promise I’ll take good care of you.”

She swallowed hard, and her lips moved against his jaw. She kissed her way back to his mouth and moaned as he stroked her clit with his dick again. His own shoulders shook with restraint. She moved like she was a coil, wound so tight, she’d spring off the bed the minute he let her loose. Goddamn, if she responded like this to a little toying around, fucking her would be an experience he wouldn’t forget any time soon. He lowered himself and pushed his cock into the soft, warm flesh of her inner thigh.

She bit down on her bottom lip. Her eyes flared, and her voice was fierce. “If you don’t put yourself inside me now, I’m going to put you there myself.”

Tanner couldn’t hold back his grin, and he couldn’t deny the little woman what she wanted either. But just to tease her, he slid one finger around the rim of her ass slowly. She nearly came undone in his arms. Her face and neck blushed. Her hands dug into his back. He inserted the tip of his dick and nearly came undone himself. She went off like a rodeo bull, screaming, bucking, biting down hard on his shoulder. Her pussy clamped around his cock in velvety spasms that tightened his neck and made his balls ache. He couldn’t stand it another second. He spread her legs with his thigh and slid his cock deep inside her with a stroke so fast and hard he yelled himself.

If any of his injuries still bothered him, he couldn’t feel them. He couldn’t feel anything but the grip of her inner walls around his dick and the sting of her fingernails on his skin. They moved together like one of them might get away before the other was done. And he wasn’t planning on being done for a while. The first surge of warning hit his gut a split second before it shot down his cock. He slowed his strokes and fought to catch his breath.

“Don’t you dare stop,” she warned him between pants. A bead of sweat dropped from his chest and pooled in the valley of her throat.

“Don’t worry, honey. I don’t think I’m ever letting you out of this bed.”

A smile curled her lips, and then her eyes widened in surprise as he drove deep again. Her mouth moved like she wanted to say something, and her eyes followed some movement near the door and she stilled. From the surprise that registered in her eyes, he figured she must have completely forgotten about Scooter. He looked over his shoulder. Scooter stood there with his hands on his hips and a shit-eating grin on his face.

“You gonna stand there and watch, or are you gonna see if the lady wants more company?”


* * * *


Dahlia couldn’t catch her breath. She licked the dryness from her lips and enjoyed one wave of sensation after another as Tanner continued to move in and out of her like he had this conversation with Scooter every day.

He leaned close to her ear. “You want me to throw his ass out, or are you gonna invite him in? If he was that mad at you, you wouldn’t still be in his house.” Tanner pushed his cock deep inside her. “It’ll be a hell of a lot more fun with him in here.”

Dahlia fought to keep her eyes from rolling up into her head. My God, she hadn’t ever had a more perfect dick inside her. She found her voice, and somehow managed to form words. “I don’t know how it’s gonna get much better than this.” She bit down on her bottom lip and threw her head back as Tanner sank deep into her again.

The scent of Tanner’s skin, the feel of his body in hers, his easy acceptance, even encouragement, of such a naughty idea, all of it came together and gave her more nerve than she would have ever had on her own. “I want him, too,” she whispered.

Tanner chuckled low in his throat and pumped his cock into her again sending pleasure rocketing through her core. “You better tell him then.”

Dahlia’s heart pounded. Tanner didn’t stop moving. Another orgasm was building deep in her belly. Warmth and sensation spread over her thighs, circled her clit, sang against the walls of her pussy as he continued to stroke deep inside her. She locked eyes with Scooter. His passion-darkened gaze burned a hole through her. The huge bulge in the front of his jeans made her mouth water. She had never felt such intense sensations and still wanted so much more in her life.

“Come here.” Her voice cracked. She swallowed against the dryness of her throat and said it again. “Come here, Scooter. Hurry.”

Scooter didn’t budge. “I think I’ll just watch, darlin’.”

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