Mr. Wonderful (MM)

Sweet Perfection 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 68,500
163 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M]

Julian is looking for Mr. Wonderful, the gentle, sweet man of his dreams he can spend the rest of his life with. What he finds is Darius Alexander, a self-made millionaire. He's also the sexiest man Julian has ever laid eyes on.

For straight-laced club owner Darius Alexander, Julian is perfection. His wild ways, his bold colors, and his gorgeous good looks all add up to the man of his dreams. 

A Siren Erotic Romance

Mr. Wonderful (MM)
163 Ratings (4.5)

Mr. Wonderful (MM)

Sweet Perfection 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 68,500
163 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
A Must Read....A light adventure of Love and Mistakes that we as people make in life, with a Wonderful Finish...Can't wait for another in this series...
Ms Glenn is one of my favorite authors and I've purchased many of her eBooks. This story started out pretty well with many potential but I was disappointed in the end. I'm not understanding Darius character all that much, I mean, was he retarded? Towards the end of the story, it gave me the impression that Darius was retarded and couldn't cope with everyday issues. I can't blamed it on the drugs/pills Brian may have given him because he was already acting pretty much retarded before he came along. I mean, how can he kick Julian out just like that after spending not even 24 hours with Brian? Just not realistic. For such a wealthy and shrewd businessman, I had the impression that Darius wasn't right in the head from the beginning but I didn't read anything of that sort so I just wondered.

Again, Ms Glenn is one of my favorite writers but was disappointed with this story.
Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "Ms. Glenn has written an incredible story that held me captive until the very end. The plotline is fast paced with many twists that keep the reader engaged. The descriptions of each character bring them to life for the reader. Julian with his colorful personality and wild clothing brings the reader laughter and sorrow as he goes through many trials in his life. Darius is on the surface the ultimate alpha male, but underneath there is more to him than meets the eye. This story is filled with laughter, love, anguish, and friendship to fulfill any reader's dreams. I look forward to reading more stories by Ms. Glenn." -- Teresa, Rainbow Reviews

5 CUPS: "Mr. Wonderful is trademark Stormy Glenn, and she does not disappoint! This is a deeply emotional story that kept me on the edge of my seat. I stayed up all night reading it because I could not go to sleep until I read the last page and found out what happened to these two. The characters are very well developed, and the scenarios are completely realistic. I know of very few authors who could have successfully pulled off what Ms. Glenn does in this latest book. The sexual tension just keeps ratcheting higher and higher the farther into the book you get, and when it finally explodes, boy does it explode! Hot cannot even begin to describe it. But as with all her books, the sex is intermingled with emotions, and that is one of the reasons I, as a reader, keep coming back for more. Another great book by Stormy Glenn that I'm delighted to recommend!" -- Regina, Coffee Time Romance and More

5 BLUE RIBBONS: "Mr. Wonderful is a story about how two guys meet and fall for each other instantly. Yet with every love story there is love and betrayal and hurt feelings all around. I absolutely loved this story. I could feel the emotions of Julian and Darius. Julian is a man that most women and men can relate to. He is bold in what he wears, yet wears his emotions for all to see. Darius is the type of guy we mostly see in the world. He's afraid to let people in so he makes the classic mistakes but has a heart of gold. I laughed, I cried, and got angry right along with the characters. Stormy Glenn, you rock, and I can't wait to read more." -- Annie, Romance Junkies

4 ANGELS: "...I found the story to be well written and engaging. I'm new to the world of Stormy Glenn having only stumbled across her quite by accident in the past month. But since my first taste, I have read through most of her catalog. I hope that she will revisit the secondary characters and allow a broader glimpse into their lives." -- Hayley, Fallen Angel Reviews

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“Julian, Dino, I would like you to meet the owner of The Club, Darius Alexander. Darius, this is Julian and Dino. This is Julian’s first time here. From the looks I’m getting from Tim, I think Dino has been here a time or two.”

Julian nodded towards Darius as Dino leaned over to shake his large hand. When Dino went to scoot in next to Darius, Dillon held him back by his arm, giving him a slight wiggle of his eyebrows as he looked from Julian, to Darius, and then back to Dino.

Dino grinned. He leaned over to Julian. “Hey, I’m going to run to the little boys’ room. I’ll be back in just a second. Why don’t you go ahead and save our places?”

Julian shrugged his shoulders and sat down, scooting into the booth as Dino walked off to use the bathroom, followed quickly by Dillon.

“It’s a really nice club, Mr. Alexander.”

“Please, call me Darius,” he replied. “Are you having a good time?”

“Yes, everyone has been very friendly, and the music is really great.” Julian smiled.

“I’m glad you like it. We aim to make everyone comfortable here,” Darius replied.

Darius could tell that Julian was nervous. He was too. He almost wished Dino would hurry back from the bathroom so that he could take up the slack in the conversation. Dino seemed to have no problem talking, a lot.

“Dillon said this is your first time here?”

Julian smiled and nodded. “Yeah, I don’t go to clubs much. It’s usually too expensive. And this place, well, it’s way out of my usual price range. Dino dragged me in here. He’s bound and determined to find me a boyfriend.”

Darius grinned as he watched Julian’s face turn slightly red. Yes! Julian was single and gay. Just the way he liked them. If he had been anyone but who he was, he probably would have jumped up and danced a little jig right there and then.

“Sounds like your friend is trying to look out for you,” Darius stated, trying to ease Julian’s nervousness. “Do you have a specific set of parameters in mind, or will just anyone do?”

Before Julian could answer, Dino and Dillon returned. Dino slid in next to Julian, making him move closer to Darius until their thighs were nearly touching. Dillon slid in next to Darius, forcing Darius closer to Julian from the other side.

“Miss me?” Dino laughed.

“Yeah, with every bullet,” Julian mumbled under his breath but Darius heard him anyway. He couldn’t help but chuckle. Darius decided to be a little bold.

“Julian tells me that you are on the search for a boyfriend for him. Maybe I can be of some assistance. What specifically are you looking for in a boyfriend for him? Height, weight, build?” Darius asked.

“Hmmm, tall, dark, and breathtaking…basically…you,” Dino drawled. “We are accepting applications, however.”

Darius tried to keep his face from breaking out in a grin as he saw the hostile look Julian shot at Dino. Oh, this is too good to be true. Dino was trying to find Julian a boyfriend He couldn’t have planned this better if he had tried.

“Where would Darius apply, and what are the job requirements?” Dillon asked.

Darius grinned over at Dillon and Dino, catching on to their game. He leaned forward to rest his arms on the table as he looked down at Julian.

“I oversee all applications. Helps weed out the undesirables. However, Julian does have the final say on who we decide on. But I think I’m a pretty good judge of what he is looking for. As for the qualifications for the job, Darius does have the right height, weight, and build necessary for the—position.”

Julian suddenly started choking on the water he was swallowing. Darius reached over and rapidly patted Julian on the back. Once Julian waved his hand that he was okay, Darius stopped patting his back, but he did not remove his arm from behind Julian. He just rested it on the back of the bench seat they sat on.

“Are there any other requirements we should know about?” Dillon asked.

“Well, obviously, whoever fills the position can’t be a heavy drinker since Julian doesn’t drink. He definitely has to have a sense of humor. It wouldn’t hurt if he was romantic either. A little romance does anyone some good.”

“That’s true. Can you be more specific as to what that might entail?”

“Well—” Dino began, only to be interrupted by Julian’s loud groan.

“Okay, that’s enough. We’ve all had a little fun at my expense,” Julian said as he waved one hand in the air. “It’s time to end this little game. I’m perfectly capable of finding my own boyfriend, thank you very much.”

Darius took a chance and leaned down to whisper in Julian’s ear. “Does that mean you don’t want me to apply for the job? I’m sure I could fill the position—more than adequately.”

Julian looked up at him sharply. Darius watched his eyes widen, groaning when Julian suddenly licked his lips. “Dino, go powder your nose.”


Darius carefully sat Julian on his desk and held his leg as he inspected the injury to his knee. There didn’t seem to be much more than a few scrapes and scratches. Still, it needed to be cleaned.

He picked Julian up by his arms and stood him up. “Come on, baby, that needs to be cleaned. Drop your pants.”

Julian’s face was red as it could be as he bowed his head in embarrassment.

Darius grabbed his first aid kit and turned back to Julian, expecting him to be ready. When Julian just stood there, his face flushed, Darius looked at him curiously. “Honey? Is something wrong?”

Julian mumbled something under his breath.

“What? I didn’t catch that, Julian.”

Julian blew out a deep breath. “I’m not wearing anything beneath my pants,” he screeched between his clenched teeth.

Darius froze in his spot. Julian was naked under his pants? Just the thought of it had Darius rock hard. He gulped. “You’re not—you don’t—” Hell, he couldn’t even finish saying it. Oh, he was in such trouble.

“Uh, let me get you something to cover up with.” Darius looked around the room desperately. He had to find something to cover all of Julian’s bits and pieces. It just wouldn’t do to have the gorgeous little man naked in front of him. It was going to be hard enough as it was just keeping his mind on his work knowing that Julian was going commando, let alone being alone with him like this.

Darius quickly found a towel and handed it to Julian before turning his back so that he could get undressed.

“Okay,” Julian murmured quietly.

Darius turned around to find Julian sitting on his desk, a towel covering his lap and his pants down around his ankles. He sat down in the chair and grabbed Julian’s leg and began cleaning his injury.

His eyes kept straying up to the growing bulge covered by the blue towel. He had to take several deep, controlling breaths as he watched the bulge grow before his eyes until there was an impressive tent in Julian’s lap.

Glancing up at Julian, he could see the blush covering his cheeks as Julian tried to hide his face by bowing his head. He quickly finished cleaning and bandaging Julian’s knee before disposing of the used items in the trashcan and closing the first aid kit.

Coming back to stand over Julian, looking down at his bent head, he smiled. His little man was embarrassed. It was adorable. Before Julian could stop him, he reached under the towel and grabbed Julian’s hard cock in his hand and began to stroke him.

Julian let out a loud groan as he grabbed Darius’s wrist to stop his movements.

“Shhh, baby, it’s okay.”

“I’m so embarrassed,” Julian whispered, biting his lip as Darius began stroking his hot flesh again.

“No need to be embarrassed. I would be put out if I didn’t get you turned on. Now, just sit back and enjoy yourself. Let me do this for you, please?” Darius pleaded.

Julian’s answer was to remove his hand from Darius’s wrist and lean back on his elbows. Darius watched the pleasure cross Julian’s face as he began stroking him in earnest. Oh, Julian was glorious. But Darius wanted more. He wanted to see him.

Darius grabbed the towel with his other hand and pulled it off of Julian’s lap. His breath came in a gasp as he looked down and saw his hand wrapped around Julian. He was perfect! Thick, and just long enough for Darius to hold him in one large hand. He even waxed.

“Oh, god, baby, you’re so beautiful,” Darius whispered as he fondled Julian’s cock. He reached down with his free hand and began gently massaging Julian’s silky sac. The little moans coming from Julian just added to the experience.

Darius suddenly sat down in his chair and scooted himself forward until Julian’s groin was just below his face. He needed to taste him. Leaning down he flicked his tongue over the mushroom-shaped head, paying careful attention to the small slit in the top.

Julian went wild, wrapping his legs around Darius’s chest. His moans became louder until he was filling the room with his pleasure. Darius had never experienced anything so wonderful in his life.

Lifting his head from Julian, he glanced up at him. Julian was resting back on his elbows, his head dropped back on the desk. He looked so sexy.

“Come for me, baby,” he demanded as he quickly worked Julian into a frenzy, his hand expertly manipulating Julian’s eager flesh. Julian started groaning, his hips beginning to hump up and down to meet Darius’s furious movements.

“Darius, oh god, don’t stop,” Julian cried out as his body suddenly went stiff. Darius quickly grabbed the discarded towel and held it to catch the white fluid that spurted from Julian’s cock as he came.

He continued to stroke him until Julian bucked. Darius quickly cleaned Julian up, then his own hand, before dropping the towel on the floor. Leaning over Julian’s pliant, panting body, he captured his lips, grinding his aching hard-on against him.

Opening his eyes, he looked down into Julian’s dazed ones. “That was beautiful, baby—watching you, feeling you. I don’t know if there is anything better on Earth.”

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